Bullying is Wrong

We all know it is and the democrats spent many years talking about how wrong bullying is when they were supporting accepting the LGBTQ movement. Yet, they now approve of bullying because it is being practiced by not only the LGBTQ community but the Antifa, the BLM organization and the many protesters, looters and rioters.

Groups the democrats are using to regain power and to ruin this nation. The democrats are bullies as well as they do not like anyone opposing their point of view or agenda but according to the democrat party bullying is supposed to be wrong.

We have seen it in the way they attack republicans and Mr. Trump. Here are just a few examples of bullying that come from all corners of life but influenced by the above mentioned groups

#1. Davis sandwich shop owner loses store after sending controversial email https://www.yahoo.com/news/davis-sandwich-shop-owner-loses-061721704.html

#2.Clemson removes John C. Calhoun’s name after Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins join petition https://sports.yahoo.com/clemson-removes-john-c-calhouns-name-deshaun-watson-de-andre-hopkins-join-petition-150857353.html

#3.Starbucks bows to ‘boycott’ pressure, will let staff wear Black Lives Matter gear https://finance.yahoo.com/news/starbucks-dress-code-and-plans-to-create-250000-shirts-speaking-out-again-systemic-racism-133106893.html

Recently Pelosi stated that she prays for Mr. Trump yet her and her party’s behavior contradict those words because Jesus said to forgive your enemies and do good to them.

In contrast to the above and many bullying tactics being done right now, and we will not go into the actions of those who fire the actors and actresses of their shows, etc.,Jesus provided another example:

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. American Standard Version Rev. 3 :20

Jesus does not force the door down, he does not fire people for refusing to let him in, Jesus does not burn down buildings, usurp authority from the government and does not force his ideology or dress code on anyone.

Jesus is not a bully while the above named groups are. Those groups also do not practice one biblical thing even though they claim to read the Bible and pray.

Jesus has a better way to handle these crises, he said ‘love your enemies’ and ‘do not return evil for evil’. There is no love in the BLM organization, and the other groups already mentioned here.

There is no thing of God in them either. God will judge the bullies but he uses a better more honest, more just and fairer standard than the above groups can.


On a side not, the owner of Meerkat website continues to badger us about the actions of the police. We will not give into his  badgering as we do not know the full story behind the policeman’s actions. The court will bring that out and we will not pile on and cause the police any more grief nor prematurely judge them.

Right now we know the story of that man who was killed and it wasn’t good. He came in contact with the police because he committed a crime. Ignoring those facts end the credibility of the protesters, the BLM movement and all who support them or use them to upend the 2016 election.

The police need our support and prayers . The democrat solution is just bullying, sinful, unjust and unfair acts under a different name. They offer no one God’s way. Their solution is just wrong.

10 thoughts on “Bullying is Wrong

  1. You keep insisting George Floyd committed a crime – this is not factual David. Being arrested and being charged are two different things. Moreover, you have repeatedly failed to answer whether or not justice was done, despite repeatedly talking about the importance of justice jn respect of the police officers who were arrested. Why can’t you see that what happened to George Floyd was a travesty, and not actually justice? There’s video evidence of his airway being choked for eight minutes, whilst he was surrounded by other cops. I ask again, is that right? Is that good, Godly justice in action?

    1. I quote— “It was a routine police call for a run-of-the-mill crime — someone passing a bogus $20 bill at a deli.” The New York Post May 28.2020.

      Your logic for that man must be applied to the policemen who were arrested for their actions. According to your logic they have not committed a crime. You also seem confused as you demand that I comment on the justness of the actions of the police in that incident.

      The police are not dispensers of justice. They only arrest and hold criminals for the courts to dispense justice. You are further confused if you do not think that the riots, protests and looting along with the other criminal activities committed against the police force by democrat politicians is not a travesty.

      Your exaggerated description fails to show any empathy, sympathy or concern for the many policemen who have been ambushed and killed in horrific manners. One today was killed by his own gun. Your support for that man is misguided and wrong. Too many innocent people are being hurt by thugs using that man as an excuse.

      1. You act as though George Floyd had already been convicted and sentenced for allegedly committing a crime – I remind you, as I have mentioned before, he did not receive due process. He was instead killed, needlessly, by a man kneeling on his neck for eight minutes. Even *if* he were guilty of using counterfeit currency, does this in any way shape or form justify what happened to him? You have avoided answering that since our conversations on this topic began.

