In Case You Are Wondering

No we have not seen the new Star Wars film. We also have no intention of seeing it. For us the saga ended with episodes 4,5 & 6 (we do not include 1,2 & 3 here)and the whole series is just another volume of the vast amounts of fairy tales this world possesses in many … Continue reading In Case You Are Wondering

Another Good Film

We have the following up somewhere on our  website but with all those pages we have forgotten exactly where and it might get lost in the shuffle. Here is a link to a very good film detailing the Mormon cult's lack of any evidence for their faith. It is worth the hour to … Continue reading Another Good Film

A Good Film

On our exodus 2 page (  we say the following A few years ago I got wind of a new documentary being filmed about the Exodus. I was told that it had been in production for about 7 years and many top scholars would be involved but no release date had been set. After … Continue reading A Good Film

I Try To Be Fair

and post all comments unedited on this website but some go too far and there is just no way they can be put up on the board. As an example here is the latest comment from Haworth-roberts Are you really a Christian? I rather doubt it. I put it here to show that those … Continue reading I Try To Be Fair