Religious Brutality

Here is an excellent quote from the book The Devil's Delusion by David Berlinski For scientists persuaded that there is no God, there is no finer pleasure than recounting the history of religious brutality and persecution (pg. 19) That activity is not limited to scientists as many unbelievers take delight in blaming God for things … Continue reading Religious Brutality


Ancient Astronomers

If you read enough books you will get the idea that most modern scientists and astronomers, among other people, have developed a superiority complex when it comes to comparing themselves to the ancient people. They feel that their work, their technology, their intelligence vastly surpasses those of the ancient world. Such people are greatly misguided. … Continue reading Ancient Astronomers

I Agree For The Most Part

Jim West has actually said something that I can agree with most of what he said They seem to believe that God is incapable of making anything, so he had to leave to evolutionary processes the actual doing of nature.  I find such a notion, however, completely ridiculous... But I find the rabid anti-creationists … Continue reading I Agree For The Most Part

Does Chance Exist?

In part 5 of his series on God and Evolution, John Wilkins states the following: Many religious thinkers hold that chance is the enemy of God. God is omniscient in many theisms, and so if chance occurs, and chance is unpredictable even for God, then the reality of chance means that God does not exist. … Continue reading Does Chance Exist?

Evolving Christianity…???

James McGrath has a little blurb over at his website, Christianity is changing all the time. It has evolved and continued to evolve, even on topics such as biological evolution. and he is mistaken. Christianity doesn't 'evolve'. As the Bible tells us, both God and Jesus are the same yesterday, today and forever thus … Continue reading Evolving Christianity…???

What Makes Us Different?

Joel Watts asks this question on his website after posting a very brief comparison of what Christians believe and what the adherents of Islam, Scientology and Mormonism believe. You can read it here: You will notice that the items selected for God and Jesus are hard to compare with other faiths for the false … Continue reading What Makes Us Different?