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Why the Secular World Cannot Solve Major Problems

We are not going to say much here but to point out why Christians should not follow the secular world. One reason is that secular world is incapable of solving difficult problems. These problems fall into categories like transgenderism, homosexuality, abuse, sexual assault, murder and more. The secular world does not recognize that these issues are a spiritual issue and need spiritual answers to get to the source of the problem and solve them.

Jesus provided the answer why the secular world cannot solve these problems. He said in Matthew 12

22 Then a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute was brought to Jesus, and He healed him, so that the mute man spoke and saw. 23 All the crowds were amazed, and were saying, “This man cannot be the Son of David, can he?” 24 But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “This man casts out demons only by Beelzebul the ruler of the demons.”

25 And knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them, Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then will his kingdom stand? (NASB)

The secular world is part of the Kingdom of evil thus it stands to reason that it cannot solve those major problems. If they could, they would be dividing evil’s kingdom and it would fall. Only Christians who serve Christ correctly have the answers and solutions for the major problems of this world. That is because they serve the one who can solve all of these issues. Crime and evil are a spiritual problem that can only be solved with spiritual answers.

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They Are Not Setting a Good Example

Rider U. rejects student survey asking for Chick-fil-A, says company’s values ‘haven’t progressed’

A New Jersey college is refusing to bring Chick-fil-A on campus because its values “have not sufficiently progressed” despite it being the most preferred option among the students

We read stories like this all the time. Some are more severe than others as the targeted people have usually critiqued another very sensitive religion and western leaders seem to bend over backwards to appease the adherents of that religion. They do this instead of telling those adherents to toughen up and learn to take constructive criticism.

The university in question in that story, makes the claim that Chick-fil-A is not inclusive enough, here is their main argument

In a Nov. 1 email obtained by Campus Reform, Rider University, a private institution in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, explained that they would not be bringing the popular chicken sandwich restaurant since “their corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of Rider,” articulating that their decision was to promote “inclusion for all people.”

Yet Rider U has shown that they cannot live by the same standards they force on others. Their exclusion of Chick-fil-A shows that they do not meet their own standards of inclusion. Certain people are not allowed to enter simply because the powers that be at Rider U are not inclusive enough. Yet, this is often the story when someone who disagrees with the liberal or Democrat agenda.

The liberals and Democrats forget their own rules and ideology because they do not want to tolerate opposing opinions.

During the spring semester, Rider surveyed the student body to inquire which restaurants they would like to see come to campus. When the students responded that Chick-fil-A was their top choice, the university paid no attention to the results.

Rider U again sets another bad example here by ignoring the will of the students. Something that has gone in the adult world where judges, CA Prop 8, have gone against the will of the people simply because the majority will chooses something they do not like. How can students learn the right way to do life when their adult examples continually demonstrate how not to do life the right way?

Ignoring one’s own ideology to keep a group or individual or in this case, a restaurant, out of campus or a city, does nothing to make that ideology a good option to live by.

There are a number of factors that contribute to a campus’ decision to invite a retail partner on campus,” Rider Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Jan Friedman-Krupnick told the outlet.

“While Chick-fil-A is among other restaurants preferenced by Rider students, there are members of the community (faculty, staff, and students) who strongly opposed the option as well.”

In other words the survey was nothing but a meaningless exercise to placate the students. The decision was already known in advance just in case the students did what they did and chose a restaurant the faculty did not like. So much for democracy. But if you hadn’t noticed, the liberals and Democrats do not want democracy unless they win. They also want to force their ideology on others as has been seen by the numerous cases against Christian businesses.

Again, it doesn’t matter what the majority wants, it is only what certain people want to see take place. We understand this attitude because Jesus said the unbelievers will hate Christians because the unbeliever hates Christ. They hate Christ and Christians because the light the latter shine exposes the sins of the unbeliever. The unbeliever thinks they are good people and are good enough to enter heaven because they are more inclusive than the Christian.

