Much To Talk About- 42

#1. I hate to break it to the list makers but maybe 2 of those people on the list are actually or were actually famous. One was an anthropologist not an archaeologist even though they place the word archaeologist beside her picture. #16 & #17 are the only ones who could claim to be … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 42



This is a question all people must ask concerning this surge in support for same-sex marriage. This has been a question on my mind for some time and finally the article at the following link has spurred me to write about it. An ex-Southern Baptist church in rural Kentucky will host same-sex wedding ceremonies … Continue reading Why?

The Gay Christian Argument

For those who already accept alternatives to scripture in cases like creation (Gen. 1 &2), Noah's Flood (Gen. 6-9) and other scriptural events it is no stretch for  them to accept the idea that there are Christians who are homosexual. It doesn't bother them to ignore biblical teaching on the subject as they are used … Continue reading The Gay Christian Argument

Men & Women

We all know that some men can be inconsiderate towards women and the following article records some women's point of view on this matter But when it comes to relationship topics men and women rarely see eye to eye and the discussions are not the easiest to endure or participate in. Women do have … Continue reading Men & Women

Putting Holes In Arguments- 2

One of the big mistakes made by evolutionists and big bang theorists is that they use design or how things are to work as evidence for origination.  It just doesn't work. For an example let's look at the car. Its design allows it to run yet no one would seriously consider that the parts of … Continue reading Putting Holes In Arguments- 2

Putting Holes In Arguments

The following link may read like a good argument but it has one major flaw It is an image so I won't copy and paste it here. Most people would think that the anti-flood people may have a point but where the foul up is in using the word 'migration'. Normal migration takes place … Continue reading Putting Holes In Arguments


Jim West is off on another tirade as he thinks he alone gets to say who is or isn't qualified to talk about the bible. He puts up a series of posts on this and the first one is his most ridiculous and mean No discipline in the entire world is subjected to the … Continue reading Qualifications

Irresponsible Preaching

This is a hard topic to broach but it needs to be done. There are times when famous preachers go too far in their motivation of others for important issues. The following is not a personal attack on Franklin Graham but simply using his words as a prime example for this problem. There is such … Continue reading Irresponsible Preaching

Subtle Tricks

Those who accept alternatives to the Bible can be very covert in their writing. A good example of this is found over at the Formerly Fundie website. On the days that I want to walk away, it’s often because of the realization that well, Christians can be really, really mean to each other. The … Continue reading Subtle Tricks