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What is Missing in Education

We are not going to play favorites here as both the Christian school system and the secular one make the same mistakes. Some schools, teachers and officials are good in both systems but sadly, those are overshadowed by others who do not perform as they should. Too often, schools in both systems tend to favor teaching ideology instead of educating the students correctly. This is so in spite of the warning given in the book of James.

Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment. (NASB 3:1)

We know this as we have seen education first hand and have tracked the misdeeds of teachers, administration staff and education officials for several years. These people, even in Korea, treat students as objects not worthy of the best information possible or teaching as just another job. It is no longer a profession worthy of their best behavior, best effort, or having any character or integrity. It is now a means to an end, hopefully by padding their bank account and pension fund.

Teaching has lots a lot in recent years and there is enough blame to go around. No one group is solely to blame as all have contributed to the demise of education– even in Christian circles.Sadly, we saw this in our own undergraduate alma mater as well.Then when you see stories like the following article:

Teacher Accused of Feeding Puppy to Snapping Turtle in Front of Students

{and the title is enough of an example}

You know that something has been lost in teaching. It doesn’t matter the level because all levels have been infected with the same disease. In the book, Hitler Furies, a study on the female Nazis of that era, it was stated that Hitler introduced dumbing down into the German education system. It is much harder to manipulate and control educated people. The most successful educational program in the west since the 1980s has been the strategy to dumb down the students.

We have seen this first hand as well. But it was not limited to just the students who got a lack of an education. The teachers were dumbed down as well. We saw that over the years in Korea as teacher after teacher heading towards that country were not smart, lacked education and some could barely string a sentence together. There is something missing from education. Probably several elements are no longer in the profession. But again, that is not true in all cases.

As we thought about that article linked above, it was brought to our attention what God wanted done with his people. But many believers will probably miss their importance because the instructions are found in the Old Testament not the New. Non-believers won’t normally know these passages unless they read their spare time. But then even if they do, will they believe God’s word pertaining to how their profession should be handled? It is highly doubtful.

But the book of Deut. is filled with verses providing God’s instructions on what should be taught in his people’s schools. Here are some of those verses:

“Now, O Israel, listen to the statutes and the judgments which I am teaching you to perform, so that you may live and go in and take possession of the land which the Lord, the God of your fathers, is giving you. You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you (NASB 4:1-2)

See, I have taught you statutes and judgments just as the Lord my God commanded me, that you should do thus in the land where you are entering to possess it. So keep and do them, for that is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples who will hear all these statutes and say, ‘Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people.’ (NASB 4:5-6)

10 Remember the day you stood before the Lord your God at Horeb, when the Lord said to me, ‘Assemble the people to Me, that I may let them hear My words so they may learn to [b]fear Me all the days they live on the earth, and that they may teach their children.’(NASB 4: 10)

 “Now this is the commandment, the statutes and the judgments which the Lord your God has commanded me to teach you, that you might do them in the land where you are going over to possess it, so that you and your son and your grandson might fear the Lord your God, to keep all His statutes and His commandments which I command you, all the days of your life, and that your days may be prolonged. (NASB 6:1-2)

These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up (NASB 6:6-7)

And on these verses go.

God has said very clearly what he wanted taught to his people and their children. These instructions have not been voided by the New Testament.

As I urged you upon my departure for Macedonia, remain on at Ephesus so that you may instruct certain men not to teach strange doctrines, (NASB 1 Tim. 1:3)

Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you (NASB 1 Tim. 4:16)

holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching, so that he will be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict. (NASB Tit. 1:9)

The firs set of verses has what is missing from teaching that takes place today in both the secular and Christian school systems.

so that you and your son and your grandson might fear the Lord your God,

The fear or respect of God is what is lacking. No one that we know of, is doing this today. God is not feared and his ways are not taught. While the secular world and some Christians run around looking for human answers to school shootings, we have that answer here from God himself. The fear of God would stop many shooters from committing their evil schemes. Plus, if they were taught the ways of God then they would know that taking a life is wrong and should not be done.

