Sodom & Gomorrah-revisited

It is a well known fact that I am a vocal opponent of the claim that Tell El-Hamman is Sodom and I will not change that opposition. In a new paper found at:  {second article on that page} I revisited the issue but instead of rehashing old points the focus was on what to … Continue reading Sodom & Gomorrah-revisited


Carthage & Child Sacrifice

This is still a topic of debate today and it exemplifies one of the major problem with using archaeology to determine what took place in the past. With archaeology being vulnerable to the personalities of ancient people we can never be sure if we have the truth about an event or topic such as this … Continue reading Carthage & Child Sacrifice

Other Bloggers & Forums

I have noticed something over the years and it is playing out on all the chat forums and weblogs I have visited. People like to scream for free speech, freedom of expression and they attack those who deny them such outlets. BUT, when they decide to own and run their own forums or weblogs, those … Continue reading Other Bloggers & Forums

Ancient Life in Israel

It seems that Dr. William Dever has written a new book and it focuses on the life of the ordinary people of Israel. It is called, The Lives of Ordinary People in Ancient Israel and it runs for 446 pages. If it is anything like his work Did God Have a Wife?, then we can … Continue reading Ancient Life in Israel

The Talpiot Tombs

Over the past few months a highly chrged debate has taken place about the supposed discovery made by Dr. James Tabor and his partner S. Jacobovici. This discussion has been documented here:  and there is no need to rehash old ground. Suffice it to say that the debate has dwindled down as the press … Continue reading The Talpiot Tombs

Ancient Education

I was sent a link to a C. Rollston article on his website and in that there was another link to an earlier one by the same person entitled Scribal Education in Anceint Israel: The Old Hebrew Epigraphic Evidence. That paper is found here: I worte my opposing opinion and it can be found … Continue reading Ancient Education

When Does A Hebrew Root Mean A Hebrew Word?

I asked this question to one of the top epigraphers over at the asor blog ( and to my chagrine and frustration, all he did was send me to the library and did not answer a simple question with a straight answer. I did not need that response because I know what to do when I … Continue reading When Does A Hebrew Root Mean A Hebrew Word?

False teachers, are there such people today?

 In today’s world it seems that many of the organized church are afraid to offend anyone thus they label and accept just about anyone who claims to be a christian, even though the words they speak are not always sin line with the Bible. Preachers, evangelists, speakers are invited into the pulpit from Sunday to … Continue reading False teachers, are there such people today?

The Geisler-Licona Feud

I have just caught wind of this controversy in the evangelical church and have spent a little time getting up to speed on the issue surrounding this feud. I find 3 main problems, one on Geisler's side and 2 on Licona's, that need to be addressed. Before I get to that I should mention that … Continue reading The Geisler-Licona Feud