Superlative Sunday 2

To continue harvesting from Rachel held Evans website, I go to the following link: #1. A Good Woman-- That’s because, too often, we focus on the Proverbs 31 Woman’s  roles as a way of reducing womanhood to marriage, motherhood, and domesticity, when really, this passage is about character that transcends both gender and circumstance.  … Continue reading Superlative Sunday 2

Superlative Sunday

Rachel Held Evans has posted another edition of her weekly series and in turn it provides me with volumes of material to discuss. Today there will be only two of her year's best that will be addressed here. #1. Gender Equality-- Again?-- We are a volunteer community of women and men advocating for the inclusion … Continue reading Superlative Sunday

Representing God

It stands to reason that anyone who claims to be a follower of God would actually represent Him and his words correctly. After all that is what the word represent actually means to act or speak officially for (someone or something) to bring clearly before the mind ( Which then makes one wonder why someone … Continue reading Representing God