When you make God’s rules appear as human origin rules, then it is easy for people to forget about God and ignore these human based rules. If people are not taught God’s ways, instructions and commands, how will they learn how to live properly? Ho will they treat their fellow human correctly if they do not know the better way to live?

These lessons start in the home where the parents teach it to their children and their grandchildren. Eventually, those lessons will reach politics, science, education and so on. God’s OT instructions and commands are not just for an Old Testament group of people who lived 4000 years ago. We bring the fear of God back to the lives of families, education and so on then we bring back the other missing elements in education.

You may ask what are we doing about this instead of just posting the thoughts God wants us to share on the internet? We have lived these principles in Korea as we taught. We had problems, criticism, attacks, but in the end, because we obeyed God and taught the way he wanted us to teach, we were rewarded as well. Maybe someday we will post some pictures recording those rewards.

We have been preaching in the Philippines using God ways. Now we have been asked to be the preacher of one church full-time as well as start a new Bible College. We opted for the latter. We are working on setting up a new Bible college that will have God’s instructions as the guiding force behind our teaching. Do not worry we do not plan on asking for money. We will need books though, lots of them. We will make that request when the time is right. Eventually we will be looking for teachers but that is a ways down the road. We will need prayer as well.

But we do what we can to practice what we are teaching in these web pages. This means we may not have time to post here but that remains to be seen. Christians need to take action and it is not done by teaching interpretation or ideology. It is done by following the Holy Spirit to the truth. Then accepting that truth and teaching it to others.

If you want a better education system, then it begins with the fear of God.


Is Genesis History?

And yes we are going to talk about that film and some of the surrounding views. We are not objective because we believe the Genesis account is literal, God used 6 24 hour earth days to complete his creation act. The Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for God, thus, the activities found in Genesis One are not out of his reach. Genesis Two is not a competing creation account, but fills in some of the details that were left out of Genesis One.

What we are going to do is take a few quotes from the article found at

and make our comments.

#1. A documentary that makes a scientific case for a historical, six-day creation will be shown again in movie theaters nationwide Thursday, with extra footage highlighting the pushback it has received even from within the Christian community.

We are glad that it is being shown in theaters again. Since we live in a different country we have not seen it yet and would like to do so at some point in time. What bothers us here though is the last line. Why is there a pushback from the Christian community? Obviously we do know the answer to that rhetorical question and this pushback is one of the problems the church faces today.

If God did not create as he said, then why are people still claiming to be Christian? Why would they go with a God who would not tell them exactly what he did? Why would they follow God’s plan of salvation when given the supposed evidence that plan may not be the exact plan. It may be something different. The fact that some people hold to the John 3:16 plan tells us that they will believe God when it benefits them and disbelieve him when it does not.

#2. While not a salvation issue, abandoning a six-day creation account described by a plain reading of Genesis and adopting belief in what is known as theistic evolution

Actually, we disagree with the first 5 words of that quote. It is a salvation issue. Jesus said in John 5:45ff (to the end of the chapter) that if you do not believe Moses, how will you believe his words? We have seen many people who reject the words of Moses reject much of the NT. We forget the exact reference but in one of the prayers recorded in the Bible Jesus is saying to his father, I have given them the words you gave me.

Since the NT is written by disciples, and those who knew the disciples, then the words of the rest of the NT are Jesus’ words and by extension God’s word. The NT is not constructed from the personal views of the NT authors. They put down the words that Christ gave them to say. Since Genesis is found in the OT and given by God, then rejection of Genesis One is a rejection of God’s word. It is not a rejection of Moses’s personal views.

Salvation does depend on believing Genesis One. How can you believe God in John 3:16 then turn around and say God lied in Genesis One & Two? Such attitudes are not compatible with a loving relationship or any relationship. Since God does not lie, how can Genesis One be wrong?

