Time To Stop Whining

We have been reading different news sources, especially the ones that allow comments. What we found is that too many people making comments simply whine about what is wrong and never take action. This is one story and there are many more where people simply whine about what is wrong. We see this action in … Continue reading Time To Stop Whining


A Video You May Like

Just keep in mind that archaeology is not an authority on the past. It is a very weak field of study due to the fact too much information has been lost and will never be recovered The Archaeological Evidence for Jesus: A Conversation with Dr. Titus Kennedy For the second topic, there may have been … Continue reading A Video You May Like

What Is ‘The Call’

This was a question asked of us about 40 years ago by an old girlfriend. We had mentioned it to her at some point in time and instead of continuing the conversation and encouraging us to pursue that call, she asked this question. She may have been wondering what it was or she may have … Continue reading What Is ‘The Call’

Mitchell vs. Kent Hovind #2

We are not promoting this video, The Weakness of Kent Hovind, we just kept our word to see the completed version once it was posted. The title really should be the weakness of atheists or the weakness of McKinnon Mitchell. While the filmmaker says he is not out to attack Mr. Hovind etc., etc., we … Continue reading Mitchell vs. Kent Hovind #2


The Roman Catholic Church's season of Lent has passed and there have been reports of protestants getting involved and participating in this non-Christian practice. We say non-Christian because, one, this is not biblical teaching. There is no instruction or command to honor Christ's 40-day fast he did prior to starting his ministry. Nor is there … Continue reading Fasting

Praying for the ‘UnPrayable’

We saw this article this morning, Preacher Franklin Graham Condemned for Telling Fox News Viewers to Pray for Putin: ‘You Pervert the Word of God’ and we did not like the last part of that title. His sermon took a decidely different turn when he added that people should pray for Russian President Vladimir Putin, … Continue reading Praying for the ‘UnPrayable’

Two Seemingly Intelligent Men

Yet, they cannot get history right or what God did at creation correctly. This is the level of deception that is at work The first one is from an interview with Sir David Attenborough. He cannot grasp that the ancient flood and creation stories were written after Noah and his family told the truth about … Continue reading Two Seemingly Intelligent Men