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Archaeology And… The Flood

This is a favorite topic of many believers but they re not fully aware of the problems that come when using archaeology to prove the flood took place. One of the first problems encounter is that they want to use the field of archaeology to help find the ark but that is an unrealistic objective.  One of the reasons for that is those explorers are looking for a needle in a haystack miracle. That miracle they want to have take place is for the ark to survive countless different weather and other natural events for approx. 5,000 years.

Archaeology is not in the miracle business and while God is, he didn’t promise that he would preserve the ark for modern people to use as evidence for the flood. A second problem that comes along when using archaeology to prove the flood is that even if the ark was discovered, how would anyone tie it to Noah? Noah may have built the first ark but there is nothing from  a 2nd, 3rd or even 100th from being built. In the last 10 years we have had 2 replicas built so who is to say that any number of ancient people did not do the same thing.

A third problem is that archaeology has no clue where Ararat is. It knows where the modern mountain that bears that name is but there is nothing anywhere that states that mountain is the Ararat referred to in the biblical pages. It is an assumption of the highest and misleading order. To pinpoint the real Ararat archaeology would need real specific information and none is forthcoming or hiding anywhere in the museums housing archaeological remains.Then if we do uncover some ancient mentioning of Ararat how do we verify that is the same location as the one the Bible is referring to? It could be but we have no hope of verifying it.

The the biggest problem for archaeology is that no one knows what the evidence for a global flood looks like.It was assumed that the flood layer would be uniform but that is unrealistic for no one can identify the evidence. They can draw conclusions, like the glaciers point to the fact that all the water did not disappear, or that the sunken villages and the hidden shorelines are a good clue but after 5,000 years and so on but with 5,000 years of weather, natural disasters wars, construction and so on, it is unrealistic to expect uniformity in the evidence.

These problems combine to point out the fact that archaeology is far too limited and missing far too much information to be an authority on the reality of the flood. It cannot make that determination and its members should not try. The flood involved forces that archaeology cannot study which makes that field not a good source for placing one’s faith. It is better to simply believe God instead of letting archaeology ruin your salvation and eternal home.


Archaeology And…Eden

Many people do not believe that the story of Eden is true. They place it firmly in the myth category because they claim there is no archaeological evidence showing that Eden actually existed. Eric Cline is one of those people and he wrote a book called From Eden To Exile and in the chapter on the Garden of Eden he states his non-acceptance for the biblical account and validity of the Garden.

He is not alone. There are far too many archaeologists, biblical scholars and others who follow his lead and rely upon archaeology to tell them what part of the past is real. This is an unrealistic approach to history and as all archaeologists will tell you, archaeology is a very limited field of research. The problem comes in, though, when archaeologists and bible scholars use the field of archaeology as an authority to support their theories. The idea of archaeology being limited doesn’t matter in this case, in their minds. Archaeology will be used as a final word on most subjects. For example– the amount of  literacy in the people of the past.

Yet when it comes to the Bible then archaeology is only used to say that the Bible is in error. When discoveries are unearthed that support the Bible and its accounts there is a loud chorus of voices declaring their dissent. For example there is a tablet in the British Museum depicting Adam and Eve in the Garden yet very few people know of this tablet or have heard of it.Another example is when Eilat Mazar uncovers 10th century Davidic and Solomonic walls. Her work is thoroughly questioned and often rejected because archaeology is not a tool to find the truth but to hide it.

When archaeologists and bible scholars go looking for the Garden of Eden they do so with a very stilted view-point and they do not always use the correct data. They toss out the flood and expect to find the garden untouched or evidence for the garden somewhere in the Middle East. I say somewhere because no one knows where Eden actually was and if it was a pre-flood state or a post-flood one.

Without knowing where to look it is impossible to search in the right locale.Unless some excavator is very lucky and they unearth evidence for Eden, archaeology cannot help find this location.  Another problem is the tossing out of vital and truthful information. Since most archaeologists and bible scholars do not accept the flood account, just like Eden, they are hurting their cause.  You cannot toss out real data and expect to have a successful search.

The Bible tells us that all living things were destroyed in the flood and since the Garden contained living things, it too was destroyed. We do not know what would have been left behind and what would have been destroyed. Given that satellite photos show long-lost rivers we can say that the rivers of Eden were long gone as well. The evidence we need to identify the Garden is lost to the flood and time.

We wouldn’t even know to which depth we would have to dig in order to get to the layer that held the remains of the Garden of Eden. Too much information is missing or tossed out by professionals.If archaeology is going to be a valuable research tool then it cannot afford to be subject to the whims and disbelief of those who use it professionally.

