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It Is Hard Not To Respond

Beth Moore on Paige Patterson Controversy: ‘Broken System’ Will Not Mend If Men Refuse to Listen

We know where we stand. We believe God and seek to teach his word correctly. BUT we may have, if we are lucky, 250 or so followers and a few extra readers. We do not have the amount of followers or influence that Ms. Moore has. What we say may not matter to this situation either. We are not famous, we do not get any support and we are lucky to continue posting.

But the above title brings both sadness and anger to our minds. Anger that women think they can run the church better than God and sadness for the same reason. As we have read so many articles on this issue, we noticed that Ms. Moore, Ms. Roys and those that opposed Dr. Patterson and others who feel the same way have left out of the discussion the following passage of scripture:

In the same way, you wives, be submissive to your own husbands so that even if any of them are disobedient to the word, they may be won without a word by the behavior of their wives, as they observe your chaste and respectful behavior. Your adornment must not be merely external—braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God. For in this way in former times the holy women also, who hoped in God, used to adorn themselves, being submissive to their own husbands; just as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, and you have become her children if you do what is right without being frightened by any fear. (1 Peter 3 NASB)

These women make their attacks on prominent men and they would attack us if they knew we existed or were famous. But we digress. This passage is quite clear in its instruction to women.We do not see this gentle and quiet spirit in Ms. Moore or Ms. Roys or other women who want the church to be made after their own image.

They do not seem to be wanting to have church the way God wants it conducted. We do not see these women calling on men to obey God’s instruction. All of their arguments have been about their own desires. Not one word has been said by these women about God’s desires. Then their physical example has only reinforced this point. They will attack any man, no matter his position, if that man obeys God over them or they do not like his words.

You will notice that not one of these women produced a real passage of scripture supporting their agenda. How can they? None exists. They are also lucky to be living in the modern age as God certainly punished Miriam and Aaron for going against Moses’ leadership. Maybe he will punish these ladies, hard to say. It is certain that they think they know how the church should be run better than God does. It is sad to see take place. They are a bad testimony to the world and a bad example.

Prominent evangelist Beth Moore, founder of Living Proof Ministries, has responded to the resignation of Paige Patterson as Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president, by telling men that the “broken system” will not change if they keep refusing to listen to what women have to say.

We heard this a lot when we taught in South Korea. Whenever the Native English Teacher saw something they did not like, they cried that the Korean school system was broken. All their whining did was demonstrate that their cries really meant- The Koreans are not doing it my way so the Koreans are wrong.  The same attitude applies to this situation.

Some women are crying that men are not doing church their way so the men and the church are wrong. Also, these women are saying that God and his system are broken. God’s system is not broken. What is wrong is that both men and women refuse to obey God’s instructions and sin has and is doing its destructive work in the church.

Unfortunately for these women, God did not write one Bible for the ancient church and one for the modern church. The words in 1 Peter are applicable today as they were when Peter first wrote them. They do not get to divorce their husbands if abuse occurs in the church. Then to address the final line, it is not men who are refusing to listen to women. Men have often  listened to women over God and instructions.

It is the women who are refusing to listen to godly men and God that creates the trouble. Their disobedience is a major part of the problem. Of course, men who do not listen to God also contribute to the situation in the church today. One of the biggest problems in this situation are all those busybodies who stick their noses in a marriage and try to dictate to one spouse or the other what they should do. Often that bad advice is not biblical and should not be spoken.

In comments posted on Twitter Thursday, as part of a conversation with Kyle J. Howard, a biblical counselor and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary student, Moore said she agrees and is “grateful” for the first steps taken by the seminary to replace Patterson. She added that the safety of women and girls should be the “top priority and urgency” in the entire process.

What about God’s will? Does he not count here? Shouldn’t his ways be the top priority of a theological school and church? Shouldn’t the truth be taught to all? What we see in those words is complete selfishness. The man does not matter, only the women matter and that is a very narrow and sinful point of view.

At the same time, she warned that “this broken system will not mend if men are simply and well-meaningly trained to view women as damsels in distress” that they must protect.

“This ideology still produces Supermen. Not healthy brothers,” she warned.

Sorry but her way does not produce spiritual women but rebellious, disrespectful, and disobedient females. Again, though we see subjectiveness coming through her point of view. The training men are to get has to meet her subjective ideas and not God’s. She does not go to one scripture passage to support her point. so men are to be made after her ideas and not to be made after God’s. This is very dangerous ground she is walking on.

Moore said that protecting and defending is good, but what is needed for a healthy relationship in a family is “mutual respect.”

“Don’t save us, then refuse to listen to what we have to say. Don’t deliver us, then dismiss us. Don’t show us the way, then shoo us away. Work with us. Serve with us. See what value we have.”

They have not done this with Dr. Patterson or other men who agree with him. Her words mean nothing. They sought to remove someone who told them something they did not want to hear. They did not work with anyone, especially men,but made demands, wrote articles against these men and not once sought God to lead them to the truth. All they have said and done is shown that they have no spiritual value.

When we look closely at her actions and  words plus the words of Ms. Roys and other women in  this issue, we see that they do not practice what they are preaching. They will not listen to God and they think they are better than men and God.