#3. When Purifoy went to Wheaton to show the film he discovered that of the 200 professors at Wheaton, only two are historical Creationists.

The first question that must be asked is, why are those professors teaching at a Christian college? If they do not believe the Bible how can they teach that God does not lie? Or how can they teach that God knows less than secular scientists? It seems that these supposed Christian professors want the best of both worlds and they will sacrifice God in favor of adopting false science.

#4. So the week after [our] Genesis film was shown the faculty then got together and held their own assembly to counter the historical Genesis view that was presented in the film.”

The counter arguments against the literal view of Genesis One are wanting, not supported by real evidence and go counter to what both God and Jesus have taught throughout the Bible. Science is not a tool given to us to double-check God’s writing. It is not a tool to be used to say that God got it wrong or that his biblical authors got it wrong.

Science, a tool given to us by God, has had its divine authority usurped and replaced by blind, deceived, fallible, limited thinking. There is no way that science can say that God or his authors made mistakes. Every argument against a literal Genesis One does not make sense and insults God, his character and his integrity.

#5. Tackett told CP that one of the things that compelled him to make the film — against the objections of friends who begged him not to because of the consequences of what happens when one openly admits to being a historic Creationist — was how the other views of Creation compromise who God is as He is revealed in Scripture.

We are to pick up our cross and follow Jesus. Jesus did not correct Moses during his time on earth. Jesus did not present a different creation account. Nor did the disciples who wrote their works in the next few years or decades. So to say Genesis One is literal is standing with Jesus against the world. We should expect to suffer for that stand. Those who go against the literal Genesis One are going against Christ. This means one’s salvation may be in jeopardy.

#6. The seminaries have largely bought primarily into the perspective of the BioLogos Foundation, and other theistic evolution-influenced views, he explained

We have a series on Biologos on this website. We have pointed out how they are not of God, not speaking the truth and are now leading believers away from the truth. They are essentially false teachers disguising themselves as Christians. Those who follow after these type of people are not following God. God did not say he created through an evolutionary format. He said he spoke and it was.

Biologos and other such organizations are people who want secular science and not God’s word.

#7. “And what’s happening in these seminaries and even with some of our senior pastors, is that all of a sudden, they make the logical conclusion that if evolution is true than a literal Adam and Eve cannot be true but is a metaphor for a hominid group that has evolved to a certain point.”

It is called a snowball effect. Once one lie has been accepted, it then snowballs as more lies are adopted. If you want a reason why the church is not making the impact on the world as it should, it is because they are kicking out the truth, adopting lies and teaching those lies. Lies are sin and liars go to hell. Lies are not of God. God told the truth throughout the Bible including Genesis One.

Accepting evolution, in any format, over God says that you believe man over God. You are not believing God and again this makes believing Genesis One a salvation issue. Unbelievers do not go to heaven

We will leave the rest of the article for you to read. But one thing is for sure, if Genesis One is wrong, then there is no God and there is no John 3:16 plan of salvation. You cannot have salvation without God. So those who reject Genesis One as literally true, are rejecting God and saying he does not exist. They are saying that deceived blind, lost, fallible, limited scientists know more than God does.

Unfortunately for those people, the blind, deceived, lost, fallible and limited scientists offer no plan of salvation which gives eternal life. Those who opt for their version are giving up their place in heaven for something that only gains temporary relief from persecution.


When is a Lie a Lie?