They aren’t as the unbeliever wants to bring sin into paradise. They think that a corrupted paradise is better than a sinless one. They are mistaken. Also, no one is more inclusive than God. He will accept anyone who repents of their sins and accepts his son as their savior. What isn’t included in his perfect kingdom is sin. This is something the unbeliever does not understand because they have been deceived.

If you want to start making a spiritual impact for God then you need to start praying to bind the evil forces doing the deception. You won’t get a foot in the door to the unbeliever’s soul until you do. Then you need to set the right biblical example so your light will shine brightly.

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Sometimes Words Fail Us

When we look at different news stories, different news events, the acts of people who claim to be Christian and more,we just get tired of the amount of evil that gets to rule in the daily lives of people. Here are some examples


One of Australia’s top wedding magazines has closed down after they were abandoned in droves by advertisers over the Christian owners’ refusal to feature same-sex couples.

Luke and Carla Burrell, the owners of White magazine, stated in a “farewell” message on their website on Saturday that their intention during their 12 years of existence was to celebrate marriage with a focus on love and commitment. 

They explained that ever since Australia voted to legalize same-sex marriage in November 2017, they have continuously been asked why they do not feature all couples, including gay couples, in their magazine.


South Korean megachurch pastor Lee Jae-rock was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping eight female followers, and telling them it was God’s will.

The Korea Times reported that Lee, the 75-year-old pastor of Manmin Central Church, was found guilty on Thursday of using his power and status to force the victims, all in their 20s, to have sex with him, saying that it was an “order from God.”

The Seoul Central District Court also ordered the church leader to take 80 hours of therapy classes and banned him from working with youth institutions for 10 years after his prison term.


The Unification Church, properly known as Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA, hosted a major event this month called “Peace Starts with Me” and invited high-profile Christian artists, such as Israel Houghton, Yolanda Adams and Hezekiah Walker, to help welcome the self-described “mother, the only begotten daughter of God,” Hak Ja Han Moon, to America.

A video promotion for the Nov. 12 event held in New York City’s Nassau Coliseum announced that Grammy award winner Houghton was joining Bishop Noel Jones, along with the other gospel singers for the Unificationism gathering.

The Unification Church reported on its website that approximately 20,000 people attended the event held at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, N.Y., for the Peace Starts With Me rally “to welcome True Mother back to America.” The event was globally live streamed for thousands of others to experience the event from their homes.

It’s unclear why these popular Christians would link arms with what has been labeled as a heretical body that is not Christian, especially because Moon, who was the keynote speaker for “Peace Starts With Me,” believes “Jesus failed in his mission” for world peace by being crucified.


One of Asia Bibi’s daughters has appeared on a video thanking God and Christians worldwide who’ve been praying for her family as they continue to face many uncertainties.

“Thank you everybody for praying for my mother. I’d also like to thank the brave judges and the Pakistani justice system that recognize my mother’s innocence,” Eisham Ashiq says in a video, supplied by Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

“I’d also like to thank all the governments — the Italian government that [is] concerned about our future and safety,” she adds.

“Thanks God, she (Bibi) is free and I hope our entire family is finally happy and free. Thanks to all of you for praying for my mother and persecuted Christians.”

Bibi’s family has also said that “religious enemies” want them dead.


The pattern is as predictable as it is obvious. When the left (especially the far left) talks about freedom, it means freedom for those who conform. When it talks about diversity, it means my way or the highway. Political correctness is to be enforced. Dissent will not be tolerated. So much for the left bringing “liberation.”

Of course, the left will say to us, “No, you are the ones who require conformity. You are the ones who refuse to recognize marriage when it’s different than what you’re used to. You are the ones who want to forbid a woman from having control over her own body. It is our side, the left, which loves freedom.”

But that objection misses the point.

It looks bad but we have a way out. It is not the rapture, which Christians fervently seek as they do not want to be part of this world anymore. The Bible teaches us that we overcome evil by doing what Christ wants:

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21 NASB)

You will notice that neither Christ nor God taught that we overcome evil by changing certain laws. Too many misguided souls out there think that the way to have a better society or civilization is to legislate it into existence. That is not biblical teaching. It is one way to make the unbeliever hate the believer and keep them away from Christ.