In an open letter to Christian brothers, she wrote that while she had chosen to accept “the peculiarities accompanying female leadership in a conservative Christian world,” feeling that “they were rooted in deep convictions based on passages from 1 Timothy 2 and 1 Corinthians 14,” she later realized amid attitudes that “smacked of misogyny” and “objectification” that “Scripture was not the reason for the colossal disregard and disrespect of women among many of these men.”

We talked about that open letter. Her conclusions were in error, misleading and distorted. There can be no listening to women when they want to disobey God and lead their men to sin. When David said walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, he did not leave women, wives and daughters out of that instruction. Women if you want to be listened to, then you got to be on the right path with God, humble and submit to his instructions.

Men in general, your husbands and your sons may not always be right but biblical instructions did not provide that escape clause so you can ignore scriptural instructions. You are to do good to those who supposedly did evil to you,  you are to pray for them and not return evil for evil. These are other biblical passages absent from the treatment of Dr. Patterson and this discussion. We do not see these women following one thing God has said to do.

The system may be broken in Ms. Moore’s eyes but the beams in her eyes block her vision of hers, Ms. Roys, and the other women’s actions and words in this issue. In other words, the system is only broken to those who disobey biblical instruction in handling different church issues including this one.


In The News 30

#1. A Sad Ending-

Paige Patterson, the now former Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president, has released a statement about his decision to resign by saying that he’s “hurt” by the events that transpired amid controversies surrounding his past comments, but has vowed to carry on his Christian witness.

Patterson agreed to resign on Wednesday following a 13-hour discussion with the SWBTS board of trustees, though he was also appointed president emeritus effective immediately.

We call it sad because  the events have shown that there are people in the church who refuse to obey God yet still want to be included in his kingdom.

It depends on the level of abuse to some degree. I have never in my ministry counseled that anybody seek a divorce, and I do think that’s always wrong counsel,” Patterson said in the audio recording.

Of course he is right. Jesus never made abuse a criterion for permission to divorce. If people are going to appeal to Jesus in their spiritual arguments, they need to appeal to all of his words and examples even when those examples go against their personal desires.

#2. Does She Follow Scripture Or Not?

Yet sometimes I wonder if Christians really believe what the Scripture says.

For the most part, her article is very good but it is this line that stands out the most. It is a question we must ask of her because as you know, we addressed her anti-Dr. Patterson comments recently and pointed out how she ignores scriptures when it comes to the passages telling women what to do. So which is it? Does she follow scripture or is she cherry picking because of her bias against certain issues? We think the latter.

After all she helped lead the charge against Dr. Patterson when he stood by scripture.

#3. Be Praying for The ACLU

The hostility against religion in general, but Christianity in particular, can get downright vicious. In Santa Fe, the ACLU filed suit to halt prayers at a baccalaureate service, privately sponsored by a group of ministers in 1995. The federal judge, Samuel Kent, said that the ministers could still hold the voluntary service, but that no one could pray in the name of any specific deity, such as the name of Jesus.

We have a very good book about the ACLU and it was very informative. This legal organization is all about rights. They do not care aboout right and wrong, good and evil and morailty and immorality. They only work to establish rights for those who disobey those standards. This is not a good organization and they do cause the rest of the nation trouble when they enter a legal battle

If there is any organization that needs revival it is the ACLU and you can include Planned Parenthood in that list as well.

#4. We Read The Responses

“That is sick. I want to puke. Rick Patrick, may God forgive you. One of these days maybe you’ll have the good fortune of meeting a woman who has actually been raped – or even worse,” Burleson responded on a Twitter thread

We know that our stand on this issue is not popular. We are not a supporter of the #Metoo movement. Something that has been pointed out by many commentators under articles in the secular media is that the # sign means pound. They are having a good laugh at those who use the # to mean ‘at’. For their sign really means pound me too with the word pound as a replacement for the phrase- have sex with me.

You really need to be careful what signs and terminology you use when expressing your purpose. You may be saying something you do not want to say. This is a difficult issue though. We do not like the responses because, one, it is not good fortune for a woman to be raped. Two, too much emotion is fueling the movement and different points of view. Three, very little biblical instruction is being used to keep  the discussion on track and godly.

In fact, since the #Metoo movement is secular, God is not part of their agenda Christians need to stay away from that movement while addressing similar concerns. Bringing false teaching into the church does not serve Christian women nor help them be Christ-like. Being overly emotional and not biblical is also a hindrance to keeping people on the straight and narrow road.

What is wrong with Paige Patterson, Rick Patrick, and men like them? What kind of Jesus do they serve?

We can say the same thing about those men and women who ignore biblical teaching to simply please women. Then when they work to hurt men and women who do actually follow the bible we ask the same question. Their lack of spiritual and biblical behavior and words cause us ot wonder if they are Christian at all.

What kind of example is he for the boys and men of the church?

We ask the same question of those who toss the Bible out in favor of secular cultural attitudes. We know there is a sexual problem in the church but it isn’t just against women. The biggest sexual problem in the church today is when church people stop listening to God and start using their own or the secular world’s ideas to solve those issues.

When people follow the Bible correctly, it will mean that some women will not get what they want. It will mean that some men will not get what they want. It does mean that the world will see that Christians actually follow the God they say they serve and that obedience will make an impact on the unchurched world.