We are sure you have heard all the accusations hurled at believers when discussing theological topics with unbelievers, especially atheists. They love to pull out the lie accusation as if they have caught the believer in a willful attempt to deceive. Before we go any further, we have to admit that there are those believers who do real lies. We are saddened by this fact and it needs to stop. Nothing is gained for God when a believer sins to meet their objective or hide their lack of education

But this situation aside, most of the accusations made by unbelievers are false. The believer is not purposefully telling an untruth. There are reasons for this as well. They are as follows:

  1. The believer doesn’t know– this is often the case given the level of historical and biblical illiteracy permeating the church today. But there is no shame in saying ‘I don’t know. ‘At least you were honest and represented yourself correctly. Instead of creating a stumbling block by making something up, you leave a door open in the unbeliever. If you do not know then you do not know. One key is you can always do some research and find the right answer. The honest is the best policy mentality is Christian and is supported by the Bible.
  2. The believer is misinformed- This is often the case when it comes to biblical knowledge. The pastors, youth ministers and other church leaders/teachers do not know or have been misinformed themselves. They pass on this erroneous information and set their congregations up to be embarrassed and the receiver of abuse or false accusations. This situation can be the product of two sources. Either the leadership has been misinformed or they just do not know and are giving the best answer they can. A third option is that they have never tried to know, which does take place.
  3. The believer is lied to– Believe it or not Christians (including church leadership) do lie to other believers. They also give bad or unbiblical advice. The passing on of faulty information is not lying, because the believer believes they hold the correct information and telling what they know. There is  no attempt to intentionally deceive here.
  4. The believer is never taught– This is often the case because too many churches focus on worship and evangelism only. While both are biblical and need to be done, they do not take priority over teaching the flock correctly. Jesus said “feed my sheep” not ignore the need for knowledge. The failure to teach the truth, to teach it correctly has been a problem in the church for generations. It is not a modern problem alone. We are not talking about intellectualism here but gaining knowledge and the truth. God wants his people to be knowledgeable and filled with the truth

We are not going to point fingers here. That would be too easy. But we are not perfect either. We are confident that everyone is aware of the problem and who is responsible. But it isn’t just a leadership problem. The Bible was written for every believer, not pastors, missionaries, youth leaders, and so on. When God says to study to be approved of him, he is not leaving the normal church member out of the edict. They are to study as well. They need to learn the truth, they need to be properly educated and they need to know how to answer the unbeliever (both their arguments and questions).

The common believer meets more unbelievers than pastors, etc., save maybe for missionaries. They need to be prepared to answer why they believe and that does not mean just quoting the 4 spiritual laws or Christian fad. Unbelievers have real questions which need real answers and real information. Good evangelists also need the right information. Billy Graham has often lamented his lack of training in theology.

When unbelievers accuse you of lying, it may simply be a way for them to hide from the truth or to try to get the believer to doubt their faith. It is a trick to get the believer to lose confidence in their church, pastor and God. To thwart this attack, a believer needs to study the right materials and follow the Holy Spirit to the truth. But even if a believer has the truth, it does not mean the unbeliever will stop accusing them of lying. It just means that the unbeliever has decided to adopt the lie over the truth.

The key for the believer is to find the truth, adopt it into their lives and stick to the truth no matter what the unbeliever does. It is only through the truth (and being honest using love) that the believer will succeed.


Why Study History?

As you may have realized by reading this site, we place a lot of history and archaeology information on these pages.One reason is that we love history and archaeology. They are fascinating subjects though not as fascinaing as genetics (which we also study) A second reason is that we can learn a lot from studying history.

Military officers study ancient and more recent battles to learn new techniques on how to condut warfare. Even the Indian wars of the American expansion has contributed to modern warfare. We came across the following quote from the book, Great Western Indian Fights by members of the Potomac Corral of the westerners. On page 24 it reads:

The primitive indian warrior made a contribution to the art of warfare. His swift, silent, harassing, small-scale operations were the forerunners of the commando raids in World War II. At least one description of western indian raiding tactics  was used in the training of American troops for action in the Pacific. General Douglas macArthur paid tribute to the indian as an efficient fighting man-  As a warrior, his fame is world-wide. Many successful methids of modern warfare  are based upon what he evolved centuries ago (Bold ours). Individually he exemplified what the line fighter could do by adaption to the particular countryside in which he fought.

