We Save Who We Can

We are posting this to honor a man who risked his life to save who he could http://nationalpost.com/news/world/johan-van-hulst-dutch-schoolteacher-who-saved-hundreds-of-jewish-children-during-holocaust-dies-at-107 Van Hulst, who was credited with saving more than 600 Jewish babies and children during the Second World War and, in 1972, was named Righteous Among the Nations by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial centre in Jerusalem, … Continue reading We Save Who We Can

In The News 26

#1. Easter Message You will notice that we did not place an Easter message up on our board this week. It is not that we do not honor Christ, his sacrifice or resurrection, we do. One reason why is that everyone is doing it. Of course, we may be exaggerating here as we have not … Continue reading In The News 26

Is It Selfish To Not Want Children 2

We want to address this issue a bit more because we need to turn the question around and address an aspect of the topic ignored by Mr. Piper in his response to the issue. We want to ask the question, are some people being selfish towards God because they want to have a family over … Continue reading Is It Selfish To Not Want Children 2

Is It Selfish To Not Want Children

We came across the following story https://www.christianpost.com/news/is-it-wrong-to-pray-to-not-get-pregnant-if-you-cant-handle-any-more-kids-222085/ the other day and we were not satisfied with the explanation given in that article. There seems to be a little confusion as to how to read God's instructions when it comes to reproduction. There are some issues that enter into the discussion which cloud the the topic … Continue reading Is It Selfish To Not Want Children

The Lord’s Anointed 2

We just want to add a special blurb to the previous article. In that article David's attitude aboout Saul was mentioned. What we need to point out is that David maintained that same spirit and view of Saul even AFTER Saul turned bad. David held onto that attitude even after Saul tried to kill him. … Continue reading The Lord’s Anointed 2