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A Word To Vegetarians/Vegans

We will use the word vegetarian here to include vegans and all other non-meat eaters.

Everyone knows you think your diet is superior to a meat-eating one; everyone knows you judge meat eaters and insult them; everyone knows you are rude to your hosts when you bring your own food to a dinner party  hosted by meat eaters. We have heard the vegetarian argument ad nauseam.

But there are a few points you need to consider which we hope will change your attitude. Yes, your attitude is terrible when it comes to your diet. First, when God gave the Israelites their divinely commanded diet he did not ban all meat products or animals. He allowed the Israelites to eat different kinds of beef and fish along with some other animals.

God told Peter in a vision about going to the Gentiles- ‘do not call unclean what I have cleansed’ This directive can also be applied to one’s food intake. What God has approved no one can call wrong, unclean or inferior.

Second, Jesus ate Kosher. This means that Jesus ate meat according to the laws set down for the Israelites by his father in heaven. We read about this in the Bible. Too often vegetarians think that they are greater than both God and Jesus and that they know better than them.  They think they can make a better diet than the one Jesus ate or God instituted. They can’t. It is not sin to eat meat nor is it less healthy as the Bible does not teach that one diet is greater than the other or that eating a certain way will extend their lives.

Third, When the Israelites were on their Exodus, they got tired of eating certain foods and complained . God fed them meat. He did not send a bunch of vegetable vendors to provide food for the wandering people instead he sent birds. If God had commanded that the Israelites could not eat meat, why would he help them sin by sending them meat?

Fourth, Vegetarians forget that God rejected Cain’s meatless offering.  Meat is a prime ingredient in making offerings to God for only meat contains the blood needed to meat God’s requirements for forgiveness of sins and other sacrifices.God never allowed for a vegetable substitute. The priests were allowed by God to eat part of the meat sacrificed to him. If God wanted his people to be meatless then he would not have provided that permission. If God approves of meat then no human can declare meat to be wrong or unhealthy.

Then to address a couple of our introductory remarks. The Bible tells us to eat what is placed in front of us. But we are not going to be strict here because there are a lot of foods placed in front of us that we just cannot get down or keep down. The point of this is that vegetarians need to learn that their diet is not divinely commanded and they will not sin if they break it. It is okay to eat meat and then go back on your diet when you are in your own home, etc. Since a vegetarian diet is not biblically commanded one is not disobeying God when they break it. There is no divine consequence if a vegetarian has to eat a little meat to be polite to their hosts.

Vegetarians are not greater than meat eaters. Nor are they perfect so stop breaking the command  ‘do not judge’. It is not a sin to eat meat nor does eating meat make a person inferior to vegetarians. The verses in the Bible talking about humbleness apply to vegetarians and how they view their diet.

Finally, get over yourselves. You are free to not eat meat if you so choose but you are not free to make other people go meatless. You have free choice as to what you will eat and how you will construct your diet so do meat eaters. You do not have the right to force your dietary rules upon others. nor make their decisions for them. Other people get to freely choose what they will eat. If you are going to be a zealot about your diet then stay away from meat eaters. There is no divine command to convert people to a vegetarian diet. If you sit at a table with meat eaters then keep your mouth closed about your diet and just enjoy the other person’s company and have a good discussion on anything else.

Vegetarians die from the same corruption, diseases and other causes of death just like meat eaters. Their diet does not extend their life nor protects them from dying. No matter what you eat, death comes eventually so chill out and take it down a few notches because you are not being biblical when you give your diet divine status or make it superior to the teaching of the bible.


Birthday Break +

After this post we are going to take a few days to celebrate a birthday. We will return later in the week.

But here are a couple of short points before we go:


Liberals and unbelievers are the ones who want to keep their fellow-man locked in their sins.It is not a hate crime to try to free someone from their sinful imprisonment.


Sorry but we like the Johnson Amendment as we do not believe pastors should be telling anyone how to or who to vote for. Pastors need to lead their people to doing politics God’s way not trying to influence an election.

#3.  and

And you wonder why God destroyed the world with a global flood? And why he is going to destroy the world when this life is over?  God hates sin and it is not going to make it into heaven. Live holy lives so the world will see a difference and want what God has to offer.


The secular world does not care. The church needs to.


Ancient Medicine

There is a new article out on ancient medical practices over at BAS

The following is the best line of the article:

Similar in some ways to the modern spa

If you study the ancient world a lot then you will realize how similar it was to the modern world. The archaeologist and scholars who try to make the ancient world out to be vastly different from the modern world are only fooling themselves and those who believe them.Yes ancient people invoked gods to help them but then so do many modern religious groups outside of the Christian world.

