Rights vs. Right & Wrong

Over the past few decades, there have been groups of people demanding their rights. They came to the knowledge that they have rights because many countries, not just America, provide rights in their constitutions. Some are called the Bill of Rights, while others call their bills of rights, Human Rights Acts. They are not all … Continue reading Rights vs. Right & Wrong


The Same Old Story…

Just a different day. When you read different websites owned and whose content is written by unbelievers, you will notice many things. One is that no matter how many times you tell them and explain the truth to them, the same unbelievers write the same arguments, in the same way, and ignore keywords or sentences … Continue reading The Same Old Story…

Atheists Can’t Call Christians Liars Either

To build on the previous post, we have seen many atheists claim that Christians lie.  Here is one example: Here’s a guy who has routinely borne false witness about me and Ben Berwick, and continues to lie about his name and his past — a past that includes abandoning his family. What I “see” is … Continue reading Atheists Can’t Call Christians Liars Either

A Moral Code

It seems that the owner of the BG website does not like opposing opinions as he has written another response to our post the other day. We found that unbelievers of all stripes do not like opposing viewpoints, especially those that show the unbeliever is wrong and off-track. That website has posted another article on … Continue reading A Moral Code

Quotes From Darwin: Before & After

It is hard to quote from a book as context is often lost. When that happens then people misunderstand what was said by the author. But we will try to place the best quotes we can here with commentary from time to time. The thing about this book is that sometimes it is hard to … Continue reading Quotes From Darwin: Before & After

The Anti-Christian Bias is Real

#1. We are well aware of who Kirk Cameron is and we are well aware of his current problem- Kirk Cameron Request for Story-Hour Time Rejected by 50 Public Libraries Kirk Cameron has been shut down by more than 50 public libraries who have rebuffed his attempts to put on a “story hour program” in … Continue reading The Anti-Christian Bias is Real

When People Post

One of the drawbacks to the invention of the internet is that it opened up the world to the opinions and not-so-intelligent thoughts of the uneducated. The world is now inundated with subjective thoughts from people who think they are right in their own eyes. If you think that phrase is familiar it is because … Continue reading When People Post

Why The Hatred for God?

Or to those who follow Jesus? We have used the BG website for some time for teaching moments. Throughout our time doing this, we have noticed a growing hatred for God, Jesus, and his followers on that website. What did any of those three do to the owner of the BG website to create such … Continue reading Why The Hatred for God?

Black Collar Crime stories

The owner of the BG website has had a series on Pastors and other church leaders committing crimes, making mistakes, and calling it Black Collar Crime. We have called that website out on this problem but that website won't stop. In fact, it is said that that website has about 1000+ more stories to post … Continue reading Black Collar Crime stories

It IS a People/Sin Problem

It seems he cannot compute the obvious – ease of access and lack of gun control makes it a lot easier for people to acquire lethal weapons, who then use them to kill.(MM website) The response from that website is nonsensical as the author of the response to our post yesterday only further proved our … Continue reading It IS a People/Sin Problem