We are to do good and that means we do more than just preach a gospel message or give our testimony. Jesus healed, fed the poor, helped the widows and much more than just preach the Sermon on the Mount. If he didn’t do good, then the credibility of his teachings would be in doubt and many people would just ignore him. But as you can see through the biblical records, he had great multitudes gather around him.

He was not only relieving them of their spiritual problems but also their physical ones. Doing good overcomes evil, it opens hearts up to the gospel and the ways of Christ in ways that laws cannot. But when we do good, it must be accompanied by the truth

{Love} does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; (1 Cor. 13:6 NASB)

For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth. (2 Cor. 13:8 NASB)

We do not misrepresent, we do not lie, we do not alter the facts and on it goes. We speak the truth in love and do good. The key is that we first must have Christ’s definition of doing good before we act. We do not adopt the secular world’s definitions because they are unfair, unjust and very wrong. The good we do is for everyone not just a small group of people.

Then when we do good, we must go with the right perspective. The Muslim, the Democrat, the Liberal, the conservative, the false Christians and more groups, are not our enemy. They are part of God’s creation who have been deceived, misled, and taken down the wrong paths away from the truth. The Bible tells us

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (Eph. 6:12 NASB)

Having the right perspective will help you prepare better when you set out to do the good that overcomes evil. It will help you to pray better and keep you seeking the truth, as well as learning how to apply your good works and the truth correctly. It will also help you step out of the way and let God work in the hearts of those who do evil.

That way God gets the glory and evil cannot attack you through pride, boasting, egotism and so on. You can easily thwart the darts evil sends your way. Doing Christianity correctly is the best way to make an impact for God and preserve civilization.

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God’s Revival or Personal Preference Alterations

We decided to go to the Red Letter Christian homepage since we saw them supporting Queer Theology. One of the articles posted that caught our eye was not about how they support homosexuals who refuse to give up their sin. It was about revival-

Christianity in America is in a funk.

The latest evidence of that is the 81 percent of white evangelicals who voted for Trump.

It’s been said that Trump did not change America — he revealed America. It can also be said that he didn’t change evangelicalism, Trump revealed it. And what we see is very disturbing. Many Christians seem more dedicated to Trump than to Jesus, calling him the “dream president.”

If Christianity is in a funk as that author claims, it is not because of Trump. He does not lead the church, he does not advocate that Christians should stop obeying God and more. If Christianity is in a funk t is because there are so many splinter groups doing their own thing and making a mess of the gospel and the Christian life. Those splinter groups include the Red Letter Christians, (RLC), who truly do not understand the Bible and how it was written.

We have come to Dallas to lift up Jesus because we know Jesus is the best corrective to the stuff that’s gone wrong in evangelical Christianity.

Sadly, we do not see the RLC members lifting up Christ. If they were they would not be making misleading statements about Trump and other Christians. They would look seriously at the issues and seek to find the truth so that everyone would know the correct path to follow. The following is our case in point:

He’s even argued that Romans 13 gives Trump the “authority to do whatever” he wants, even start a nuclear war. This pro-Trump, nationalistic, anti-Jesus theology is toxic and dangerous. The dream president of Jerry Falwell, Jr., Franklin Graham, and Robert Jeffress is the nightmare president for the poor and marginalized.

Who are these poor and marginalized people that have been affected by Trump and bad Christinaity? If it is telling the homosexual they are not normal, and showing the transgender that they have been deceived, then the RLC organization is a bt off in its assessment. But we get to the heart of the issue with the following quote:

America First is not just bad politics — it is a theological heresy. Jesus never said, “America First.” He said, “The last shall be first.” The Bible does not say, “God bless America” but that “God so loved the world.” We are called to love like God loves. God’s love doesn’t stop at borders and can’t be contained by a wall. As a caravan of immigrants come to the border, we are reminded that Jesus said when we welcome the stranger we welcome Him. When we turn away the stranger, we turn away Christ.