The study of the past is not just for military leaders though. Modern farmers could benefit from studying ancient farming techniques to help them yield a better crop. We know of one example but the reference is lost for now. (That is due to the amount of reading and researching we do). But there was one civilization who elevated their crops and placed them in smaller sections, not too small. Their harvest yield was greater than if they had farmed using the traditional flat one large group method.

The second example is for believers and answers the question why should Christians study hstory. This example is already wel known as it involves Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. In studying archaeological discoveries we find that the wife giving her servant to her husband was a cultural act. It was not a biblically instructed method of having a child.

While the account is in the BIble, we learn that this act actually took place and that both Sarah and Abraham followed their current cultural norms. This does not mean that cultural norms are to be followed or are better than God’s ways.God allowed it to take place but he did not give permission for this chain of events.We have to be careful when reading ancient actions recorded in the Bible and not make the mistake that because it is mentioned, in the Bible, that we have permission to go and do likewise.

We must remember that God does not give permission to his followers to commit sin.

Why Should Christians Study History?

Besides the above two examples, there are plenty of reasons why believers need to study history and or archaeology. Here is a list of reasons why all believers should do some historical study:

  1. God wants us to study- he says so in I Timothy. He wants knowledgeable followers not ignorant ones
  2. We get to the truth- studying history and archaeology is but one way to get to some truth. It is not the only way and they do not hold all truth
  3. We learn that many cultic beliefs are not new but have ancient foundations
  4. We get information on how to refute cultic and other false religious beliefs
  5. We get respect from unbelievers- this is because we actually know something. One of the biggest complaints from atheists is that Christians do not know the Bible or their history
  6. We get information  to refute other unbelievers and their alternative theories
  7. We learn that the secular experts are not telling the truth
  8. We protect our faith- too many unwary and unprepared young believers lose their faith when they encounter those unbelieving professors who do not believe in God, accept that he exists, or believe the Bible
  9. We learn that the Bible is correct and that the secular experts, professors, etc., do not know more than God
  10. We learn how to follow the Holy Spirit to the truth (John 16:13)

These are only ten reasons why believers need to study history and archaeology, even as a hobby. You do not have to quit your job, etc., and go do a full-time advanced degree to learn these things from history and archaeology.

How Should Believers Study History & Archaeology

The how to is as important as the study. This is for the simple reason that believers can be sidetracked by evil and go off in the wrong direction. If this happens then they would be like the evolutionist looking for the truth by going down the wrong paths and looking in the wrong places for their answers. Here are some steps in how to study history and archaeology

  1. Ask God for help- you will not get to the truth by excluding the one who holds all truth
  2. Follow biblical instructions- Psalm 1 is one big key- do not follow the unbeliever or their counsel.Another is found in Ecc.- nothing is new under the sun.
  3. Read good books- we wrote on this recently. You will not find all the information you need in Chrstian books. You will have to read good secular works to get all the evidence and information you need. You will need God to help you not stray into adopting the secular theories or ideas.
  4. Remember that the bible contains actual history- there has never been a historical or archaeological discovery yet that proves the Bible wrong or disagrees with the Bible. What disagrees with the Bible is the archaeologists’theories, assumptions, leaps to conclusions, speculation and so on.
  5. Remember that God does not lie and the Bible is not wrong- the people who lie are those who do not believe in God or follow him
  6. Read the church fathers and other ancient writers- but again remember that they were human and may not have all the answers even though they lived earlier in history.
  7. Stick to the truth- never stary from it. Once you find th etruth, adopt it, keep it and adapt your life accordingly. Even in your discussions with unbelievers, do not stray from the truth
  8. Remember that the secular way is not God’s way- this includes the secular scientific method. Archaeologists want believers to be objective but that is impossible. Dr. WM. Dever said so in his book, Did God Have a Wife. God said it first in the Bible when he said you are either on his side or your not on his side. There is no grey middle ground. The secular scientific method only looks for the best explanation NOT the truth. There is a difference.
  9. Learn the different schools of thought and why they are wrong or right- Minimalist sometimes sound like the believe the Bible but they reject most of the OT.
  10. Learn the difference between credible archaeologists and bad ones- this includes bible scholars, historians and so on. Ron Wyatt was not a good archaeologist,There are many more of them out there. Be wary of S. jacobovici and a guy out there named Rude (he does a Rude Awkwning scheme).Just like every part of society there are frauds in history and archaeology who sound good but are way off the mark.

