The Continuing Saga

It seems to be an issue that is not going to go away. the latest round has the Christian Post publishing an article titled "Victim of alleged sexual misconduct asks to be released from NDA with Ravi Zacharias" We made a comment that we felt the newspaper was just milking this topic to get more … Continue reading The Continuing Saga

Archaeological Discovery

Some archaeologists are claiming they have found the dance floor where the step-daughter of King Herod pleased Herod with her dancing and requested the head of John the Baptist. You can read the biblical accounts here and here.  Then the two articles on their discovery can be found at this link and this one.  Keep … Continue reading Archaeological Discovery

God is Not a Murderer

By now you have probably been in a conversation, seen in writing, or been in a discussion where that idea has been mentioned. it is a favorite of unbelievers as in their minds, that idea justifies their decision to reject Jesus as their Savior and God as real. We will only use one example here … Continue reading God is Not a Murderer

We Were in a Discussion 3

There is one more point to make out of that review we asked the unbelieving friend to write. It is at the end where his final words were: In many ways it feels like David has written this book to appeal to people who already believe in his interpretation of the Bible. Of course, our books, this … Continue reading We Were in a Discussion 3