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31 Dec

I have been sitting on this article for a while now thinking about it and wondering how I should proceed. To be truthful I do not want to hurt her or her faith but in reality she has some very misguided thoughts concerning homosexuality and the church. I will grant her that some pastors and church members are not biblically on target with their views but their correction just takes time, patience and the truth.

#1. May I make two requests? Love me, but remember that you cannot be more merciful than God. It isn’t mercy to affirm same-sex acts as good. Don’t compromise truth; help me to live in harmony with it.

I like this part of her article  and she does define her idea of love later on which I also do not have a problem with but her second paragraph makes me wonder if she was truly homosexual or just experimenting with it to see where her interests lie.

#2. I wish you knew that just because I didn’t choose this orientation, it doesn’t follow that I was “born this way” or that “God created me gay.” While genetics influences these traits, there is not a fixed predetermination.

Most of the complete point is good but it is here that I have a problem. Genetics plays no role in sexual preference no matter how hard the homosexual community and secular scientists try to make it so. The genetic make-up of our bodies has to do with the care of our physical form and does not influence our thinking, desires or pursuits of activities.

Sexual preference remains outside the realm of science and its desire to make people not responsible for their decision-making. How we think, feel and act are totally separate from our genes designed duties and we are responsible for what we think, do and say.

#3. I wish you knew a better way to help me honor my body by living in accord with the Creator’s design. I was born this way: female. God did create me a woman. Please don’t fall into the gnostic dualism that divides my spiritual life from the life I now live in my body. Christ became incarnate; my very body is now part of His body, the temple of the Holy Spirit

I am really not sure what she means by this point though it contains some misguided points of view. I know of no Christian pastor who would invoke a ‘gnostic dualism’ to teach about the body and our use of them. I wish she would provide scripture to support her idea that her body is now part of Christ’s body to see where she gets that thought for without it we cannot see if she is in line with biblical teaching or being fed a lot of false teaching.

#4. I wish you knew that you aren’t helping me follow Jesus either by demanding that my attractions change or by not allowing them to change. No one can promise me that my attractions will change. Jesus certainly didn’t. But don’t deny me that possibility either. (Especially if I’m an adolescent!) Both secular science and human experience attest to sexual fluidity and the potential for change.

No people shouldn’t demand that others change BUT that doesn’t mean that Jesus didn’t promise that your attractions will change when in fact Paul taught us that the redemptive work of Christ turns people into new creatures and old things have passed away (2 Cor. 5:17). So yes, you are promised that your attractions will change because being born again means you no longer want or desire sinful things and same-sex attraction is part of the old creature thus that attraction will go away and your attractions have changed.

Please do not appeal to secular science to make your point. that field of research is deceived and blind thus it cannot attest to spiritual work. Homosexuals need to learn what the Bible actually teaches before proclaiming what they want others to think about them. Sexual desire is corrupted by Adam’s fall just like everything else and we must remember that to move toward homosexual tendencies means we are listening to deceptive teaching and temptation to sin against God.

We need to learn and teach the truth about same-sex attraction so we know how to deal with it biblically.

#5. I wish you knew a better way to define “change.” Over many years, my experience of same-sex attraction went from being a continual fire to an occasional flicker. A man who still experiences same-sex attraction but is happily married to a woman, where he saw no possibility of a heterosexual relationship before, has indeed changed.

This idea depends upon the author’s definition of change. Does she mean just a change of attitude or a real born again change where the person is turned into a new creature and is made new? We do have a better way to define change, it is called repenting from one’s sins and casting them off as the Bible says. Or it is a simple refusing to bow to sinful temptation and resisting the devil. The Bible says ‘resist the devil and he will flee from you.’ So sometimes it sis not change that is needed but real spiritual warfare where one refuses to back down to evil.

#6. I wish you knew that I should be credited with the same moral agency and responsibility as everyone else in the Christian community. If unmarried heterosexuals are called to celibacy and are presumed in Christ to have the power to live out His commands, then so should I be. To treat me according to a different standard is to lower my dignity before God. I too am called to be holy.

The problem here is, how is she speaking? Is she speaking as a heterosexual married woman or as a single homosexual  one? It isn’t clear but if she is still identifying as a homosexual then she has not changed and she denies the redemptive work of Christ. There is just no such thing as a homosexual christian.

#7. I wish you knew that God teaches more about homosexual conduct than “Don’t.” He does teach that, but the truth about the body, sex, and the design and telos of creation reveals so much more.

As the pastors of my youth used to say– chapter and verse please. the author of that piece needs to present these scriptures in context and how they apply to homosexuality above and beyond the words, it is an abomination.The NT does not contradict the OT and what was sin in the Old is still sin in the new so that author needs to come up with some real scripture to back her point up or it is worthless.

#8. I wish you knew that it honors neither God, nor me, to apologize for His plan or design. I appreciate empathy for the pain my misdirected longings may cause, but God is not arbitrarily withholding something good from me. He is showing me what leads to life and human flourishing and is keeping me from that which will harm me. “Let love be without dissimulation.” Love me and tell me the truth.

The question is, does she really want the truth?  Although I agree with some of what she says here, she really hasn’t presented anything concrete to go on as she fails to really define where her sexuality stands. Is she a homosexual married to an opposite sex mate or is she a new creature who was redeemed by Christ from the chains of sin and now lives as a new creature with her homosexuality something that is now forever gone from her life?

The title of her article suggests the former which means she is still a homosexual who is trying to be different without the aid of Christ. It tells us that she hasn’t been truly redeemed but still possesses the old creature with the old desires and attractions, which means she still has a lot of work to do before she is free from her sinful past.

There is nothing in that article which demonstrates her new freedom in Christ. It seems that she still wants to be known and treated as if she remained a homosexual. This is the misguided thinking that so many people do have. They do not fully understand the teachings of Christianity and they simply adopt a new identity because they said a few words in a prayer at the prompting of a believer and told they have received salvation.

They do not grasp the complexity of what the Christian faith entails and how Christ actually works.There is a complete change.

The answer to this misguided thinking is for the church to slow down and teach its people correctly so that they understand the faith fully and know what they are talking about when they approach others to win them to the lord. Jesus didn’t send his disciples out on their own until they were well versed in his teachings and understood what they were proclaiming.

Jesus didn’t want a weak, unknowing group of people as his followers who did not know what they were doing when it was their turn to teach others about his faith.It was in Luke 10 that we read about Jesus sending his disciples out on their own, probably a full year or two after he called them to be his disciples. They were taught, knowledgeable, and prepared beforehand not the opposite.

We need to get rid of misguided thinking and make sure all members of the church know and understand the teachings of the faith.

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