We see that the author of that piece is really against Trump and many Christians because they tend to support the law of the land and make migrants follow that same law. So the ulterior motive behind attacking both Trump and Christians is that they are not doing what the RLC wants. We find that they misuse scriptures to fit their personal preferences and which has nothing to do with bringing God’s revival to the world.

It is interesting to note that while that author quotes different scriptures, he ignores the ones that tell the followers of Jesus to not violate the laws of the lands they reside. For some reason, those passages are ignored even though we have a great example of Abraham following the laws when he bought land for a cemetery for himself and his wife. Jesus never once advocated that we allow people to violate the law either.

And our commitment to Jesus means we have a particular concern for the most vulnerable people on the planet, whom Jesus called “the least of these.”

Yes we have a responsibility to the vulnerable people of the world, BUT that responsibility does not include allowing the nations of the world to dump their unwanted people on Western lands. Nor does it mean we forget about our responsibilities to the native citizens of the Western lands or those who have became citizens by following the rules to get there. There is a big disconnect in the thinking of that author and the RLC in general. It seems that the real law-abiding ctizens and their rights do not matter to the RLC. That is not Christian thinking nor taught by Christ.

Jesus did teach that we should not ignore the needs of our own families, even when doing good for others. Far too many resources have been stolen by illegals that should be there for those who are legally in the land and have legitimate problems. Also, that responsibility does not restrict our help to native borders. We talked about this yesterday and showed that Christians should be going to other lands to help the vulnerable or nations in general.

Our current crisis is not just a theological one. This is a love crisis

This is not correct. Love does not encourage illegal behavior, read 1 Cor. 13, and it does not place a higher priority on some groups over others. What it is in reality is a misunderstanding crisis on the part of the RLC. They do not understand scripture correctly, nor do they understand how to apply scripture according to God’s will.

We choose love. Jesus said that they will know we are Christians by our love.

BUT the RLC are not choosing love for those who followed the laws or the native citizens of each Western nation. They target only those who want to use and abuse the Western nations for whatever purpose they may have. This is not Christian teaching. Notice that Jesus never criticized any government for upholding their laws.

Here’s the good news – it’s revival time! In contrast to the 81percent of white evangelicals who voted for Trump, 72 percent of evangelicals of color voted differently. And they are the fastest growing population of Christians, making up over a third of evangelical Christians in America. They love Jesus and they know that justice is a core part of the Christian faith. That’s who you will hear at this REVIVAL. We are intentionally de-centering white evangelicalism with a more beautiful, more Christ-like version of Christianity.

It is clear that the revival the RLC has in mind has nothing to do with God, his will or even the Bible. Not everyone is converted at a revival meeting especially if it is forced and seeking a predetermined result. In this example, this supposed revival seems to reflect the will and agenda of the RLC.

The church is meant to be the moral conscience of society, to preach repentance and grace — and sometimes it feels like we’ve forgotten both in America

You cannot be misled if you want to be a moral conscience to the world. This is another fact lost on that author and the RLC. You have to have the truth and speak the truth in love. That author misses out on that verse as well. He likes to point fingers and accuse the white population, forgetting that even Christians of color commit a multitude of sins and do a lot of immoral and illegal activities. Revival is not about diversity, it is about whosoever will may come. Color is not an issue with God.

If the RLC and its author actually provided good evidence, they may be taken more seriously. Yet, their misuse of scripture and wild accusations blur the issues and do not lead anyone to the truth

Our Christianity has often looked very unlike our Christ. And for that we repent. It’s time for a revival.

While this is so in some circumstances, Christianity does not look the way the RLC wants it to look. We do not know what that author and the RLC is repenting from as they still seem to be far from what Jesus taught even though they focus on the red letters of certain bible versions. You can’t force revival or force God’s hand.

We have been fasting and praying for this revival. We know that God is going to revive people this weekend — breathe life into some dry bones. And we also know that when you leave this place you are going to help bring America back to life.

