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More at Hub 6

2 more articles have been placed at our Hub site. Just use the same link below to access them but be careful, it may take up to 48 hours for them to appear

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More at Hub 5

See the link below to get to our 2 new archaeology articles. One is on 7 biblical significant discoveries

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More at Hub 4

The next article posted at Hub is on abortion. you can find it here
P.S. I have sent a moderator the complaints I have received and am waiting to hear word. For the record I hae tested the links and have experienced no issues. I do it while I am signed out to make sure there is no problem.
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More at Hub 3

We are sorry that some people may have difficulty accessing the Hub Pages website. You need to contact them in order to get any help. It is out of our control. As we stated in one response to someone who is having trouble, we are not going to be posting articles here. Some are old ones from this website like the series on faith healing but we try to do original work for that writing outlet.

With that said, we just posted an article on who are the biblical authors. The bold words are the title of that work. Thank you for your support and please pass the word on to others so they may enjoy our writing as well.

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More at Hub 2

We have added 4 articles on faith healing and modern medicine to our Hub writing outlet. Just use the link below to get to them


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More at HUB

The next two articles are now on Hub at the following link
The topics are the expanding universe and the nature of creation
Check a few posts down to get the link
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New Hub Additions

2 new articles on archaeology have been published at the link below. I hope you enjoy them

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