A New Series

will be offered at our sister website- https://theoarch.wordpress.com/2020/06/28/internet-spying/ we will be working on that series and delaying posting here for a while.   See the first instalment at this link-- https://theoarch.wordpress.com/2020/06/28/internet-spying-2-the-isps/

The Difference Between Jesus & the Democrats

There are a lot of Christians out there who have sided and joined the Democrat party. There are many reasons for that membership but a lot of times it is misunderstanding the Democrats and the Bible that leads to such movements. While the Republican party is not filled with saints either and do not always … Continue reading The Difference Between Jesus & the Democrats

In The News

Some headlines we have come across with a few comments and quotes #1.Robert Johnson's Big Idea: $14 trillion in slavery reparations to African-Americans https://www.foxnews.com/politics/robert-johnsons-big-idea-14-trillion-slavery-reparations-payments-to-african-americans I think that would be a huge emotional assuaging of guilt' No modern white person should have or feel any guilt. They did not own slaves, did not buy slaves nor … Continue reading In The News

A Call for Biblical Leadership

The founder of the succeeding T'ang dynasty was Li Yuan. With a well established power base in the northwest, he swiftly quelled the local rebels and remnants of the Siu forces and regained unification of the country in 624 {A.D.}. His brief but constructive reign was,however, overshadowed by that of his son, EmperorT'ai-tsung, a monarch … Continue reading A Call for Biblical Leadership

The Wrong Attitude Concerning the OT

We like Josh McDowell's books Evidence that Demands a Verdict and More Evidence that Demands a Verdict so recently we picked up a different book written by him and his son to see what they have to say on Intolerance. In that book, The Beauty of Intolerance, we found a few statements that caused us … Continue reading The Wrong Attitude Concerning the OT