It would be better if they prayed for themselves and asked God to send them the spirit of truth so they could understand and apply scripture correctly. Revival does not mirror the RLC agenda either. It goes to the heart of the issue, brings the truth, and gets people properly listening to God. Revival brings GOD’S way not man’s.

You are going to hear about Jesus. And you are going to hear about justice.

Justice is for everyone, not one group of people. It is not just to force some people to follow the laws while letting others violate them. Justice also does not play favorites or lets circumstances influence its decisions. Plus, it does not hide the truth but demands the truth so fairness can be applied to all. Justice is not a social tool that is ignored when the social circumstances are not as good as they should be. Justice is applied to all no matter their situation or station in life.

Justice, in one sense, is not blind. people who willfully leave their homes and seek to violate the laws of another land do not get a free pass from justice. What the RLC is doing, including that author, is opening their neighbors up to illegal activities, immoral behavior, loss of resources and putting many in danger. That is not love nor is it justice. It certainly is not biblical.

This supposed RLC revival does not follow God’s word nor does it have the needs of the people at its heart. It seems to have only the RLC’s needs in mind and that is selfish. What the RLC is doing is not Christ-like or Christian. Helping others does not mean ignoring the laws of the land or misapplying biblical verses.

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Getting to the truth of migrants

Here is one story that exposes a lot of internal activities that take place among the migrants moving up to America

Mexican journalist Alex Backman has released a stunning expose on the caravan from Central America. He says the migrants are robbing and stealing in Mexico. They carjack cars containing just one occupant. There are even accounts of rapes. Many of the migrants will not let people film them. If they see someone filming them through a car window, they stop the car and demand the phone. Backman suspects the reason they don’t want to be filmed is because they have criminal histories.

While Christians want to show compassion and God’s love to these people, they must go beyond the surface to see the real story first. We cannot blindly act nor break any laws in helping others unless those laws go against God’s laws and will. So far as we have checked, immigration laws do not violate God’s laws or his will.

Letting people violate the law when it is not spiritually or civilly wrong is wrong and not of God. Keep in mind that through the public evidence gathered so far, not every migrant is following the law, nor do they have intention of following US law. Some will and they cannot be lumped in with the rest. Hard work must be done to get to the honest migrants who will follow the law and make their entry into another country legal.

We mentioned the following in a previous article, showing compassion or God’s love is not restricted to letting people from other countries move to western lands. That compassion, that love, can be exported to the native countries of the different migrants and help them change their nations for the better. We read an article the other day of a couple who do just that. But they need help.

No one complains about LEGAL immigrants. They complain about those who do not want to follow the laws of their land and it is thse people who do need to be stopped. ILLEGAL immigration is not of God, no matter what Democrats, liberals, progressives or Red Letter Christians say. {As a side note, we have read more about the Red Letter Christians and their faulty premise has led them very far from the truth and obedience to God and his word. We are not impressed by them or their activism}.

Can you feed and help the people in these caravans. Yes, you can, as long as you do not contribute to their breaking of solid laws and have them disobey God. Use good. legal & Christian works to bring redemption to their souls.


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Immigration 2

We may not have explained ourselves too well the first time around. That may be because our minds were influenced by the bad use of scripture by a group of people who limit their theology to only the red-letters of some printed Bibles. Or they place too much emphasis on those words over the rest of the Bible, which are also the words of Jesus.

Let’s take a closer look at immigration to any country by using the current migrant caravan making its way through Mexico as an example.

First, does anyone have the right to one day decide they want to move from their home country and move to another nation by avoiding following the target nation’s immigration laws?

The answer, of course, is no. Those laws usually do not violate God’s laws and do not tell people or encourage them to sin. Instead, they are in place to keep people from sinning and illegally entering a country. We cannot use Mary & Joseph’s move to Egypt as an example because we do not know what laws were in place at that time or if Jesus’ parents went illegally. Being righteous people we hardly think they would sin at this time.

