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A Word About Liberals

In their hurry to protest immigration policies Liberals and others seem to have forgotten that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigrants follow the rules, the illegal ones try to find some way around following the rules. But the Liberals have been altering God’s standards of right and wrong, morality and immorality, good and evil for so long they have lost sight of what is actually right, wrong, good, evil moral and immoral. Their opposition to deporting those who have skirted the rules also show that they have no respect for those immigrants who have successfully obeyed the regulations governing their move from their home country to America.

Why have rules if some of the American people toss them our for whatever reason they have? It is not fair to make some people follow the rules and others get a free pass, it is also not just.  Now mercy can be applied to this issue, that is not the problem but mercy needs to be wielded wisely so that those who do follow all the rules do not get resentful or end up not caring about any other rule and so on. Mercy is not a blanket policy. Forgiveness can be applied here but only if the illegal immigrants are truly sorry for their violating the rules of the land they entered but forgiveness does not necessarily mean they will not be deported for their crime.

Love can also be applicable but love is not blind nor does it avoid discipline for violators of the rules. Spare the rod spoil the child, love disciplines correctly even immigrants. The Liberals need to learn that they must uphold the laws of their land if they want a safe and secure society. They cannot change the rules just to because they want to or because someone has stayed so long in the country and had a family. The rules must be applied equally to all and they must remember all those who obeyed the laws when the successfully immigrated. To do otherwise is wrong.


Birthday Break +

After this post we are going to take a few days to celebrate a birthday. We will return later in the week.

But here are a couple of short points before we go:


Liberals and unbelievers are the ones who want to keep their fellow-man locked in their sins.It is not a hate crime to try to free someone from their sinful imprisonment.


Sorry but we like the Johnson Amendment as we do not believe pastors should be telling anyone how to or who to vote for. Pastors need to lead their people to doing politics God’s way not trying to influence an election.

#3.  and

And you wonder why God destroyed the world with a global flood? And why he is going to destroy the world when this life is over?  God hates sin and it is not going to make it into heaven. Live holy lives so the world will see a difference and want what God has to offer.


The secular world does not care. The church needs to.


This Point Is Good

But we conservative believers hardly have a monopoly on hypocrisy. To the contrary, the Bible-quoting hypocrisy of the liberal left is far more galling than our conservative Christian hypocrisy. We, for our part, truly believe the Bible to be God’s Word and seek to live by it (even though failingly so at times), whereas the liberal left often despises the authority of Scripture except for a few select passages that it misuses for its purposes.

This has come into glaring clarity in light of the president’s executive order concerning refugees. Suddenly, Hollywood elites and their liberal colleagues are quoting the same book that they openly mock, especially when it comes to moral and spiritual standards.

They can’t have it both ways.
But the hypocrisy has gotten worse after President Trump’s executive order putting a temporary halt on incoming refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries. These one-time Bible-mockers are now quoting the words of the Torah in the Old Testament — yes, those supposedly antiquated, misogynist, bigoted words — reminding us of Israel’s calling to care for the refugee and the foreigner in their midst.

More galling still is the liberal left’s quotation of Torah law pertaining to care for the refugee while ignoring the Torah’s strict moral code, which universally forbade homosexual practice and adultery under penalty of death.

And the next time conservative Christians do the same, don’t yell back at us, “Separation of church and state!”

But then who has ever accused the left of being honest when it comes to the Bible?


We Have Been Silent

on the refugee issue.  This is a difficult problem because no matter how one decides to think and act, there will be emotional responses from either side of the issue.We know what Trump did

While thousands of protesters across the nation have rallied together to voice their disapproval of Trump’s order that halts the United States’ entire refugee resettlement program for 120 days, Lentz says it’s the church’s job to look after refugees, not the government’s.

and we have no problem with his executive order because every government gets to set the rules on who can enter their country. Germany cannot do it for America and America cannot do it for France, and so on.  Trump is the elected official who gets to rewrite the rules for America and if people do not like his rules, they are free to spend their own money and run for president of that country then change those rules.

