What We Do Not Like

These are just different topics that have come across our minds that do not sit well with us. Some we have discussed at length already but they won’t leave our memory because there are still things to say about them.

#1. The culture of that time– this we first heard over 40 years ago in our undergraduate academic institution. A very nice guy and professor said in class and it has resonated in our minds till this day.

Not because we do not have an answer to those words but because it still bothers us that a leading Christian institution was beginning to stray from the truth and teaching its students false ideas.

One of the problems with that professor and his statement was the fact that he did not say which culture we should be using to guide us to the truth of God’s word.  He never said which one was the correct one and to use the Canadian one would be an insult to the American students at the college as well as every other culture in the world.

Of course, the correct culture to use is God’s culture as he calls us out of the secular cultures of the world and teaches us his ways. His kingdom his rules. That would have been a better lesson than what we received at the time. It would have put us on the right track to being holy and better Christians.

Instead what we got was confusion, barriers to overcome and stumbling blocks to mar our way.

#2. Evolutionists & the theory of Evolution- we were reading an old National Geographic and the main title was ‘What Darwin Didn’t Know’ from February 2009. The thing that bothers us about this topic is that Darwin and all evolutionary scientists and supporters after his time, misapply what they observe.

Te and they assume so much and then conduct their experiments with this pre drawn conclusion in mind. Then when they do not have the evidence they want they fabricate it and extrapolate that assumption to the species they want to apply it too.

The fossil in question is named the Titaalik and the words of the author are “The fossil’s genes are lost in the mists of history. But inspired by a living proxy…” The scientists went on to make several leaps to conclusions forgetting that fins are limbs and most likely would need the same mechanism’s a bird would need to get their wings

But in their haste to try and prove evolution true evolutionary scientists, Darwin and others fail to apply the corruption of the world to what they discover. What they have may not be the norm but an exception to the norm. Since science is blind to the past they will never know.

These people see God’s handiwork yet they are so blind and deceived that they cannot see the truth. The article talks about ow there is no specific human gene but the evolutionist in their haste to remove and replace God fail to see that our bodies did not need to have a special gene.

It just needed a different design and the breath of life that God gave us to make us human. That physical design had to live in the same environment as all the other life forms on this planet so there is no mystery as to why we have the same type of genes.

The only differences we needed were the genes to express in such a way that we came out of our mother’s wombs as human. Mice as mice out of their mothers and so on. This is not evolution but the divine handiwork of a God who knew what he wanted and how to get it.

Unlike evolution, which does not know anything nor has any attributes we possess, God possess those attributes and more to give us what he wanted us to have. Evolution nor natural selection could not develop life to achieve what we already possess.

That is because those fake processes had no idea what to develop. They have no minds to think anything up and  something cannot come from nothing.

#3.  The women as preachers movement- We are reading the late Gretchen Gaebelen Hull’s book, ‘Equal to Serve’  and she died last year so these words are not for her.

Her book is full of the same tired old arguments all supporters for women to be preacher’s drag out. She does a great job in misapply unrelated biblical texts to show that women should be preachers and teachers of men.

Not one of her arguments provide a solid scriptural basis to disobey God’s instructions and calling those passages hard to understand is just relabelling them to fit her agenda. The verses she does not like are very clear in their message but she finds other ones to use to do an end run around that message.

Her biggest failure that undermines her arguments, not only her hatred of patriarchy, is that she thinks or thought that being a new creature did away with God’s rules.

She seemed to be under the impression that some bible verses over ruled key ones and those that were over ruled were not in force. She didn’t realize that i snot how God works. She ignores the verse where Jesus lamented ‘why do ye call me lord when you do not do the things I say’.

That verse gives us a clear indication that there were certain roles for men and certain roles for women that cannot be changed. Also, that there were certain rules that God wants to see obeyed. Whether Mrs. Hull thought so or not.

What disappoints and bothers us is that she and others like her have led so many Christian women to sin. Plus, the fact when she was asked to take certain positions that had her violate scriptures, she did not say no and remained in obedience to God, she took them wilfully and disobeyed God anyways.

We are outlining many key words and phrases in her book and maybe at a later date we will do a series on her arguments pointing out the error of her ways. needless to say too many people were influenced by her and others like her, ruining the church and women. That bothers us a great deal.

