One of the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make

Is that they try to reconcile Christianity with science You can't do this because they are of 2 different worlds and have 2 different masters. You should read our book The Church & Science: Get All the Facts to get a fuller discussion on this topic. In this article, we are just going to discuss … Continue reading One of the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make

When Atheists Complain

They often do. When we were debating atheists, the key to their argument was based on their demand for evidence. They complain that Christians do not provide a lot of evidence for their claims. Their mantra is extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. It is the same tired old complaint made by BG in his article … Continue reading When Atheists Complain

Black & White 2

This article pertains to how believers see themselves and God. Too often people will say they are Lutheran Christians, others will say that they are Liberal Christians, and still, more will say they are evangelical, orthodox, conservative, and so on. But as we read the Bible we do not see these divisions in the body … Continue reading Black & White 2

It Is Not Mental Illness Or Stupidity

You just have to shake your head in disbelief at the stupid things people come up with. The following article just about takes the case Yep, trans men can get pregnant. Why Calvin Klein's ad depicting a trans family is causing a stir An ad from Calvin Klein on Mother's Day featuring a pregnant transgender … Continue reading It Is Not Mental Illness Or Stupidity

It is All About Faith

This is something that unbelievers cannot grasp. This is the rule that God has set up for all to adhere to. He set this rule up to see who would believe him and who would not. Christianity is that simple. It is not made up of Evangelicals, Presbyterians, Methodists, and other denominations. It is made … Continue reading It is All About Faith

We Have LOWERED Our Book Prices

This is NOT a sale price. This is a permanent change for at least one year. The only rise in cost will be due to inflation or rising costs to us. We do not expect to see that happen any time soon. Click on our Books for Sale Page to find those lower prices. This … Continue reading We Have LOWERED Our Book Prices

We Have a Problem

That is 'we' as in all of us. In many of our discussions with unbelievers and our posts, we have made the statement that the secular world has had over 5000 years to get government, education, and other institutions correct. While we will give credit where credit is due, some of those efforts have been … Continue reading We Have a Problem

Prove It

We do not like talking with atheists that much. Even though we use their words as teaching points, we found that having a discussion with them is useless and a waste of time. They keep claiming 'prove this', 'prove that' or 'prove it' even though they have not proven the very elementary elements of their … Continue reading Prove It

More Food for Thought- Evolution

One of the arguments that evolutionists continue to bring up in their fight against creationism is that they claim they do not believe in magic and that God somehow used magic to create everything. However, when you look at the evolutionary theory, and the original start for life, magic seems to be at the core … Continue reading More Food for Thought- Evolution