God Created His Way

Yesterday we had a comment from a person who has provided more to the Haworth-Roberts saga going on here and in his comment he added a few words that we felt would be a great jumping off spot for this post. He said: Mr. Tee indicates that belief in creation necessary for salvation. He has … Continue reading God Created His Way


A Plug

We do not mind helping other websites out especially when they are very good  and focus on information we may not get to on our two sites. The following is a very thorough and well organized website on biblical archaeology and biblical topics: Bible History Online– http://www.bible-history.com/ Check them out and hopefully you will find … Continue reading A Plug

The Right Explanation

What follows are the main ideas from my most recent sermon.   Introduction:   This past week I was working on my 10th issue of the magazine and I was dealing with the issue of contradictions in the Bible. Many unbelievers claim that God cannot write, that he cannot make up his mind and that … Continue reading The Right Explanation


On http://www.dakotascha.com website. We have added 5 more pages and removed one today. Here are the links to the new additions: http://dakotascba.com/The-Augsberg-Confession.php http://dakotascba.com/Description-Of-Biblical-Books.php http://dakotascba.com/Descriptions-For-Biblical-Books-2.php http://dakotascba.com/Descriptions-of-Biblical-Books-3.php http://dakotascba.com/Descriptions-of-Biblical-Books-4.php we hope you can learn from them and glean out some helpful information. We will be adding more pages in the next week or so

Taking Back God – 2

For our last post this internet session, we will look at a few more quotes from Leora Tanenbaum's book, Taking Back God. Her book, to sum up, basically is telling people to sin against God and that God's rules do not matter. This is the problem with the feminist movement, both  secular and religious. The … Continue reading Taking Back God – 2

Not Paying Your Workers

This problem came up a lot in Korea as many western teachers complained all the time about not receiving their contracted salaries on time. Some went months without receiving any pay at all. It is not a pleasant feeling. Employers should pay their employees a just and fair wage, especially Christian ones. The Christian employer … Continue reading Not Paying Your Workers

It’s Here

OUR 7th ISSUE  IS NOW ONLINE AND READY FOR PURCHASE.  Just click the link and follow instructions http://feedingflock.com/Purchase-Options.php Do not think we are going away, we have 2 more issues completed and ready to go online plus we have almost completed our 10th issue with research done for our 11th. Please pass the word about … Continue reading It’s Here

Why We Left a Cult by Latayne C. Scott

The information that follows comes from the book of the same name by the same author. We simply picked the best information for you and leave it up to you to purchase and read the rest of the book. This is the last in the series and you can read more at the following links; … Continue reading Why We Left a Cult by Latayne C. Scott

How To Recognize A Cult by Johnson C. Phillip

False Cults are very careful to camouflage themselves to resemble normal groups. Often this resemblance is so deceptive that it becomes very difficult to discern or believe that a particular group could be a False Cult. However, truth would dawn only when one is able to penetrate under this veneer of deception respectability.   Christian … Continue reading How To Recognize A Cult by Johnson C. Phillip