This may be

a book to read

Atheists in Praise of Christianity?

How did we get from there to here? It was Christianity, Holland writes. Christianity revolutionized sex and marriage, demanding that men control themselves and prohibiting all forms of rape. Christianity confined sexuality within monogamy. (It is ironic, Holland notes, that these are now the very standards for which Christianity is derided.) Christianity elevated women. In short, Christianity utterly transformed the world.

In fact, Holland points out that without Christianity, the Western world would not exist. Even the claims of the social justice warriors who despise the faith of their ancestors rest on a foundation of Judeo-Christian values. Those who make arguments based on love, tolerance, and compassion are borrowing fundamentally Christian arguments. If the West had not become Christian, Holland writes, “no one would have gotten woke.”

Still think we evolved?

Here are some facts about the human body that evolution has no answer to how they developed or came into existence. The facts are taken from the following two websites:



The Facts:

Bones are four times stronger than concrete.

The human body produces enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools.

The acid in the stomach is strong enough to dissolve zinc.

The nose can recognize and remember 50,000 different scents.

In 30 minutes, the human body gives off enough heat to bring a gallon of water to the boil.

The are 45 miles of nerves in the body.

More than half of the bones in the human body are found in our hands and feet.

The human body has enough carbon to fill 1000 pencils.

Our hearts pump 2000 gallons of blood each day.

Humans sneeze at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Messages from the human brain travel along nerves at up to 200 miles an hour

The largest bone in the human body is the femur. It can support 30 times the weight of a person’s body

The body can detect taste in .0015 seconds, which is faster than the blink of an eye.

The largest cell in the human body is an egg (or ovum) and is barely visible to the naked eye

The brain contains 86 billion nerve cells joined by 100 trillion connections. This is more than the number of stars in the Milky Way

The lining in a person’s stomach is replaced every 4 to 5 days to prevent it from digesting itself

Semen normally contains 1-8 billion sperm per fluid ounces

The liver the largest internal organ and is the only organ that can regenerate itself. However, repeated damage to the liver can eventually injure and scar this amazing organ.

There are so many nerve cells in a human brain that it would take almost 3,000 years to count them

The longest bone in an adult human is the thighbone, measuring about 18 inches (46 cm). The shortest bone is in the ear and is just 0.1 inches (.25 cm) long, which is shorter than a grain of rice

An adult human body is made up of about 7 octillion atoms

The fastest muscles in a human body are the ones that make the eyes blink. They can contract in less than one-hundredth of a second. In just one day, a person may blink their eyes over 11,500 times.

The average person has about 5 pounds of bacteria in his or her digestive system.

In an adult human, blood circulates about 12,000 miles  a day.

A human heart beats over 3 billion times during an average human lifespan

A human eye can distinguish between approximately 10 million different colors

An adult small intestine is about 22-23 feet long, which is longer than a minivan

The average scalp contains about 100,000 hairs.

Fingers don’t have muscles that facilitate movement. The tendons in our fingers are moved by the muscles of the forearm

The human body contains over 35 trillion cells. Earth has about 7 billion people, which means that there are 5,000 times more cells in one body than there are people on the planet

No matter how badly fingerprints are damaged, they will always grow back in their original pattern


When unbelievers claim that there is no evidence of God just point them to the body and the facts surrounding it. Evolution has no source for anything found in the body. If you want more facts read page 120-121 in Dr. Harold Sala’s book Can You trust the Bible.


What about fallen Christian leaders

Dear brothers and sisters, if another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself. (Gal. 6:1)

This topic is some what controversial as people disagree on when the leader is restored what position in the church should he hold. In one sense, humans do not really have a say in that matter.

If God restores someone he is free to put him back into leadership of the church and the people must accept that decision. How many times was King David restored and kept his rule? Peter fell as well yet Jesus saw fit to make him a pillar of the church.

But the reason to write this article comes from the following article at Christian Post– “Ask Dr. Land: Should fallen Christian leaders be allowed to return to ministry?”

The author of that piece goes a bit further and adds more words to that initial question and in the first paragraph says “Should Christian leaders be restored to a position of Christian ministry and trust once they have betrayed that trust?”