We do not necessarily agree that the refugee problem is a church problem

“It’s the government’s job to create laws to protect our country. We do need reforms, we do need things to change, but it’s the church’s job to love,” he continued. “It’s the church’s job to not see where you’re from, to not see the color of your skin, to not see what you have in your possession — to love you simply for the fact that we have been loved.”

because churches do not have the authority to say who can enter a given country’s borders. That authority is the sole domain of the government, they are the ones given the power to oversee a nation.The church also does not have the resources to vet each refugee. Using the word love to bully others into doing what you want is not the correct way to use scripture. Nor is it the correct Christian attitude.

Believers and churches must seek God on how to respond to this issue and if it means letting Trump pace a stay on resettling refugees while new rules are being written then so be it.  If it means sending financial and other aid to an organization to help these people endure their trial then so be it, each believer and church must follow what God wants them to do. The government in power has the right and the authority to deal with the refugee problem, the church has the right and authority to meet needs but meeting those needs cannot usurp the authority of the government.

There are ways to help refugees without attacking or disobeying the government and remain blameless in this issue.The church must stay within the biblical instructions boundaries correctly so that God will get the glory and people will see God at work even in this problem. We cannot violate God’s guidelines nor can we blindly apply certain scriptures to support our personal points of view on this or any issue.

Christians and churches get their marching orders from God thus we must be careful when we try to enlist other believers to our personal perspective in giving aid to others.God may not want them to be involved in that way. Yes we must do unto others but doing unto others does not mean we lead them to sin or violate the rules and laws of the very country we want to bring them to.

The refugee issue is a fine line and not everyone is going to agree with what has just been written. That is fine but what has been written has not told anyone to stop helping refugees or go against the government. it is saying be careful how you apply scripture and make sure you know your leading is from God.Bad Christian behavior no matter which side you are on is detrimental to he work of the church and Christ.



Pray For Your Leaders

Fifth and finally, I don’t understand why evangelicals who voted for Trump feel the need to defend everything he does and even how he does it (and I am one who voted for him and who at times has defended him). Not only does this give further fuel to the fire of those critics who claim that we are hurting our Christian witness by supporting him, but it eliminates our high calling to be the president’s “loyal opposition” at times (to borrow a phrased coined by biblical scholar Yochanan Muffs regarding Israel’s prophets). If we truly care for and support the president, we should demonstrate that by lovingly opposing him when we feel he has done wrong.

Christians do not have to defend Trump or his moves. He is responsible fr his own decisions. I like Trump and while some of his moves are head scratchers I find that the Democrats or Liberals who oppose him are not really looking at the issues they are protesting. They also forget that those in power have the right to govern as they see fit.

What Christians are to do is pray for Trump and his people for they like Pastors and a church staff, need a lot of prayer. But this prayer is not our own biased ulterior motive agenda type prayer but a godly one that allows us to see more than just our personal perspective when we pray for political leaders. Nor are we to pray that our will be done but rather that God’s will will be done through those in power.

Prayer is not to be a means to get our subjective ideas implemented for far too many people have their own subjective ideas that they want to see used in any administration and they all vastly differ from one another. Our prayers should be bringing God’s ways to those in power and that they will accept God’s guidance and learn how to implement God’s justice, God’s fairness, God’s direction for their country and all of those, though they are not limited to those three options, may be very different from a person’s perspective.

Our prayer life should reflect God’s will and not our own even for our leaders as God is the one they will give an account to and they are to administer and follow biblical instruction even in governing those who do not believe. While abortion may not be overturned, believers must realize that the legality of that act does not allow them to ignore biblical teaching on how to treat others. The same thing for any other issue a Christian does not like to see given credence by their political leaders.

Anti-biblical behavior does not bring people to the gospel and redemption. The believer should never be a member of any political party in their prayer life. They should be a member of God’s kingdom and looking at the issue from God’s perspective.They need to see more than their limited political stance and learning God’s perspective will go a long ways in helping believers pray.

Remember there is no biblical teaching to protest or interfere with government operations.  Biblical teaching will guide one in addressing those issues one does not like and those politicians they prefer not to hold office.


Beth Moore+

The following link has several stories starting with Beth Moore

so we will start with her and comment on some of the rest.

#1. Beth Moore

Beth Moore issued a warning to a gathering of 18 to 25-year-olds about what she believes will be a temptation their generation will face.

