Purity Culture: What Do We Teach

There are a lot of people writing about Purity Culture and how 'harmful' it is. In some cases, what is actually taught in this culture can be harmful. There are many people with different ideas talking about having their church's teens remain sexually pure. Different people with different ideas can get confusing especially when a … Continue reading Purity Culture: What Do We Teach


Is The Purity Culture Bad

Today, we are going to go through the content of Dr. Michael Brown's article called What’s so bad about encouraging female modesty? We will stick to addressing the content only. We are not sure why Protestia does not like this man and every time we ask, no one tells us anything. However, sometimes he has … Continue reading Is The Purity Culture Bad

Is Peter Really Behind Mark’s Gospel?

This is the question that Dr. Fred Baltz asked in an article published in the Patterns of Evidence Newsletter. It is a good question in the sense people do want to know who actually wrote the different gospels. While we would answer this question in the positive, we would also ask another one. Does it … Continue reading Is Peter Really Behind Mark’s Gospel?

A Word of Advice

Having aministry in the technological age can be a bit daunting.Not only are there many different rules to obey, the people who own those websites may not agree with your point of view. The end result is that you get banned or blocked from posting on those sites. We certainly have and one of thelessons … Continue reading A Word of Advice

Our Ravi Zacharias Articles

We did not realize that we started writing about this controversy so long ago. Then we realized that we did not always place Mr. Zacharias' name in the titles. So to help those who are struggling over this issue or those who want to hear the other side of the story, we are placing the … Continue reading Our Ravi Zacharias Articles