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A Brief Interruption

In our posting materials from our sister website:

One reason why video/computer games are so popular

These games suspend all standards of right and wrong, good and evil, and morality and immorality.  They all allow the player to anything they want without having to worry about God and his standards.

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Ongoing Project

We are not back but will be transferring some content from a sister website to here. We want to preserve some info on this website as it is easier to maintain.


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We No Longer Feel Qualified

to continue posting here on different topics.

we will leave the material up but do not expect any more posts. The lack of support is one reason that leads to our decision that we are no longer qualified

if anything changes we will let you know

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We Have Decided To

cancel the last installment of this series. We just do not have the time to deal with it at present.

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Vacation Time

We will be taking our break from posting for the next 2-3 weeks. We will leave you with a link to our photo essay from our now defunked magazine

Issue #2 2016 — Photo Essay
Just copy and past the address into your search browser if the link does not work.
Thank you for reading our work and remember we have needs and if you can help please visit our gift page
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We Will Be Gone

for a few days. Posts may start up again next Monday

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We Apologize

for the look of our previous post but we tried to fix it three times to no avail. There are some websites that just do not like having their work copied and pasted and no matter what we do, the result is as you have seen. Please take your time reading that post making sure you get it all.

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