The attempt to make the ancient practitioners out to be hocus pocus witchdoctor types is erroneous as we know that there were solid medical practices in the medical field long before history came to the modern age. The modern world has witchdoctor types and many quacks who peddle any type of cure in order to make a buck. the ancient world would be no different

By examining the bone regrowth around the surgical hole in the skull, scientists are able to determine how long the patient survived after undergoing the procedure. Some patients died immediately, some lived only a few weeks, but others seem to have healed completely.

Just like today.


Compassion Needs Flexibility

The following quote comes from The Attributes of God by A. W. Tozer page 70.

After the first world war the United States with its big heart gave vast sums of money to the dislocated orphans of Europe, but they didn’t have enough to meet the need. In one of the places where they were taking in orphans, a man came in, very thin, with large unnaturally bright eyes, thin cheeks and thin arms, leading a little girl. She also showed signs of malnutrition– eyes too large and bright, her little abdomen distended and her thin little legs and arms too small and too thin for her age.

This man led her in and said to the person in charge, ‘I would like you to take in my little girl.’ And they asked him if she was his daughter. ‘Yes’ he said.

‘We;;’ they said, ‘ we are awfully sorry but our rule here is that only full orphans can receive any help. If one of the parents is living then we can’t take responsibility because we just do not have enough. There are too many full orphans for us to take a half orphan.

And he looked down at his little girl and she looked up at him questioningly with big, too bright eyes and then he turned and said, ‘Well you know I can’t work. I’m sick. I’ve been abused. I have been in prison. I’ve been half-starved and now I am old and I can’t work. I can barely stagger around. But I brought her down for you to take care of her’

And they said, ‘We’re sorry, but there is nothing we can do.’ He said, ‘You mean if I were dead, you’d take care of my little girl and feed her and she could live and have clothing and a home?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ Then he reached down and pulled her skinny little body up to himself and hugged her hard and kissed her. Then he put her hand in the hand of the man at the desk and said, ‘I’ll arrange that,’ and walked out of the room and committed suicide.’

How much of a difference in that man’s life if the man at the orphanage simply said, ‘we cannot help you but let me put you in touch with someone who can.’ We need to be ready to help those who do not meet the rules and one simple act can change people’s lives. The church needs to be flexible in giving its aid to those in need.

The church may need to change its priorities in order to better help those who need it. Or spend less on its buildings or programs in order to meet the challenge that comes with dealing with those who are destitute. There will always be those who take advantage of open arms but that comes with the territory and the church just needs to be wise in handling the problems that come their way


Why We Need Biblically Educated Laymen

This article follows our Why We Need Biblically Educated Women which we placed here and in our magazine. By biblically educated we mean laymen and women who are trained in the truth and know how to correctly use the Bible.

#1. Their faith is important:

It is the same first point as in the women’s article as no pastor wants to see any of their laymen fall for false doctrine and be led away from the truth to destruction.

#2. They need to lead their families correctly:

The family depends upon the husband and father not only to provide for their physical needs but for their spiritual needs as well. Biblically correct patriarchs who lead their families well not only preserves and protects them but also strengthens the church by providing sound members who know how to look to God and his provision.

#3. They can help keep church leadership on the straight & narrow path (as well as the truth):

Biblically educated laymen can be great support for the church staff, not only praying for them but helping to keep them from straying from the truth. They can biblically draw the church’s leadership to potential errors or mis-steps by providing wise counsel and other words of wisdom.

#4. They can help keep justice, fairness etc., in the church:

If someone in the church or leadership is not handling problems correctly, their influence can bring the proceedings back to God’s way so that correct results, repentance, restoration is achieved and the church is kept free from dissension

#5. They can be the spiritual doctors and nurses church leadership, missionaries and evangelists need:

This is very important as many times when pastors, evangelists or missionaries err or if they are battered spiritually, they have no place to turn to for help. Too often they are ruined by their congregations or fellow christians, as the church has been known to kill its wounded. Biblically educated laymen can provide the necessary support and spiritual guidance to keep these church workers spiritually healthy or return them to spiritual health.

These spiritual doctors and nurses may not get the press or the fame but their role in keeping the church prominent workers in God’s kingdom is vital. It is also as spiritual as the work those church workers perform.  Without these spiritual doctors and nurses the church would be hurting for members as there would be no spiritually healthy church workers to minister to the congregation or bring in new members.