Second, is it right to covet the supposed wealth and other benefits of another country?

The people involved in this caravan have heard, etc., about how they can make more money in America. The have heard about the wealth that is there, is it right for them to covet that wealth in light of what one of the 10 commandments say? ‘Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s…’  The term neighbor is not limited to the family living next door to your home. It can and does apply to countries as well.

These people are coveting what someone else has and are taking the wrong steps to get it for themselves.

Third, is it the application of compassion to support these people in their quest to break immigration laws and sin?

Again, the answer would be no. Compassion is to help people in a time of need and not to be used to break a country’s laws and help people sin against God. A better use of compassion would be to hep these people turn around and get them safely to their homes in their native lands. Then get involved and help them come to a new country the right way.

Right now some of those people are being kidnapped and held for ransom by drug cartels. Is it compassion to expose them to this danger? Is it compassion to let them travel in unsanitary conditions? Is it compassion to let these people take food, jobs, money, benefits from legal citizens of the new country?

Fourth, is it love for a new country by violating the laws of that country for self-gain?

It certainly is not the love that Jesus taught. What we see by this migrant caravan is greed and selfishness and does nothing constructive for the people in the new country this group is travelling to. It is all self-serving and there is no biblical teaching telling anyone to be a burden on anther country nor to be selfish or greedy.

Fifth, is it Christian to distort both the situation and bible verses to alleviate the issue and bring illegal people into a country?

Again, the answer is no. The Bible tells us to tell the truth and creating distortions is not telling the truth. It is basically lying and sin.

Sixth, is it Christian to help people to sin

It is not in the Bible. The Good Samaritan did not commit sin in helping the individual recover from his wounds. He did not lead the individual to sin either. God did not sin at any time when he rescued his people from Egypt. At one point he told the Israelites to stay out of a country and those reasons could apply to the migrant caravan as their efforts do not help other nations feel good about those people

Seventh, is it Christian to spend the money of the government and businesses without their permission?

The people supporting the effort of this migrant caravan are not spending their own money and sponsoring these people. They are spending the government’s money to give them welfare, food stamps and other benefits plus they are spending the money the healthcare outlets have to take care of these people when they get sick. They are also spending education dollars to make sure the children receive an education. Is that right and is that action in the Bible?

The people supporting this caravan are not spending their own money to care for these people once the illegally enter America. They are advocating that other people spend the money. That is money that is not theirs to spend. We do not see celebrities opening up their homes and bank accounts to make sure these people can be here legally, nor do we see Christians doing it. They all want other people to foot the bill, something that is not a biblical attitude.

Eighth, do Christians want to have help becoming illegal or sin?

If you do, then you are not following the Bible. The verse, ‘do unto others…’ is not permission to sin against God or violate a country’s laws. I John also talks about when Christians continuously commit sin and calling themselves of God, they make God a liar and they are not part of God’s family. Christians are not to advocate for or support sin.

Illegal migration is not of God.

Ninth, should Christians learn the difference between legal and illegal immigrants?

Yes, they should. The two are not the same and the latter makes the illegal immigrant a criminal. They have violated laws of the country they are entering. That doesn’t make them upstanding law-abiding citizens.  It makes them offenders. People who  have no love or concern for the rights of legal immigrants and native citizens

Tenth, what can Christians do

There are a lot of biblical responses to those people who are seeking to enter a country illegally.

– they can give them food and water and clothing while providing a sanitary place to do natural bodily functions BUT on their return to their native land

– they can get involved with the people and help them work to bring safe conditions to their native countries

– they can help the return home safely without risk

– they can sponser some so that they can enter a country legally and properly

– they can make sure other Christias are not distorting the issue and bible verses and get the truth out

– they can help provide a better solution than continuing the illegal strategy

– they can help filter out genuine hurting people from those who just want to abuse the new country and help those people enter the country legally

– they can make sure emotions are not used to bend laws

There are a lot of options to solving this type of issue and none of them involve sin or doing illegal acts.This included being fair to those who have already entered the country legally and fulfilled all the requirements to live and work in a given country. It also included being fair to the native citizens who have the right to live and work in their native land

There was a fad going around the Christian world a few years back called W W J D. Well Jesus would not help people to sin or illegally enter a country. He would not distort scripture to help  people sin or violate laws. He would not violate His Father’s will or rules in helping these people. He would not distort scripture to bring about a desired goal.

