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Archaeology Documentaries

This is a good documentary on ancient technology


The following video, if you can get past the alien and other weird thinking, provides evidence for our theory that the pre-flood world civilization constructed the mysterious ancient structures that scientist know nothing about. We also like the lecturer’s challenge of mainstream archaeological thinking


We hope you enjoy them and place your comments below. We would like to create a discussion on these videos and their content.


Science, Archaeology & The Believer

Believers may be swayed by the arguments made by different scientists and archaeologists. They may think that these people are experts in their field, or their experience and education has them knowing more than God but that i snot the case. For the most part, these are people who have left the truth outside the door of their lab or excavation site. Because they do not let God in to help them get to the truth we are often left with bad theories, bad ideas, and completely wrong scenarios. For example the following news story:

Asteroid that barely missed Earth this week could wreak havoc in the not-so-distant future

The asteroid that came “damn close” to slamming into the Earth this week could cause utter devastation several decades down the road, and scientists can’t rule out an eventual collision. The rock, known as 2012 TC4, came within a cosmic hair of our planet just a couple of days ago, slipping by at a distance of just over 27,000 miles, but future safe passes are anything but certain

The scientist just doesn’t know what they are talking about since they have rejected the God of truth and the truth itself from their work. these scenarios should not faze the believer because God has already told us how he will destroy the earth in the future. The secular scientist is only guessing and trying to stay relevant with their doomsday predictions but it doesn’t work. They are not working from the truth but from blinded eyes from the king of deception. The believer should not let themselves be blinded by the credentials these scientists carry but look to God who is above all credentials and see what he has said about what is going to happen to the earth in the end. It is best for the believer to keep their eyes on God so that their faith remains intact and ignore such science fiction stories.

Another problem is with archaeologists who have tried for over 100 years to paint their version of the past. Some have claimed that the Bible is wrong especially when it described Canaan as the land of milk and honey. Well the latest discovery in archaeology has once again upstaged the unbelieving archaeologist and shown the Bible to be correct

The ancient Israelites understood the nutritional, medicinal and religious qualities and uses of honey, according to these words which the Bible attributes to their third and wisest king, Solomon.

Until recently, scientists thought that the mention of honey in the Bible referred most often to a sweet extracted from dates or figs—not from managed hives. However, that view seems to be changing.

Hives uncovered during a dig at the ancient city of Rehov in northern Israel may well be the oldest evidence of honeybee husbandry in the Near East. Dated around 900 BC by archaeologist Amihai Mazar of Hebrew University, the hives could be the oldest in existence–anywhere.

Each of the cylindrical hives measured 2-1/2 feet long and one foot in diameter, and were constructed of unbaked clay and straw.

Each hive had a removable plug at one end, through which the beekeeper could extract the honeycomb, and a small hole for the bees on the other. Stacked in rows three high, the 30 hives discovered could have produced up to one half ton of honey per year, according to the archaeologist’s estimate. And the area in which these hives were discovered may have accommodated another 70 hives…


There is more to the story so you should read it. But remember just because the archaeologist has not uncovered it does not mean it did not take place or did not exist. Al lit means is that the archaeologist has not uncovered any evidence for the event yet or are looking in the wrong places for their information. Also remember that many archaeologists are not believers and have left the God of truth out of their work and some are believers who have done the same thing. But then we do not need evidence if we simply believe God and his word over the so-called experts.


The Temple Treasure Mystery

We are sure you have heard of this story. It is about what happened ot the temple treasure after Titus sacked Jerusalem and destroyed Herod’s temple

if the link doesn’t work don’t worry about it, here is the title and a lot of the content


The menorah was a seven-branched lampstand that was an integral part of the tabernacle built by the Israelites at Mount Sinai. Later, it was presumably incorporated into Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem and finally (either the original or a copy) in Herod’s temple until that temple was destroyed by the Romans AD 70. Scholars and archaeologists have not been able to discover what happened to the menorah after that point. While it is still missing, it is depicted in the Arch of Titus, a Roman monument from the first century. After the death of emperor Titus (about AD 81), his brother, emperor Domitian of Rome constructed a monument commemorating Titus’s military victories during the First Jewish-Roman War (AD 66 – 74). This is the war made famous for the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, leaving only a section of wall standing and its ritual articles removed by the Romans…

…However, while this is how we have grown accustomed to thinking about Roman statues and monuments, small flecks of paint show us that this wasn’t always so. A new technology has revealed that the Arch of Titus was originally painted in bright colors. In fact many, perhaps most of the Roman era monuments, are now believed to have been painted in bright colors.

