Two Articles

One we liked and one we didn't. We will go with the one we liked first. #1. Academic Papers- The joke was played on academic journals, but the politically-correct corruption of higher learning is no laughing matter. Twenty years ago, mathematician Alan Sokal set out to prove that postmodernism in academia was "fashionable nonsense." … Continue reading Two Articles

Stick to the Truth

In Walsh's video published by The Daily Wire on YouTube¬†last week, he argued that although he doesn't "question the sincerity or the faithfulness of six-day Creationist folks," he positioned that when the belief is preached, it can "inadvertently do some harm" and "put obstacles in the way, especially for non-believers." When talking about the … Continue reading Stick to the Truth

Marital Happiness

The following is an interesting article to read Fewer Sexual Partners Before Marriage Yield Greater Happiness in Marriage: Study We take scholarly studies with a grain of salt. Peer review, scientific papers, etc., say a whole lot about nothing and they rarely provide any real answers for anyone. New research reveals that marriages are … Continue reading Marital Happiness