The key word there is ‘betrayed’ It is a very subjective term that is applied for the least offences and often used to deny someone the Christian treatment they need to return fully to God and the ministry.

It is a word that seems to be used in some cases to keep God fro using the men he wants to use. The example comes from the next paragraph in the article

In the interest of full disclosure, I am personally acquainted with Thomas White, Cedarville’s president, who has been placed on “administrative leave” by his trustees pending an investigation of his having hired an admitted “sexual abuser” to serve at Cedarville.

The action shows that the board of the university felt differently about the sexual abuser than the president of the college and they seem to not forgive the sexual abuser of his sins nor let him get past those mistakes. Neither does the author of the article.

The so called sexual abuse offence was merely video taping a male colleague in the shower. It seems that no unwanted sexual contact was initiated and no same sex sexual acts were performed. The ‘abuse’ was not really abuse if we are to believe the account given in that article.

We find the author’s opinion in the next quote. he says:

Even if these prayers are answered positively, however, I believe Dr. White made a terrible mistake in judgment. No matter how noble and “redemptive” his motives were in trying to “restore” a Christian brother and friend, his ultimate priority should have always been the safety and the physical and spiritual welfare of the young people entrusted to his care by their parents and the trustees.

If Dr. Moore’s, the sexual abuser, and other people’s prayers on his behalf were positively by God then Dr. Moore should not have his sin held over his head. If God had told Dr. White to restore the man to a leadership post, then know Christian should punish Dr. White or Dr. Moore.

While they may question the move, they should go to God and get first hand information and confirm the appointment so that no one has any doubts about God’s restorative and redemptive work. They can take hope in that if they ever fail, God would be so kind and gracious to them.

But there is another problem surfacing in that quote. Dr. Land’s position

his ultimate priority should have always been the safety and the physical and spiritual welfare of the young people entrusted to his care by their parents and the trustees.

is wrong. That is not the ultimate priority of any Christian whether they be a pastor, Christian college president or a father in charge of his family. The ultimate priority of any believer is to obey God first. He is to set the example of  correct obedience regardless of what it does to the feelings of those entrusted to his care.

Dr. White could not tend to  his students’ and faculty’s spiritual welfare if he did not obey God  in this issue. He would be sending the message that it okay to disobey God when anyone might be offended or upset by the given action.

Setting the example of obedience means dispelling any faulty ideas about trust, spiritual welfare and betrayal. From the facts given in the article, no one was betrayed. They were shown the reality of what God has called clean, thous shalt not call unclean.’

In the case of Paul, he was called clean after his conversion even though the sins he committed were many prior to that conversion. One does not have to be a Paul or a Peter to be called clean and ready for leadership.

The students need to see that God is a God of his word and that he will be there for them if they make a mis-step or two and want to continue in Christian leadership.

In a very real sense, Dr. White as president was the under-shepherd of these young people while they were students, and his number one priority should have been their well-being.

In this case, we see Dr. Land misleading believers and putting the students above God and his command to obey him over all else.

When someone with effective, “de facto” pastoral oversight and responsibility (not only pastors and church staff, but also teachers in Christian schools and colleges, especially coaches and religion and Bible teachers, and para-church ministers who serve through Cru, InterVarsity, Ratio Christi, etc.) has betrayed their sacred trust, can they ever again be trusted with that kind of ministry role by Christian leaders who have the responsibility to protect God’s people from false shepherds? I believe that the answer must be a resounding, “no!”

Dr. Land seems to be placing himself above God here and dictating an answer that results in an action that he wants to see and not one that God wants to see. He also implies that people should trust human Christian leaders over God. He brings no call to follow God and his word with that answer.

God is the one who chooses church leaders not Dr. land or any other believer and the trust that the people have in God and his word will help them overcome any negative issues that arise in their minds and spirits when a church leader fails.

Our eyes are to be on Jesus not the storm or the men around him. When Peter sank in the water when he walked towards Jesus it was because he took his eyes off Jesus and put them on other things. That is what Dr. Land is doing and telling others to do.

