Homosexuality Will Always Be Sin

It seems the sports world in America is all afire right now by the confession of a basketball player who plays for a storied team. You can read the story at the following link http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/kobe-bryant-bill-clinton-david-stern-others-support-163319934.html keep in mind it is a yahoo link and may not be active for a long time, so here is … Continue reading Homosexuality Will Always Be Sin

The Big Bang Theory- Conclusion

The final chapter of this look at the Big Bang theory has arrived. In summary, we have made a first attempt at explaining the answers that science has revealed about our universe. Our understanding of the Big Bang, the first atoms and the age of the universe is obviously incomplete. Science hasn't revealed anything. According … Continue reading The Big Bang Theory- Conclusion

The Big Bang Theory-4

Now we come to the authors brief discussion on the age of the universe. 1. If the universe is indeed finite, how long has it been in existence? Without a beginning marker it is impossible to determine the age of anything. Back in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century there were many articles … Continue reading The Big Bang Theory-4

The Big Bang Theory-3

Now to the third installment of this look at the Big Bang Theory. The third division of the article is titled The First Atoms. 1. Now that an attempt has been made to grapple with the theory of the Big Bang... The word 'grapple' in this use by the authors indicates a struggle between all … Continue reading The Big Bang Theory-3

The Big Bang Theory-2

To start the 2nd chapter in the series on the Big Bang Theory, we turn to the section simply titled The Big Bang by the authors. The link to that section is found in part one of the series and all quotes will be taken from that article. 1. One of the most persistently asked … Continue reading The Big Bang Theory-2