Now do we like that Pastor’s joke or satire? No, but we understand the point he was trying to make. He did illustrate quite well the damage false accusations do to innocent people and to those who follow God correctly.

#5. Again It Is About Women

6,000 Attend UMC Women’s Assembly, Speakers Lament Failure to Pass ‘God Isn’t Male or Female’ Amendment

This is more about the picture than anything else. Does anyone see anything wrong with that photo? We do. It is filled with women clergy. You may not think there is anything wrong with that idea but we certainly do. One reason is that God is consistent and that he installed men as his temple priests in the OT and he installed men as pastors, overseers, elders in the NT. The ONLY restriction that was removed was that those elders, pastors, etc., did not have to be of the house of Levi and a son of Aaron.

The second reason is that we feel that very few men and women have taken the example of Eve seriously. Eve was approached by evil and was led to sin through deception. We see the same thing happening here in this women as preachers issue. Except we see men and women being being deceived by evil and led to disobey God’s biblical instructions.

For the men in this issue, it could be that they love their wives and daughters more than they love God. For women, the ‘you can be like God’ deception is turned into ‘you can be like men’ argument. We see it happening all the time where women stop being who they are and seek to be men. That is not God’s instruction to women. Nor did his instruction include that women take upon themselves a role that was reserved for men

These may seem like harsh words but they have to be spoken. Women need to stop disobeying God and men need to stop encouraging them to disobey.

#6. Promiscuity Is Not Biblical

Ellla Dawson is one millennial that make me concerned for our future. Dawson calls herself a feminist who basically treats sex like a contact sport, for lack of a better term. This in spite of her contracting genital HSV-1 aka herpes. Still while I give her credit for admitting to this, Dawson has not repented of her actions and continues her sexual erotica stories coupled with her radical feminism.

One of the things that we did not like about the old Hippie movement was that depraved men were able to convince women that free sex was a good thing. These men, and probably some women, taught that having multiple sexual partners was the way to live. Men had a great time and got leave if a child came into the picture while the woman was left holding the responsibility. Not always but it happened enough.

Somehow, some women in the feminist movement have adopted that teaching and encourage other women to experiment sexually and have multiple sexual partners. We know this because there are Christian feminist (and we use the term Christian very loosely here) who actually do this encouraging. We have read their websites.

God has said not to do that. Sexual relations is for marriage and only between one male and one female who were married to each other. Anything else, including same-sex and other sexual perversions, was and is sin. This is the hard thing about life. We have to combat our own personal desires and get them in line with God’s instructions.

We are not to try to get God’s biblical instructions in line with our personal desires. But we do not do that alone. We have help in Jesus. More men and women should be asking Jesus for help and they should be prepared to re-read those same passages of scripture they have heard all their lives as their answer. It is not an easy battle but it is worth it when you see the results of the behavior that disobeys God and his instructions.


In The News 29

#1. Transgender Woman Sues Waxing Spa After Muslim Employee Declined Service for Religious Reasons

A transgender woman who was born male has filed a complaint against a Canadian beauty waxing spa after a female Muslim employee declined service over religious reasons…The unnamed transgender woman is suing the company for $50,000 as compensation for what the complaint identified as “immense harm to her dignity.”

We have talked before about how selfish the LGBTQ community is. This just provide more evidence to support our views.   But the fact that the LGBTQ member has no respect for anyone’s religious beliefs goes beyond reason. If the LGBTQ community wants to be treated right, then they need to respect other people’s religious beliefs and treat others properly.

Then to make the reason for the lawsuit as ‘harm to one’s dignity’ shows how absurd the LGBTQ community members are becoming. Anyone who mutilates their body simply because they identify as another gender really has no dignity left to be harmed. They are more of a laughingstock than anything else. Then if the Human Rights tribunal upholds this complaint, they are more insane than the person who made the complaint.

Sorry for our strong terminology but this issue has gone past the point of ridiculousness and into abuse of the courts and legal systems by the LGBTQ community. We have seen that abuse grow stronger over the years and most of it is against Christian believers.

#2. A Christian Escapee from North Korea Has His Doubts about Kim’s Peace Overtures

It is not the kind of peace, however, that interests Kim, Choi said. North Korea’s leader is not intending to release his control over the country but wants to model it after Vietnam, a communist country with a socialist economy.

We agree. Do not trust Kim Jong Un or any of his associates.



Ask Yourselves This Question


Why did God write the Bible the way he did?

Then ask yourselves a couple of follow-up questions:

1. Was it because he had nothing better to do and he was allowing sinful, fallible humans to use their own subjective ideas on how his church and kingdom should be run?


2. Was he communicating to his creation how we are to act in his church and kingdom so we can live holy and just lives?

We ask these questions because of the following article

Pastor J.D. Greear of Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, has had to defend his complementarian view of gender that women and men have equal but separate roles in the church and family, after some likened his view to Jim Crow laws.

Jim Crow?? Really? Some people are after a little attention with that hype-fueled comparison. There really is no comparison as there is no biblical command or divine ban on people of color. Jim Crow was clearly human originated based on subjective human prejudice that sought to keep people of color subservient to the white majority. There was nothing biblical or of God in those laws.

