We Save Who We Can

We are posting this to honor a man who risked his life to save who he could


Van Hulst, who was credited with saving more than 600 Jewish babies and children during the Second World War and, in 1972, was named Righteous Among the Nations by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial centre in Jerusalem, died March 22 in Amsterdam. He was 107.

There have been others like him as well. They contributed mightily to the world at a time when the world was united against one man. That time actually has never disappeared as there are many evil men and women in the world today harming God’s human creation. There are plenty of opportunities for Christians to make a healthy contribution to the world by helping those in danger.

Not everyone is called by God to preach, to be a minister or missionary. Some are called to do the hard work of risking their lives to physically rescue those in danger of losing theirs. God will still get the glory if it is done right. People will still come to know Jesus as their savior even if the tract or gospel message is excluded from their activities.

This kind of action is not about awareness but actually doing something about the situation. You may think that this is part of the dreaded Social Gospel but without the Social Gospel, you would not have seeds planted that can be watered, then harvested. There are a lot of scripture verses we could quote here but we do not want to guilt or manipulate anyone into doing something that God may not have called them to do.

We want them to be inspired by those who did this work generations ago. Then we want them to seriously consider what God has said in his word and finally, go in their prayer closets and look to God for leading, help, strength and opportunity. The world needs true Christians to step up and get involved in more than just saying the four spiritual laws, etc.; The world needs Christians to risk their lives for them.

If you need one example of what solitary Christians can do, then read up on Wilberforce He fought against slavery and won. So did many other believers. But the world being like it is, full of evil, slavery did not go away. This means we need more true believers to pick up the fight and carry it on.There are people in danger who need to see that God cares about them.

The only way they see Him and that is if true Christians get involved correctly. God has chosen to use us. Let’s not send that duty back to God but stand up and be counted.

In The News 26

#1. Easter Message

You will notice that we did not place an Easter message up on our board this week. It is not that we do not honor Christ, his sacrifice or resurrection, we do. One reason why is that everyone is doing it. Of course, we may be exaggerating here as we have not checked every single post, blog and news story on the internet. But we also know that churches have Easter services and some people in this country go to extremes to show their faith and spirituality.

Sadly that last group and most people ignore what Jesus taught about being spiritual. He said if you love me keep my commandments. He did not say t do a lot of the practices you read about in the news. Another reason we have not placed an Easter message here is that we have come to the belief that a festival is not what Jesus had in mind when he said- do this in remembrance of me.

Jesus’ death and resurrection celebration was not meant to be something that annoyed the neighbors or allowed false teaching to enter the church. He instituted communion, not a festival and communion is a private affair for believers to renew their faith, gain hope and spiritual strength. It is not a very public celebration violating the rights of those who do not believe.

While it is nice to have a great turkey or ham dinner with family or friends, we need to remember that God’s way is not our way.

#2. Tattoos



It seems that just about anyone will find an excuse to violate scripture in some way. The first article has Meyers thinking of getting one just to make people like us angry. That is doing something for the wrong reason. The second article shows how people will use personal preference and desire to ignore what God has commanded.

We do not see the ban on  tattoos lifted in the NT. We do have the command to keep our bodies, the temple of God pure. This command would continue the ban.1 Corinthians 6:18-20 is very clear and would include tattoos.

Of course, we dont see the value of getting a tattoo or why people think they are so great. Tattoos just sit there making your skin look ugly.

#3. Sanctuary


Tammy Bruce: Poor California — Democrats are turning the state into a major nightmare

It seems that the politicians of California and some of the major liberal thinkers have lost sight of what the term sanctuary means. The original definition of the term meant a place of refuge or safety– It was a place to escape injustice until true justice could be applied to the problem involved.  See Josh. 20 as one reference. Now it seems that the politicians of California and their supporters want the term to mean a place to go to violate the law or to continue to violate the law. This is not right.

