I Would Not Go

It was once advertised that McDonald's uses the most scientific thinking available and the optimum scientific cooking time to make their fries and other foods (I would not be surprised if other fast food franchises followed suit). That is a distressing thought as most scientist are not chefs and there is no way they would … Continue reading I Would Not Go

Scholars Lead the Way To Error

http://www.christianpost.com/news/bible-scholar-claims-apostle-paul-never-said-women-should-remain-silent-in-church-200297/ Scholars overthink issues, they twist scriptures and they do not understand what they are reading. because a woman is allowed to pray, they are allowed to prophecy does not mean that they are allowed to violate other scriptures that God has given in other books of the Bible. The scholar further argues that 1 … Continue reading Scholars Lead the Way To Error

It Is Going Too Far

Christians should not be following the world in these issues. They should be leading the way to exposing this sham http://www.christianpost.com/news/girls-school-head-stops-calling-students-girls-fearful-of-offending-transgender-students-200437/ The head of one of the leading all-girls schools in London said that she will no longer be calling her students "girls," in order to avoid potentially offending pupils who are questioning their gender. … Continue reading It Is Going Too Far

More Theory Less Fact

More ideas on how the pyramids may have been built as well as how the Egyptians got the blocks to the site http://nypost.com/2017/09/24/archaeologists-solve-the-mystery-of-the-great-pyramid/amp/   but then this is not new either https://www.cheops-pyramide.ch/khufu-pyramid/nile-shipping.html Copyright 2006:-- that is an important fact to keep in mind when thinking about this topic

Christians Are Called To Be Holy NOT Perfect

Far too many people think that upon conversion Christians are bestowed with perfection. We see this attitude reflected in the expectations of non-believers and believers in the church. These two groups expect Christians to be perfect all the time and that is just impossible. No one can be perfect while they live in a corrupted … Continue reading Christians Are Called To Be Holy NOT Perfect