Why is it important to study correctly

We will give an example of why you cannot rely on Christian authors only. We continue to use this example even though we lost a 30 year friendship over critiquing this author. Erwin Luzter is a profilic Christian writer with many admirers and he wrote a book one time on Hitler and the Cross. We were just beginning our historical and archaeological studies, or a little ways into them, when we came across the book. Our first thought was, great now we will get the truth behind Hitler’s use of the Cross.

We were very disappointed. Mr. Lutzer did very poor research, did not discuss the issue correctly or deep enough and did not provide any real answers to the topic. He also provided no real information that could be used to help refute unbelievers when they used Hitler’s example in their arguments against Christianity. What we got was chapter after chapter of the gospel message. Yes he sacrificed the instructing believers for a continual repeat of what they already knew.

We threw the book away or gave it to someone else. It was useless for that topic. But this is not a rare event in Christian writing. Too often, and we know Christian archaeologists who do the same thing, the believer does poor research, ignores topics that need to be discussed, follow secular ways, use the gospel message far too often, and do not know what they are talking about. We tried to correct a couple of Christian archaeologists one time on their research but the response we got was not good.  You have to do good research and you have to know what you are talking about.

We can support our position here with a biblical example. While Jesus said to go out and preach the gospel, he did not say preach it to the believers all the time and keep them at square one. He did say ‘feed my sheep’, and Paul added to this by saying ‘grow up as a believer'(paraphrase). You cannot grow up and feed the sheep if you continually tell them the same gospel message over and over.

God said, as we stated earlier, to study and to study you need to do it right. Ken Ham and others state that you cannot divorce the gospel from the subject you are talking about. In feeding the sheep you are not divorcing the gospel if you do not mention it. You are building upon the gospel by giving the believer the food they need to grow up as a spiritual being. A choior leader does not keep having the choir sing ‘Jesus loves me’ and hope they will build musical talent. No he keeps giving them more music and more difficlut music so that they grow as a choir

The same goes for believers. You do not keep feeding them the gospel they have already accepted and expect them to be ready to be used of God. You need to feed them more information, more difficult information, teaching them how to use it so they will not lose their faith. Sticking only to the gospel only keeps believers vulnerable to evil. You have to know something. And that means going beyond square one and learning all that you can with God’s help.

God does not want child warriors. He needs soldiers who know something, know what they are talking about, so that they can be used more effectively to win souls for him.The enemy does not have child warriors. They study and they learn but what they study and learn is through deceived eyes and are led away from the truth.

This is why we lose so many young people to the secular world. they are not prepared to face what will come their way. Parents, church leaders, pastors, youth ministers fail their charges because they do not prepare themselves and other believers correctly. They do not give their people the right information or how to use it correctly.(we are being very general here).

Some Final Words

As we stated earlier, history and archaeology are but one way to study and get to a lot of truth. There are other subjects you can study and achieve a lot of the same results. The key is to make sure you are learning from God and not a demon disguised as an angel of light. Real, correct study is not easy and takes work. We understand that most believers do not have a lot of time. But that may be due to what was known as a problem in our undergraduate days- priorities.

How good a believer, how good a spiritual warrior we become depends upon our priorities. That is a decision only you can make for yourself. It is also a change that only you can make. We just put the informationout there so you can see that there is more to the Christian life than what some people think. Pleasing God is not about the number of souls who make a decision for Christ. It is about learning how to use faith correctly and obeying God. Studying is obeying God.