No justice is being done here with the modern use of the sanctuary city. What is being done is one group of people using the term to push their personal preference over the law of the land and that is not right.Christians need to be discerning in this issue. The verse that tells us to obey our government does not mean we violate the law and ignore God’s rules in these issues. If the government, the politicians and their supporters are sinning and violating the law then it is up to the Christian to point the way to the truth. Not jump on the bandwagon and support sin.

But this issue is far deeper than we have space to deal with here. There is nothing wrong with protecting people who need real justice, not a subjective human interpretation  of the term. But there is something wrong when believers stand up and support sin. The illegal immigrant must see the error of their ways not be told they have a right to invade another country by bypassing that country’s laws and legal system.

By the way, sanctuary cities are a OT teaching. You cannot cherry pick one OT instruction because you like it and ignore another because it goes against your personal desires.

#4. School Shooting Protesters


More advertisers drop Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show over David Hogg tweet

Being a bully to try to stop supposed bullying is not a smart move. We are not talking about Ms. Ingraham here. We did not find her tweet as claimed by those it targeted. It may not have been the smartest thing to do but it was not bullying. What could be considered bullying and some other terrible acts is the following quote:

When you come against any one of us, whether it be me or anybody else, you’re coming against all of us,” he said on CNN’s New Day on Friday. “They cannot push us around, especially when all we’re trying to do here is save lives.”

We see no life saving in their protesting effort. They target guns only and as some people have pointed out in the various comment sections, these people are ignoring so many issues about the safety of lives. They do not address those teens who text and drive and have injured or killed others; they do not address the knife attacks that have injured or killed many others and on it goes. They are not trying to save lives but use the school shootings for their own personal purposes.

When you have hypocrisy as the foundation of your movement, then you have nothing to say to anyone. We say this because we do see bullying on the part of Hogg and his fellow protestors. Their denial of free speech to those who disagree with them is just one key element that undermines their protest. It also demonstrates their willingness to bully those who dare to stand up against their movement and speak against them. Neither of those last acts are against the law.

The Christian should not be traumatized by school shootings nor should they be ignoring God’s word to look like they are ‘doing something’ to stop the problem. School shootings are sin, they are murder and there are laws already in place to handle these events. We should be the light unto the dark world and make sure that true justice, fairness and mercy are kept throughout the investigation and legal proceedings.

We should also be working to make sure subjective emotion does not usurp or pervert justice and so on. We should also make sure that people like Hogg and his fellow protesters do not violate or remove the rights of those who oppose them. Fairness, justice, freedoms and mercy is a two-way street.

#5. Persecution


Muslim Relatives Douse Christian Convert in Hot Oil After Giving Life to Christ in Uganda

Why are we reading about so many believers being persecuted? Why are there so many instances where believers are being attacked by those who do not believe in God and Jesus?

These two questions may be on the minds of many believers and there is a simple answer to them. Evil is working to remove the light from the world so it can continue to destroy God’s human creation. Remove the light, no one hears the good news or learns about Jesus.

What can be done about this? First, believers should not be afraid. The Bible tells us that love casts out fear. So if we love God we should not be afraid when persecution or death comes. Persecution is nothing to be afraid of and it does not violate our right to practice our Christian beliefs.

Second, we need to pray. Not only to bind evil in these matters but to bring help to those we cannot reach.We also need to pray to see what God wants us to do to properly respond to the problem. Returning good for evil is one step that needs to be taken. Getting wisdom to handle the issue is another

Third, we need to take the right action and get serious about our faith. We need to put down the Christian games, the Christian subjectivity, the Christian interpretation and stop working against God.

Fourth, we need to get prepared for what comes our way and learn how to handle it correctly. No whining, no crying, no whatever. We are soldiers for Christ and we need to grow up and act like it. Even in terrible situations.


These topics are but a few of the events that are in the news today. They remind of us of what Paul said in 2 Tim. 3:13-

 But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

We can only counteract this process by doing what God wants correctly. Remember it is not humans who are our enemies.

