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This is our latest offering over at that new outlet   Please help support us by clicking on the article, the ads and so on.  Also, do not forget that we have a gift page and our books are highlighted on the pages above. We have been doing this for free for 7 years … Continue reading Hub Pages


God & Politics

There is an interesting piece over at The Christian Post but we will only deal with the title of the article Has the decline of Christianity led to extremist political cults in America? This is a good question since the decline of the influence of the church has meant that morals and morality have become … Continue reading God & Politics

Our Comments on a Few Topics 12

Here are some topics that deserve a few comments #1. Anne Graham Lotz has suggested there might be a deep significance attached to her battle against breast cancer, as it could be a warning sign that Israel is in danger of suffering a fatal attack. Some people really think highly of themselves. It would … Continue reading Our Comments on a Few Topics 12