Results From a Discovery

There is always taking place in archaeology. Sometimes the results are quick and sometimes they appear very slowly, Here is the news on one recent discovery {do we agree with their conclusions? Hard to say, we would need more information before coming to a conclusion} DNA Discovery of Ancient Mummies Supports Biblical Narrative of … Continue reading Results From a Discovery

The Nag Hammadi Library

Introduction: As you will read, the Nag Hammadi library is a set of Gnostic books discovered in 1945 by an amateur who used it as fire wood at first. You will note that most of the significant archaeological discoveries are usually done by amateurs and not professional archaeologists. The Dead Sea Scrolls was such a … Continue reading The Nag Hammadi Library


Introduction: We will not repeat what we have stated in our introduction to the Documentary Hypothesis page except to say that the supposed source document Q is a ridiculous idea wrought upon the biblical world by unbelieving scholars who refused to search for the truth and sought their own answers to supposed biblical problems. Q … Continue reading ‘Q’

Documentary Hypothesis

Introduction: The idea of the documentary hypothesis has been around for a long time, so what is placed here should not be news to anyone. What should be news, and we will include ‘Q’ and any other letter scholars have come up with over the years, is that none of these letters or authors is … Continue reading Documentary Hypothesis