The Authority of the Bible

The church world has come to the point where they have to make a decision. To believe and accept God's word as true and above all else or to accept  secular world's ideas about the world and how it should be run. Far too many people who claim to follow Christ compromise their beliefs, their … Continue reading The Authority of the Bible


The Continuing Saga

Since the anti-evolutionary article was published e-mails came in with their opposition to the content. One letter turned into a week long discussion and another asked the author to clarify certain points. That clarification was just completed and since it is very long only a link and a short blurb will be posted here: reading The Continuing Saga

Supernatural v. Historical Critical Method

On his blog, Dr. James Tabor has placed a couple articles dealing with the supernatural aspect of history. They can be found here: and here: Now I am not a big fan of Dr. Tabor's as he has done a lot of questionable things recently, including teaming up with S. Jacobovici on numerous projects, … Continue reading Supernatural v. Historical Critical Method

A Rebuttal Has Been Posted

This is a follow-up to the previous post Evolution is not true as the Korea Times has posted a rebuttal to the article I linked to in that post. You can read it here: "I applaud the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) recent decision to remove evolution from Korean textbooks. Finally a government is standing … Continue reading A Rebuttal Has Been Posted

Evolution is NOT True

Recently, the Korean government decided to remove evolution from the public school textbooks. One westerner believer in that theory did not like that decision and posted his comments here: A rebuttal has been submitted and you can find that here: {Simply scroll down till you find the post starting with the words: "The … Continue reading Evolution is NOT True

Equality, Submissiveness & Feminism

It seems that for some women, the only decision a woman can make is the feminist one. In other words, those women who choose to take care of their husbands, who choose to be submissive are not really making a choice but are down trodden, consider subserviant, and 2nd class.  That is not so but … Continue reading Equality, Submissiveness & Feminism

Faith & NT Scholars

Here is a response to a comment made over at NT blog: "theologyarchaeology -- this is exactly the kind of nonsense that drives scholars of ancient history nuts. We don't lump everything together and talk about "the Bible" and "faith" and making choices in this way when we are doing academic study." It seems … Continue reading Faith & NT Scholars

Ancient Literacy

This is part two in the ongoing discussion on ancient literacy.  The article is too long to post here so you can find it at the following location and it is the 4th article from the top titled Ancient Literacy Given the amount of written material that has been uncovered over the years, I … Continue reading Ancient Literacy

Academic freedom

I placed the following comment over at another weblog site: The problem with a majority of educators is that they are focusing on 'academic freedom' not God's word or God's reality. First, we all know that secular universities do not allow true academic freedom. If that were so, evolution woul dnot be the only … Continue reading Academic freedom