Rights vs. Right & Wrong

Over the past few decades, there have been groups of people demanding their rights. They came to the knowledge that they have rights because many countries, not just America, provide rights in their constitutions. Some are called the Bill of Rights, while others call their bills of rights, Human Rights Acts. They are not all … Continue reading Rights vs. Right & Wrong


Many in the Secular World Have Lost Their Minds

There have been a couple of news stories lately that have made just about every sane person scratch their heads. It defies belief that grown people can think in these ways. Minnesota Democrat argues for menstrual products in boys' bathrooms: 'Not all who menstruate are female' The bill's sponsor, Rep. Sandra Feist, Democratic-Farmer-Labor, argued in … Continue reading Many in the Secular World Have Lost Their Minds

The Same Old Story…

Just a different day. When you read different websites owned and whose content is written by unbelievers, you will notice many things. One is that no matter how many times you tell them and explain the truth to them, the same unbelievers write the same arguments, in the same way, and ignore keywords or sentences … Continue reading The Same Old Story…

It Is Not a New Concept

These days you hear many people talking about gender and the myriad of genders that exist. One website has put the number of genders at 80. This is a far cry from the 2 that were originally created. Of course, science and the Bible have told everyone that there are only 2 genders- male and … Continue reading It Is Not a New Concept

Why Sell To Someone

Who is anti-woman? Many people complain about patriarchy and claim it is bad for women. They have spent untold millions trying to elevate women to positions they are not to hold all to defeat patriarchy. They say this godly hierarchy is anathema to women and life in general. There are more than a few thousand … Continue reading Why Sell To Someone

Science Can’t Find the Answers

When you read that title you may think otherwise. But we are not talking about the answers that fall into the scope or realm that science can investigate. We are talking about the big answers that fall outside of the scope of science and what it is allowed to investigate. It is well known that … Continue reading Science Can’t Find the Answers

The End of Right & Wrong

This is not a fearmongering title. It is more of a conclusion drawn from the different articles and discussions we have read and had with unbelievers. They may not admit to it but that is exactly what their content is saying. In that content, they make wild false accusations against Christians. Those false accusations leveled … Continue reading The End of Right & Wrong

Obey God Correctly

Part of the reason we are writing this article is because of an article at the Christian Post- 'Most Evangelical churches don't let women serve as senior pastors but allow them to lead'. Another part is what Jesus said about his mission. "In the Apostle Paul's letters, he gives instructions to churches regarding these specific … Continue reading Obey God Correctly

When Atheists Complain

They often do. When we were debating atheists, the key to their argument was based on their demand for evidence. They complain that Christians do not provide a lot of evidence for their claims. Their mantra is extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. It is the same tired old complaint made by BG in his article … Continue reading When Atheists Complain

Black & White 2

This article pertains to how believers see themselves and God. Too often people will say they are Lutheran Christians, others will say that they are Liberal Christians, and still, more will say they are evangelical, orthodox, conservative, and so on. But as we read the Bible we do not see these divisions in the body … Continue reading Black & White 2