When a leader fails and falls, our eyes need to remain on Jesus looking for the right words and response so that the leader can be restored to his faith. The rest of the article will not be addressed as it is merely Dr. Land’s justification for his unscriptural position. His opinion harms more people than it helps and leads many to ignore God’s leading to restore certain leaders to their rightful place in the church.

His opinion also encourages a lack of belief in God’s word and his redemptive powers. It reminds me of the old adage that ‘Christians eat their wounded’ We are not the same as the unbelieving world.

We have to show how we are different by letting God restore fallen leaders and show how we believe God over people who condemn those who fail. God forgets our sins, when we honestly repent of them. We are not greater than God and need to stop holding past sins over the heads of other believers.

We all make mistakes and we should be humbled by those mistakes and forgive instead of judging and condemning others. If one wants to remake the church after their own image like Dr. Land seems to be doing, then I encourage him and those people like him to repent of their arrogance and get right with God.

The church is his not ours and we need to implement God’s way correctly if we want to make an impact on a dark sinful world. We need to be humble followers of Jesus.

Christian Holy Days

The CV-19 virus news has kept our minds occupied and we forgot that last Sunday was Easter. We are on lockdown and our minds were focused on other issues or we may have posted an Easter article earlier.

What reminded us of the fact that we forgot to post our annual Easter article was when we came across an old college friend’s Facebook page in where he tried to present justification for the church in general celebrating Easter.

While his post is innocent enough, it reminded us of the fact that many pastors, missionaries, and other church leaders do not investigate an issue thoroughly enough and only present a very superficial explanation for the details related to this spring holiday. Here are his words

Hi everyone reading this. I came across information that until now I have not seen. I have copied it below. It comes from an email site, “news@booksaboutjews.com. Interesting. “There are a growing number of Christians who think that the celebration of “Easter” is rooted in pagan Babylonian tradition. One of the basic assumptions is that the name “Easter” is a Christian appropriation of “Ishtar”, a Babylonian fertility goddess. Even though the words may sound similar, they probably have no etymological connection. The English word “Easter” likely comes from the Proto-Germanic “austron”, which means “sunrise” – arguably a fitting name for a celebration that commemorates Jesus’ rising from the dead.”

Wherever the name comes from, don’t forget to give thanks today for the One who rose from the dead after paying the price for our transgressions.

There are several things that we find need a more detailed explanation. First, the meaning of the name does not matter in a majority of biblical cases. Many scholars and other christian figures tend to read more into a biblical figure than they should using only the meaning of the name of that figure.

This is why we have many scholars claiming that Nimrod was an evil ruthless tyrant because his name means skillfull hunter and the Bible calls him a mighty hunter. But that is all we know of the man and to claim he was a tyrant based upon such slim data is erroneous.

The same goes for the name Easter. Actually no one knows where the name came from even though it has been proposed that it came from a Saxon goddess named Eastre/Eostre.

There may be a connection between the establishment of the Christian Easter and the pagan celebrations that took place as the festival Ostara at the time of the Spring Equinox. The timing for this was not by chance as the ancient unbeliever saw Spring as a time of renewal or rebirth.

Then Easter may have come from the early church when it started to change from celebrating Passover to celebrating Christ’s resurrection. In 325 AD the holiday was established at the Council of Nicaea.

While the origin of Easter may be unknown, the different traditions have come, like Christmas traditions, from different pagan beliefs. The Easter bunny came about because the Germanic people believed Ostara healed a sick bird by changing into a hare.

They solved the egg problem by saying that the bird, while still a bird, laid eggs as a gift for being healed. The ancient Babylonians held that the egg represented the hatching of Venus Ishtar while the ancient Egyptians and Persians used to color their eggs as they represented a renewal of life.

Second, that quote shows that the pastor will look to anything positive to justify the modern church acceptance and practice of Easter. Unfortunately, the German term usually associated with the word Easter is ostern, and in turn ostern is related to ostara.

Neither term are usually defined as ‘sunrise’. The term ‘ost’ found in both words mean ‘east’. it is possible that the sunrise definition slipped in there at some point in history but that can’t be said for certain.

This is a minor point though and can be argued till doomsday. That is because there are others who claim that the word Easter came from Eostre, a word meaning ‘spring’. It is the next point that can be derived from that quote that is most disconcerting.

