Religious Brutality

Here is an excellent quote from the book The Devil’s Delusion by David Berlinski

For scientists persuaded that there is no God, there is no finer pleasure than recounting the history of religious brutality and persecution (pg. 19)

That activity is not limited to scientists as many unbelievers take delight in blaming God for things he did not do.  Unbelievers are lazy and take the easy way out. They are looking for excuses to justify their continual unbelief and they find those excuses in the actions of men who only claim to be of God yet refuse to follow all of his words.

I say lazy because they do not take the time nor do the work required to read what both God and Jesus said their followers are to do, they just hear the word ‘Christian’ and make very generalized assumption.

We read in 1 John 1 these words

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 6 If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all[b] sin.

If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us. (NIV) 

Religious persecution or religious brutality is certainly not God’s will nor is it of God. Those who claim to follow God yet lie, steal, con, and many other sins are not following what God or Jesus said to do.

Those who practice sin are not of God, and this includes religious bullying, brutality and persecution

We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands. Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person. But if anyone obeys his word, love for God[a] is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did. (1 John 2 NIV)

There is no commandment in the Bible instructing God’s followers to sin and commit atrocities in God’s name. God does not give permission to sin. If the unbeliever was honest and not lazy, they would take the time to see what God commands and compare them with the actions of those who claim to follow God.

Then instead of condemning all of Christianity, they would condemn only those who do not follow God or his word and see that the Christian faith is as Jesus said it was. Many unbelievers like to use Hitler as an example of Christian brutality and they cite the quote on many of the German soldiers’ belts–God is with us.

They say that quote is evidence that Hitler was a Christian. That is news to any real believer because to be a Christian one has to follow John 3:16 – 17 not write simple words on a belt.

Anyone can write religious words on any item but their presence doe snot indicate that the holder of such things is actually a believer. To use the logic of the unbeliever on this matter, we could say that any atheist who owns and reads a Bible actually believes God exists. We know they don’t but we can say it just like the unbeliever says Hitler was a Christian because he declared God was on his side.

Hitler was not a Christian and his acts were from evil not God.  If you want an OT example, all we have to do is turn to the 10 commandments and read ‘Thou shalt not kill’ to know that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin and many others were not Christian or followed God.

It is easy to cast blame on God for what his supposed followers did but if the unbeliever was not lazy but was honest, he would acknowledge the fact that people, even those who call themselves Christian, disobey God’s teachings.

Not everything done in the name of God is in obedience to his will or commands.  People do use God as a rallying point but again, that does not mean God has blessed those actions taken in his name.

Some people like to point to the Inquisition as an example of religious brutality but what they do not do is prove that Roman Catholicism is a Christian Church and that those priests were acting under the guidance of God. In researching the Inquisition, one will find that those leaders of that persecution were not following God’s direction but their own.

Sadly, again, the unbeliever simply hear the words God, Jesus and Christian or even Church and leap to their own invalid conclusions without the proper investigation, use of logic or rational thinking. Many unbelievers state that their side of the issue are the sole possessor of logic, reason and rational thinking but when it comes to issues of the church  like persecution and religious brutality, they throw all logic, reason and rational thinking aside to make leaps to astounding conclusions, or broad assumptions that have no basis in reality.

Then when a believer tries to present evidence contrary to those notions held by the unbeliever, they refuse to listen and dismiss any counter argument without consideration. They have their justification or excuses which allow them to continue pursuing sin and they do not want those reasons demolished by the truth.

Case in point. Many unbelievers point to a few men in the Roman Catholic church who opposed Galileo and had him stand trial. They say that those few misguided men spoke for the whole church and the Bible when they stood on their idea that the sun revolved around the earth. The unbelievers refused to listen when it was pointed out to them that belief was not taught in the Bible and not held by everyone in the church.

They took the viewpoint  of a few misguided and uninformed men and applied generally to all church people and refused to listen to reason. Bill Maher is another fine example of atheist cherry picking and faulty rational thinking when it comes to believers and the Bible. His movie Religulous focused on the fringe people of Christianity, those people who provided evidence for his point of view, but ignored true Christians and did not talk to one of that group.

