Book Issue Solved

We were able to get the print book options listed. Just click on the words 'click here' on the Books for Sale page if you want to order an e-book or a print book. Or click on those words down below: #1. Archaeology: What You Need to Know— $2.99 & Print $9.99 click here or … Continue reading Book Issue Solved


The Rules & Instructions of the Bible

They apply in times of war and other conflicts. They do not change because the world's situation changes. The key is to get to the truth and understand what God is saying, correctly. Ignore those that say otherwise. You will have to spend time with God and see what he wants you to d oin … Continue reading The Rules & Instructions of the Bible

They Won’t Let It Go- Ravi Zacharias

RZIM has released a report conducted and compiled by Guidepost Solutions into the Ravi Zacharias affair. What good it will do is nothing. It may have some negative impact as people may lose their faith, drop Mr. Zacharias' true teaching or fail to continue to grow in the Lord. The man has been dead for … Continue reading They Won’t Let It Go- Ravi Zacharias

Unrealistic Expectations

When we were in undergrad school, we faced a lot of unrealistic expectations. Part of those expectations were due to our athletic contribution to the varsity volleyball and basketball teams. The other part was from the unwritten hierarchy that we felt was present throughout our school years. Those working for evangelism seemed to have been … Continue reading Unrealistic Expectations

Evangelical Deconstruction

This is a delicate issue to discuss as many Christians have legitimate doubts about Jesus and the Bible. John the Baptist had them as well and he was Jesus' cousin. Christians will have doubts from tie to time as it looks like the unbelieving world is winning the spiritual war. They aren't as God won't … Continue reading Evangelical Deconstruction

What Fellowship

There are many Christian men and women who feel that they can have a good friendship with unbelievers. Some even go as far as saying that the other person can convert if they marry that individual While it has happened on rare occasions, the reverse is true. The believer usually deconverts and heads off into … Continue reading What Fellowship

As Promised to McKinnon Mitchell- 2

Our response Intro- Whatever you gotta tell yourself lol. We are being polite. Unlike some people, we do not trash those who disagree with us. #1. Incorrect. I looked for anyone who had gone to Midwestern Baptist College, and specifically around the same time as Kent (Kent graduated in 1976, Bruce started in 1976). We … Continue reading As Promised to McKinnon Mitchell- 2