Third, the lack of biblical support for the modern church to celebrate the modern holiday Easter or any supposed Christian holy day. The author of that quoted post did not go to scriptures to show that observance of Easter was okay.

To say that the Bible does not forbid creation of such days is merely an argument from silence and avoids the issue. The Bible actually does say something against creating and celebrating such days, it is just that Christian holy days like Easter and Christmas are so ingrained in the minds of believers it will be difficult to get them to change.

Both modern Christian holy days are filled with good feelings, wonderful family gatherings, good meals and a chance to celebrate what Christ did for everyone. Those are activities that are hard to let go of even when they are not in line with what scripture teaches.

The excuse that the ancient Hebrews created festivals for different events does not apply. The reason for this is if you look at the scriptures talking about those ancient festivals, the Hebrews did not get together and decide to create those festivals.

Leviticus 23 tells us it was God that created those festivals and the Hebrew observance was an act of obedience to him. At no time did God state that the Hebrews were free to create their own ‘religious’ holy days.

Then Jeremiah has one very clear sentence that tells us God’s view on this issue. It is found in chapter 10 verse 2 and it says–”Do not learn the way of the nations” There is no ambiguity in those words. Pagan festivals existed long before Christ were born and were the foundation for many of the modern ‘Christian’ festivals celebrated today.

Those people who introduced those new festivals into the church were not obeying God but doing exactly the opposite of what God had commanded. While most modern Christians are not aware of the introduction of these ‘Christian’ holy days into the church, they should be aware of biblical teaching and question their acceptance.

There are other scriptures that warn about introducing these supposed holy days into the church and they are Deut. 12:30-32, 18:9. Matthew 15:9 and Galatians 4:9-11

Fourth, that quote does not appeal to the New Testament nor show what Christ did establish when it came to celebrating his life. In this area it needs to be pointed out that Christ did not teach nor command any of his disciples or followers to create ‘Christian holy days’.

But he was not silent on this issue. Christ did instruct his disciples and followers in what they should do if they want to celebrate his birth, life, death and resurrection. Luke 22: 14 to 20 provides everyone Jesus’ instructions.

They are to practice what is now called communion. It is done without fanfare, without bragging and in complete humbleness as the New Testament church member obeys God in his instructions to the church.

These simple act of remembrance is far more powerful than any supposed Christian Holy Day that man has created on their own since Jesus went back to heaven. There is no New Testament teaching instructing any member of Christ’s Church to set aside a special day and call it holy.

Humans cannot do that for they are not holy. Only God can do that. Some people may argue that there is a special holy day for modern Christians. They claim it is Sunday as Christ rose from the dead on that day and ascended into heaven also on that day.

But again, there is no biblical teaching to change the day that God established, the Sabbath, from Saturday to Sunday. Men were not given the power to create holy days for God’s church.

Finally, that quote represents other issues best left for another day. Getting past the superficial and into the truth takes work., it also takes courage to speak out and try to make changes in the modern church and get it closer to what God wants to see done.

You will notice that Jesus’ instruction son how to celebrate his resurrection, etc., does not exclude family and friends gathering together some other time and having a great meal and so on. Some of the other traditions of Easter and other supposed Christian holy days can be left out, of course.

The church is not to be the same as the unbelieving world. If it means that to be different the church dispenses of the observance of these so called Christian holy days, then so be it.

The church needs to offer the world something it does not already have.


Archaeological Pet Peeves

#1.  https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/

One of the first pet peeves we have has to deal with the Biblical Archaeology Society. if you haven’t heard. Hershal Shanks has retired and enjoying his later years without the pressure of publishing the magazine or heading up the organization.

What bothers us is that he selected an atheist to take over. There have been a lot of changes made already to the structure of the magazine and the organization. So far, we have found none to be thrilling, good or even factual.

Robert Cargill took over the BAR magazine and it certainly is not a good change. He doe snot believe in God yet feels he can handle biblical issues objectively, even though everyone knows he can’t. The changes we have seen have caused us to stop support the organization as we liked the store they society had.

That is gone now and in our opinion that is a travesty, especially since we were about to buy the BAR update they had offered for years. Anyways, these changes makes us wonder if true biblical archaeologists will be published anymore.

