Bad Archaeology-1

The title of this article is the same as a website that deals with what the owners of that site deem to be 'bad archaeology'. I am planning on going through their website and draw out some misconceptions and information that needs to be addressed. Believers really need to be educated in as many areas … Continue reading Bad Archaeology-1


Faith Healing & Modern Medicine

The title is a bit misleading as it is hard to word in order to convey the content of this article. The subject matter concerns the over-the-top attacks made against those who practice faith healing and shun modern medicine. Having participated in discussions on faith healing with atheists just after another child had died from … Continue reading Faith Healing & Modern Medicine


Over the past few years we have been treated to a few stories where the United States and other countries have pursued legal convictions against old men who were accused of being Nazi prison guards. The most recent case was the one involving an 89-year-old man, named Demjanjuk.  One comment as to why prosecution for … Continue reading Forgiveness


God has provided an interesting source for some evidence in support of the one world post-flood civilization that tried to construct a tower to heaven. But first let's look at the verse which requires this evidence. Genesis 11:3 tells us: 3 They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used … Continue reading Faith


Many scholars and archaeologists talk about 'pre-history' when talking about the earliest of man's past. Much of the time they do not explain what they mean by that term. Sometimes they do but just in case here is the dictionary's take on the definition (it should be said that I checked several different dictionaries and they … Continue reading Pre-History

The Tower of Babel

Recently, I have watched a few shows on YouTube dealing with underwater archaeology. In this country it is very difficult to access this information via normal channels and a decent expense. Here is an example of the type of show I had to endure, and I say endure because the alien theorists are very difficult … Continue reading The Tower of Babel

Being Small Enough

In viewing some of the singing at the Presidential inauguration I was reminded of a story I had read as a teen. The story was about an earlier president who was having a meeting with his vice-president or high-ranking cabinet member (that person I do not remember, it has been awhile). During the meeting, the … Continue reading Being Small Enough