A Few Comments- 5

#1. Do Pastors Actually Read The Bible?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/benjamin-hutchison-united-methodist-pastor_55b9259ee4b0224d8834f9c7?utm_hp_ref=religion

More than 50 activists, many of them clergy, assembled outside the office of the West Michigan Conference’s Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey on Tuesday. They read a pledge asking the UMC to “Stop The Harm” done by church leaders to LGBT people, then taped the pledges to the office’s front door.

We need to stop looking at this issue as the secular world looks at it and start looking at it how God views the situation. After all it is God’s church not ours and it is his rules that matter not our feelings.

#2. How You View Trump Is Up To Youhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/charisma-news-donald-trump-is-the-new-word-of-god/

Prophet Jeremiah Johnson says that God spoke to him recently, and God told him he is going to speak to America through Trump himself.

It is possible God would do that BUT if the guy has said, and he has, that he has not sinned, then he is a liar and you will find that in 1 John 1:8. But why would God use a man who is an unrepentant sinner to be his spokesman? it is an interesting prophecy but without real verification that it is from God we need to take it with a grain of salt and be a bit skeptical.

Since Jesus also said, it is hard for a rich man to find the kingdom of God, we need to be wary of such proclamations. How can the blind and deceived lead the way to God and his will?

#3. Non-Christians Need To Stop Trying To Tell Christians What To Dohttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/i-am-a-human-trafficking-survivor-heres-what-i-want-to-ask-christian-activists/

The largest deficiency of the Christian anti-trafficking movement is an all too basic one: the cause grew so quickly and became so popular, that many individuals and even Christian organizations are now trying to work within an issue they don’t fully understand, and are trying to help people they don’t understand

Why? Because they do not understand what God has told Christians to do, what abilities he has granted them nor do they understand that God has HIS WAY that he wants fulfilled.  If you read that article, again you see nothing of God in those words but a very strong demand that God and his way be omitted from helping those in sexual slavery.

I will admit that many believers who get involved in different charitable causes do not understand what they are doing or why, they just want to feel good or feel like they are contributing to God’s work but that does not give non-christians the right to force believers to follow their sinful ideas. Christians are to learn about what God wants them to do, and make sure they do it right and that usually means not listening to those who are unrepentant and sinful.

#4. When People Do Not Understand The Bible, They Need To Stop Using Ithttp://www.jrdkirk.com/2015/07/27/healthy-theology-loving-neighbor/

Let me put a finer point on it: If someone has to agree with your theological system in order to agree that what you are doing is “love,” then you are not loving your neighbor as yourself.

It is always amazing to see how those who do not believe God think they can expound upon biblical matters like they are God’s best friend. What that author is doing is defining love to be, ‘you let  me do what I want and accept me in that way regardless of what God has said in the Bible’. All they are saying is, ‘let us sin and be included in your church and its leadership’ and that is just wrong.

They are not showing the love they want for themselves to God or Christians or even the church, which is why we do not listen to their words. They want a one-way street their way and that is not love.

#5. I Guess Peter Enns Thinks He Is Greater Than Paulhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/2015/07/the-best-defense-of-the-christian-faith-is/

I’m not a big fan of Christian apologetics. Nothing personal, and I know some smart people who engage in it.

I cannot place the scripture here right now as Biblegateway and I do not agree on the wording of the verse I am looking for. But Paul stated that he went daily to the temple or square to defend the gospel so why is Peter Enns fighting against something that needs to be done? Enns is a little confused as you cannot defend the gospel without intellect and when you do apologetics it is taken for granted that the defender already believes his arguments, so the intellect takes the forefront as you are trying to get others to believe.

Alternative believers get confused a lot and just do not understand biblical duties. Enns’ point of view leaves the believer vulnerable to and unable to defend themselves against secular arguments. We do not just live good lives but need to give an answer for why we believe and that answer is apologetics.  Enns seems to want to hide from the truth and be allowed to live his own life in sin without being told he is wrong.

