Knowing God’s Will

I am feeling okay so I decided to post.  This is a topic that stresses so many believers out. What is God's will for my life? Now usually when they ask this question, a believer is worried about finding the right employment or direction for their lives. There are many students in Christian Bible Colleges who … Continue reading Knowing God’s Will


Forgeries & Lies

I am sure you have heard these accusations about the Bible and if not you need to acquaint yourself with the works of Bart Ehrman. He champions the idea that the Bible contains both forgeries and lies within its pages.This is just a brief look at his main thesis of his book Forged. Now it … Continue reading Forgeries & Lies

Taking Your Eyes Off God- 5

I do not think that I will do all the chapters of Bart Ehrman's book Forged because once he outlined his definitions for the words he uses to describe ancient works, all his arguments became repetitive and nonsensical. When you take your eyes off God your own research becomes distorted. You can be led to … Continue reading Taking Your Eyes Off God- 5

Taking Your Eyes Off God- 4

Turning your eyes off God doesn't always happen to those who leave the faith. Sometimes those who are believers take their eyes off God and follow after strategies or ideas that may sound good or have been proven to be successful even though they did not come from God. They are borrowed from the secular … Continue reading Taking Your Eyes Off God- 4

Taking Your Eyes Off God- 3

This may turn into a long series as there are so many examples to choose from plus I may want to provide answers or rebuttals to Bart Ehrman's book Forged. This edition of the series turns to two websites, James McGrath and Rachel Held Evans for the next examples. #1. Pseudoscholarship-- #1. Scholarship involves the … Continue reading Taking Your Eyes Off God- 3

Taking Your Eyes Off God-2

I have also started reading Bart Ehrman's book Forged and I have pointed out in other posts where scholars go astray in their faith. Bart Ehrman is no different he let his eyes get off God and onto humans or human thinking  and no spends his time attacking the God and Bible he once loved. … Continue reading Taking Your Eyes Off God-2

Taking Your Eyes Off God

Yesterday I went into Seoul and picked up a couple of books to fill my time.  One of the works I purchased was a biography on William Wilberforce. I was hoping to read more about his involvement in ending the slave trade but as I was reading the introduction what I got was such a cheerleading style … Continue reading Taking Your Eyes Off God

Ms. Evans ‘Discussion’ On Christian Homosexuality

Before I get to the main points of her blog post I wanted to point out one of the comments made by one of her participants; #1. I love the invitation to non-affirming, straight Christians to start a movement of celibacy in solidarity with their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. I don't see this one … Continue reading Ms. Evans ‘Discussion’ On Christian Homosexuality

Just Archaeology-3

I am probably going to make this a triple-header day as there is just so much to discuss and I would like to take tomorrow off and go into the city for some books. The article in question for this episode of Just Archaeology is found here: Now I do not get to study at … Continue reading Just Archaeology-3