God Created His Way

29 Feb

Yesterday we had a comment from a person who has provided more to the Haworth-Roberts saga going on here and in his comment he added a few words that we felt would be a great jumping off spot for this post. He said:

Mr. Tee indicates that belief in creation necessary for salvation. He has also stated that people who believe in speciation may not be Christians. These two points are against what is taught by creation science organizations. I recommend that he examine their literature.

It isn’t really me who said those words first. Christ said, If you do not believe Moses how will you believe my words? (Paraphrase from John 5: 44ff) And this is the key. Those who opt for alternatives are not believing Moses and since Moses was inspired by God, they are in fact not believing God but doubting his word. The question we have asked over and over, not only here but on other websites, and which has never received a good answer, if one at all, needs to be asked again:

Where in the Bible do both God and Jesus give permission to their creation to take what science says over their words?

This is the key for those people who claim to be Christian yet take the words of secular scientists or those scientists who claim to be Christian yet state that Genesis was wrong, over God’s word. They are believing humans over the divine and that is never a smart idea. But they like science for it allows them to ‘investigate’ our origins whereas Genesis does not. The latter gives us the answer concerning where we came from without any work on our part. God reveals what he did but for some people that is not enough, they need an excuse to focus on science even if it causes them to disobey other passages in the Bible.

Then some people get the wrong idea of how God created all things and the following excerpt is just an example as we cannot find an exact quote at this time that we want to use but it will do for our purpose here:

If the temperature of the primal fireball that resulted from the Big Bang
some fifteen to twenty billion years ago, which was the beginning of our universe, had been a
trillionth of a degree colder or hotter, the carbon molecule that is the foundation of all organic life
could never have developed. (Argument from Design, Author and date unknown)

Just change a few words and we get the thoughts of many people who say the same thing about God and his creative work. They say: ‘If God had created one way and not the way he did we would not exist’ as if to say that God was given some task by some higher divine council to prove his godliness and worthiness to be considered God.

This type of thinking is far from the reality of how God created. God had an innumerable number of options to choose from when he created all things. he could have created us to be able to eat hot lava if he wanted to. Creation was not some task where the parameters  were already in existence and God had to meet a challenge to thwart those boundaries. No God created those boundaries and human limitations when he chose which world and set of life forms he wanted to exist.

Why he did so, we do not know but those boundaries and limitations serve his purpose not ours. God was not meeting a challenge but showing what he did for us to marvel at and praise him for. The boundaries and limitations we face are not eternal nor are they greater than God. They are a product of God’s design for this universe.

But does that mean that God created chaos and sin? No though there are many people who look at this present world and its corrupt condition and say that of all the options God had, this was the best world and universe for us. That too is erroneous thinking because the people who come to this conclusion do so without looking at Genesis 1 correctly.

God did not create a corrupt, sinful world. He did not create the mess that we live in. As we read in Genesis 1 God created a beautiful and perfect world that was like a paradise where no sin, crime or corruption existed. God created a better world than the one we now live in. Could he have designed a different universe and earth? of course he could. Would it have been better than the one he originally created? No of course not for that alternative universe and world would have been created as perfect and as good as declared this one to be.

God creates the way he wants to. He is not limited in choice, method, style or boundaries. Could God have used the Big Bang and an evolutionary process? of course he could but that option would not display God as powerful, creative, or as kind as he really is. It would show him to be as weak, unimaginative and murderous as he is accused of being by unbelievers today.

God created in a way that demonstrated his power, his character and his personality to his creation so that they would stand in awe of him and praise him for who he is and not the way some people fashion him to be.

This is why those of us who believe God and Moses say that we doubt the Christian claims of those who reject God and his demonstration and opt for those alternatives that make him worse than the most vile human. Those people want God to be inferior to them instead of having things the right way around, that we are vastly inferior to God. When we demote God we sin and sin is not of God thus we need to repent of those sins for they do tarnish any claim we make about being like Christ. Then if we do not repent of those sins but keep on making false claims about our origins then we are practicing sin and 1 John tells us those that practice sin are not of God.

This is also why those of us who believe God and Moses can doubt the Christian claims of those who reject Genesis 1 and seek after secular alternatives. They are disobeying God’s word to adopt something that God has said never taken place.When one claims to follow and believe God then they need to believe God despite what others say and when one rejects Genesis 1 and Moses then they are not following and believing God but going their own way.

It is not those who accept and believe God and Moses who are in error and need to change or repent of their beliefs; that is something that those who reject those truths need to do.


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