#6. Rob Bell Is Wronghttp://www.christianpost.com/news/rob-bell-on-science-and-religion-if-science-threatens-your-faith-then-you-probably-need-a-better-faith-142016/

If in any way science threatens your faith, then you probably need to get a better faith.”

When science disagrees with the bible it is time to throw away the science. You need to consider the source. Science, for the most part, comes from those who do not believe are under the influence of evil and who do not want God to be a part of their work thus their words are not divinely inspired nor are they close to the truth.

God knows what he did and what happened throughout history, the secular scientist does not thus we take God’s word over science and secure our faith.

Something To Think About

When we are sick we do not want a doctor to give us his interpretation in diagnosing what is wrong with us or what is the correct medicine to use to cure what ails us. We want the correct and accurate account of what is wrong with us as well as the correct medication to use to heal from our afflictions.

The same with the Bible—we do not want someone’s interpretation or idea of what God is saying. We want the truth so we know what God is actually saying and so we know what we are to do and believe in order to obey God and be cured of the sins which afflict us.

In getting the truth, we also get the peace that passes understanding that the Bible talks about because we know we got the correct information and are abiding by it.

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1. John 21: 15-17—

So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs. (KJV)

2. Colossians 3:9—

Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices (NASB)

3. Proverbs 19:1-2—

Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity Than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool. 2 Also it is not good for a person to be without knowledge, And he who hurries his footsteps errs. (NASB)

4. 2 Cor. 13:8— For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth (NIV)

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A Few Comments- 4

#1. How To Ruin A Man http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/07/bill-cosbys-accusers-speak-out.html?mid=twitter_nymag

Consider the evidence of October 2014, when an audience member at a Hannibal Buress show in Philadelphia uploaded a clip of the comedian talking about Bill Cosby: “He gets on TV, ‘Pull your pants up, black people … I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom.’ Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so turn the crazy down a couple notches … I guess I want to just at least make it weird for you to watch Cosby Show reruns. Dude’s image, for the most part, it’s fucking public Teflon image

Christians cannot jump on this bandwagon. They must seek the truth, true justice and they need to do it with real evidence and not with mere accusations, even if 40 women lay claim that they have been raped. Bill Cosby has sins he needs to repent of, that goes without saying a word, but then so do his accusers. I doubt that any of them have lived a holy life and I doubt they are being truthful in their accusations.

Believers do not ruin a man because they want to ‘defend the honor’ of a woman or that there are numerous accusations, or to appease the unbeliever in hopes of getting their butts into the pew. We look to the rules to see what we must do and to find justice there must be real evidence and so far not one of these ladies has produced any real evidence for rape. We cannot call Mr. Cosby a rapist for that would be violating a commandment, bearing false witness, because it has not been proven that he intended to rape or committed the act. Someone’s word is not good enough, 35 people’s words are not good enough when there is NO real evidence to support their claim.

So he bought drugs to have sex with women, that still doesn’t prove that the sexual contact was not consensual. We cannot lose our heads and if we want true justice sometimes we have to make a stand against the crowd.

#2. Believing Doesn’t Equate With Masteringhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/what-people-really-mean-when-they-say-but-i-believe-the-whole-bible/

But I believe the WHOLE Bible.”

It’s a very common phrase I hear in Christian circles.

In the course of teaching others to live how Jesus lived, to do what Jesus did, and to follow what Jesus taught, there are no shortage of objections to the idea. Sadly, those who most often object to the radical notion we should actually follow what Jesus did and obey what he taught, are fellow Christians.

Alternative believers just do not get the Christian life at all. They expect true believers to act according to their subjective human ideas about what the bible says forgetting that true believers hear the voice of Jesus not the voice of the world. They also forget that Christians are not perfect, are not all at the same level of spiritual maturity and practice or Jesus gave them specific guidance on certain issues.

It is tiring to hear alternative believers whine and complain about others when their own lives are far from God, filled with their own human ideas and not Jesus’ and corrupted by the sin they accept and support. It would be best if alternative believers repented of their sins and then focused on their own actions/lives instead of the actions of others.

They do not have the truth thus they need to refrain from commenting on others as they are not privy to what God has instructed them to do.  Also, they do not know the correct meaning of scriptures so they are telling people to change from an imperfect view of what God has said in the Bible.

