In Case You Are Wondering

No we have not seen the new Star Wars film. We also have no intention of seeing it. For us the saga ended with episodes 4,5 & 6 (we do not include 1,2 & 3 here)and the whole series is just another volume of the vast amounts of fairy tales this world possesses in many literary forms and genres.

Star Wars has nothing of God in it, nor does Star Trek so it is advisable that Christians watch secular media with the aid of the Holy Spirit so they do not get trapped in sin, misled about God and Jesus or water down their faith.

Another Good Film

We have the following up somewhere on our  website but with all those pages we have forgotten exactly where and it might get lost in the shuffle. Here is a link to a very good film detailing the Mormon cult’s lack of any evidence for their faith.

It is worth the hour to sit down and view it.

A Good Film

On our exodus 2 page (  we say the following

A few years ago I got wind of a new documentary being filmed about the Exodus. I was told that it had been in production for about 7 years and many top scholars would be involved but no release date had been set.

After some searching of their website, it turned out that the film was not based upon archaeological evidence or anything new that may have been turned up. It was based upon Ron Wyatt material and a book by the Caldwells (the worst book ever written).

In other words there was nothing scholarly about this movie or even factual.

Over the years since I first came into contact with the filmmakers and their project, they have done a lot of revision to their work and gave a limited release to their documentary. I was finally able to view the completed work and must say that it is vastly different from the initial information I had seen and it is quite good.

The handling of the material and the interviews was very professional, and thorough. I am impressed by the final result.  If you get a chance take the time to see it for it will help you resolve any doubts about the biblical Exodus. There were pieces of evidence in this work that even I was not aware of, which is something since my exposure to this topic is quite extensive.


I Try To Be Fair

and post all comments unedited on this website but some go too far and there is just no way they can be put up on the board. As an example here is the latest comment from Haworth-roberts

Are you really a Christian? I rather doubt it.

I put it here to show that those who oppose Christian beliefs cannot treat others with the same freedom, respect, tolerance, open-mindedness, and so on that they demand from believers. i have yet to meet any evolutionist who does not go to the insult, the personal attack, the rude, the false accusation when their ideas are opposed. Doesn’t matter if the opposition is rational or not, when the evolutionist sees that their ideas are not accepted, they resort to abuse, bullying and other dishonest measures to get their way.

I also left the link active so you can see first hand what they do as they attack the person only and ignore the facts, rational discourse and logical interaction to demean, disrespect, belittle their opponents.. It is sad to see take place but it is a fact of life.

Evolutionists are also too quick to play the liar card and when they do this they show a lack of everything decent.

Just so you know, if you read the terms of service at that discussion forum, you will see multiple violations committed  by Haworth-roberts in his haste to attack another human being who simply disagrees with his views. The following is the description of the forum where the above was posted

Creationist bloggers can be infuriating. If one has infuriated you by persisting in nonsense even when corrected, or refusing to reply to your criiticsm, you may feel driven to recording the fact. If so, you may register your disapproval here and hope a response is forthcoming.

That line in bold is funny as how can secular scientists correct anyone when they do not hold the truth themselves nor do they bother to find the real truth but opt for the best explanation which can be overturned at any time by a more prominent scientist or bigger unbelieving bully?

Creationists have the truth if the follow the Holy Spirit to it but one thing is for sure, evolutionists, of any variety, do not have it no matter how much science they throw at a person. The bible does not instruct anyone to follow science to the truth, especially the secular version. It instructs us to follow the Holy Spirit and that is what we do even when evolutionists make such abusive remarks as quoted initially above.

What has also been funny is Haworth-roberts dismissal of actual history and actual evidence simply because it showed his accepted established scientific thought to be in error. You cannot get honest, rational, logical discussion from evolutionists.