BUT there is something biblical and of God in the Biblical instructions concerning who can lead the church. There is a divine ban on which gender gets to lead the church. And neither are sinful, subjective or delegating a gender to an inferior or second class position. If you are in opposition to biblical instruction or another person’s views, please make sure you use comparisons that work, make sense and are on topic. You just look foolish if you don’t.

Greear is a nominee for president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. He argued, “‘Wives submit to your husband’ does not mean ‘all women everywhere submit to all men everywhere’ or that women are inferior in essence, gifting or value in the body of Christ. Both genders have a vital role in the kingdom and we should offer for both clear paths for development and advancement in the church.

And we agree, except for the use of the word ‘gifting’. Whoever made up that word needs to be punished severely. It is not a correct use of the term and neither is ‘gifted’ and any other variation of the badly used term. But that is a pet peeve. Christians shouldn’t be following fads but setting the example of how to do life right including using the English language correctly.

We do agree that women are only to be submissive to their husbands. Any pastor who interferes in the husband’s biblical rights may be over-stepping their boundaries and sinning. We know of one pastor who told an abused woman that her husband had lost his husband’s authority over her because he abused her. He was wrong. You will notice that those verses talking about a husband’s authority and submissiveness do not include escape clauses. They do not say, ‘except in the case of abuse’.

You will also notice that the verses talking about husbands loving their wives do not allow men to abuse their wives. Love does not abuse. But we are going astray here.

“Sometimes, in our rightful espousal of complementarianism, we in the SBC have failed to recognize the gift women are to the body of Christ and failed to devote our energies to creating pathways into ministry as we have for men.”

And we agree again. Except that we cannot defy the divine ban on which gender cannot lead the chrch. The Bible has shown over and over that women have gifts, talents, intelligence and so on. It has also shown that women can have access to God and can pray, minister for him in certain capacities and so on. BUT even 1 Cor 12, while applying to both men and women does not give permission to anyone to defy God’s divine ban on the leadership of his people and church. Women can achieve many things but being an apostle does not make them superior to God and give them the ability to replace men as elders or pastors.

12 For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ. 13 For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.

Women are not excluded from the teaching of this chapter. But read the following words carefully especially the words placed in bold

14 For the body is not one member, but many. 15 If the foot says, “Because I am not a hand, I am not a part of the body,” it is not for this reason any the less a part of the body. 16 And if the ear says, “Because I am not an eye, I am not a part of the body,” it is not for this reason any the less a part of the body. 17 If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole were hearing, where would the sense of smell be? 18 But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired

It is God who makes the call on who leads his church. Not denominations, not bishops, popes, church presidents and so on. Women, just because you are not an elder or a pastor does not mean you are left out of the body and are inferior. You still have spiritual duties to do. God places you where he wants and he will not place you where you have to disobey him and his instructions. He will not lead you to sin or ignore his divine ban.

Even if you feel called to violate that ban, we strongly suggest you question that call. Because it is leading you to sin and God does not want his people to sin. Then,

27 Now you are Christ’s body, and individually members of it. 28 And God has [r]appointed in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, various kinds of tongues.

Because women can be teachers, it does not mean that they get to violate Paul’s words that women are not to teach men. One passage of scripture does not over-rule another. The one defines the other in this case. Women can teach but they cannot teach men and we will go as far as to say that a male child becomes a man at puberty or roughly the age of 12. Teenagers are not children regardless of what secular culture says about them.

The fact that a teenager’s spiritual, personal, psychological growth is hindered and delayed does not change this fact. But it does reflect badly on parents and society in general.

When prompted by Greear, Eagle argued that the apostle Paul was trying to make a similar point in Galatians 3:28 in the Bible, which says, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

People love to turn to this verse when they want their own way. They use it as a sledge hammer to get those who disagree with them to change their minds about other important passages of scripture. It is also a verse that is used haphazardly and selectvely as it is not applied to those verses telling husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church.

You will notice that women do not get the same love instruction as men do? That is something to think about as well. That verse does not define Paul’s instructions on who can be a pastor or elder. Nor does it over-rule them. As you see by specific bible verses God, even though God says what he does in the quoted passage immediately above, still defines genders and provides separate specific instructions to both men and women according to their gender.

The use of those who support women as pastors and elders are using that verse as an excuse and exactly the same as pro-slave people used the Bible to defend their ownership of slaves.

As theologians Gregory A. Boyd and Paul R. Eddy argued in their book, Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology, such a view “has been the dominant view throughout Church history. The Church has always encouraged and valued the significant contributions of women in many areas of ministry, but the Church has almost always forbidden women leaders until recent times

The suppporters of women minister also ignore tradition and the historical view of the church. Why they do this is not certain but it is not honest. Tradition is not wrong if it is practicing the truth.

Egalitarians, or those who insist that women can be ordained in the church, have come from different denominations, and hold different views on related social issues.

In other words, the Christian church has let in false teachers who have imported their sinful views into the church. It is odd, how so many bible scholars, pastors etc., ignore the biblical  teaching on false teachers. They rarely apply it correctly if they talk about it at all. Those people who teach others to ignore God’s instructions are false teachers and need to be put out of the church until they repent of their ways. Paul was specific about that as well. So was Peter in his 2nd epistle.

