The Bible Records Actual History- 2

In this part, we will look at another Bible scholar's article  published at HuffPost called The Bible Isn’t The History You Think It Is by Dr. Joel M. Hoffman Some stories in the Bible were meant to be history, others fiction. But modernity has obscured the original distinction between the two kinds of biblical writing, … Continue reading The Bible Records Actual History- 2

How We Are Treated- 2

Before we get started on showing you the latest article written against us, we thought we would share this link with you. Underneath the photos in fairly large letters are the words 'Former evangelical Pastor' We are certainly not happy to see this sign or post. Evil is laughing all the way to the bank … Continue reading How We Are Treated- 2

Our Project is Done

Our New Certificate Course Announcing our new certificate course called The Church & __. This program is a simple series of 7 lessons and lots of assignments. Its purpose is to help believers strengthen their faith without going to a lot of expense to do so. Plus, it helps believers see the role of the … Continue reading Our Project is Done