#3.Case In Pointhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/unfundamentalistchristians/2015/07/your-deeply-held-religious-belief-isnt-biblical/

The more I hear the words “deeply held religious belief,” the more uneasy I feel. I wasn’t sure why until I had read through the umpteenth article on the subject. And that’s when I realized that the so-called “beliefs” being defended aren’t actually rooted in scripture.

The Bible is very clear that those who do not believe cannot understand scripture and this is a prime example of this and the previous point. The author of that work is merely asserting his own personal opinion about what scripture says and not producing the correct message. he is looking for the exact words he wants to read and does not understand that God does not use the exact words unbelievers want to see.

His use of scripture is out of context, unrelated to each other and applied incorrectly.  But you cannot expect much from those who have rejected the truth of the Bible. You will notice that he cherry picks his verses and does not quote one that talks about how believers are to respond to sin.  Those are absent for they ruin his point of view. He doesn’t use the whole Bible, just the parts that he thinks support his ideas.

#4. He Should Worship Sciencehttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/2015/07/best-book-on-evolution-and-faith-ive-read-in-years-or-constructing-a-cathedral-in-your-mind/

In other words, what is too often lacking is a hermeneutically informed engagement of the scientific process–one that is fully aware of what it has brought to the table yet mindful of its limits.

Too many people are taking secular science over God’s word and Enns is one of those people. He supports secular science so much he should construct a church and lead prayers and singing to that field of research.  If you are honest, when you look at the Bible you will find no instruction by either God or Jesus telling their followers to take science over their words.

Science is not the go to authority, in fact it is not an authority at all and too many believers are being duped by those who worship secular science over the Bible. They listen to the wrong people and their faith is ruined. The Bible is God’s revelation not secular science.

#5. They May Not Have Been Firsthttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/07/cain-the-drama-queen-yec-version-of-genesis-4.html

Obviously young-earth creationists can explain away such details as Cain’s concern for his safety in all sorts of creative ways. That is precisely the point – rather than embrace the problematic character of what the text actually says, they find ways to avoid taking seriously what it actually says, in order to protect their own view of “what the Bible teaches” – which is not in fact “what the Bible teaches,” because it is not what Genesis 4 teaches.

If you look at the passage of scripture in Genesis 4 talking about Cain and Abel, you will find some important details that contradict the above quote and the cartoon it was placed under at that link. Here is what the Bible says about Cain’s and Abel’s birth:

Now the man [a]had relations with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to [b]Cain, and she said, “I have gotten a [c]manchild with the help of the Lord.” Again, she gave birth to his brother Abel.(v.1-2a)

Notice that it does not say that Adam and Eve did not have older children, nor that they stopped having children after the birth of the two boys. We do not know the actual birth order for Cain and Abel. All we know is that Cain was older of the two. These two are highlighted because Cain committed the first murder and Abel was the first victim, where they were in the family tree is not important nor does it overshadow the lessons being taught here.

So to answer the objectors at that link and then creator of that cartoon, yes a mate was available for Cain and he was not being a drama queen but speaking of a real life problem as his other brothers may seek revenge on him.

#6. Time To Find An Alternativehttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/boy-scouts-gay-adults-ban_55b6af21e4b0a13f9d19d9d0?

The Boy Scouts of America voted Monday to lift a long-established ban on gay adults  as employees and volunteers within the organization.

The BSA’s full executive board voted 45 to 12 in favor of the change, effective immediately. The vote came after the National Executive Committee unanimously approved a resolution earlier this month stating that “no adult applicant for registration as an employee or non-unit-serving volunteer, who otherwise meets the requirements of the Boy Scouts of America, may be denied registration on the basis of sexual orientation.”

The issue to change is not a fear of sexual predators looking for new young boys to molest but sin.  True Christians cannot accept or support sin nor follow its guidance. Nor can they call their scout leader’s homosexual lifestyle good when it is nothing but sin and a slap to God’s face.  Homosexuals do not show the same love to God that they demand from him and his followers so they should not be accorded the respect that comes with being a real scout leader.