Read the Bible and you will see what Jesus would do. One thing is he would not misuse love and compassion to let people sin in hopes of getting their butts in the pew. The ends do not justify the means. We believers have no permission to sin in doing good works or to do evangelism.

remeber that NO ONE has a problem with LEGAL immigrants and immigration. It is the ILLEGAL version everyone is against

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We try to stay away from political topics. But there are times when political issues cross over into the spiritual realm and these topics cannot be put on the shelf. They must be addressed. Our jumping off spot comes from the following link:

When the Bible Gets in the Way of Following Jesus

First off, the Bible does not get in the way of anyone following Jesus. Such thinking found in the title of that article is misguided and demonstrates a lack of knowledge about biblical teaching.Second, the Bible says the same things to everyone. It is the interpretation used, the cherry picking of scriptures and the inability to understand what is being said that gets in the way of following Jesus.

For example, the Bible tells us that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. But what happens in most cases is that individual people apply their own definition to the word love and think that is the definition that God uses. They do not do any in-depth study of the word nor do they ask the Holy Spirit to guide the to the truth so they miss out on what God has told us about his definition of the word.

What happens next is when Christians do not respond in the manner that those people have defined the word love,  they are accused of not being good Christians and not following the Bible. That article is a prime example of that type of mentality- ‘You do not do what we want so you must be and are wrong.’ Rarely do we see these people rethinking their positions or definitions of the word love. It is always the other person’s fault.

Case in point

I understand the fear. Of course we need to protect our children. I get that we have limited resources. Yes, migrants have to enter the country legally. But I don’t think these concerns are near as connected to this migrant caravan as they are to our collective enslavement to fear and misinformation. Rather than be moved by a commitment to understand and care for the “least and the last” we are being stirred into a frenzy of self-protection that is compromising our collective soul. It’s sad. But we can be healed

The author of that article skips over the important issues and dismisses them as if they do not matter. he gives lip service to them as he rushes to judge and condemn those people who  do not agree with him. It is not those who oppose this migrant caravan that is misunderstanding or lack caring. It is the author, and those like him, who ignore facts, fairness and the reality of the situation that do not get it.

They take one scripture and generalize it then try to make everyone else feel guilty because they are not doing their ‘Christian duty’. They distort both scripture and the situation to make people bend to their will and that is not right to anyone. Especially those who have entered any country legally, jumped thorugh all the hoops and got the right visa to live and work in their new land.

The fact that our administration is threatening these countries by taking away funding is short sighted and will only perpetuate the instability. We have to become students who ask the story behind the story behind the story. We have to get close to those in crisis. We need to be in proximity. We need to share tables and stories. And, in a country filled with immigrants, we can.

No this is completely wrong. We have to get to the truth of the issue and see the real motivations behind those in these migrant caravans. So far, not one person who has been interviewed has shown anything that would qualify them for asylum in any country. We do not need to hear the story behind the story behind the story- who even knows what that means?

One thing we are sure about, it does not lead anyone to the truth as many of those supposed migrants have said nothing but how they want to break the law of the land they are heading towards. The author uses his own fear tactics to get people to consider or switch to his way of thinking.  He threatens that ending handouts will destablize a country, something that connot be verified at this  time.

Also, he distorts the issue by ignoring the fact that the current large migrant caravan and other smaller ones, are not filled wiht legal immigrants. Yes, both American and Canada were built by immigrants– BUT THEY WERE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. There is a big difference between being legal and following the rules and being illegal. Many of the members of this caravan have expressly stated that they will break the laws of America. That is something that is not taught in scripture. They claim to be law-abiding but their first act is to be a violator of the law.

