Hell, No Not Swearing

Not sure if I used the word 'hell' in a title before or not so I thought I would add a few more to make sure. I am convinced now that the owner of formerly fundie has lost it as he drags out a few verses to say that hell, the eternal fire and eternal … Continue reading Hell, No Not Swearing


Much To Talk About- 94

#1. Listening To Unbelievers-- http://www.christianpost.com/news/newsboys-co-founder-im-now-an-atheist-richard-dawkins-had-an-influence-on-my-spiritual-journey-133022/ He started to become interested in cosmology in 1992. He became intrigued by the works of famous cosmologists and evolutionists like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Lawrence Krauss and others "I learned so much and was blown away by all the amazing scientific discoveries," Perdikis said. Is never … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 94

Much To Talk About- 93

#1. Perceived Persecution-- http://christiannews.net/2015/01/29/prosecutor-wont-drop-case-against-christian-ticketed-for-posting-scripture-sign-on-vehicle/ As previously reported, for nearly the past two years up until last August, Zapata, a Columbian-born Christian who lives just outside the town of Englewood, has posted Scripture and other messages on his vehicle as a means to witness to the public about Christ. “Two years ago, the Lord said to … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 93

Cosmos- 5 Odds & Ends

#1. Light Postscript-- There is a variety of subjects that I found in the next chapter but first I would like to add a postscript to yesterday's post on 'light' if I may.  So many atheists and unbelievers always point out that light was created before the sun. Their belief is that light is not … Continue reading Cosmos- 5 Odds & Ends

The Ancient World & Cranes

And no, I am not talking about the bird. Many people wonder how the ancient people built such large buildings when there were supposedly no large construction workhorses like a crane to help them. In the years I have been doing research into archaeology, etc., I had not come across one story about ancient cranes … Continue reading The Ancient World & Cranes

Cosmos-4 Light

Maybe I should say Light & Einstein as that is who Sagan is referencing and his theory of relativity. But before I get to the quote to be discussed, allow me to preface my remarks with the following fact.  The majority of theoretical physics is based upon an event that never took place.  Its calculations, … Continue reading Cosmos-4 Light

The Ancient World & Glass Making

Since publishing a bit about the telescopic like piece of glass found by S. Martinos on Thera, I became curious as to how extensive glass making was in the ancient world. Turns out that their end product could rival modern glass makers' productions. Here are some links and blurbs on ancient glass making. #1. http://realscience.breckschool.org/upper/fruen/files/Enrichmentarticles/files/AncientGlass/AncientGlass.htmlContinue reading The Ancient World & Glass Making

I’ve Been Thinking

Wm. Albright started one of his books with the revelation that Israel was the only ancient nation that new its real origins. He listed of the Germans, the Chinese, The Indians, The Assyrians, Sumerians and a host of others whose original gathering together to become a nation or civilization have been lost to history. Not … Continue reading I’ve Been Thinking

Sometimes I Wonder…

...about the actual condition of the Christian Church in Western countries. This wonderment has been pushed to the forefront after reading a couple of articles at Christianity Today. Their content makes me wonder if those in charge or doing the analysis are actually Christian and are standing on God's word. Take the first article I … Continue reading Sometimes I Wonder…

What A Waste

I finally got around to finishing the book How it Began by Chris Impey and the last chapter really demonstrates the blindness of the secular scientist as well as the wasting of their talent, intelligence and abilities.  Secular scientists are supposed to be some of the brightest people out there, at least according to our … Continue reading What A Waste