Of course, the church has to determine if the person teaching the wrong doctrine are doing it purposefully or have been misled or misguided. Simple correction should determine the status of their motivation.  The latter are not to be put out of the church but guided back to the truth just like Apollos was by Aquila and Priscilla.

False teaching is not allowed in God’s church. Those who support women as elders and ministers are not teaching the truth.


Special Announcement 2

It is very hard for me to think of Korea these days now that I have left the country. I spent almost a quarter of my life in that country. I had many good friends, wonderful students and a great learning experience.

It was there that I spent about 10+ years reading 30-35 books a year just to get caught up in what was happening in archaeology, history, science, genetics and even astronomy. I was also able to complete 3 degrees (40 F, -30 F & 72 F 😊) while teaching English.

I did a lot of travel, going to some unique and well-traveled tourist spots and a myriad of weird isolated spots most people do not go to, even Koreans did not go to them. But I enjoyed living in the country so much that I wanted to see as much of it as I could.

Then, when I had some spare time I was able to write 3 books to help believers in their faith and to grow stronger in Christ. As I was walking with my lovely wife tonight, the thought that I had the books came to my mind. I hope it is from God as we did not check.

I had forgotten about those books because they do not sell very well. Academics is not many people’s cup of tea. But as I thought about the Special Announcement that I had put on this web page I was worried that people would think the Bible Institute was a scam and not real.

It is real. We have filed the SEC paperwork this past week and have secured a temporary building. We have also seen a more permanent building that would fit some of our needs. But that may be a while down the road.

I am not a person that likes to ask people for money, especially when it is a straight donation for something in another country. BUT I do like to see people get something for their money so that they are happy and not feel like they were taken or being asked to donate to one more good cause.

If they buy a copy of one of the books, I feel good that they are getting something for their money. I can pledge a percentage will go to the school and its needs. I haven’t decided yet what that percentage would be, but it would be capped at 50%.

We do not care if anyone thinks that this is a gimmick to sell books. It isn’t. It is using available resources to help the school be self-sufficient and get a good financial foundation without the issues that come from straight donations.

That is one reason behind our thinking of opening a bookstore. If generous westerners donate more than enough books, we can open a book store and continue to build on that strong financial foundation. Buying the available books, mentioned below, is one way to contribute to the school’s success prior to our establishing bank, pay pal and skrill accounts.

I have an opportunity to give to these students, pastors and church leaders everything God has taught me over the years I spent in Korea. I would like to see it succeed as I approach my later years in life.

The three books are written under my pen name Dr. David Tee. I had enemies in Korea and had to protect my identity at times. When I didn’t I suffered greatly even  to the point where unbelievers were trying to get me thrown out of the country.

The titles are:

Archaeology and the Unwary Believer

Much to Talk About Vol 1

Much to Talk About Vol 2

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and I hope that if you cannot do it, that you would pass this request on to those who can.

Dr. David T.

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Some time ago we said that the topic of legalism was a subject for another day. It seems that day has arrived. It comes in the form of addressing Ms. Beth Moore’s comments in the following article

We can’t help but see an ad for one of Dr. Lutzer’s books titled The Doctrines that Divide in one of the websites we looked up the term legalism

. The title reminded of us Jesus’words about how he came not to bring peace but a sword. How families will be divided by God’s word. We see the truth of those words by seeing the thousands of Christian denominations that exist in  the world today. We feel that the issue of legalism is one of those doctrines.

Another website we looked at is found here

While we agree in part with the ideas of those website definitions we feel that they are leaving the door open for sin and sinful behavior to enter the church. {You can read those websites for their definition of the word legalism. We will not be addressing them per se}. For example:

The second form of legalism divorces the letter of the law from the spirit of the law. It obeys the letter but violates the spirit

The spirit of the law does not mean that the law is altered or ignored. Culture is not the determining factor when looking for the spirit of the law. Culture is secular, lost, deceived, blind and in need of the light of the truth. Culture cannot shed light on God’s word nor illustrate the spirit of God’s laws or rules. For example, and sorry women we must use ths example. While culture is championing equality for women in the boardroom, as politicians and other leadership roles,that movement is not bringing the spirit of God’s law banning women from being church leaders and pastors.

How can it? That movement is not of God, is fueled with evil and has sin merely being moved from being directed at women towards being directed at men. The spirit of God’s law would not violate God’s instruction that men lead the church and are its pastors and elders. Instead it would recognize that women have a ministry and can serve God but their ministry has a divine restriction placed upon it. That ministry can be developed as long as its development does not violate God’s rules found in the Bible.

We have written of such a ministry for women in our article Why we want biblically educated women.

But from what we have seen, especially in Ms. Moore’s comments is that the term legalism is being misapplied and used in a manner to allow Christians to violate God’s rules.

Author and evangelist Beth Moore is warning about the danger and deceit of religious legalism, particularly how when it exceeds compassion it is like a deadly snake that will inevitably “crush” you.

One of the dangers we see in legalism are its opponents and their generic and very broad use of the term legalism. Their failure to be specific opens up a very large can of worms allowing the term to be used by offenders to justify their actions and protest any spiritual discipline or rebuke. This can cause havoc in the church, confusion and more bad behavior by church members.