I would suggest that parents fill the role of scout leader to their own families and spend more time with their children, making their family life healthier and give their children a better influence than most outside organizations can.

A Few Comments- 3

#1. What I Am Tired of is..http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/orthodox-jewish-feminists_55b27a2ce4b0a13f9d186963?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592

Sometimes people are afraid to even discuss feminism at all in Orthodox circles. Professor Susan Handelman wrote that she felt a “sense of trepidation” broaching the subject in her article, “Feminism and Orthodoxy,” which appeared on TheJewishWoman.com, a website run by the orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Are people who demand change to their faith because they are not content with their roles. I say this mostly to Christian groups because God set the rules for his church and it is his church you supposedly belong not your own.  People really need to rethink their membership or desire to be a member if they are not satisfied with God’s rules. He is not about to change them.

#2. He Says It Quite Wellhttp://www.christianpost.com/news/what-i-knew-about-julie-rodgers-before-she-resigned-from-wheaton-1-2-141758/

and http://www.christianpost.com/news/a-response-to-julie-rodgers-reasons-for-changing-her-mind-about-homosexuality-2-2-141760/

The irony of this statement is that Julie is now struggling not to “apply Scripture to the marriage debate today.” Julie has now put her own subjective evaluation of her limited personal experience over the authority of a clear core value in biblical sexual ethics.

Our Lord Jesus Himself based his understanding of the essential twoness of the marital bond on the foundation of God’s intentional creation of two primary/complementary sexes for marriage, “male and female.”

Julie now rejects that foundation for sex, which is tantamount to claiming that she knows better than Jesus. Her statement is akin to claiming to still “struggle with how to apply” the severe indictments of incest in Leviticus 18 and 20 and in 1 Corinthians 5 while coming to the newfound conclusion that adult-committed close-kin sexual bonds are permissible.

I will let you read those articles for yourselves. He is very gentle in hi s approach and I think he hits  the target.

#3. So Sadhttp://www.christianpost.com/news/two-christian-colleges-allow-hiring-of-gay-married-professors-goshen-board-sought-guidance-in-prayer-before-final-decision-141754/

Goshen College in Indiana and Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia announced on Monday that they will now hire faculty who are in same-sex marriages.

“We have spent several years reviewing our hiring practices,” said Goshen College’s Director of Communications Jodi Beyeler to The Christian Post on Monday.

“There’s been prayer. We’ve listened to a variety of voices from our constituencies and stake holders. There have been legal changes. And our board, this past weekend, made the decision to change our non-discrimination policy in light of all that. The primary change would be the addition of sexual orientation and gender identity to our non-discrimination policy,” said Beyeler.

If there has been prayer why did they go ahead with this decision? Last I looked, God has not changed his mind about homosexuality so why are supposed Christian colleges and other Christian organizations ignoring God’s views on the issue?

#4. Out Of Billions Of Planets…– http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/does-the-discovery-of-earth-2-0-mark-the-end-of-religion/

Our religion only falls apart if you hold Schweitzer’s assumptions: the creation account is a true account of creation and if something is omitted, the account is wrong. I don’t know many who actually hold to this position, so I would imagine the collapse of religion predicted would be relatively small.

No. The speaker of those words simply doesn’t understand God or Jesus. Jesus said, ‘if it were not so, I would have told you.’ Although he was speaking about places in heaven, his honesty would have led him to change Moses if Genesis was wrong. Jesus never corrected Moses thus we can dismiss those alien theories and believe Moses got it right.

He also exaggerates the importance of this discovery using it to fit his anti Genesis bias as the New York Times article on this planet tells us:

The planet is the first to be confirmed in a new list of candidates unveiled by Kepler astronomers on Thursday. It brings the number of possible planets discovered by Kepler to 4,696, many of them small like Earth.


Astronomers say they now know from Kepler that about 10 percent of the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way have potentially habitable Earth-size planets, Kepler 452b probably among them. This means that of the 600 stars within 30 light-years of Earth, there are roughly 60 E.T.-class abodes,

The owner of that website just doesn’t want to believe God and uses different discoveries to dig his own grave.

