The Bible Says More Than That

17 Oct

Chan said that the Bible doesn’t say miracles, science, or political correctness will bring people to Christ; it simply says to “love one another.”

We will politely say that he is off track and very wrong. If all Jesus did was love everyone, then why did he teach, use miracles and pray? There is something wrong going on in the church when preachers and other church leaders do not explain how God’s love works and simply expect people to love one another as Jesus did.

How can they love one another without being told how Jesus loved us?

This is not something people get intuitively. The information is not received by osmosis while one sleeps. Someone has to learn how Jesus loved us and then teach it to others. We are under the impression that Mr. Chan is lazy and looking for the easy way to do church. He wants platitudes not real meat.

Chan added that, according to Scripture, the unity and fearlessness of the Church would cause an “unbelieving world to believe in their destruction.”

How can there be unity if the people do not know what to do? How can there be unity & growth if no one teaches them correctly and gives them the meat of the scriptures? It seems that Mr. Chan is putting the cart before the horse. The book of Acts tells us that the early church was of one mind, but it also tells us that they dedicated themselves to the apostles teaching.

If Mr. Chan wants the church to love as Jesus loved, and be unified, he needs to start teaching as Jesus and the disciples taught. Not give out biblical statements and expect the people to do everything on their own. How will the people get it right if the right teaching is not there? Being a shepherd does not mean you tell people to do something without explanation. You have to lead them to the right food and water.

Right now we view Mr. Chan’s efforts as letting the people be vulnerable to false teaching and cultic activity. That is not what Jesus did or taught.

We did write a post on how Jesus loved us. Just follow the link to that article and see what Jesus did when he loved us:



5 responses to “The Bible Says More Than That

  1. Jeremy Jones

    October 18, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Chan says and I wholeheartedly agree that Christians should focus more on loving one another and displaying unity throughout Christianity.
    It won’t bring me back into the church/chapel/temple or any house of God, but it would most probably bring in the less educated and the poor ignorant. As it did in antiquity according to Celsus, whom we read in the works of Origen’s Contra Celsum.
    Cofion (regards)

    • theologyarchaeology

      October 18, 2018 at 9:27 am

      If you are here to just post antagonizing thoughts, I may not keep approving you. You seem to miss the point of the post which is a grievous error here

      • Jeremy Jones

        October 18, 2018 at 12:23 pm

        Sorry, no I am not antagonising you and I did not miss the point. I am merely stating the fact, as “loving one another” should be paramount in any religion. I quoted Celsus because early Christianity accepted only the ignorant/meek and “Poor.” The “Poor”(Luke 6:20) represented the earliest followers of Yeshua/Jesus, whom the early Catholic Church condemned as heretics. We see them with the meek who shall inherit the world.[Matthew 5:5]. In addition, the “poor” are mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls albeit in spirit.

        PS I hope my age (82) and English, which is not my mother tongue as I have read your blog statement and cited my comment as proof of not antagonising you or any Christian or any faith or religionist.
        Cofion cynnes i chi (warm regards to you)

        • theologyarchaeology

          October 18, 2018 at 9:21 pm

          maybe you should click the link first and read the content before making comments. try to be open-minded

          • Jeremy Jones

            October 20, 2018 at 2:01 pm

            I have never had that said I must be more “open minded” before. Perhaps owing to my age I must be going senile.
            Cofion cynnes (warm regards)

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