We will state up front, and so we do not have to keep repeating it, that there is a form of legalism that is practiced in the church. This goes without saying and we grew up in a time when it permeated the church Our undergrad alma mater practiced this to some extent and we will cite one example. A group of schoolmates, they were about 2 or 3 years behind us, went out to dinner one night. In the course of ordering their meal, they decided that they wanted to follow biblical teaching and have a glass of wine as they ate. As you know wine is good for the digestation and the heart.

Unfortunately, one of the faculty was dining at the same restaurant at the same time and saw what they were doing. The students were reported and instead of being given wise counsel, they were threatened with expulsion. It should be mentioned that the main churches that supported the school were against any type of alcohol consumption. This detail is important so you understand the school’s actions and not condemn it or the people in charge at the time.

There is a form of legalism that does exist in the church BUT that existence does not invalidate obedience to God’s word or make his instructions to his followers wrong. Correct obedience is not legalism. So it would be nice if those accusing the church to be specific about their charges and not generic in nature. One reason people like Ms. Moore are generic in their accusation is possibly that they do not want to learn that they are in error and are championing something that is wrong and against God.

They want their own way regardless of its validity and lack of approval from God. Our other issue with those quoted words is the term compassion. How can you be compassionate if you let people lead sinful lives and violate God’s instructions? Christian compassion does not encourage people to sin. Nor does it keep people in sin. Compassion also does not support those who willfully want to disobey God’s rules.

One of the motivating problems in their point of view is that the people like Ms. Moore want a warm hug, a good feeling, blind acceptance to describe love. Much like our religious education classes in our undergrad alma mater which sought hard to avoid the ‘harsh’ theological doctrinal rules taught in the theology program. But you cannot have compassion unless there are rules to follow. You also cannot have church discipline if you remove all the rules from guiding the church. God is not a God of anarchy and Jesus said if you love him, obey him.

In a May 3 letter addressed to her brothers in Christ, she explained how she has encountered chauvinistic, misogynist attitudes from within conservative evangelical and Southern Baptist circles and asked them to have no tolerance for it.

We addressed her open letter and so we will not repeat ourselves here except to say that she needs specific examples or she can be accused of wanting the church to stop following God’s rules and start following hers or secular culture’s. Plus, she needs to be more specific on her use of the the term misogynist and chauvinistic. If her definitions are applied and they are attacking those men who are truly obeying God, then she has a deeper problem than misogyny and chauvinism.

Ms. Moore and people like her need to be careful that they are not going against the Holy Spirit in their protests

.Her words prompted an apology from a leader from The Gospel Coalition and accentuated the ongoing developments in the #metoo movement as well as a controversy in the SBC surrounding Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson

Forced apologies are not apologies especially when the people are merely trying to appease those who got upset. The fault lies with people like Ms. Moore because they did not bring one real biblical argument against their targets. They did not bring true repentance or showed where there was a true biblical error. We have not seen God in their protests or actions. We have seen subjective female attitudes and preferences but nothing from God.

The Lord’s prayer teaches us to forgive those who trespass against us. We saw no such forgiving on the part of Ms. Moore or any of those women and men involved in that issue. We see them trying to get their pound of flesh but only Dr. Patterson seemed to be acting like God instructed.

Earlier Thursday, Moore tweeted, in a post unrelated to the SBC: “We’re each messed up in some way. All paupers to grace. Those who scare me the most are the ones who don’t know it. No, that’s not true. Those who scare me the most are the ones who DO know it & hide it.”

“Transparency: I am who I seem.
Creepy: I seem who I seem to hide who I am.”

We really do not like seeing these subjective comments because they always leave God out of the mix and present personal preferences. That is the same thing that is happening when some people charge legalism is in the church and holding them back. They leave God out of the accusation and use their personal preference to label a supposed problem without taking the time to find out if it is really legalism or truly obedience to God.

Her comment in the first line is not one that is fitting someone who is supposedly a biblical teacher and has been one for many decades. She should know better. It keeps all believers in the same spot and does not allow for growth to take place. It can also be used to block more mature, wise believers from correcting the foolish or novice believer. Then it places her ideas on others and accuses them of actions most of them are not doing.

I think some of us haven’t had enough practice at colossally blowing it,” she said in late March.

“Listen, I’m not an expert on many things but I am an expert on colossally blowing it. It’s not hard to repent. You just get down on your face and go, God, I’ve colossally blown it. I’m so sorry. Please help.

Her credibility is blown. She has no solution and wants everyone to only be blowing it. She provides no real instruction on how to fix the supposed issue of legalism she is talking about. She may be identifying with her audience but identifying has never been a biblical teaching. It has been used for over 70 years in the church but it is not godly instruction.

One example: We visited one church that fathered our home church when we were very very little. This was over 20 years ago when the visit took place. They had participated in the internship program that is mandatory for most students. Their intern was trying to start a coffee house and in their advertising to the street youth said the words “we are just like you trying to figure this whole life thing out.”  When we pointed this error out to the youth pastor, he justified it by saying, ‘we are trying to identify with the street youth.’