His documentary was very dishonest as it was used to promote a personal bias held by Mr. Maher and present a false picture of Christians. (I did watch it).  Unbelievers do not want the truth and they do not want to be honest fo rif they were they would have to realize that they are wrong and in need of changing their lives. But as the Bible says ‘men love darkness rather than light’ unbelievers really do not want to change because they like sinning.

Living a life of sin for them is fun and easy as they are part of the crowd and do not have to face persecution for living as Christ lived.  Does religious brutality, bullying and atrocities take place? Of course it does. One reason is that some believers do not fully understand the OT and think those commands of God to the Israelites apply to today.

Another reason is that the many false religions in existence have other agendas on their mind and not God’s. They do not teach God’s morality or right and wrong, they teach the ideas of their human founders (men who did not know God but used his word to bolster their false teachings).

Should Christians be on picket lines or other more abusive protests against abortion? No.  For we were forgiven of many sins by God thus we should not be condemning others for their sins. We need to minister to their needs not stand in judgment of them like they were inferior beings.

We are not going to save everyone but that doesn’t mean we do not try. We do not use the Bible as an excuse or justification for unholy and sinful behavior towards those who do things we do not like. We use the Bible to guide us to live like Jesus did as 1 John 1 says.

True Christians do not practice religious persecution, brutality or bullying. We live as Jesus lived and we find his life in the gospels.

The Paterno Affair

It was in the news last night and the night before. The Paterno family and many others have decided to sue the NCAA for their actions against Joe Paterno and Penn State. But that is not what this post is about.

It is about justice and how it gets tossed aside when the victims are children. Not only does justice get tossed but so does evidence, honesty, clear thinking, mercy, and a host of other characteristics God said to use and are good.

Micah Chapter 3 speaks about justice and though it is addressed to the people of Jacob, maybe we modern believers need to listen as well. maybe we should read the minor prophets more and see the difference between God’s standards and man’s?

I read a lot of stories about child molestation, pedophilia, and other crimes against children and I also read a lot of the comments made below those articles. They all have one thing in common: they toss logical and rational thinking out the window and rely solely upon emotion.

The Bible doesn’t tell us to use emotion when judging the crimes committed by others and we shouldn’t. Emotion distorts the facts, clouds the waters and makes it very hard to see clearly how one should proceed in the trial. People let the age of the victim determine what justice is and that is wrong.

Nor does the nature of the crime determine what justice is. There are not two sets of justices. If more than one exists then no one receives justice and their trials and punishment are a farce. If one person does not receive justice then no one possesses it.

Micah 6:8 provides direction for people to go in when faced with trying a person for committing a crime–any crime. It reads

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to lover mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

You will notice that no escape clauses in that teaching are made for crimes against children. Being unjust to those who commit crimes against children means that no justice exists and people are disobeying God.

The NT has the verse, ‘Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you…’ which tells us that before we punish others we are to think twice to see if the punishment and treatment of criminals is just, fair, and coupled with mercy.  We are also to think that if we are caught committing the same crime would we want this same treatment.

We are to be fair, just and merciful to all even those who commit crimes against children. emotion has no part in the process. The Bible also tells us to ‘remove the beam from our own eyes, so that we can see clearly when removing the sliver from another person’s eye.

This applies to legal issues and crimes as well. We cannot go into a courtroom blinded by our own sins thinking we can remove the sliver in the criminal’s eyes. Emotions cloud the eyes and make it very hard for people to see the issue at hand clear enough to cast judgment.

We also must remember that we are sinners who have been forgiven of much thus we cannot treat others more harshly than we were treated by God, who forgives us daily for our sins. We are not perfect and the grace we have received should stand as a reminder to us that we were forgiven by a greater judge than ourselves thus we need to be careful in our judging of the crimes committed by our fellow human beings.

In other words, when we are faced with the task of judging the crimes of others we need to be humble, just, fair and merciful not bent on forcing zero tolerance or law and order upon others.

In the case of Joe Paterno, I feel that he was made the scapegoat and was punished unjustly and unfairly. I also think that the NCAA over-stepped its jurisdiction and stuck their noses in where it didn’t belong.

