Controversial Issues+

We put the + in there in case some people do not think what we are writing about are controversial topics. Some are borderline but here is one definition of the term controversial: Controversial is used to describe someone or something that causes people to get upset and argue. (source) Some of these topics will … Continue reading Controversial Issues+


The Weakness of the Black Collar Crime Series

As you know by now, the BG website publishes stories about preachers, youth pastors, and other church leaders who are caught committing a crime and convicted of those crimes. To the owner and others on that website, it is a big deal. In their minds, it helps provide evidence to justify their decision to leave … Continue reading The Weakness of the Black Collar Crime Series

Perversion: There has to be a standard

When other people place misinformation on the internet for the world to see, we feel we need to speak out against that misleading information. Since there are millions of unbelieve=ing websites and blogs we have to narrow down our sources to get to this misleading material and counter it. To the chagrin of 2 blog … Continue reading Perversion: There has to be a standard

Why is Law & Order Missing

We re-read the response made to our previous article on this topic. We did find a few points that needed to be discussed but not in a direct rebuttal manner. But first, there was a point in the earlier article we wrote that we want to address. As we were driving to do some errands, … Continue reading Why is Law & Order Missing

Law & Order is Missing+

In this article, we address the problem of a lack of law and order among other topics. While many people are championing their 'freedoms' and 'their rights' they are ignoring the fact that laws are needed to protect people in society. In this day and age, it seems that people are returning to the ancient … Continue reading Law & Order is Missing+

What The Internet Has Done

Over the many years we have been reading this blog, we have seen one thing that unbelievers and Christians have in common. Many uneducated and unknowing people from both groups have created blogs and write like they are an authority. It is a phenomenon that can get very annoying and troublesome as these people spread … Continue reading What The Internet Has Done

Christian Nationalism Or….

Some people may call it a theocracy when Christians want to rule. We saw this article Missionary Sean Feucht insists that Christians should rule nation and write laws over at the Christian Post and we understand why he is saying this. It is tiring to see unbelievers and those people claiming to be Christians bending … Continue reading Christian Nationalism Or….

You Will Hurt Christianity

Those words in the title are a sentence we have heard far too often. They are often spoken by people claiming to be Christian yet pursuing alternatives to the biblical record. It is not spoken by those who believe and follow the Bible correctly. #1. Who speaks this sentence The list here may not be … Continue reading You Will Hurt Christianity