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Hit & Miss

The first anniversary of a friend’s or relative’s death is a big thing in this country. We have two to attend over the next week and a bit. That means we may not be here regularly.  We will try to post when we can.

Thank you for reading our blog and hopefully you will continue to do so

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Posted Just In Case

We are not going to comment on the articles. We are just posting in case some of our readers have not heard of these news articles. We hope the first one is a true account and we agree with the second one:




back in the 70s there was an inerrancy battle in the SBC, we wonder if like minded people are trying again to undermine the SBC and its bible believing members

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Special Announcement 2

It is very hard for me to think of Korea these days now that I have left the country. I spent almost a quarter of my life in that country. I had many good friends, wonderful students and a great learning experience.

It was there that I spent about 10+ years reading 30-35 books a year just to get caught up in what was happening in archaeology, history, science, genetics and even astronomy. I was also able to complete 3 degrees (40 F, -30 F & 72 F 😊) while teaching English.

I did a lot of travel, going to some unique and well-traveled tourist spots and a myriad of weird isolated spots most people do not go to, even Koreans did not go to them. But I enjoyed living in the country so much that I wanted to see as much of it as I could.

Then, when I had some spare time I was able to write 3 books to help believers in their faith and to grow stronger in Christ. As I was walking with my lovely wife tonight, the thought that I had the books came to my mind. I hope it is from God as we did not check.

I had forgotten about those books because they do not sell very well. Academics is not many people’s cup of tea. But as I thought about the Special Announcement that I had put on this web page I was worried that people would think the Bible Institute was a scam and not real.

It is real. We have filed the SEC paperwork this past week and have secured a temporary building. We have also seen a more permanent building that would fit some of our needs. But that may be a while down the road.

I am not a person that likes to ask people for money, especially when it is a straight donation for something in another country. BUT I do like to see people get something for their money so that they are happy and not feel like they were taken or being asked to donate to one more good cause.

If they buy a copy of one of the books, I feel good that they are getting something for their money. I can pledge a percentage will go to the school and its needs. I haven’t decided yet what that percentage would be, but it would be capped at 50%.

We do not care if anyone thinks that this is a gimmick to sell books. It isn’t. It is using available resources to help the school be self-sufficient and get a good financial foundation without the issues that come from straight donations.

That is one reason behind our thinking of opening a bookstore. If generous westerners donate more than enough books, we can open a book store and continue to build on that strong financial foundation. Buying the available books, mentioned below, is one way to contribute to the school’s success prior to our establishing bank, pay pal and skrill accounts.

I have an opportunity to give to these students, pastors and church leaders everything God has taught me over the years I spent in Korea. I would like to see it succeed as I approach my later years in life.

The three books are written under my pen name Dr. David Tee. I had enemies in Korea and had to protect my identity at times. When I didn’t I suffered greatly even  to the point where unbelievers were trying to get me thrown out of the country.

The titles are:

Archaeology and the Unwary Believer

Much to Talk About Vol 1

Much to Talk About Vol 2

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and I hope that if you cannot do it, that you would pass this request on to those who can.

Dr. David T.

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One Correction

we have changed the e-mail address for contact information. It is now  Hopefully, you will make a note of it and use it in the near future

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Our notice is coming soon

We are just waiting to get it properly written. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday

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Just a Notice

We are coming to the close of our 6th year of teaching here on this website. In the next week or so, we will have an announcement to make.

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3 Friends & 1 Mother-in-law

It has been a rough 12+ months. This past Sunday, we received a late night phone call informing us that a good friend of ours was close to death. We spent most of the night at the hospital and did not go home until he had passed away. We needed to be there for the family.

What makes this all more significant is that he was the last of our three original friends we met when we moved to this country and town. He also shared my birthday. So it has been extra hard. Over the past 12+ months we have lost 3 friends and one mother-in-law.

This is why we have not continued our why we study history series. We will get back to it in a few days.

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