Where Were You…?

This past year I have read some unbelievers posts depicting their tiredness of being asked this question when it comes to creation. I am tired of their tiredness because this is an important question to ask unbelievers when they trumpet their supposed evidenced for an alternative origin of the universe and life. In Job 38:4 … Continue reading Where Were You…?

Ancient Mariners

As we have seen, the flat earth thought did not originate from the common people, as they had the ancient sailors to set them straight, but rather that thinking came from the secular scientist who should have known better. Many archaeologists and scholars have long derided the idea that ancient sailors traveled more than a … Continue reading Ancient Mariners

Understanding Evolution

James McGrath has a cute graph on his website depicting the supposed problem creationists have with the evolutionary theory. You can see it here, it is the giant red ball http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2013/12/five-awful-reasons-to-teach-creationism-in-schools.html The accusation made by evolutionists towards those who reject their theory is a common one and it is their go to defense when they … Continue reading Understanding Evolution