Is It Selfish To Not Want Children 2

We want to address this issue a bit more because we need to turn the question around and address an aspect of the topic ignored by Mr. Piper in his response to the issue. We want to ask the question, are some people being selfish towards God because they want to have a family over serving him? This is an important factor in this issue. We ask this question because Mr. Piper ended the article with the idea that God loves big families.

We find that attitude a little unfair as it implies that God does not love those couples who have small families or are incapable of having children. These couples may get the idea that they are inferior to those whose family members reach 19 or 20 and that number just includes the children. His statement is providing a distorted view of God and his love towards those who  follow him.

We must remember that John the Baptist’s father was not deprived of any spiritual success or respect because he and his wife were childless. He was still given the honor of entering the holy of holies even before his wife was impregnated. Being incapable of having children does not deprive anyone of their spiritual status, especially if they are obeying God’s commands correctly.

To impose a standard on humans that God does not impose is wrong and very dangerous. The idea that all couples must reproduce ignores God’s will for the lives of those couples who cannot have children and those couples who have decided to restrict their reproduction so they can serve God better. Mr. Piper also mentioned in the article the following verse

God says that is “not good” that man be alone

But that verse does not refer to having children. It refers directly to having a wife. You will notice that when God said that, he did not bring children into the world at that moment. He brought the man a helpmeet, a wife. Is children part of that command, we are not sure but an argument could be made to support that idea. We side with that it does not.

What brings us to readdress this subject is a Facebook post we saw a few weeks ago. The post was about a young girl who believed in God and who prayed about getting some belt or dress she wanted. She was so excited when she got it at a discount as well. The post then went to a picture of a starving African child who said to God, its okay God I am good. As long as she has her dress or belt…

That is the gist of the post and the meaning is well taken. Some Christians are selfish, superficial and have no idea about the world or what they should be  doing for Christ. We are not talking about guilt laden actions here either. But believers should clearly look at the question that started this article- are some people being selfish towards God because they want to have a family over serving him?

It is a question that deserves serious discussion because there is a world of problems that need the attention of well-trained biblically correct believers. We cannot save everyone or solve every problem but we can make a big dent in the different issues if believers got over their selfishness and personal desires, even having large families, and turned their minds to doing God’s work.

In other words, it does not matter if believers have many children, a few children or no children, God has a place for all couples in his service. A couple who decided to forgo reproduction in  order to serve God better are not breaking any commandments or biblical laws. They are putting God first in their lives and their own desires second. This does not mean that those couples who have children are breaking any of God’s laws or commands either. The world still needs couples to raise children to be the light unto a dark world.

In other words, believers need to stop being distracted by unimportant topics like this. They need to stop hindering the work of the Spirit by imposing their personal views on other believers. They need to stop hurting other Christians by trying to force them into their personal paths in life. If you feel led to have children, fine but that leading is not extended to another couple. God may have other plans for them.

Stop letting evil disrupt the church by letting these foolish issues bring harm to God’s people and work. It is not selfish to not want a lot of children, or to have none at all.Unless selfish reasons do play a role in the decision-making. It is wrong to judge couples because their children decisions do not match up with other believers’ ideas. As long as those decisions are done with sound biblical reasons, no one can stand in judgment of those childless couples.

Their desire to serve God wholly should be commended and supported. They should not be ostracized or made to feel less of a believer. Stop letting evil get an entryway into the church and ruin its ministry for God.


Is It Selfish To Not Want Children

We came across the following story


the other day and we were not satisfied with the explanation given in that article. There seems to be a little confusion as to how to read God’s instructions when it comes to reproduction. There are some issues that enter into the discussion which cloud the the topic and provide too much stress and pressure on couples who think a little differently than otherchurch members

.Theologian John Piper is weighing in on whether or not it is selfish to pray against becoming pregnant due to the stress another child would bring.