There was no football violation committed. Paterno did not commit any crimes and was exonerated by law enforcement yet the NCAA wanted to look like it was doing something so they punished an innocent man simply because children or a teen-ager was involved in a crime that had nothing to do with Paterno.

That was not justice but emotion over-reacting and trying to appease some people who were not involved in the crime either. it was a bad attempt at trying to look like the NCAA was ‘doing something’ but the problem was it wasn’t an NCAA violation and that organization had no business punishing anyone.

If Paterno covered up, and I do not think he did, it would still not be an NCAA violation but a criminal one and since the NCAA is not a law enforcement agency, it should have remained quiet and let the law handle it.

But in today’s world justice has no meaning and innocent people are hurt more by those trying to stop crime than by the criminals themselves. I hope the Paternos and their supporters win their case because Joe Paterno deserves justice not vigilantism or a kangaroo court style judgment.

But it is up to the Christian to separate themselves from the secular ideas of crime and punishment and let the world know of God’s standard. Then they need to practice God’s standard setting the example for the world to follow not vice versa.

Believers do not side with governments or law enforcement when those organizations and people disobey God and impose their own idea of what justice is. We stand with God as the light to the world for the world is blind and needs the help of the believer to see what is the right thing to do. Even in legal matters.


Ancient Astronomers

If you read enough books you will get the idea that most modern scientists and astronomers, among other people, have developed a superiority complex when it comes to comparing themselves to the ancient people.

They feel that their work, their technology, their intelligence vastly surpasses those of the ancient world. Such people are greatly misguided. Yes we may have very powerful telescopes and the ancients did not but the ancients did not have to compete with all the space debris, reflective light, or air pollution.

The view of the night sky was very clear in ancient times. The more people study ancient records the more they discover that the ancients did calculations thought only possible in the modern age

The study of the stars and the universe is not new neither is the character trait of curiosity. Enough ancient people held a curiosity about the stars and the universe that great discoveries were made without the aid of a telescope.

The ancient world is a fascinating area of study as it tells us so much about people then and now. We learn a lot about God as well as we see that he made the ancient people exactly like the modern ones. There was no evolutionary development in thinking, or research but what God gave modern man, he gave to the ancients as well.

They may not have had all the technological advances we have today, and even that is in doubt given the ancient Greek computer discovered many decades ago,

but they had intelligence to figure out how to study the world around them. The accomplishments are recorded for all to see.

We cannot sell the ancient world short and we can learn much from their work. Solomon wrote in Ecc. 1 that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ and we can see that this verse is true by all the ancient inventions and discoveries made long before later civilizations ‘invented’ or ‘discovered’ them.

One fine example is found in Charles Pellegrino’s book Return to Sodom And Gomorrah as he records the following:

The people dwelling along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were the most advanced mathematicians and astronomers of their day. The baked clay ‘workbooks’ of schoolboys tell us that the Babylonians knew Euclidean geometry some 2,000 years before Euclid ‘invented’ it. (pg. 20)

Many people credit the Greeks with inventing or discovering many different items but as we study the past, those items were invented long before the Greeks even thought of them or were even a people.

The ancient world is full of surprises and studying it helps us keep everything in perspective and helps us avoid the sinful kind of pride. It also helps us remain humble as we know were not the first to make the discovery. Yes we can improve on ancient ideas because we have access to different types of technology but that ability should not be  allowed to go to our heads and inflate the nature of our accomplishments.

We need to make sure we give credit where credit is due.  As believers we are to do all things, as Paul says in Corinthians, for the glory of God. That action also helps us keep things in perspective as it reminds us that our intelligence, our abilities were given to us by God thus we need to give credit to God for our accomplishments.

We are not to have a superiority complex over anyone but we are to be humble and a great way of remaining humble is giving the glory to God.