The advertising said that the church did not have the answer for the youth on the street. The church and its leaders are to have the answers, after all they follow the God who has all the answers. You do not need to identify with people to bring them to salvation. You can say, ‘we WERE just like you but we have found the answer to our problems. Here it is.’

People want and need answers including the issue of legalism. They need to know the truth about it and that obedience is not legalism. If you are going to be a teacher of the Bible to men and women, then you need to know the truth and the answers before you teach. The last thing anyone needs from a youth pastor, pastor, church leader is- Í don’t know’. If you truly don’t now, then say ‘I don’t know but I will research it and ask God then get back to you’.

Evangelical Christianity is in “humiliating” need of reform, and evangelicals spend too much time defending themselves instead of trusting God, Moore stressed.

With her credibililty gone, her opinion on the state of the evangelical church means nothing and holds no weight. Anyone can call for reform. The real issue is if those calls are correct or coming from a faulty source or the opinion- I do not like what you are doing. So stop it and do it my way. So many people confuse their selfish protest with being spiritual and acting on God’s word.

There are many examples we can use but we will return to our alma mater and use one we have used before. In about our 3rd or 4th year a fad started. Students began protesting the actions of others by using verses talking about being offended by someone’s actions. Instead of correctly studying the term and applying the correct meaning properly, the students were using it to dictate to their fellow students to stop certain actions the supposed offended did not like.

They did not realize that the term offended meant brought to the point of losing their faith. The actions of their fellow students certainly were not doing that to the majority of students who claimed offense. We will allow that maybe one or two may have been brought to that point but we cannot be sure. The point here is, before you condemn something, you need to make sure you are correct, have credibility and are biblical. We see none of that in those quoted words directly above.

We see Ms. Moore and others like her trying to impose their will on the church not God’s.

“Yet all that stands between us & an astonishing work of the Holy Spirit is repentance. Quit being scared of rocking a boat that has run aground on an island of compromise. Walk on water,” she said.

Yes the Holy Spirit brings repentance but not at the direction and command of Ms. Moore and people like her. Actual sins must have taken place and actual violations of God’s word must have taken place. God will use people but that is done according to his views, his rules and his direction. God is not an attack dog held on a leash waiting to be commanded to go get someone simply because the commander doesn’t like the other person, their words or deeds.

Repentance needs to be done God’s way and that is not legalism. Getting away from legalism is not permission to get away from following God’s ways or rules. God has rules that govern his church, this life and salvation. It is not legalism to tell people to follow his rules. It is wrong to use secular culture to alter God’s rules and how they are applied to the church, life and salvation.

It is wrong to falsely label something legalism when it is not or demand that the church stop what it is doing and do it the protester’s way. Legalism is not subjective.




When Unbelievers Claim There is no Evidence

It happens a lot. One of the more popular targets is the biblical account of Noah’s Flood. Atheists and unbelievers claim there is no evidence for the deluge recorded in Genesis. They are lying of course, because even secular explorers have found evidence for the flood and have recorded it. The problem is, those explorers credit the discovery to some other issue catastrophe.

For an example, we are going to use wikipedia because the information is common

The park is situated in the valley of the Red Deer River, which is noted for its striking badland topography. The park is well known for being one of the richest dinosaur fossil locales in the world. Fifty-eight dinosaur species have been discovered at the park and more than 500 specimens have been removed and exhibited in museums around the globe. The renowned fossil assemblage of nearly 500 species of life, from microscopic fern spores to large carnivorous dinosaurs, justified its becoming a World Heritage Site in 1979.

What Wikipedia and other websites fail to mention is that the majority of these dinosaurs were found fleeing something. They laid where they were overcome. The secular world would have you believe that a comet or some other catastrophe wiped out the dinosaur population but those theories do not make sense when you see how the bones lay and their global presence.

But there is documented evidence for Noah’s flood

That webpage only documents a few of them. But we are getting a little far afield here. You may find, as we have, that many unbelievers, including atheists, have claimed that there is no evidence for certain biblical events. But they would have a hard time proving that Mardi Gras takes place in New Orleans in one year, let alone prove that it was a yearly event. Especially when they only have a minute amount of artifacts, literature and other pieces of evidence to draw their conclusions from.

It is also difficult for believers to prove that the Amalekites were a real people. But they were and God placed a judgment on them

Scripture records the long-lasting feud between the Amalekites and the Israelites and God’s direction to wipe the Amalekites off the face of the earth (Exodus 17:8–13; 1 Samuel 15:2; Deuteronomy 25:17).(

When God destroys something, it is pretty difficult to find any evidence of their existence. It is not impossible as God left evidence of the pre-flood world. Right now, we are siding with the theory that the Hyksos were the Amalekites. We can’t prove it because both peoples have no evidence for their existence. Just the similar  historical record and the coincidence of lining up with God’s judgment.

Then  there are other reasons why we cannot find physical evidence. One such reason is the misguided idea that certain evidence must be found in a certain manner. When Sir. Woolley said he discovered the remains of Noah’s Flood, he was rebuked by his peers and the archaeological establishment at that time because the evidence was not uniform.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it,there has only been one global flood. No one except God would know what the physical evidence should look like for a global flood.

