Perversion: There has to be a standard

When other people place misinformation on the internet for the world to see, we feel we need to speak out against that misleading information. Since there are millions of unbelieve=ing websites and blogs we have to narrow down our sources to get to this misleading material and counter it. To the chagrin of 2 blog … Continue reading Perversion: There has to be a standard


Secular Science Doesn’t Know

We are going through the book Genome by Matt Ridley and we have found something of interest in a few pages. Do not worry we are not going to go through the entire book and write about each page here. But what we are about to write about is important for believers to know. #1. … Continue reading Secular Science Doesn’t Know

What The Internet Has Done

Over the many years we have been reading this blog, we have seen one thing that unbelievers and Christians have in common. Many uneducated and unknowing people from both groups have created blogs and write like they are an authority. It is a phenomenon that can get very annoying and troublesome as these people spread … Continue reading What The Internet Has Done

The Genome is not…

We have been re-reading Matt Ridley's book Genome as we have always found genetics, when explained correctly, fascinating. We have been pointing out a lot of flaws of science recently but there is one or two things science can do whether they are a believer or not. If conducted correctly, science can tell how something … Continue reading The Genome is not…

Should Science Be Governed By Morals

This was the question we asked a search engine to see what articles would be placed on the results page. We were disappointed as the algorithms ignored the word 'governed' and gave us a wide array of results that had nothing to do with the question. Over the years we have participated in a lot … Continue reading Should Science Be Governed By Morals

Be Ye NOT Unequally Yoked

Over the past few days or so, we have written on different topics concerning evolution, etc. There are many people who claim to be Christian yet hold to some form of the evolutionary theory. This is not right. If you claim to be a Christian then you should stand with God and his words. You … Continue reading Be Ye NOT Unequally Yoked

Sometimes We Think They Are Trying to Bait Us

We do scan the publications at two websites we rarely link to anymore. We just like to see what they are saying just in case there is a misleading topic or distortion that needs to be corrected. Sometimes we get the impression, those two website owners merely publish certain topics just to bait us into … Continue reading Sometimes We Think They Are Trying to Bait Us

If Science Doesn’t Prove it…

then it didn't happen. That is the current mantra in the scientific realm. This mantra is applied in many different scientific fields of research, including archaeology, medical science, and even regular scientific work. We will look at a quote and point out some of the fallacies of this type of thinking: Good science-based medicine should … Continue reading If Science Doesn’t Prove it…

There is Absolutely NO Physical Evidence for Evolution

Despite what you have heard, that title is the truth. Often Christians get caught up with a person's education, experience, and even the label Christian. They do not look beyond those factors to see if they are being told the truth or not. In many cases, Christians fail to apply the bible verses talking about … Continue reading There is Absolutely NO Physical Evidence for Evolution

A Name You Should Know

We have read Marvin L Kubenow's book Bones of Contention. For the most part, we liked what we read.  He proves evolution cannot be true from a scientific point of view. On page 150 of this book, Mr. Lubenow mentions a renowned 19th-century scientist, Rudolf Virchow, that opposed evolution and identification of the Neanderthal. Here … Continue reading A Name You Should Know