When God Spoke Greek

That is the title of Timothy Michael law's new book on the Septuagint http://www.timothymichaellaw.com/ This post is not about the book as I have not read it and do not know when or if I will get around to reading it. Instead this post is about two things. First, one has to deal with the … Continue reading When God Spoke Greek

Pet Peeves 2

At least that is the number I think is correct. I do not re-read my old posts so I lose track of which number I am up to. I am taking a sabbatical from my discussion forum http://archiesforum.europefreeforum.com/ as after about 7 years of so I haven't taken a break from posting there. It isn't … Continue reading Pet Peeves 2

Straight Talk

About homosexuality.  It has become the 'in' thing to do these days. One is not with it unless they support the homosexual community and help it achieve its desires. In fact, some people, San Antonio, are going as far as saying humans can't hold public office if they have even spoken against homosexuals or minorities. … Continue reading Straight Talk

Is The Original New Testament Lost?

This is a question posed by Bart Ehrman in a 30 minute video posted over at the debunking christianity website http://debunkingchristianity.blogspot.kr/2013/07/is-original-new-testament-lost-bart-d.html#more Dr. Ehrman's argument depends upon 2 main things: 1. that God i snot part of the replication process and 2. God is incapable of guiding his followers to replicate his word correctly. People like … Continue reading Is The Original New Testament Lost?