For believers, they cannot afford to be bullied by those who misuse the field of archaeology for their own purposes. Nor can they be swayed by the arguments based in archaeology. They must go with God for he knows the whole story. Archaeology is used too often by unbelievers to ruin the faith of those who say they follow God. Believers need to be more informed and not be so hasty to take the words f fallible humans over the Most High God. Archaeology is not an authority nor the last word n the past, nor are archaeologists


Archaeology Gone Wrong

While not a part of our series, this story demonstrates how bad archaeology can be:

While we do not dispute the image or the authenticity of the tablet it is the conclusions that get us riled up

The Schøyen Collection says on its website that the ziggurat in Babylon was originally built around the time of Hammurabi 1792–1750 B.C. “The restoration and enlargement began under Nabopolassar, and was finished after 43 years of work under Nebuchadnezzar II, 604-562 B.C.”

This is completely wrong and very misleading as is the following two quotes:

It goes on to explain the text mentioning Nebuchadnezzar mobilizing workforces from all over the then known world to complete the Tower of Babel, people speaking a confusion of all the known languages at the time, raises a question


“Neither the Babylonian gods nor Yahweh needed to come down from Heaven to interfere and cause language confusion. And most importantly, the Jews taken into captivity in 586 B.C. after destruction of Jerusalem were there in Babylon and observed the building of the Tower and the confusion. So, when the Genesis text was composed by the Jews during the Babylonian exile and after return to their homeland in 539 B.C., this down to Earth chaotic building story had to be put in a theological context, and hence the present text in Genesis 11:1–9. Also note the link to Acts 2 where the Holy Spirit reverses the language confusion and makes everyone understand each other.”

Archaeology can be a good tool but in the hands of those who do not believe God nor have the spirit of truth helping them it is a destructive tool. It distorts history, falsely accuses the Bible of being wrong and rewrites the past misleading. Honesty is often absent from the excavations and archaeological theories and conclusions which is one reason why believers need to be wary when  archaeological ‘experts’ speak


Archaeology and…


This is going to be a new series for this website. We are only publishing the introduction today and do not know how frequently we will place the following parts up on the board. It will be a 5 part series dealing with different biblical topics and how archaeology treats them The first part will b on the garden of Eden, the second on the flood, the third n the Exodus and with Patterns of Evidence people working on a new 1 hour series on the Exodus and Moses this should be a timely piece.

Then we are going to talk about Jonah for the fourth installment and finally we will look at the Bethlehem star. Although that subject is more for astronomy the same type of thinking applies.

We will have other series following this one and their regularity will depend upon our schedule. One key thing about archaeology and by extension science is that if the archaeology or science takes you away from the Bible or says that the Bible is wrong then there is something wrong with the archaeology or the science.

Neither field knows more than God and neither field is omniscient. Jesus said in John 5:46-7 that if you do not believe Moses how will you believe his words? Accepting and believing Genesis is important to one’s salvation. We cannot afford to dismiss its information.


Mid-Vacation Comments- 2

We are taking a break…really but we still see the newspapers and the website pages and responses do come to mind which we would rather post than postpone till we come back.

#1.Words We Now Hate-

These are words that are over-used and misused by the western public and by church people. Two new words added to our list are ‘gifted’ used by church people too often and ‘shaming’ used by almost every western journalist known to mankind. the term ‘shaming’ is tag-teamed with many other words like ‘body’, ‘fat’, and many others including now ‘lunch’;_ylc=X3oDMTFiN25laTRvBF9TAzIwMjM1MzgwNzUEaXRjAzEEc2VjA3NyY2hfcWEEc2xrA3NyY2h3ZWI-?p=lunch+shaming&fr=yfp-t&fp=1&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8

We do not know why so many people feel the need to be lazy when it comes to their English use but it gets annoying after a while.  Surely people can use better terms to describe what is taking place and in the case of ‘lunch shaming’ how about simply saying that the educators are wrong, mishandled the situation, bullies or some other descriptive term that fits the situation and accurately describes what is really going on.

As for the word ‘gifted’ why can’t church people simply say ‘some one gave us a trip? Or someone gave us some money? How hard is it to speak English well? Fads destroy a language and communication and people should not fall into the trap of taking the easy way for the easy way may lead to more problems instead of away from them. Clear communication is important especially in the church.

#2. Hair Today

You may ask ‘aren’t there more important issues to discuss than someone’s hair length?’  Yes and no. Disobedience in the small things of life are still disobedience and letting those go means we may be encouraging people to disobey in the larger aspects of life. Obedience is important in all areas of life. We are not sure how many times we have heard people say that white lies are okay but in reality and biblically, they are not. They are still lies and sin.

The Bible talks, in the OT, about women not having hair like a man’s and men not having hair like a woman’s. That verse still applies to today. men and women are to have different hair styles and while many people will disagree with us on this, God’s rules are not meant to be broken. There are exceptions of course but people should stop thinking they are free to do what they want once they become a Christian or a church leader. They are not given total freedom but have God’s rules to learn and obey.

When we enter God’s kingdom, we now have God’s rules to obey not the world’s or our own for we do not serve the world or ourselves anymore, we serve God. and his rules are important to our eternal destination. Even the cutting of one’s hair. You may find this nitpicky but we are set apart from the world and we need to start acting like it.