One of those issues that cloud this topic is the subjective opinion from others. Their personal desires interfere with their bible reading and tend to let them be more emphatic when it comes to the issue of having children. They tend to think that since they love and want children, everyone should have them and that is not right. This pressure to have children is not biblical.and it causes problems in the individual congregations.

If a couple decides to not have children or have more kids, then it is no one else’s business. Sorry to be blunt but people are not given the right to dictate to other families and demand that their views override the views of the couple making the decision. There selfish reasons of course that couples use to avoid having children and those are usually easy to spot.

But there are legitimate reasons that fuel a couple’s decision to stop reproducing. We will not get into detail on any of those reasons. The following quote gives one of those legitimate reasons:

The mother said she loved her children but did not feel as though she could presently handle any more kids.


To suggest that wanting fewer children might be in keeping with biblical teaching strikes many as contradictory since the Bible explicitly describes them as a “blessing,” he said.

In the creation story in Genesis, God says that is “not good” that man be alone and that he would make a suitable helper for him, that the man would leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and become one flesh, and that they are to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth, Piper explained.

Not wanting children is not violating either biblical teaching contained in that quote. While children are a blessing, there is no command to have children and no instruction that couples must have children. Children are described as a blessing and not as a mandatory action. You will notice that many women mentioned in the Bible were childless. And while they prayed for children God did not punish them for disobeying the second command in that quote above.

Then before we can apply that verse to today’s world, we must make sure it is an instruction that still needs to be fulfilled. At last count, it seems that couples have more than filled this world and have multiplied quite well.

But tension emerges in light of the Apostle Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 7, where he urges men in certain instances to remain single and not get married, which is “astonishing” counsel given God’s words that it is not good for men to be alone.

There is no tension as Mr Piper seems to think. Again, there is no command that every person or couple must have offspring. Paul is not telling people to disobey any biblical command or inistruction. In fact, Paul’s ministry did not suffer because he remained unmarried. God uses single people and childless couples and their work is not hindered because they do not meet the normal christian church requirement to have families.

Notice we said ‘normal christian church requirements’. This means that this idea that all couples must have and want children is not biblical but is more of a human idea than a spiritual one. If you want to appeal to Jesus, you will note that throughout the gospels, Jesus did not make a command compelling anyone to have children. In fact, he stated that if people loved their children more than him, they were not worthy of him.

That verse does not mean that parents are not to love their children, it means that parents stay with Jesus and his ways when their children do not.

The theologian recognized that his answer placed the burden on the mother of trying to know if her heart was in the right place and whether her reasons for not wanting another child are indeed godly

We disagree with Mr. Piper here. It is not solely the woman’s choice in this issue. It is a couple’s issue and it is their decision only. Remember the idea that it is a woman’s body and it is her choice to do with it as she sees fit is not a Christian or biblical teaching. The bible tells us very clearly that the bodies of the husband and wife belong to each other. The wife and the husband do not have control over their own bodies.

Any reproduction decision has to be made by the couple and no one else.This includes the issue of abortion. Of course, the couple can go get advice if they want. It is the couple who  have the responsibility for the child thus it is no one else’s business and they cannot dictate to the couple their own personal wishes. Then to make godly decisions, one must know exactly what the Bible is teaching  and not misuse or mis-apply biblical verses.

God knows your heart. He’s a merciful Father, and He loves children. But our having children is not His highest priority. His highest priority for His children is Christ-exalting faith and Christ-magnifying joy that overflows in meeting the needs of others. That’s His highest priority.”

This is a little general and a little unhelpful. Yes God loves children but he loves adults equally as well. His love granted everyone free choice in certain matters. That free choice includes the decision to have children or not. ‘Again, there is no verse stating that couples are less spiritual, less Christian and less faithful if they do not want to have children or do not want more children. Joseph only had two and he had them after he was freed from prison.