I Wonder Why…

people like James McGrath are allowed to teach in any church. He is so anti-Bible, anti-God and anti-truth that even the most liberal of churches should be able to see that he is not of God or teaching the truth. Here are several links to his latest posts, with commentary from me to illustrate how far from God he really is


And so I left a comment that it is antievolutionism that is a tool of Satan. It is a movement that encourages deceit about evidence and misunderstanding about scientific conclusions. It is a stance that distracts people from loving their enemies self-sacrificially as Jesus taught us to, and turns them instead into internet trolls who hurl insults and abuse while passing on lies that they have been duped into believing. It drives a wedge between evidence from the natural world and Christian faith. It convinces many people that they must choose between what the biological evidence overwhelmingly supports and the Christian faith, so that if they eventually discover that young-earth creationism is a lie, they end up abandoning not only it but Christianity. And it convinces many non-Christians that Christians are gullible ignoramuses.

Granted some believers do confront or oppose those who accept alternatives to the Bible in the wrong manner, with the wrong methods and sometimes are uninformed BUT that doesn’t mean they are a tool of satan. It does mean that they have a lot to learn and need to grow in Christ more.

The quote above just shows how deceived McGrath is. Evolution is not a biblical teaching thus it is a tool of satan to deceive and lead God’s creation away from God and the truth. Anti-evolutionism is not a movement about deceit or misunderstanding about scientific conclusions. It is a movement to point out the lies of the secular world and bring the truth of the Bible back to people’s attention.

McGrath is one of the many people who cannot answer this simple question: Where in the Bible does both God and Jesus give permission to take secular science, or science in general, over their word?

He cannot produce one scripture to answer that question though believers can produce many passages of scripture where both God and Jesus instruct their followers to NOT listen to the ungodly, the unbeliever or those deceived.

As for the supposedly ‘overwhelming evidence’ supporting evolution, well evidence is mute and the discoverers can put any idea they want onto the evidence. In other words, just because someone says they have evidence doesn’t mean they have evidence. It usually means they have read their own unbeliefs into the evidence making it say what they want it to.

Secularists use key words like ‘predictions’, ‘observation’, ‘scientific experiment’ to fool the unwary into thinking they have the infallible tools to unlock supposed mysteries of life BUT a closer examination tells a different story. Those scientific theories and conclusions are merely assumption, conjecture, leaps to conclusions or wishful thinking not actual fact.

There is no evidence, overwhelmingly or otherwise, that supports any kind of evolution. There is no natural world evidence because the evolutionist cannot verify that all things came into existence as they claim.  They are looking at what already exists then deny God’s revelation and seek to fill the void left by rejecting the truth by conjuring up some alternative that has no hope of being proven true.

In other words, they are guessing and using science to support their lies.

This point could go on but there are other issues that need to be addressed


This cartoon illustrates a point I have been trying to make a lot this week, about the importance of information literacy

The problem here is that McGrath and others are trying to make science the final authority on all aspects of life. It won’t work because that is a false promotion to a lofty position science cannot hold.

Science is not the final authority on anything. It doe snot hold the keys to life or death; it cannot extend life or stop aging. It cannot stop hunger, lust, greed, or any of the other deadly sins. Even origins is out of its scope and league.

Science is far too limited to be any authority at all and is run, for the most part, by fallible, corrupt, sinful men who looking for answers in the wrong places.


Has anyone else ever noticed that conservative Christians of various sorts tend to emphasize things which are either not actually spelled out in the Bible, or which are mentioned in passing or by lone authors and so arguably less than central to the faith and practice of early Christians?

This attack on Christians comes from a man who does not believe God thus why would his observations be of any value to the believer? He doesn’t have the truth nor does he have the Holy Spirit leading him to the truth.

He claims to be a NT scholar but the criteria he uses to be such a person doesn’t match up with God’s criteria and it is God’s criteria that is valid not alternatives. Now he does make one point worth mentioning

But if you are going to say that it is important to be “Biblical,” and claim that what you emphasize is what the Bible emphasizes, then you can expect that claim to be scrutinized

Yes, what we say will be scrutinized because people are searching for answers. This means we cannot just spout the denominational line but make sure we have the truth from God and present it as God would want.

We are not saying magic words and suddenly unbelievers are turned into believers. it is not that simple. We have to plant seeds of truth, water it, allow it to grow and then when God says they are ready, we harvest. We are not wizards but servants of God facing the servants of evil who do spiritual warfare.

