Two Points To Consider

#1. Do Your Best We have all heard this phrase at one time or another and while at times it can be sage advice as all we can do in certain circumstances is our best, it can also be a very destructive and lazy ideology. These words become sage advice when after giving good instruction … Continue reading Two Points To Consider


Another Update!!

We have added two more pages to We have decided to turn that website into a resource for believers to use and we will be adding more pages as time goes on. We hope to reach 100 in total. If you have some ideas as to what you would like to see … Continue reading Another Update!!

Why Do Non-Christians Think…

...they know the Bible better than believers, can tell believers what scripture they are to follow and think they know the Bible at all. Case in point: DEAR EVERY PERSON ON EARTH CLAIMING TO BE CHRISTIAN: EXACTLY WHAT PART OF MATT. 25:45 DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? What unbelievers do not realize is that our marching … Continue reading Why Do Non-Christians Think…

A Few Comments- 32

#1. Too much God talk-- I’ve felt restless, but I’ve always felt restless and a bit homeless when it comes to church and when it comes to God talk,” he explained. “When I hear too much God talk, I start to feel like (shudders) [it’s] too much religion. I don’t know; it gives me … Continue reading A Few Comments- 32

A Few Comments- 31

#1. Compromise is not of God-- Chi Alpha was reinstated last week as an official student group at California State University, following a compromise over its standards for club leadership. Christians are going about this all wrong and compromising is not the answer. You do not see Jesus compromising his leadership or modify his … Continue reading A Few Comments- 31


#1. Our 4th issue WOMEN & THE CHURCH is NOW available for purchase go to and get your copy today   #2. We have added 2 new pages to &   Check them our please and we hope they are some use to you

It Is Sad To See

I went to a church yesterday in a non-western country and as usual, the service was conducted in an American manner. There was a praise team playing in a contemporary style, and while there is nothing wrong with praise teams per se or contemporary music it is sad to see so many church's who ignore … Continue reading It Is Sad To See

They Were NOT Temples Neolithic Temples of Malta The Mediterranean island of Malta figures in the historical record of Europe due to its association with the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, who fled to Malta from the island of Rhodes in 1530. Yet this small island of 243 square kilometers has a far greater importance in European … Continue reading They Were NOT Temples