Our advice in this matter is for people to stop hindering the work of the Spirit by forcing their personal views on others. Couples are to take their marching orders from God not their fellow church members. Then let’s stop putting pressure on couples by speaking for God and limiting his love to certain groups:

He loves big families with lots and lots of children — but not for their own sake, but for Christ’s sake.

God also loves little families, the single person and the childless couples. We will not get into the financial burden the quoted attitude brings with it. Couples are free to have as many or as few children as they please. Salvation does not depend on how many children a couple have.

The Lord’s Anointed 2

We just want to add a special blurb to the previous article. In that article David’s attitude aboout Saul was mentioned. What we need to point out is that David maintained that same spirit and view of Saul even AFTER Saul turned bad. David held onto that attitude even after Saul tried to kill him.

Then this attitude of not hurting the Lord’s anointed did not call for blind obedience to Saul. Nor did it mean that David rejected men who wanted to follow and support him. He did not tell those men to follow Saul until he had passed on. David accepted support and followers but maintained that no matter how bad Saul was, he was not to be harmed. This included forbidding the removal of Saul’s employment.

In the case of Mars HIll, people outside of that church had no right to harm Mark Driscoll or call for his unemployment. Even if Mr. Driscoll had turned bad, they still did not have the right to interfere with those called to the ministry. Too often people think that they are in charge of the church and that the pastor is some lowly employee not worthy of anything above restroom cleaning.

This is not right. If Mars Hill people wanted to change pastors, that was up to them.  They were also free to leave the church but at no time were outsiders given the right to harm the Lord’s anointed. Now of course, we can argue about Mr. Driscoll’s spiritual status but that is a discussion for another day. The Bible provides instruction on how to identify false teachers and none of those instructions include personal preference or subjective identification.

Obviously people can be encouraged to leave a church guided and lead by a false teacher but we do draw the line at firing those errant men and women. That would be up to the church to do after some soul-searching and making sure the pastor was truly in error.

We are not the ones who call a pastor to ministry. We need to be careful that we do not tread on God’s domain in this matter. We need to make sure we are truly following God’s instructions before bringing any harm to his anointed stewards of each congregation

The Lord’s Anointed

We like the theme behind the article

Francis Chan Warns Against Criticizing Church Leaders: ‘Be Careful With the Lord’s Anointed’


and we want to agree with Mr. Chan but we find that many church leaders are misguided when it comes to the Bible. We doubt, for the most part, that this misguided nature is wilful. We do agree that people need to be careful when they criticize church leaders because they are attacking God’s anointed people. But this is not something that was invented when the internet and social media came into being. Criticism of church leadership has gone on for centuries prior to the advent of the modern technological age.

Lamenting how social media has given Christians the power to speak openly about spiritual leaders in an interview with Charisma, Chan pointed to the principles highlighted in Psalm 105:12-15 and Ephesians 4 in urging Christians against bashing leadership.

We can point to Mars Hill as a prime example of when this criticism gets out of control. People like Warren Throckmorton were leading the charge for regime change in that church. The problem was Throckmorton and his followers were not members of Mars Hill and had no real connection to that church. We called him on it to his face several times but our words were dismissed. Throckmorton’s criticism boiled down to his telling the people of Mars Hill who they could or could not have as a pastor.

That is wrong and not Throckmorton’s or anyone outside of the church call. But Mr. Chan is right. Critical people do ignore the example of David and think they know better than God who should lead his church. We will join Mr. Chan on this part of his point. We probably would not have had much of a problem with Mr. Throckmorton if he had counseled Mars Hill members to leave the church but we do take issue with almost anyone when they try to rob someone of their God-given employment. Especially when it is none of their business.

Chan, 50, explained that he has intentionally been avoiding social media because the relentless feedback “would kill his soul.”

We will only say here that social media is not where pastors and church media should be getting their feedback. If they have a close relationship with God, they should be looking to him for guidance on how to improve or continue. The last we looked, going to social media was not a biblical instruction.