We must be properly armed, protected and informed to do proper battle with those who control unbelieving humans. Our battle is not with flesh and blood (other humans) thus we must focus our work to meet the spiritual battle that is going to take place.

McGrath focuses on 2 teachings only in that post–YEC and the Trinity–yet he provides no convincing argument with evidence for believers to ditch those ideas. The Bible may not use the exact words we modern believers use today but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t teach such things in the Bible.

To demand that the Bible use the exact words an unbeliever wants to see is unrealistic and arrogant. The Bible wasn’t written in English originally thus to expect modern English words to be used is ridiculous. God does speak on every topic but he speaks in such a manner that all topics are included not just a few.

For example: do unto others… notice no one is left out of that command, thus rapist, thieves, pedophiles, rich people are all included–as is everyone else. The Bible may not say the words ‘trinity’ or ‘YEC’ but it does address those topics. I will leave the search to you this time.


The problem of looking for God in the Bible, when by definition any reality worthy of the designation “God” is not to be found in a book.

Cartoons aren’t infallible either and often demonstrate the ignorance of those drawing and writing them. If we cannot see God by using the Bible then what good was it for God to write it?

If you remove the Bible from people’s lives and replace it with secular teaching all you are doing is replacing the truth with false teaching. That is something God said not to do an dis the reverse of what God wants.

God describes himself in the Bible so McGrath is way out to lunch on this one. God says in the Bible that there is none like him, would we get that message if we only used secular science to give us information about the world and the universe? No.

The fact that so many atheists are convinced that there is no God because ancient authors of the Bible held beliefs about both God and the world that are unpersuasive.

This is a bad analogy for unbelievers will use any excuse they can to NOT believe. Doesn’t matter what the ancients believed or not or if their arguments were persuasive or not. The arguments are the same today as they were 2,000 + years ago. Things haven’t changed.

The Jehovah Witness cult is a revival of an ancient false belief and we can trace many modern cultic teachings to ancient false beliefs. The same with origins. Darwin wasn’t the first to propose evolutionary thinking, he just made it popular.

That thinking is recorded as far back as the 6th century BC. As Solomon said in Ecc. 1–nothing is new under the sun thus the problems and false teaching we face today Jesus and the disciples faced in their lifetimes as well.

Yes, we do go to the Bible to help us see God and to help us in this world because the Bible is written to help us see God and learn what he wants us to do. We do not get that instruction from looking at the stars in the night sky.

McGrath is trying to circumvent what God teaches in order to replace it with his own false ideas. We need the Bible to help us lead Holy Lives. If we do not have that teaching then we have nothing to guide us in reality.

be careful out there as there are false teachers every where looking to lead people astray from the truth. Don’t follow them but judge their words with what the Bible says and if the contradict God’s word then dismiss the false teachers and do not listen to them.

Stick with the Bible for it is part of the armor of God found in Eph. 6

I Agree For The Most Part

Jim West has actually said something that I can agree with most of what he said

They seem to believe that God is incapable of making anything, so he had to leave to evolutionary processes the actual doing of nature.  I find such a notion, however, completely ridiculous…

But I find the rabid anti-creationists to be an odd lot.  They seem to want to make evolutionary biology an article of faith and in that sense they are kindred spirits of the very people they denounce so loudly: they are dogmatists.  Unfortunately their dogmatism has no basis in either life as it’s lived each day nor in biblical theology.

I just quoted the 2 most important parts of what he said. God could have used an evolutionary process but what does that say about God? God chose the only way hat would show his creation who he is, how powerful he is, how creative he is and so on. Using a process fails in all those points and denies his word when he said death entered the world at Adam’s sin.

If God used a process and death occurred before Adam’s sinned, then God wrote that death entered the world at Adam’s sin then God would have lied and sinned. He would then be in need of a savior and not be God anymore. We would have no salvation, no hope and no eternal life.

This is the reason why we do not accept theistic evolutionists’ or progressive creationists’ thinking. They demote God top human or inferior status and take away his holiness, his perfection, and our reason to believe in him. They want to make God human so they can change his actions and words to fit their beliefs.