Speaking to the 55,000 students and young adults gathered at the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Moore said, “You will watch a generation of Christians – OF CHRISTIANS – set the Bible aside in an attempt to become more like Jesus. And stunningly it will sound completely plausible. This will be perhaps the cleverest of the devil’s schemes in your generation. Sacrificing TRUTH for LOVE’s sake. And you will rise or fall based upon whether you will sacrifice one for the other. Will you have the courage to live in the tension of both TRUTH & LOVE

While we like her words we would like a more specific definition from her on how she defines those two words. Love does not keep people locked in their sins and truth does not support altering one’ gender because the person does not accept the gender they were born as. So for now we like what she says but need more information. We also need more information on her as well as we know little about her.

#2. Paula White-

Last week the Presidential Inauguration Committee announced that Paula White, Senior Pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, would take part in the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Donald Trump. Several prominent Christian leaders and writers took issue with White’s invitation because they are concerned about her theology receiving mainstream attention.

It is Trump’s inauguration so it is his call. People may not agree with it but they do not have the right to force a change. What we know of Ms. White we do not like her inclusion either but the best we can do is point out the truth to Mr. Trump and let him decide.

#3. Transgender

National Geographic recently unveiled the cover of the January 2017 issue, which will feature nine-year-old Avery Jackson on the cover. The issue focuses on the “Gender Revolution” and Avery graces the cover because she is a transgender girl. The cover includes a quote from Avery: “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”

If you are born a boy you are not pretending.  If you change your gender to a girl then you are pretending to be a girl. The same for those girls who want to be a boy. They are girls and they are not pretending but if they alter themselves to a male appearance then they are pretending to be a boy. There can be no gender revolution for God did not provide methods to alter one’s gender and make one’s gender a choice. You are whom you are born as.

LGBT Rights

Some evangelicals and other Christian leaders are refusing to compromise on issues of LGBT rights and religious freedom.

Christianity Today reports that leaders from nearly 90 evangelicals seminaries, publications, ministries, and churches, as well as Catholic and Orthodox leaders, have signed a statement making clear their firm stance regarding LGBT rights.

The Christian leaders said in the statement that they do not support any measures which would provide legal protection to members of the LGBT community.

We would agree as long as the opposition does not make it legal to keep LGBT people from housing, food, employment and other basics of life. We do not think it is right to punish those who speak against LGBT preferences or call them sin nor do we think it is right to force churches and religious organization to include practicing LGBT people in their leadership, etc.

You cannot force people to violate their rights just because the LGBT community is excluded. Spoiling people is not the right thing to do.


Why We Need Biblically Educated Laymen

This article follows our Why We Need Biblically Educated Women which we placed here and in our magazine. By biblically educated we mean laymen and women who are trained in the truth and know how to correctly use the Bible.

#1. Their faith is important:

It is the same first point as in the women’s article as no pastor wants to see any of their laymen fall for false doctrine and be led away from the truth to destruction.

#2. They need to lead their families correctly:

The family depends upon the husband and father not only to provide for their physical needs but for their spiritual needs as well. Biblically correct patriarchs who lead their families well not only preserves and protects them but also strengthens the church by providing sound members who know how to look to God and his provision.

#3. They can help keep church leadership on the straight & narrow path (as well as the truth):

Biblically educated laymen can be great support for the church staff, not only praying for them but helping to keep them from straying from the truth. They can biblically draw the church’s leadership to potential errors or mis-steps by providing wise counsel and other words of wisdom.

#4. They can help keep justice, fairness etc., in the church:

If someone in the church or leadership is not handling problems correctly, their influence can bring the proceedings back to God’s way so that correct results, repentance, restoration is achieved and the church is kept free from dissension

#5. They can be the spiritual doctors and nurses church leadership, missionaries and evangelists need:

This is very important as many times when pastors, evangelists or missionaries err or if they are battered spiritually, they have no place to turn to for help. Too often they are ruined by their congregations or fellow christians, as the church has been known to kill its wounded. Biblically educated laymen can provide the necessary support and spiritual guidance to keep these church workers spiritually healthy or return them to spiritual health.

These spiritual doctors and nurses may not get the press or the fame but their role in keeping the church prominent workers in God’s kingdom is vital. It is also as spiritual as the work those church workers perform.  Without these spiritual doctors and nurses the church would be hurting for members as there would be no spiritually healthy church workers to minister to the congregation or bring in new members.

All parts of the body are important to have a healthy, functioning church that is pleasing to God.

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