He said the culture of relentless feedback and criticism in which pastors work today has made it much more difficult for them to lead.

This is not a too difficult situation to overcome.  People need to be properly trained to handle their new soap box and if members are listening to uneducated or unintelligent and uninformed posts then maybe the pastor should grow a little bolder and lay down the law. God is in charge of the church not the people of social media.

Also, church members should be taught about those who do not mind their own business and stick their noses in where it doesn’t belong. They should be taught how to dismiss those who but in where they do not belong.

Chan said he was also concerned that the church wasn’t following God’s command to love one another, noting that members would just greet each other for 30 seconds and mainly hang out in cliques once a week.

“I was like, ‘God, you wanted a church that was known for their love.

This is the misguided part. It seems from those words, that Mr. Chan does not know the real meaning of love and uses that word cheaply. Love does not mean we dispense with all criticism. Just the bad kind. But love is deeper than how most people define the term.  Love still corrects, it still rebukes, it does not exclude one passage of scripture and prioritize another. Nor does it change what scripture says to find support for one’s personal preferences.

Our advice to Mr. Chan and others like him is to find the real meaning of terms then apply them to your life correctly. Quitting a church using such a weak excuse is taking the easy way out. The question that comes to our mind is why didn’t he stay to lead those 5,000 people to the truth and the right way to follow God? This is why we have a difficult time in agreeing with everything he says.

Misguided people, it happens in leadership as well, hurt the church and they hurt their fellow believers. A good leader, granted there are exemptions to this, would not abandon 5,000 people to go his own way. He would stand up like a Christian man and lead everyone the right way regardless of the fallout. A good Christian leader stands with God and lets the people leave if they do not want to follow.

Leadership is not easy, but a good leader does not stray from God or look for cheap excuses to support his decision to leave people in the wilderness. He does what he can to get the people to follow the right way to live and use their spiritual gifts.

We are only using Mr. Chan as an example here as we do not know his full story on why he left his church. We only have his few words in this article.



God’s Rules

I John tells us that if we sin yet say we have no sin then we lie and God is not with us. Rules are not meant to be broken. Especially God’s rules. He loves to see his creation obey his words, instructions and commands. David once wrote, ‘thy words I have hid in my heart so I may not sin against thee’.  Yet we see today so many people forgetting to hide God’s words in their hearts as they pursue church offices. Case in point:

#1. https://www.christianpost.com/news/umc-committee-ordered-rehear-case-against-gay-pastor-unfit-ministry-221800/

The 61-year-old Meredith, who has pastored a “reconciling congregation” at Clifton United Methodist Church as an openly gay man since 2012, came under fire within the denomination after marrying his partner of over 29 years in a UMC church in 2016.

Jesus said, ‘if you love me keep my commandments’ and for some strange reason we cannot find in the Bible any of Jesus commands or instructions where it states that one is obeying God if they practice homosexuality and take the role of a pastor. Now some people may claim  that homosexuality is not sin but that would be a gross error on their part. It is a sin no matter if anyone accepts it as such or not.

Sin does not depend on who accepts or dismisses it. Sin is sin because God declared it to be sin. It is we humans who must stop being arrogant and humbly accept God’s declaration and abide by it. We have no power nor authority to change what God  has already declared to be sin.

Although the regional appeals committee ordered the West Ohio Conference to rehear Meredith’s case, the appeals committee reportedly asked that the case not be reheard until after the special meeting of the global United Methodist Church in February 2019.

This provides the opportunity for the case to be considered moot if the UMC is to revise language on homosexuality in the Book of Discipline, the ABC affiliate reports.

Churches can change their rules all they want. Their rules are mostly of human origin and not worth the paper they are printed on. Churches can change rules that govern their denominations but those rule changes do not make God’s rules moot nor do they change what God declared to be sin. If the UMC changes its stance on homosexuality then instead of one man or a few people sinning, you will have many more joining their ranks. Church rule changes, unless the coincide with God rules, do not alter what is sin.