They do not want to humble themselves and accept God, his word and his actions as they are and be his servant. They want God to serve them and accept their words and ideas on how his actions should have taken place.

Christianity doesn’t work that way. We are to repent from our arrogance, our bad pride and humble ourselves in acknowledging that God was the one who was there at the beginning and he alone knows what he did. we then take by faith his words found in the Bible and believe them.

We do not change them, we do not say he lied or told one story to the ancients when he did something else, then tells another story to the modern population. God wants to know who believes him and who does not and faith is his tool to weed out the unbelievers. Those that take secular ideas and alternatives over his word are not believers, for the most part, but disobey and listen to those who do not believe.

God created as much as he did to show HIS glory so that his creation would know that he is God and there is none like him.

Does Chance Exist?

In part 5 of his series on God and Evolution, John Wilkins states the following:

Many religious thinkers hold that chance is the enemy of God. God is omniscient in many theisms, and so if chance occurs, and chance is unpredictable even for God, then the reality of chance means that God does not exist. This doesn’t apply, of course, to gods that are limited in their knowledge. The Bible seems to imply that God is not omniscient in some passages (e.g., Genesis 3:9, “But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”), but in many others the use of casting lots is seen as a way of determining God’s will. {}

There are problems with these statements. First, the author doesn’t know much about God. Chance does not exist for God for he rules over all and knows all that will take place, even before it happens. He wouldn’t be God if he was subject to chance.

Second, chance is a human idea because humans are limited in their knowledge and do not have the powers of knowing the future or able to make predictions. If we did then we would see quite a few more winners at the gambling establishments.

Third, the idea that God is not omniscient and that idea is supported by several passages of scripture is ridiculous as well. The people who hold to such thinking forget a key principle lawyers follow–know the answer before you ask the question.  How else would lawyers catch witnesses in a lie if they did not know the answer to their questions before they asked them?

For God to ask such a question means he is interested in how the human will answer and checks their character by asking such questions. Those passages of scripture do not indicate a lack of knowledge in God but a test for humans.

Fourth, casting lots is not a sign that God doesn’t exist or doesn’t know everything. Instead it is simply a human method conducted to find what God wants them to do. it has nothing to do with God’s powers or character.

Finally, the first line of that quote is erroneous because since chance does not exist for God it can hardly be construed as an enemy of God.  Scientists may say something is random or took place by chance but that doesn’t mean they are right. What may seem random or by chance to humans doesn’t mean it was done outside of God’s knowledge or permission.

The meaning of a word like “chance” along with similar words like “random”, “luck”, “contingent”, “accident” and “probable” are more complicated than ordinary use seems to imply. For now, we can distinguish several meanings: {Ibid}

No, the author of that quote is quite wrong and seems to want to make himself and scientist sound more important than they really are. The common usage of those words imply exactly what scientists are saying. Trying to alter the definition of these words in hopes of ‘proving’ or supporting one’s false theory is simple con artist’s trick.

The altered definitions do not change the reality–there is no chance with God.  Plus, since God created all things by speaking, there was no role for random or chance to play in the creative act. God allowed some flexibility in his creation but not in his creative act.

In other words animals from two different kinds can mate and produce an offspring. This is not random or chance for a new species is not created outside of God’s rules. In fact, the offspring is usually sterile ending hopes that random or chance are alternatives to God’s word.

People who look to random or chance as alternatives to God do so because they do not want the truth. They also do not want God, so they make up these false ideas and preach those instead of the truth. They hide behind the word ‘science’ in order to bully the unwary into submission in order to brainwash the unsuspecting into thinking science and scientists are the final authority on all matters pertaining to life.

The origins and nature of the universe are a problem for theists whether evolution happens or not, {bid}

This is untrue. For those theists who believe the Bible, the origins of the universe and everything in it; plus the laws that govern their existences are not a problem. We know that God designed it all to work in a certain fashion.

There is no problem, the only people who have a problem with origins or the laws of physics are those who do not believe God or his word.

There is more to discuss but that will have to wait for another day. Suffice it to say that those who discuss origins are handicapped by their unbelief