That misguided assumption is just one reason why we cannot locate all the physical evidence unbelievers demand to see before they believe. But,sadly, even if believers did come up with evidence for biblical events, and they have i.e. Sodom and Gomorrah, those pieces of physical evidence are often rejected, even by those claiming to be Christians.

One lesson that needs to be learned here is that believers do not dig to appease or convince unbelievers. Nor do they dig at the command of those same sinners. You can discover the ark itself and prove beyond a shadow of doubt that it is THE ark and most unbelievers will find some excuse to dismiss it as a fake. If we dig, it should be for the right biblical reasons.

Remember we are under the command to have faith not search for physical evidence. Of course, believers should be participating in archaeology and cover the same ground as unbelieving archaeologists if nothing else but to keep the latter honest. The former should be producing the truth not more theories or conjectures, assumptions etc. about the past. Sometimes we are hard on Christian archaeologists but that is because they follow secular rules and do not follow God’s instructions in their work.

Other reasons that allow unbelievers to claim that there is no evidence for the bible comes in the form of natural disasters, construction, wars and more. We get a news letter on archaeology which has a story on one construction project that may wipe out a lot of our historical past

Desert, Dams Threaten Digs Near Bible Lands by Dave Aeilts | May 11, 2018

For years, archaeology has focused big money and time uncovering and unraveling the mysteries of Egypt. Because of the Exodus, those interested in the Lands of the Bible have closely followed what is unearthed in the land of the pharaohs. Would it surprise you to learn that some of Egypt’s pharaohs came from an ancient land known as Nubia (the Land of Cush or Kush) whose boundaries straddled today’s Egyptian-Sudanese border.

Researchers are now racing to excavate Nubian ruins at sites scheduled to be inundated by water when Sudan constructs three dams planned for the upper Nile River. If rising lakes behind the dams do not bury these ruins, howling desert sandstorms and the urban creep of a population hungry for a better lifestyle may destroy these antiquities.

It is a very good article on why physical evidence for our past has disappeared over time. Construction projects wipe out a lot of our history. You may recall how some homeowners in Israel have dug underneath their homes and found ancient buildings etc. Archaeology is limited and one of its limitations is that archaeologists cannot dig everywhere. That is not an argument to employ more archaeologists but stating the reality that homes, office buildings etc., cannot be moved to please the unbeliever and their demand for more physical evidence.

As K A Kitchen has pointed out in his book The Bible In Its World, archaeologists are lucky to excavate up to 5% of any given site, including Megiddo (one of the few continuous excavations that is still ongoing). Not only is construction a nemesis of archaeology but erosion and other natural events fall into that category as well. Earthquakes destroy a lot of the archaeological record. So do landslides, tornadoes, tidal waves and more.

Wars take their toll as well as invading forces ruin or destroy archaeological sites. The most recent groups are the Taliban and ISIS. The latter of course has been accused of looting to raise needed money.

What does all of this mean for the believer? While physical evidence does help our argument, it is not essential. When an unbeliever demands physical evidence to prove a biblical event or our words, we merely point out to them that God placed everyone under the requirement of faith. We will have physical evidence to help our arguments BUT we will not have so much that our faith is destroyed.

Faith is always going to be part of the equation. That is our response to unbelievers who make demands for physical evidence. To find salvation, they need to follow God’s rules. One of those rules is that we come to Jesus by faith. We accept Genesis by faith, we accept the whole Bible by faith, so must the unbeliever if they want to see God and enter his kingdom.

The Bible tells us that it is by grace through faith that we are saved. We are not saved through physical evidence though it will help unbelievers take that step of faith required for salvation. Some physical evidence will also shore up our faith. In the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, we have that evidence. it is not the northern location championed by some one we know and have opposed for years.

It is not where Ron Wyatt claimed either. it is found in a region that has been uninhabitable for millennia

It is funny to us, not ha ha, that the very reason Dr. Stephen Collins and some of his associates dismiss the southern location is the very reason that proves the location. They have told us directly in discussions years ago, that the land surrounding Bab edh-Dhra and Numeira was so bad why would anyone live there? Their question stems from their faulty perception of the territory. They were not looking at the land as the Sodomites and Gomorrahians, plus Lot and Abraham, saw it. They were looking at the territory after God had destroyed it and came to their faulty conclusions.

As believers, if we are going to use archaeology in our evangelistic efforts, we must be looking at the physical evidence from the correct perception point. We must be honest and not force the evidence to fit our beliefs. There is plenty of evidence to prove the Christian faith and the Bible true without altering any of it or forcing it to fit our perspective.

When unbelievers ask why we reject one archaeologist’s conclusion over another, we must be ready to give an answer. That answer must be the truth. Why do we reject Dr. Collins’ identification as Tall el-Hamman as Sodom, when so many biblical scholars and archaeologists accept it? Because he manipulates the evidence to fit his views and he manipulates the biblical passages for the same reason. He ignores real evidence that demonstrates he is wrong, for whatever reason he may have.

You see using physical evidence is not going to be a sure thing when trying to convert someone to the Christian faith. It is not always enough to keep Christians from making archaeological mistakes. When unbelievers ask us for physical evidence, you can always respond by stating how Christ changed you. That is physical evidence as well and it is real, in the present and happening to a live person. It is not something that came from thousands of years ago.

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