#2. https://www.christianpost.com/news/navy-floats-idea-of-atheist-chaplains-221739/

If there aren’t atheists in foxholes, why should we put them in the Chaplain Corps? Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) can’t imagine. Like most leaders, he’s astounded that the Navy is even considering letting someone who doesn’t believe in God join the chaplaincy. Three years ago, the idea was so absurd that even Obama’s military attorneys went to court to stop it. Now, with Secretary Jim Mattis at the helm, no one can quite understand why the topic is even up for discussion.

There are a host of verses pointing out why this is wrong. How can anyone be a chaplain, Christian or otherwise, when they do not believe that God even exists. How can you help people when  you have nothing to offer them? Atheists may make an argument that their services could help military members who are atheists but it would be a weak defense.

Atheists have no plan of salvation. They have no power to grant eternal life to anyone? And they have no power to forgive sins. And on it goes. What good would an atheist be in helping others? But the followng quote tells us the enemy’s plan

“The Navy has sufficient authority to create programs for humanist or atheist service members,” the senators write. “The Chaplain Corps is not the appropriate place. The Chaplain Corps serves religious needs, not philosophical preferences. Approving a secular-humanist chaplain would open the door to other applicants representing other philosophical worldviews. Over time, this situation would erode the distinct religious function of the Chaplain Corps.

Destroy the chaplain corps and you destroy many people in the military. These are the attacks on the Christian faith we must be on the look out for and take the appropriate spiritual measures to fight against such strategies. The atheist does not belong in the chaplain’s corps because they do not accept nor follow God’s rules. They do not like God’s standards of right and wrong, etc., and would replace those with their own ideas.

Those ideas would do nothing but harm others.

#3. https://www.christianpost.com/news/7-reasons-churches-dont-grow-221380/

After having co-planted and co-pastored a church for ten years in the Denver area and having preached in churches across the nation, quietly evaluating what makes them work (or not), here is my list of non-scientific reasons why some churches don’t grow.

The bold words are why we included that article in this post. They are not God’s rules. They are rules made by someone who wants churches to be they way he wants them and not God’s way. There are many reasons why churches do not grow. Most of them are spiritual ones and different churches break different spiritual rules. God does not bless sin.

That is the main reason why churches do not grow. it is not because the church has organ music instead of drums and a hip worship team. It is not because they are not organized enough and on it goes. It is because too many churches ignore what Jesus commanded or what God commanded and do things their own way. Doing worship and evangelism is fine but there is more to church life than those two aspects and that is part of the problem.Most churches only focus on those two items and ignore the rest of the biblical instructions.

They ignore God’s rules and then wonder why their church is not growing as it should. Jesus said ‘lift me up and I will draw all men unto me’. That is the start, there are more instructions that need to be followed. Sadly, most people just do not listen to God and follow what the secular world wants or they follow their own ideas or they copy others and on it goes.

God wrote the Bible and both he and Jesus gave out rules to be followed. They did not write their rules because they had nothing better to do. Nor did they write them to have them broken. God punishes the disobedient and rewards the faithful. If we want to make an impact for God and Jesus, then we need to get back to following God’s rules honestly. We need to stop playing games, stop playing church, stop playing follow the leader and turn around and follow God.

We are not talking about legalism here. That is a topic for another day. To be spiritually true, there are rules to follow. We will never be free from rules. Read what Paul said about them. Fighting legalism does not mean we do away with God’s rules or change them. To be spiritual and holy we follow God’s rules correctly. If you want to point to Jesus, he followed his Father’s rules when he was on earth.

Jesus said he was here to do the will of the one who sent him and you never saw him break one of God’s commands or rules. We are not better than Jesus and we must make sure we follow God’s rules properly with fairness, justice and mercy. As well as with wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Having no rules means we are not obeying God.