Superlative Sunday

30 Dec

Rachel Held Evans has posted another edition of her weekly series and in turn it provides me with volumes of material to discuss. Today there will be only two of her year’s best that will be addressed here.

#1. Gender Equality– Again?

We are a volunteer community of women and men advocating for the inclusion of women in leadership in the Christian church and for mutuality in marriage. We believe that when interpreted correctly, the Bible teaches that both men and women are called to serve at all levels of the Church, and that leadership should be based primarily on gifting and not on gender

This is from their about page and when I read this and perused their website i decided to send them a question. I asked, by what verifiable authority do they have the right to change God’s word to fit their selfish and sinful desires?  I am awaiting an answer but am not sure if they will respond or not, as they like so many others who want to alter the biblical text, they have no spiritual authority from God to change his word.

All they have is their own personal preference and their dislike for a male-led church, as if the latter was a sinful action to take. We know that patriarchy is not a sinful style of leadership because God ordained it and has kept it in use for thousands of years. Now those who take leadership in the patriarchal set-up can be sinful and abuse their privilege of leadership but those individuals do not make patriarchy wrong or inferior to alternative styles of leadership.

All this about statement does is make public a self-confession by the participants, that they willfully sin against God and will proudly lead others astray from the truth and God himself. Do not women know that even being a dutiful housewife is serving alongside her husband in ministry? Their contribution relieves a lot of stress and other work from their husbands so he can concentrate on other duties God wants him to perform. Their work allows him blocks of prayer time which enables him to be strong in the faith and lead God’s people.

Their mission statement deepens their sin and shows how far from God they have traveled. For some reason these people think they know better than God on how to run his church. Instead of being humble and submissive to God’s word, they allow themselves to become proud, arrogant and rebellious.

I forget which article I found it in but the people of that website made the comment that Paul used a word only once and that lone  usage disqualified its definition and translation. That is a very misguided way to think for even I use words I have spoken many times only once and their usage is in line with their proper and intended definition. We can say the same for Paul’s use of certain words. he may have only used them once but he intended their meaning and purpose thus women being silent or not having authority over men is not an error or a mistranslation but God’s message to his church via Paul.

{I found the article: }

People will attack other legitimate translational work simply because they do not like what the translators have done in their obedience to God. Junia are such people. We only need to point to God’s unchanging law about male priests and Jesus’ lack of reform in his time to show that the people of Junia is in total error on the topic.

There is more at work here than translation efforts where we draw our conclusions. If God did not institute female religious leadership in the beginning and no one changed that rule through thousands of years then it stands to reason we have it right and women need to refrain from having authority over a man and learn to be silent where God wants them to be silent.

Junia’s mission has no historical support and no biblical support either.

There is no evidence in the text that he was writing to establish a permanent restriction on all women for all time

I like it when groups like this make these type of statements and by the word ‘like’ I am being non-serious, sarcastic etc., as in their drive to get their selfish, sinful, false way into the church, they leave the church without guidance, instruction and rudderless.  If their point was accurate, it still doesn’t make their alternative the right action to take, it does not make their point of view correct nor from God. What it does do is require more scripture from God to instruct his people on what to do. If God says something different to the modern church than he did to the ancient one then he would become a hypocrite and sinful.

He would be telling the ancient church one thing and the modern one another bringing confusion to the church not light to them and the world. How sad Junia people are as they seek to hurt the church not enhance it for God’s glory. This group of people are misguided and confused at best. We can only hope they have not crossed the point of no return and are able to repent of their sinful ways before it is too late.

#2. Breastfeeding

So you’ve decided to breastfeed. Fantastic! Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to nourish your baby while establishing early bonding. Unfortunately, breast milk comes out of breasts so there are a few ground rules that we need to cover.

As you know, (female) modesty is a highly protected value in modern society. Unless you’re a magazine cover model or in a music video, exposing your female udder flesh is entirely inappropriate. Science has proven that breasts are basically large vaginas. Only you and your partner should ever see them. Just because your breast-ginas are full of milk, doesn’t mean you get to wave them around.

“I don’t expose much when I breastfeed.” This is a common excuse made by exhibitionist mothers. Just knowing that your nipples may become visible at any time is offensive and a temptation to married or newly engaged men

I am a man so take my words as they are presented– words to guide your actions and attitude on this subject. It is true that breastfeeding is normal, natural part of life and that it is a healthy way to nurse your baby. More mothers should take up this practice but they need to do so with the proper biblical spirit.

Being a natural act of motherhood does not mean breastfeeding is meant for public display or that it is a spectator sport. I will not degrade the act by making bad comparisons to other natural acts but point out one view that is missing from the debate– respect.  The Bible teaches that when we get married our bodies do not belong to ourselves any more. They belong to our mates and we need to be respectful of that ownership.

The woman’s body is not solely hers to do as she pleases and she needs to realize this fact. Her husband needs to realize this fact about his body as well and each partner needs to respect their mate’s feelings on different issues and behavior. This issue of breastfeeding is not a feminist one but a marriage one and the wife needs to respect her husband and how he views her public display of her natural functions. Now many men may say that they do not care what his wife does in this issue but deep down many are not liking her public demonstrations.

The wife needs to remember that her body is for her husband only. It is not for all the men on the street even if it is a natural act of life. She needs to take care to not share it with strangers. Of course, the same thing can be said to men as well. Their bodies are for their wives not for all the women on the street so cover up when doing chores or athletic activities. Respect each other.

Then the mother needs to respect her children. How would they feel if they saw their mother exposing herself in public even for a natural act? How would the baby feel to be the object of public viewing when it feeds? A lot of parents do not consider their child’s well-being in their haste to ‘be natural’ and that lack of respect can come back years later to haunt the parents.

You see women, it is not just about you and your body. There are others to consider when making these type of decisions. Your actions do affect how they view you, life and may influence their later actions. We are not to lead people to sin and even a natural act like breastfeeding can either plant the seeds of sin or push them to act on their sinful thoughts.

Being spiritual and biblical in a simple act like breastfeeding goes a long ways in aiding the christian life. We do not follow the world’s attitudes or actions about the issue but seek to follow God’s way. In this way we provide the world a better alternative for them to consider. Unfortunately, the church is usually following the world to sinful actions instead of leading the way to the right behavior for all people.

In asking women to breastfeed in private is not demeaning, making them second class or slaves, etc., it is just a better way to handle natural duties that are a very beautiful time shared between mother and child.

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