#5. It Just Goes Too Farhttps://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/gross/

Recently transgendered Caitlyn Jenner, has agreed to do a spread in gentlemen’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine, Pl*yboy. Jenner will be the first transgendered woman to ever pose for Pl*yboy magazine. “I’m really excited to show off my new parts and I want to people to realize that you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself and to also embrace sexuality” Jenner explained in a radio interview.

It has been reported that Pl*yboy Enterprises offered Jenner $5 million to pose, making this the biggest offer Pl*yboy has ever made. Jenner will also be the oldest woman to bare it all in Pl*yboy.

The man is sick and desperate need of psychological help he is not in need of photo shoots that expose his self-butchery. This acceptance and support of sin is getting out of control and Bruce Jenner should not be lauded for his self-destructive nature, he needs to be rescued from his deluded thinking.

#6. Sometimes, There is No Conspiracy http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-topics/hebrew-bible/the-aleppo-codex/?mqsc=E3804797&utm_source=WhatCountsEmail&utm_medium=BHD+Week%20in%20Review%20Newsletter+Week%20in%20Review%20Newsletter&utm_campaign=E5W725

Between the 1947 riots in Aleppo, Syria, and the codex’s arrival in Israel in 1957, almost 200 pages of the Aleppo Codex went missing. What happened to the missing pages, which included all of the books of the Torah save for the last 11 pages of Deuteronomy?

You have to purchase a membership or subscription to read the rest of it but sometimes when we do not have completed ancient documents, there is no anti-religious conspiracy behind the demise of the complete text. Sometimes accidents happen and one is left with an incomplete document.

#7. People Need To Lighten Uphttp://www.christianpost.com/news/hulk-hogan-surrenders-control-to-god-after-wwe-terminates-him-for-racist-rant-141893/

WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

I point people to the verse– ye who are without sin cast the first stone. These self-righteous type actions are not bringing God to the issue but hypocrisy and sin.  They also do not bring justice to the problem.  When you try to ‘look good’ you probably are doing the exact opposite and embarrassing Christ.

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So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs. (KJV)

2. Colossians 3:9—

Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices (NASB)

3. Proverbs 19:1-2—

Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity Than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool. 2 Also it is not good for a person to be without knowledge, And he who hurries his footsteps errs. (NASB)

4. 2 Cor. 13:8— For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth (NIV)

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A Few Comments- 2

#1. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/07/biblical-scholars-fighting-creationism.html

Scientists are not trained to recognize how creationists are distorting biblical texts. Thus, Jerry Coyne’s Faith v. Fact: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible (2015) does an excellent job of explaining scientific theory and methods, but one will not find any discussion of how most creationists are misreading Genesis 1-3.

Creationists in the pews tend to shrug off arguments about DNA, radioactive dating, and other technical subjects because they are not familiar with them. But one need not even go into these scientific intricacies if the Bible does not even say what creationists claim.

Creationists are not the ones distorting the biblical facts. How can you distort, in the beginning God created?  Nor are we misreading Genesis 1-3, as the only people who have promoted science to be an authority on origins are those who do not believe Moses. We consider the source– secular science which is blind, deceived, corrupted fallible or God who is holy, incorruptible, knew what he did and is not deceived.

Obviously we go for the latter as the former has no clue.

#2. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/07/gravity-only-a-theory.html

I recently had a troll on the blog claiming to be well-versed in science and yet not understanding what “theory” means in the natural sciences, I thought I ought to share it.

Until secular science starts producing the truth and real answers there is no need to take it seriously or give it any credibility. Obviously we need to know what secular scientists are saying so we can refute them but they do not have the truth and no true Christian should even listen to what they claim. Redefining words like theory doe snot help the secular scientist’s cause, it just makes them look more foolish especially since they do not understand gravity at all. That item remains a mystery to them, which is another reason for #1 and why we reject what scientists say–they do not know.