        Moreover, your conflation of riot with protest is evidence of your own lack of understanding. I do not condone rioting, but there are many peaceful protests taking place as well. You are lumping these protests in as being ‘criminal activities’, which is completely unreasonable.

        You only mention cops being killed as a means to distract from the original subject. I’m not sure whether this is the red herring fallacy at work, or the straw man fallacy. I can just as easily say you have zero empathy for a man being needlessly choked to death by a cop who believed himself to be judge and jury and executioner.

        1. I am not going to discuss this issue with you anymore. You keep going in circles, refuse to acknowledge the man’s criminal activity and try to place sole blame on the cops.

          The mentioning of the policeman killed is not a straw man but used to expose your faulty logic. What you grant that man you refuse to grant to any policeman

          1. I’m not the one using circular reasoning David. You know full well that an accusation is not proof of guilt, yet you have decided George Floyd was definitely guilty. Worse, you have continued to fail to justify, in any way shape or form, how alleged counterfeiting permits murder. Frankly, it is both cowardly and disgusting that you won’t offer even the slightest condemnation of an obviously needless choke hold, on an unarmed man, over a counterfeit note. What’s even worse is that you mention cops being killed to distract from this.

  2. I do not have to offer any condemnation of a choke hold, I am not a person in authority and that is up to the courts to decide. When you have a system in place you let the system handle these matters.

    i won’t be approving anymore comments from you on this topic. Your failure to apply the same things you want from me or your own logic to policemen being murdered for no reasons just shows you cannot discuss this issue properly.

  3. In the end it’s up to you whether you let my comments through, however I’ll be sharing this exchange and my final comment on my own site, to offer a complete perspective.

    I am greatly disappointed that you can repeatedly condemn a man for allegedly counterfeiting currency, calling him a criminal although you are well aware due process was denied to him. The courts did not have the opportunity to decide his fate, not that the death penalty was ever going to be such a sentence, yet a police officer took it upon himself to pin George Floyd to the floor, pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck, until he couldn’t breathe. There is video evidence of this, and video evidence of other cops doing absolutely nothing to prevent what was unfolding, and you cannot bring yourself to speak out, despite repeatedly speaking out about Floyd’s alleged crime, as though that justifies what happened to him.

    Even *if* Floyd were guilty of deliberately using counterfeit currency, what happened to him wasn’t right. You can remain silent on that, and just tells me you are not really interested in justice. You know full well no justice was served to Floyd, and yet you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge that. I have to wonder as to why you apply such double-standard David. I had not had you down as a racist, but your refusal to see what happened to Floyd for what it was (and worse, even defend it in the guise of justice) is deeply troubling. Even worse, you then decided to try and alter the subject by bringing up police deaths, and you lump peaceful protesters in with rioters, when you know full well there is a distinction. That David, is dishonest, and I wasn’t aware dishonesty was a noble Christian virtue.

    1. I posted this last comment because it is typical of the distortion BLM, democrats and other anti government anti Christian people bring to any discussion. They just keep repeating the incident hoping it will change things but all it proves is that they are not interested injustice nor do they know what a crime is.

      They only want their selfish way and refuse to acknowledge that their side is committing crimes as well as crimes against the police. Then they paint every police officer with the same brush displaying no sense of fairness, justice or sense of reality.

      These people do not want to live under the government’s rules, they want to usurp authority and establish their own rules forcing others to live under them. They are just evil and do not have God with them.

      Discussion is impossible as that author doesn’t get it that the police do not administer justice and that justice for that man will only come if the police are tried, fairly, honestly, with justice. God does the condemning I do not.

      Then the author of that post sweeps the deaths of innocent policeman under the rug. He calls it a distraction and refuses to demand justice for them. He is as hypocritical as the bullies of the democrats, BLM and similar organizations are. Then calls me dishonest ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. I totally agree with this. What you address has been a long running double stardard placed on society by the Democrat party. And I know what it is to be bullied. For six long years, I was bullied mercilessly for six long years in high school, and by all races and both sexes. Maybe now, we can address this double standard and put it to right! Thank you so much for addressing an issue that many are afraid to bring up! You are a very strong and brave person for doing so!

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