#3. The Bible Doesn’t Teach This-

If we look at the example given us in the book of Jonah, all people from the king on down to the lowest person had to individually repent. Representatives were not used. Then we must ask, why does Mrs. Lotz think she can ask forgiveness for sins committed by others? What Mrs. Lotz does not understand is that the people she is confessing for are still practicing those sins and nothing has been done to relieve America of the problems it faces.

People need to make their own calling and election sure, they cannot do that for anyone else and they cannot confess the sins of others. Christianity is not a cult. We do not baptize for the dead, we do not pray for the dead and we cannot ask forgiveness for anyone else’s sins but our own. Each person must repent of their own sins and ask for forgiveness from God. Christians need to get biblical teaching correct and apply it correctly to their lives or they are just wasting everybody’s time.

Jesus did not waste everyone’s time with ‘looking like a Savior’ and Christians need to stop ‘looking like a Christian’ and start being like Christ.

P.S. National Days of Prayer are not taught in the Bible also.


Mid-Vacation Comments

We need to take a break from taking a break so here are a few comments on different things happening in the world today

#1. The Indestructable Jew by Max L. Dimont

When someone sets out to write a history of a nation, it is best if they would stick to the actual history. The author above tries to write a history of the Jewish people but right at the beginning he throws in evolutionary timetables. These timetables are not part of Jewish history and they do not belong in the book. Their inclusion only means that we are told that the author is biased and not writing honestly or objectively.

It destroys the content and purpose of the book and this includes when the author says Abraham started the Jewish faith and introduced monotheism to the world. it is not even close to truth as the presence of Melchizedek tells us that monotheism existed prior to Abraham. We have come to the conclusion that most secular scholars, archaeologists and other writers cannot truthfully represent Jewish and Christian history let alone the details of their beliefs. Whenever we pick up a book on jewish and Christian themes written by an unbeliever, we find the same thing, no objectivity, no honesty, misrepresentation of the facts and a clear misunderstanding of religious writings.

#2. Patterns Of Evidence

They are at it again, producing another film on biblical history

Scholars have different ideas of whether Moses existed, and even among those that think he did… where the biblical events actually took place. I just returned from a trip to Jordan where we filmed some reenactments for our new film series. I’m eager to share more with you.

We have begun work now to produce a series of one-hour episodes that investigate the route of the Exodus journey, including the sea crossing and the encounter with God at Mount Sinai. It will explore questions such as why is the Exodus important, are miracles possible, what are the different views on the Exodus route, and is there a pattern of evidence for these events that matches the Bible’s account?

This is taken from their newsletter and while we enjoyed their last film we wonder why the producers feel the need to rehash old ground concerning the Exodus? There has been no real new evidence discovered that justifies the retracing the steps of other scholars who have covered this area of study for decades now. If the producers are not going to stick to the restrictions presented in the Bible or the time scale, which was one of the mistakes made by Bob Cornuke and others have made, then nothing new is going to be learned and this venture simply becomes an excuse to make money.

Sometimes religious people are in too much of a hurry to provide evidence for their faith and they label items as proof when there is no possible way to tie those items to the biblical record. Then when they use unbelieving scholars to help make their case we wonder how much of God is in the works? With that said, we are interested in seeing the final product.


Sorry but we cannot agree with the actions of those, or if there are any, professors who want to force Christian colleges to teach and accept sinful activities. Their agenda is misguided and based upon the misunderstanding of a few verses while ignoring many other ones which help clarify what Jesus taught.Love does not include sin in the church and we are not loving our fellow believer as ourselves when we open the church or institutional doors and allow sin into the congregation’s midst.


This is more of the same. You can say it is UnChristlike but then those making that declaration probably do not know Christ and use restricted verses to make their case. They look at, Jesus was a friend to sinners and ate with them,and draw their conclusions yet fail to see that Jesus NEVER accepted their sins nor included them in the church.

Since God did not make any alterations to the institution of marriage, man has no right to edited it and include those alternatives God has left out.People seem to forget that it was God who created marriage not man and it is up to man to obey God’s limits and rules not erase them so one can do what they want.Then fighting transgenderism is not wrong. it is helping those who are deceived, misguided and misinformed to find the truth that there was no mistake made at birth.

There was no conspiracy between the doctors and parents to alter a baby’s birth gender so the feelings one has that they belong to a different gender are ideas coming from evil to destroy the person, not help them be who they are to be.When people leave the truth out of these issues that is when they become confused and let evil have its way.


Who died and left Bill Nye and other scientists in charge of families and parents? Sorry but Mr. Nye has gone too far in his agenda to force his views on others. He forgets that everyone has the right to freely choose how many children they will have. Science and Mr. Nye were not given that responsibility. Science and scientists are not the final authority on any topic nor are they the go to people when others have questions, especially when it comes to family size.

Some people,like Mr. Nye, need to learn to mind their own business and remove the beams from their own eyes before laying down rules for others.

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