#3. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/2015/07/did-jesus-know-everything/

In working through these categories, Brown shows where Jesus is at times ignorant and at times displays superhuman/extraordinary knowledge, at times clear and at times uncertain, and at times expressing himself in terms of common expectations of the day.

Was he ignorant or was he testing people to see their honesty and faith? Peter Enns does his readers an injustice by not placing specific scripture references pointing to where supposedly Jesus did not know something. i wonder when alternative believers will ever be honest in their attacks on Jesus and the Bible?

#4. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/2015/07/historical-criticism-and-christian-truth-are-not-and-cannot-be-enemies/

The article looks at an important and perennial issue in Christian theology: the always complex and often tense relationship between the historical study of scripture and scripture as the source of Christian theology.

It is not that complex. Anyone who uses a historical context is using criteria either not approved by God or is missing vital information or applies the wrong ideas to the passages of scripture. our historical knowledge is spotty at best and anyone who relies on that to help them understand the Bible is asking to be deceived. Human history is in the hands of the historian, the Bible is in the hands of God who is the one who is going to misrepresent facts, leave information out because it doesn’t fit their personal beliefs about the past or religious nature or input their personal spin on events?

Historically speaking, the Bible we have presents us with some very serious challenges. Good theology will accept the challenge and understand that simple answers are often wrong and that sometimes, whether we are comfortable with it or not, resolutions will elude us.

Since God does not lie so by extension the Bible contains no lies or errors, then the problem lies with history and those who write it.

#5. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/important-lessons-we-can-all-learn-from-franklin-graham/

In recent months Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, has been in a downward spiral that continually seems to generate a lot of buzz around the internet.

I wouldn’t say he is in a downward spiral but I really wish he would use discretion and pick better things to say. Sometimes, one’s position in life leads believers to say things they should not and we need to be careful about that as James said

For we all stumble in many ways. If anyone does not stumble in [b]what he says, he is a perfect man, able to bridle the whole body as well. Now if we put the bits into the horses’ mouths so that they will obey us, we direct their entire body as well. Look at the ships also, though they are so great and are driven by strong winds, are still directed by a very small rudder wherever the inclination of the pilot desires. So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things. (ch. 3)

Having the truth and having freedom to speak does not mean we just open our mouths, let her rip and let the chips fall where they may. We need to be wise and cautious before we speak.

#6. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/americanized-christianity/

America is no different. The powerful influence of American culture has, for quite some time, seeped into the Christian faith to the point where we have an entirely new product. Instead of Christianity as it was passed onto the disciples and early church, we have a uniquely American version– and one we’d do well to dissect until we’ve found freedom from it, and freedom to return home to the life and message of Jesus.

This may happen to many people but the owner of that website is in no position to fix the problem. His faith is probably as American as any he accuses and if not it isn’t Spirit-led.His ten points are his subjective human ideas and have nothing to do with God or the Bible.

#7. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/the-one-thing-even-jesus-didnt-want-to-do/

Jesus, the second member of the trinity and the one who created the entire universe, needed a community of close friends with whom to share his burdens.

The owner of that website doesn’t understand one thing about Jesus and gets it wrong every time.

#8. http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2015/07/23/3683829/federal-appeals-court-begs-supreme-court-overrule-roe-v-wade/

The big headline arising from a decision handed down by a federal appeals court on Wednesday is that abortion rights in North Dakota are saved. The court struck down the most stringent abortion ban in the nation — a restriction so stringent that significant numbers of pregnant women would find it impossible to exercise their right to choose in North Dakota if the provision had gone into effect.

Yet, while the three members of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit that heard MKB Management Corp. v. Stenehjem — all of whom are George W. Bush-appointees — reluctantly concluded that existing Supreme Court precedent requires them to strike down the North Dakota law, they devoted the bulk of their opinion to an extended attack on what remains of Roe v. Wade.

I am sorry but we need a better way to stop abortion than using the law. Knowing what women and families go through when one has to use illegal abortionists I cannot agree with making the procedure illegal again. We need to think about everyone here not just the unborn and we need to think of what God wants as he did not say use the law to fight sin.

There are better ways to solve this issue than subjecting women and families to procedures that equal torture.