A Few Comments- 22

#1. Your Cake And Eating It Too-- http://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-evolution-anthropological-evidence-who-was-adam-148337/ Rana: The position we espouse in Who Was Adam? is called Old Earth Creationism. We think that the days in Genesis 1 are long, finite periods of time. Because of this view, we accept the scientific dates for the Earth's age and life's antiquity. But we are … Continue reading A Few Comments- 22


A Few Comments- 21

#1. Wishful Thinking-- http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/10/fundamentalism-is-a-lack-of-self-awareness.html W]e all have a hermeneutic. The only question is whether you are consciously vs.unconsciously using a hermeneutic. Fundamentalists are interpreting the text unconsciously. Fundamentalists are interpreting the text right and left, they are justunaware that they are doing so… When your hermeneutic is operating unconsciously it causes you to say things like “this is the … Continue reading A Few Comments- 21

A Few Comments- 20

#1. The Think They Found Her-- http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-general/archaeologists-say-they-have-found-bones-mona-lisa-cannot-extract-dna-003976 Archaeologists say they have found the bones of Mona Lisa, but cannot extract DNA A team of researchers seeking to unveil the true identity of the mysterious model who sat for Leonardo da Vinci’s world renowned painting, The Mona Lisa, say they have found bones of the woman … Continue reading A Few Comments- 20

A Few Comments- 19

We will be gone for a week or so which explains our rash of activity here #1.Why Limit Science To Natural Causes? And Who Said It First?-- http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnfarrell/2014/06/15/why-limit-science-to-natural-causes-and-who-said-it-first/ Braterman thinks it is unwise and counterproductive for scientists to maintain too strong a devotion to MN as an a priori principal. “Our faith in the regularity … Continue reading A Few Comments- 19

A Few Comments- 18

We have a few moments today so here is the latest on what the scholars have said. #1. He Has Lost It-- https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/churches-and-the-thirst-and-hunger-for-publicity-an-observation/ Churches giving big tips to pizza delivery drivers is the modern version of Simon Magus asking to buy the Spirit. It has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with … Continue reading A Few Comments- 18

Featured Article #2

Issue #2- Oct. 2015 Einstein Was Wrong “Albert Einstein discovered that time is not immutable. Strong gravitational fields– for example,the strong gravitational field of a neutron star– slow down the pace of time. Clocks in the strong gravitational field near a neutron star’s surface tick much slowly than do clocks far away.” (pg. 58, The … Continue reading Featured Article #2

Featured Article #1

For this year we are placing 3 featured articles, one from each of the first three issues, on this website in hopes that you both learn from our work and be encouraged to purchase our magazine as well as tell others about our work.  Thank you in advance This post's featured article is from our … Continue reading Featured Article #1

We Are On Facebook

We have decided to place a page on Facebook to maximize our exposure. We hope it will help. Just go to Facebook and type in the following Feeding Flock-- we will be the one with the Davao City-Paju address. If you have questions or comments you can use that page or the e-mail addresses found at … Continue reading We Are On Facebook