Freelance Writing Service

One way to make use of our writing talent, is to purchase our time. We are available for content & academic writing assignments and we handle all sorts of topics from history to archaeology to religious studies and even pets, etc.

One subject we do not accept work for is the adult themed topics that include porn, erotica and so on. Our rates are quite affordable and we look to get 0.02 US cents per word, no matter how long the article is. Our minimum word count is 500 words per topic.

You can use our skrill and pay pal accounts, listed below, to send us a deposit and final payment. We will negotiate the details when you contact us. Contacting us is not hard. You can use this website and we moderate each comment so your comments will not be seen by anyone but us.

Or you can write us at

We have 3 books for sale over at Amazon. You can see their links in the book section below. Also, another way to purchase our material is to go to Hub Pages, at the link in the articles section, and click on our articles and the ads that come up on the individual pages.

We thank you for your support


Much To Talk About, Vol. 1–

Much To Talk About, Vol. 2– 

Archaeology & The Unwary Believer– 


You can also support us by clicking on our articles and clicking the ads at the following location

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pay pal:




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