Who Wrote The Bible

Over the years and through many a discussions on spiritual matters with non-believers, the sentence, 'I do not believe a bronze Age book written by a bunch of goat herders' has been spoken in a variety of ways.  All those ways were meant to insult God's divine and Holy book. After awhile it got me … Continue reading Who Wrote The Bible


We Are Not free

In watching a documentary about the false teachers of the prosperity gospel, the makers posted a list of them or their spouses who had died from different ailments or addictions. In that list were also cheap comments or mocking because the supposed healing powers of those false prophets failed their own families or themselves. I … Continue reading We Are Not free

The Location of Mt. Sinai…Etc…

Men and women have been curious, to say the least, over the years concerning the location of Mt. Sinai and many other biblical sites. These are not those sites like Jericho or Bethel which we know the exact location and have visited them daily. Mt. Sinai, and others like the Garden Tomb, Jesus birthplace, are … Continue reading The Location of Mt. Sinai…Etc…

Where Is The God Of Justice?

I took the title for this article from an actual title of a book but it is not the contents of that book I will be addressing. No, it will be the question that author asked: Where is the God of Justice? For some that may be a very good question as they look around … Continue reading Where Is The God Of Justice?

Peace On Earth

The Christmas season is almost upon us once again and this familiar phrase will heard over and over and prayed for again and again.  Many people misunderstand the message brought to the shepherds that day as they like to apply it to the world-weary life everyone is facing. Much of the confusion lies with the … Continue reading Peace On Earth

The Dead Sea Scroll Information

No, this is not going to be a rehash of the story on how they were discovered. I cringe every time I pick up a book on the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) or watch a video  on them as 99% of the time every book, article, video or movie has to tell the discovery story … Continue reading The Dead Sea Scroll Information

Archaeologists’ Attitude

There has been a push of late, helped along with Eric Cline's Boston Globe article on how nonprofessionals (and the non-elite...my jab) are ruining archaeology. You can read his opinion here: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/ideas/articles/2007/09/30/raiders_of_the_faux_ark/ I heartily disagree with Cline and think he is nothing more than a typical whiner.  His attitude is not limited to just him. I finally bought  Craig … Continue reading Archaeologists’ Attitude