No, Hell has Not Frozen Over

Nor have we changed our views and stance on BG. But even unbelievers, former Christians can still make a good point about today's Christians and their views on the Bible. Before we start quoting some points BG made in this article we are going to say that we have said similar things on this website … Continue reading No, Hell has Not Frozen Over


Addressing An Important Issue

If you go to our Mind One's Own Business article you will see a series of posts, one of which we edited the content. We edited the content because it held unsubstantiated inferences about BG. While the person making the comments may have thought he or she was doing the right thing, it was not … Continue reading Addressing An Important Issue

Defending the Victim

We have been accused on many occasions that we defend the alleged offender over the victim in many sexual crimes that have been committed. But let's make this one point upfront so it is not lost in the content. The Christian is not here to defend the victim, nor are they to do so blindly. … Continue reading Defending the Victim

Minding One’s Own Business

This is getting far more difficult to do these days. far too many people post their personal business on the internet basically every minute of the day. It can be very difficult to not comment when people put personal stuff in the public sphere. We first became aware of this phenomenon when we were in … Continue reading Minding One’s Own Business

What Makes the Ravi Zacharias Issue So Complicated- 2

One of the main issues that make this issue so complicated is all the amateurs that get involved, They write their blogs, make their YouTube videos and podcasts as well as write articles for different media outlets. The main thing they have in common is that they do not have the qualifications to make the … Continue reading What Makes the Ravi Zacharias Issue So Complicated- 2

What Makes the Ravi Zacharias Issue So Complicated

This is just part one of two as we will be examining some of the content from 2 different websites that shed some light on this topic. This is not an easy issue to discuss because the views of many are all over the map. Some views are not based in fact but merely subjective … Continue reading What Makes the Ravi Zacharias Issue So Complicated

Where Atheists Are Wrong

Atheists like to try and 'correct' believers. about themselves and their lack of beliefs. They also like to point out the errors of believers, even when those exposures are far from the mark. Taking our quotes from one of the sources we use frequently, we will point out some of the errors atheists make in … Continue reading Where Atheists Are Wrong