An article published by Haaretz notes that it was during the research of a study on the statue of Caligula that small flecks of paint were noticed. After the study was completed, Professor Steven Fine of Yeshiva University suggested that they should also test the Arch of Titus. The team first made a 3D rendering of the Menorah panel. This digital reconstruction helped them to see areas of the monument that had broken away and restore them in the rendering. Next, with permission from the Roman Antiquities Authority, they tested the Menorah and found traces of yellow paint…

Biblical Archaeology Review identifies that the team’s results align with the first century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus’s account of the Roman victory parade. In his writings of the war and plunder of the temple, he describes the menorah as being gold. While the paint flecks found are yellow, rather than gold it is likely that the yellow represented the gold of the menorah. The monument also matches his records that the menorah was carried on litters in a parade….

…Josephus tells us that the spoils of war were brought to the Roman Temple of Peace; described as an elaborate building built by emperor Vespasian using funds from the Jewish-Roman war campaigns. It was here that he displayed the spoils of the war. We can guess that the Menorah might have been among the types of things placed in the Roman Temple. However, it is unclear where it may have gone after that.

In a recent article written for Biblical Archaeology Review, the author reminds us that the only other time we have record of anyone seeing the Menorah after it is depicted in the Arch of Titus in AD 81, “is when a second-century rabbi Simeon ben Yohai travels to Rome, where he reportedly sees the Menorah. Where precisely? Presumably in the Roman Temple of Peace.” The temple was burned down around AD 192 and later rebuilt, but there is no further mentions of the Temple Menorah….


I Would Not Go

It was once advertised that McDonald’s uses the most scientific thinking available and the optimum scientific cooking time to make their fries and other foods (I would not be surprised if other fast food franchises followed suit).
That is a distressing thought as most scientist are not chefs and there is no way they would know how to cook food correctly. If I owned a restaurant or look to cook food on my own, I would not and do not go to scientists to cook food correctly.
I go to people who are trained chefs or excellent cooks. They know more about cooking food than any scientist would.
The same goes for creation. I would not and do not go to a scientist, especially those who do not believe in God, to learn about our origins and how all things began. Scientists have no clue about our origins. I go to the one who did the actual creating to learn about where we came from, how it came about and why it was done.
Most scientists do not believe in God so their ideas are deception not fact. I would not go to a scientist for cooking, I certainly would not go to a scientist to understand the Bible and theology.

More Theory Less Fact

More ideas on how the pyramids may have been built as well as how the Egyptians got the blocks to the site


but then this is not new either

Copyright 2006:– that is an important fact to keep in mind when thinking about this topic


Archaeology Documentaries

Just some links to some recent documentaries. We do not necessarily agree with the points of views expressed in these documentaries.






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Jewish Ritual Discovery

We got the news through a newsletter we receive:


A stone container factory dated 2,000 years ago has been excavated by archaeologists in northern Israel. Says the Israel Antiquities Authority: “This discovery provides fascinating evidence of ritual purity in the daily lives of Galilean Jews during the time of Jesus.”

According to the Jerusalem Post newspaper, construction workers building a sports center in the northern Israeli city of Reina uncovered a cave whose purpose was to provide raw material for and to fashion chalkstone vessels used in ancient Jewish households.

Archeologists directed by the Israel Antiquities Authority then discovered thousands of stone cores extricated from vessels formed by lathe in this cave. Besides that, chisel marks on the walls of the cave indicated the stone used to produce these vessels was quarried at this very site.

 you can read more, hopefully, at the following link or go to patterns of evidence to find the story:
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