All parts of the body are important to have a healthy, functioning church that is pleasing to God.


Death & Dying

We got an early morning phone call today informing us one of our good friends had died suddenly. Most people do not know what to say  when a friend or relative suffers a loss, we are no different. We offer the following to help our friends and others in their time of mourning.

Corrie Ten Boom,,, wrote of her experiences in a now classic book The Hiding Place. In it she recalls a particular time in her childhood when she was nearly overcome by a fear of death and being separated from her loved ones. Her father comforted her with these loving and kind words:

Corrie, he began gently, when you and I go to Amsterdam when do I give you the ticket?…

Why just before we get on the train.

Exactly. And our wise father in heaven knows when we are going to need things. Don’t run ahead of him… When the time comes that some of us will have to die you will look in your heart and find the strength you need

There is an old saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed and James and Nerissa have been our friend when we have been in need many times over the past year. We are deeply grateful for their contribution to our lives. Yet when good people die, someone always asks where was Jesus so he could prevent the deaths of such good people?  There are two answers to that question

#1. Jesus cannot alter or change the rules that his father set up to govern this life. It is appointed unto man to die once and we cannot escape from that rule till the rapture happens. Lazarus, The Shumanite woman’s son, Dorca, and others raised from the dead, all died again. They were not given an exemption to God’s rules. WE all have to face death.

#2. When I was younger I counseled many times at bible camps and one particular camp at the fireside time I would stretch out my arms wide and would get about 6-7 children gathered under each arm.  They were comforted.  When we suffer loss, Jesus is there with his arms open wide waiting for those in mourning to come into them and be comforted. We cannot experience Jesus’ comfort if we do not suffer loss. So instead of blaming Jesus for a death, run into his arms and experience the comfort he brings that no human can do.

Jesus is there when we need him, take him up on his offer of open arms.


Follow Me

We are going to look at 2 different passages that seem to be taken out of context but are not really as they partner together quite well. First we look at John 21: 19

19 Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would glorify God. Then he said to him, “Follow me!”

These words are echoed in Mark 1:17 and 2:24 when Jesus was calling his disciples along with being repeated in verse 22 of John 21:

22 Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.”

People may try to restrict the usage of these words to Peter and the rest of the disciples but the actually apply to all those whom God created.  Jesus is calling everyone to follow him, not the best explanation, not private interpretation, not denominational ideologies but to follow him in all aspects of our lives. Whether it be our spiritual lives or our daily living we must follow Jesus in all aspects of life from the good times to emotional crimes to tragedies we must follow Jesus and his ways.

Jesus does not leave room for alternatives to be considered. He is to be followed and how do we know what to do, well our second passage of scripture 1 Tim. 3:14-15 gives us the right direction to learn where we find Jesus’ way to follow:

14 I am writing these things to you, hoping to come to you before long; 15 but [k]in case I am delayed, I write so that you will know how [l]one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth.

These words of Paul may seem to be restricted to the instructions in 1 Timothy 3, and they do apply to those words, but they also direct our minds to see that those words apply to the rest of the Bible as well. The Bible was written so that we would know how to please God, what instructions and commands we are to follow and what we need to believe in order to live the Christian life correctly.  We need to know how to conduct ourselves in our lives thus the Bible was written so that we would know what we are to do.

This is one of the failures in the Progressive Christianity movement. They and other alternatives keep changing the word of God to fit their beliefs thus they no longer follow God’s words but their own. They do not follow Jesus but recreate Christianity to fit their ideological ideas. We cannot follow Jesus if we alter his words and you must remember that all of the Bible are God’s and Jesus’ words, not just the red letters.

All of the Bible was written so that we would have God’s instructions to follow not some subjective human ideas and those instructions as we said earlier cover all aspects of human life from the good times, to highly charged emotional crimes to tragedies. There are no exceptions so if you are unclear as to what those instructions are we suggest you get back to reading the Bible honestly, asking the HS to get you to the truth so that you know how to conduct yourselves, even in the area of raising your children.

We go for the truth, nothing else will do and Jesus promised that we would know the truth so there are no excuses if one opts for an interpretation or best explanation. If we want to live the Christian life correctly, then we follow God’s word as written and do not substitute those parts we do not like but learn from the HS how those difficult parts show God in action demonstrating his holiness and justness.

Follow Jesus in science, history and so many other areas of life as well as your private lives and you can’t go wrong

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