We wished Mr. Shanks had selected a true Christian archaeologist to run both BAR and BAS. That way the truth would stand a chance in getting published.

#2. BAR Content- https://www.baslibrary.org/biblical-archaeology-review/46/2/21

Right now the current issue of BAR and different articles in their library are free. But the content is not as good as it should or could have been. The argument over when writing began in Israel does not do the topic justice and basically ignores the fact that writing was done prior to the 10th century BC.

With archaeology blind to the past and so many professional scholars and archaeologist missing a lot of manuscripts and other pertinent data, their claims to a late creation of writing is nonsensical. The information is not there to make that type of conclusion.

The author of that piece linked above, (and it may not be free for long) ignores the weaknesses of archaeology and that so much evidence has been lost due to wars, time and other factors.

This misinformation is a pet peeve of ours as it is basically lying to the people.

#3. Well meaning people- https://patternsofevidence.com/2020/04/10/discovery-of-12th-century-temple-at-lachish/?inf_contact_key=0711e8eaafcfcbf773e30797723ef6ef680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1

We know Timothy Mahoney only through brief discussions we had with him while he was preparing his first documentary. He is someone who wants to help prove the bible true and strengthen the faith of other believers but it is hard to do when the newsletter just sends out stories of archaeologists’ conclusion without questioning their validity.

That discovery is hard to accept by us as it is the same conclusions almost every other ancient building has when it is revealed to the world.Just because supposed cultic materials were found inside a room, doe snot make this building cultic or even used as a temple.

We would like to see these well meaning people use a bit more critical thinking when looking at or addressing these discoveries. The article even says that despite the lack of finding the right artifacts, they are going with the temple identification anyways. That is not good archaeology.

While we like the biblical perspective section included in the article, it is too easy to read things into the discovery when little can be taken out.

#4. ABR- https://biblearchaeology.org/

Generally we like ABR (Associates for Biblical Research) But sometimes they seem to side with the wrong people in their search for good biblical scholarship. One of those times was when they were writing about modern day abortion and child sacrifice in ancient Carthage.

Their siding with unverifiable accounts and condemning the people of Carthage without enough evidence does rub us the long way. Christian organizations have the responsibility to get to the truth and that objective can’t be done when one is agreeing with the words of the enemies of the subject people.

Sometimes Christian archaeologists and professionals tend to focus moor eon doing scholarship than it is on getting to the truth. That is what bothers us here as scholarship should be second to presenting the truth correctly.

Getting the truth out helps people build up their faith and see that God does not lie. Even when it means going against secular rules and opposing widely accepted theories and conclusions.

For the most part ABR does a good job but there are those times…Oh and the people at ABR do not like us as we have read some of their published works and had to correct some of the points they made. Those points mis-stated some facts and even though we were helping them we were told to leave them alone.

#5. Mis-stating ancient medical practices

We do not have a link for this as this is a late addition to the list. But we do get tired of archaeologists and scholars continuing to pass on misinformation about the past.

Most of the time, they read one or two incantations that may have come from an ancient version of the modern primitive witch doctor and assume or leap to the conclusion that all ancient people followed those incantations or used those possible medical doctors.

They do this in spite of the myriad of evidence for professional prescriptions, top notch surgeries that rival modern surgeons talents and abilities and other credible evidence.

The ancient world is not that much different from the modern one. Sure there may have been with doctors using their false religious beliefs to try and heal their fellow citizens but that does not mean they were in every society and every ancient civilization.

The modern world has the same type of people practicing their healing beliefs using their false religions as an aid. They are found where primitive societies exist and even in modernized nations.

Their presence does not mean that all people in a nation or society subscribe to those beliefs or even followed them. Nor does it mean that the ancient world was void of talented and capable doctors and surgeons.

This is the title of one good book to read about ancient medicine and its practices- Science & Secrets of Early Medicine by Jorgen Thorwald. There are others and inside you will see that the ancient world had world class doctors and surgeons handling their medical needs when they arose.


The thing is we need people willing to get to the truth even when it applies to biblical archaeology, physics, and other areas of science. Doing what the unbeliever does is not going to cast the light Jesus wants us to cast.