We are going to post a few illustrations while we are away. These are not meant to be seen as an easy way out as we have taken the time to select specific ones which carry a good point. For example in the first story, Backbone, this is a message to all believers to stop … Continue reading Illustrations


An Evangelistic Tool

If you haven’t thought of it already, here is an evangelism tool that may be helpful in sharing the gospel with unbelievers. Then he called his twelve disciples and gave them authority to cast out unclean spirits and to cure every kind of ailment and disease. (Mt. 10:1) Doing good works does more to help … Continue reading An Evangelistic Tool

Jesus’s Wife

If you have not heard the papyrus is a fabrication and the Atlantic magazine has a wonderful story on the whole affair. You can use the following links to get caught up on the scandal and get to that article:    

Some Christians In The News

#1. "I think one thing that's really important in life is that we pursue our passions. You pursue what's on your heart," Tebow said on Larry King Now. "You pursue what you're passionate about and for me, in the game of football, it's the position of quarterback. I've loved it since I was a … Continue reading Some Christians In The News

Why We Are Not Talking About Trump, Clinton While many of them said they still weren't ready to endorse him for president, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to have sufficiently convinced a gathering of more than 900 conservative Christian leaders that he is the best choice for protecting religious freedom. At a press conference after the private meeting in Times … Continue reading Why We Are Not Talking About Trump, Clinton

It Is Getting Absurd

The following post shows how absurd this toilet agenda has become: As a person who doesn’t like the company of persons when I’m toileting, I’m calling upon AAR and SBL to provide individual private public restrooms so that those of us who like to do, have to do our business in private are also … Continue reading It Is Getting Absurd

We Have Decided To

Update one last time. There are now 170 pages of information on that website. The new pages are: We hope you enjoy the information contained on those pages

Sad To Hear 2

University Founded by Methodist Church to Offer Sex Change Surgeries to Students A private university in Tennessee that was founded by the Methodist Church will soon begin covering transgender-related surgeries under its student insurance plans, drawing sharp criticism from a local congresswoman... “The change was proposed by Dr. Louise Hanson, director of the Vanderbilt … Continue reading Sad To Hear 2