Growing as a believer is obeying God. Jesus said, ‘you will know the truth’, but he did not say it will always be handed to you on a silver platter. SOmetimes you have to study to find it. You may also have to wrestle with conflicting ideas before you get to it. But one thing is for sure, the truth is there waiting for you to get to it.


Just a Reminder

that we still have our information and resource site.

it was originally designed for pastors, teachers and missionaries but anyone can use the information to help their knowledge and faith grow



The Christian Guide to Archaeology

We have stated in the past that we get a newsletter from the people who made the Patterns of Evidence movie. We like them as we have talked to them on different occasions as they made that movie and after it was released.We have talked about the problems that amateurs bring to the archaeological and theological field. We are going to highlight another problem found in the latest newsletter sent by the Patterns of Evidence people. Then we will provide a Christian guide on how to do archaeology and apply it to the theological teachings of the Bible.

One of the things that makes our research unique is that we seek a variety of perspectives.

Discussion and researching different perspectives is not a bad thing. You can’t find the truth unless you have information to filter. The problem comes in when Christians ignore biblical teaching and follow the secular way of doing any scientific research. The goal of the Christian is not to gather different perspectives and continue the discussion. Rather, the goal for the believer is to find the truth and then teach that to other believers.

We are to lead people away from the erroneous, the lies, the false theories and let them know what the truth is so they can strengthen their faith. We do not leave believers floundering in themisinformation put out by the secular world.

A Christian Guide to Archaeology

#1. You need to follow John 16:13 before you do anything else. You need to pray and ask God to allow the Holy Spirit guide you to the truth. There is only one truth and you won’t get to it without God’s help.

#2. You need to read both Christian and non-christian books. We are sorry to say that while there are Christian archaeologists publishing artilces and books, very few of them follow God to the truth. They also do not examine a topic very well. We are very disappointed in the majority of Christian archaeological and historical work. Some do very bad research and make some key mistakes. We are not going to name names as that is not the point of this article.

You have to read Christian works with a grain of salt and not believe everything they say. They also provide a lot of misinformation and do not go far enough in their analysis of the evidence.

#3. You need to read secular works. The reason for this is fairly simple. Those works are where the information you need lie. BUT you need to ask God to help you to not get caught up in their theories, speculations or conclusions. They may have spent their lives in archaeology but they are still deceived, lost and blind people There speculations, conclusions and theories will not head for the truth.Nor will they represent the past correctly.

Secular archaeologist outnumber Christian ones and they do a lot of excavation. They will have information the Christian archaeologist does not or will not write about.

#4. There are key principles that must govern your work: i). God does not lie– even though the secular world will try to get you to believe he does;

ii). the Bible is never wrong– there has never been an archaeological discovery that has disproven or disagrees with the Bible. What disagrees with the Bible are the conjectures, the assumptions, the speculations, the theories, and the conclusions of the unbelieving archaeologist;

iii). archaeology does not discover 100% of the past- if they are lucky, archaeologists only get to study between 0-5% of any given site, which in turn is also a very minute percentage of the total activities that took place in the past;

iv). your goal is the truth not to construct the next best theory.

#5. You need to be wise, intelligent, knowledgeable- It is difficult to dissect all the information presented by unbelievers. They will mis-use what they know in order to trap  or confuse believers. You need to know what you are talking about and have the information at your fingertips to refute their arguments.You have to learn how to correctly traverse the arhaeological territory.

#6. You need to keep to the truth- you will not win any to Christ by lying, misrepresenting the information or any other sinful activity. You find the truth and present it correctly, God’s way not the secular way.

#7. Study the evidence, the artifacts, the mss. etc., yourself. Do not let the opinions of others influence your analysis. The evidence only says one thing and you can’t get to the truth if you use false information about the evidence disseminated by unbelievers.

#8. Learn the difference between what you can prove and what you can’t prove. The Bible is not about physical evidence but rather it is about you believing God. There will never be enough physical evidence to prove the Bible completely true. But God does not instruct us to use physical evidence. He uses that to strengthen our faith not destroy faith. For unbelievers who try to make archaeology & the Bible about physical evidence. But life is about faith and faith will always be part of the equation.

