We Interrupt…

our regularly scheduled archaeology series to make a comment or to on the Heritage Christian School controversy. You have probably read the articles or heard about t on the news but here are two links to two stories on the issue: http://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-school-says-student-is-barred-from-graduation-for-immoral-sex-not-pregnancy-184894/ http://www.christianpost.com/news/pro-lifers-slam-christian-school-for-banning-pregnant-student-from-graduation-184536/ It is also difficult to judge these disciplinary actions as so much … Continue reading We Interrupt…


Archaeology And…The Exodus

We have discussed the limitations of archaeology in previous installments but those limitations really rear their head when anyone discusses the Exodus.  Part of the limitations is found in identification of remains. If the archaeologist doesn't accept the biblical account or they do not read the details of the account thoroughly then they will identify … Continue reading Archaeology And…The Exodus

Archaeology And… The Flood

This is a favorite topic of many believers but they re not fully aware of the problems that come when using archaeology to prove the flood took place. One of the first problems encounter is that they want to use the field of archaeology to help find the ark but that is an unrealistic objective. … Continue reading Archaeology And… The Flood

Archaeology And…Eden

Many people do not believe that the story of Eden is true. They place it firmly in the myth category because they claim there is no archaeological evidence showing that Eden actually existed. Eric Cline is one of those people and he wrote a book called From Eden To Exile and in the chapter on … Continue reading Archaeology And…Eden

Archaeology Gone Wrong

While not a part of our series, this story demonstrates how bad archaeology can be: http://www.christianpost.com/news/evidence-bible-tower-of-babel-discovered-183038/ While we do not dispute the image or the authenticity of the tablet it is the conclusions that get us riled up The Schøyen Collection says on its website that the ziggurat in Babylon was originally built around the time … Continue reading Archaeology Gone Wrong

Archaeology and…

Introduction This is going to be a new series for this website. We are only publishing the introduction today and do not know how frequently we will place the following parts up on the board. It will be a 5 part series dealing with different biblical topics and how archaeology treats them The first part … Continue reading Archaeology and…

Mid-Vacation Comments- 2

We are taking a break...really but we still see the newspapers and the website pages and responses do come to mind which we would rather post than postpone till we come back. #1.Words We Now Hate- These are words that are over-used and misused by the western public and by church people. Two new words … Continue reading Mid-Vacation Comments- 2