Clearly, it is not the Bible getting in the way of following Jesus. Getting people to follow the law is not anti-Jesus or anti-biblical. God had and has rules for people to follow and he punishes them for disobeying them. Surely it is more Christian to punish those who violate or encourage others to violate the law. It is not God or Jesus who are leading these people or their supporters as they ignore scripture time and again and think that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigrants.

The migrant caravan is made up primarily of people with deep Christian convictions and traditions.

This also is not true. They may claim to be Christian and come from a religius denomination but that denomination is not Christian in any way shape or form. To include it in with the term Christian is misleading and allows for false teaching to influence people’s thinking. While there are Christians in the RCC, the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian and teaches far too many false docrines to be even close to Christianity.

That author distorts what is happening and hides the truth with that statement.

As they move north, they are holding vigil and praying for God’s guidance and protection for ultimate liberation. Mommas are pushing strollers as they pray for their children’s future and pleading with God to deliver them toward safety and new life.

Here in the U.S., many people with deep Christian convictions and traditions are praying for the migrant caravan to turn around (at best) or to be violently resisted/restrained (at worst). Parents are fearful that this caravan could threaten the safety and future of their children and are pleading with God to protect them from the “invading enemy.”

There are so many assumptions in that quote that we do not have the time to address them all. People may be pleading and praying but that doesn’t mean they are Christian or deserve to break the immigration laws of America. As the news stories have shown most of these migrants are not fleeing anything dangeorus. God does not answer prayers by having people break the wrong laws.

If they want God’s help, then they need to ask him to help them follow the immigration laws and jump through the right hoops so they can legally live and work in the country. What that author does not recognize is that the migrant caravan is a large invading group of people who have no respect for American law. One lady even said that she had lived illegally in Ameirca for 6 years and was finally deported. She also followed up that confession with, the idea that she should be allowed to work illegally again for a few years and then be deported a second time.

That is not the attitude of someone who is a friend to America or its people. It is certainly not biblical teaching.  The Bible gets in the way of such people telling them not to lie, not to covet, and these people certainly are coveting American resources and wealth, and other instructions. This type of attitude also does not reflect any definition of love for America and it is far from God’s definition. It is a selfish attitude which is also not part of biblical teaching.

How and where does God act in a moment like this? Whose prayers are “heard?”

We are told that the prayers of the righteous are heard. Sadly, we find no one in that migrant caravan that is actually righteous. if they were, they would not be participating in this march of sin. The author of that article puts his own spin on these prayers that he assumes are being said. He forgets that God follows his rules and any prayers answered will not violate God’s rules. Entering a country illegally is not of God.

We have not found one answer to biblical prayers that involved allowing sin to take place. The Bible does tell us to treat others well, doing good in return for evil, but it also does not say we cannot punish lawbreakers. We can have mercy but mercy should not allow sin to flourish. Mercy is usually given when people have truly learned their lesson and repented of their evil ways. It is not permission to continue in their evil desires.

We are going to stop here as we find the supposed Christian thinking of that author repulsive. It is not even close to what the Bible teaches. Governments have the right to close their borders when uninvited citizens of other countries march on their land to disrespect the laws and drain the resources of that country they are marching to.

I’m convinced one of the greatest obstacles to following Jesus in the United States is HOW we read the Bible.

Yes it is and it is the red-letter Christians who are reading the Bible wrong and mis-applying its teachings to the situation of legal and illegal immigration. It is not Christian to let people jump the legal line. It is not Christian to apply the law to some people and not to others. God doesn’t do that. If the people marching on  America right now are of God, they would stop what they are doing and turn to godly, legal ways to enter the country.

Christians should not be helping them to sin and violate the laws of the land. Nor should they be distorting the issue and applying their own subjective and sinful ideology to a situation that is quite clear. What gets in the way of handling these situations correctly and following Jesus are thse supposed Christians who have adopted too much of secular thinking and distort what the Bible says.


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