#9. Learn all of God’s rules- do not stray from them. His rules will not interfere with good archaeological work. It will make it better.

#10. Christians will disagree with you, get used to it. You just need to keep striving for the truth and keep it. Don’t let your fellow believer ruin your path to the truth and eternal life. We have a problem with those believers who say that you cannot divorce your work from the gospel. They are wrong and very misguided. Deepening your faith and knowledge never divorces you from salvation. Learn when to present the gospel message and when not to. The gospel message does not need to be mentioned in every written or spoken work you do. It has its place but not in every chapter, in every article or in every speech or presentation you make.

You do not get brownie points from God by mis-using the gospel message and using it in everything you do. You have to learn how to grow in your faith and use the archaeological and theological information correctly


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Science, Archaeology & The Believer

Believers may be swayed by the arguments made by different scientists and archaeologists. They may think that these people are experts in their field, or their experience and education has them knowing more than God but that i snot the case. For the most part, these are people who have left the truth outside the door of their lab or excavation site. Because they do not let God in to help them get to the truth we are often left with bad theories, bad ideas, and completely wrong scenarios. For example the following news story:

Asteroid that barely missed Earth this week could wreak havoc in the not-so-distant future

The asteroid that came “damn close” to slamming into the Earth this week could cause utter devastation several decades down the road, and scientists can’t rule out an eventual collision. The rock, known as 2012 TC4, came within a cosmic hair of our planet just a couple of days ago, slipping by at a distance of just over 27,000 miles, but future safe passes are anything but certain

The scientist just doesn’t know what they are talking about since they have rejected the God of truth and the truth itself from their work. these scenarios should not faze the believer because God has already told us how he will destroy the earth in the future. The secular scientist is only guessing and trying to stay relevant with their doomsday predictions but it doesn’t work. They are not working from the truth but from blinded eyes from the king of deception. The believer should not let themselves be blinded by the credentials these scientists carry but look to God who is above all credentials and see what he has said about what is going to happen to the earth in the end. It is best for the believer to keep their eyes on God so that their faith remains intact and ignore such science fiction stories.

Another problem is with archaeologists who have tried for over 100 years to paint their version of the past. Some have claimed that the Bible is wrong especially when it described Canaan as the land of milk and honey. Well the latest discovery in archaeology has once again upstaged the unbelieving archaeologist and shown the Bible to be correct

The ancient Israelites understood the nutritional, medicinal and religious qualities and uses of honey, according to these words which the Bible attributes to their third and wisest king, Solomon.

Until recently, scientists thought that the mention of honey in the Bible referred most often to a sweet extracted from dates or figs—not from managed hives. However, that view seems to be changing.

Hives uncovered during a dig at the ancient city of Rehov in northern Israel may well be the oldest evidence of honeybee husbandry in the Near East. Dated around 900 BC by archaeologist Amihai Mazar of Hebrew University, the hives could be the oldest in existence–anywhere.

Each of the cylindrical hives measured 2-1/2 feet long and one foot in diameter, and were constructed of unbaked clay and straw.

Each hive had a removable plug at one end, through which the beekeeper could extract the honeycomb, and a small hole for the bees on the other. Stacked in rows three high, the 30 hives discovered could have produced up to one half ton of honey per year, according to the archaeologist’s estimate. And the area in which these hives were discovered may have accommodated another 70 hives…


There is more to the story so you should read it. But remember just because the archaeologist has not uncovered it does not mean it did not take place or did not exist. Al lit means is that the archaeologist has not uncovered any evidence for the event yet or are looking in the wrong places for their information. Also remember that many archaeologists are not believers and have left the God of truth out of their work and some are believers who have done the same thing. But then we do not need evidence if we simply believe God and his word over the so-called experts.

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