God’s Kingdom, God’s Culture

In Matthew 3:1 & 2 John the Baptist starts out his ministry with the words "“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." We are not going to talk about repenting today as we presume most of our readers have already repented and entered into the kingdom of God and it si at that … Continue reading God’s Kingdom, God’s Culture

Doing What is Right

The other day we were able to view the following short film Symbol: Should We Still Fear the Swastika? Films On Demand. Films Media Group, 2010. Web. 22 Dec. 2014. <http://digital.films.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?aid=7967&xtid=44870&gt;. and it depicted the conflict over the swastika symbol embedded in a Roman Catholic Church in St. Cloud Minn.  The we read the following … Continue reading Doing What is Right

Stories to Think About

Archaeology:  All stories taken from- https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/biblehistorydaily/ #1. August 2017: An Eclipse of Biblical Proportions A total solar eclipse (when the moon completely blocks the sun, casting the earth in temporary darkness) will be visible across the United States on August 21, 2017 (see map for visibility). When the solar eclipse works its eerie wonders, shadows will behave … Continue reading Stories to Think About