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Two Articles

One we liked and one we didn’t. We will go with the one we liked first.

#1. Academic Papers

The joke was played on academic journals, but the politically-correct corruption of higher learning is no laughing matter.

Twenty years ago, mathematician Alan Sokal set out to prove that postmodernism in academia was “fashionable nonsense.” So, he wrote a gibberish paper combining post-structuralist lingo with physics terms, and submitted it to the journal, “Social Text.” Not only was his deliberate drivel accepted, but over 1,500 papers have cited it as source material.

As you know we do not like scientific or academic papers. They are more about unnecessary things than finding any real problem or solution. We find them a waste of time on the part of the researcher and those who actually take the time to read them. The article is a great read and provides a lot of reasons why we cannot trust the academic world.

We never liked the peer review process either. It is far too easy to manipulate and get support for wrong ideas.

Whole swathes of higher learning are captive to left-wing ideology. Schools and journals are run as searches for oppression and power dynamics instead of truth. But this whole saga reveals more than the nakedness of the academic emperor. It also reveals how ripe the moment is for Christians to offer the education world an alternative.

We would like to see honest, valid, legitimate, Christian alternatives but we do not trust the Christian world that much either. Too many academics or professional archaeologists follow the secular academic rules and not God’s rules. We know some of these people. There are a lot of Christians who do not want the truth either and use their platforms to preach their alternatives.

My point is, we’ve done this sort of thing before. Let’s do it again. With mainstream academic journals going to the dogs, now’s not the time for Christians to lose our educational souls to fashionable nonsense. Now’s the time to recommit to truth.

We would contribute legitimate papers to such a venture if certain conditions were met.  We like the truth.

#2. We do not need theatrics in the Church

Pastor David Platt recently visited the border between North and South Korea, praying for persecuted believers outside a demolished church and inside a secret tunnel.

Platt, who leads McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C. and serves as president of the International Mission Board, a position from which he has said he will be resigning from, posted several video clips on Thursday of him praying for Christians in the world’s most oppressive regime.

In one video posted online at the Demilitarized Zone on the Korean Peninsula, Platt revealed that he was standing outside a church building that was destroyed by Communists, leading to “all kinds of torturing and killing” happening inside

The Bible does not say use theatrics for prayer. It tells us to go into our closets and pray. Why does God tell us to go in to private quarters to pray? One reason is that our prayers will be honest and not influenced by outside factors, like theatrics. observer’s opinions and more. God wants honest prayers, not those that only fuel emotion or makes one feel good.

We tried to watch that video as we wanted to see this church. We have been to basically every point on the DMZ where tourists are allowed to go and we did not see that structure he is standing by. We know of another church that was used for the purposes he stated but it is outside the DMZ and very few people visit it. But the point is, if we are burdened for people, any group of people or an individual, we need to follow biblical instruction.

You will notice that Jesus went away from the group to pray. He found secluded spots to talk to his father. We should not let emotion or popular ideas influence our praying habits.

When Japan was ruling here, and the pastor of this church refused to participate in shrine worship, the pastor was martyred.

In the video, he said communists. The Japanese were never communists.

Right behind me is a picture of faithful saints who in the last century worshiped Christ here and paid for it with their lives. It’s a reminder of church buildings like this all across North Korea,” he said, noting that all have been destroyed, or converted to be used for other purposes.

This is normal in atheistic countries and a lot of non-atheistic countries. There was an article recently asking the question why was Kim Jong-il afraid of Christianity? We didn’t get a chance to read it but the answer is, if he let Christianity be worshipped, he would no longer be seen as the Supreme leader of North Korea. The people would see the truth and he would not only lose face but he would lose all power and control over his people.

Let’s leave the theatrics to Hollywood and the church practice true Christianity through obedience to God’s instructions.


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The Archaeology of Sodom 7

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A note of explanation


We went private for a brief period of time so we could finish the paper The Archaeology of Sodom. We have put it back to public to post the finished product. We will do several posts for easier reading and organization. We are still in the midst of thinking about our options but will leave the site public for now.

Let us know what you think of the series on Sodom in our comment section

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An Update

While we are working on the upcoming article, we are also considering the future of this website. we would like to make a few changes and are considering our options at the moment.

We will keep you updated over the next little while. In the meantime, if you are someone who does content work, or know someone who does and they are in need of content, we have lots of content for sale at under the name David Thiessen. They are all individually priced and are works we never received payment for. We have over $2000 worth of lost work sitting on our hands. The content is on a variety of topics and can be easily updated for 2018.

Also our 3 books, Archaeology & the Unwary Believer; Much to Talk About Vol. 1 & 2 are still on sale as is our electronic version of our Korean English curriculum. For the Korean work the cost is $10 and once we receive payment we will send out the curriculum to the email address given to us. Please use the Skrill address listed in the gift page for payment. The three other books can be found at and are priced accordingly.


Thank you

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A few traveling days

we will be gone for a few days but hopefully we will be back on track Monday.  We are still working on one more piece for here and some research is still left to be done

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A Sad Time

We just got word that our dad died yesterday. Since we live in the Philippines news doesn’t always get to us right away. Due to lack of funds and a legal procedure it is doubtful that we can attend the funeral.


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Hit & Miss

The first anniversary of a friend’s or relative’s death is a big thing in this country. We have two to attend over the next week and a bit. That means we may not be here regularly.  We will try to post when we can.

Thank you for reading our blog and hopefully you will continue to do so

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