Holiday Gift Giving

On sale-- Faith building books One set of 4 e-books designed to give every pastor and Christian the information they need to know to help their faith grow strong Learn the facts so you can also defend your faith when atheists and unbelievers attack. The non-Christian world does not have the truth and that includes … Continue reading Holiday Gift Giving


Our Latest Effort

Our 4th E-Book Is now in the process of being published. It is called “The Church & Science: Get All the Facts” It is in the process of being published and can be found at 2 locations as of this writing. Just click the following link to get to it UBL: BUT, next week … Continue reading Our Latest Effort

Follow the Instructions

In our content writing, we have had to say those words quite often. That is because no matter what you do, there are always a set of instructions to help guide your assembly, laundry efforts, application of materials, and so on. The instructions are important as they are given to you to help make sure … Continue reading Follow the Instructions

A Lot of Things Matter

We have already posted an article about the BLM movement and their anti-biblical, anti-God ways. They have no respect for anyone except for their own evil desires. And we have mentioned in different posts how the Democrat Party leaders have undermined their own authority by cherry-picking which laws they will obey and which ones they … Continue reading A Lot of Things Matter

God Does Not Act That Way

I can accept the end of Thera as a random accident of nature...But if we are to believe it was God's wisdom at work-- there were so many other ways to darken the sky, cause the the fish to die, rain acid down from heaven. What need was there to turn Kalliste, the most beautiful,  … Continue reading God Does Not Act That Way

1st Royalty Payment Received my 1st royalty payment today. It’s only $10 but it feels good. Thanks to God for the extra money. There will be an announcement about Sept. 1st so stay tuned go to this link to pick up your copy or copies today and thank you for the support--

President Trump’s Accomplishments

We have seen in different comment sections, different commentators who have placed annotated lists of Mr. Trump's accomplishments. We have also seen far too many people hold his negative points over his and every Trump supporters' head claiming those disqualify him from enjoying a second term in office. That second part is neither fair nor … Continue reading President Trump’s Accomplishments

As I Read the News

I feel it is pertinent and vital that American Christians and other Christians start praying for their leaders, that the elections are not compromised and that God stops the democrats from regaining power.   It is not that Mr. Trump and Republicans are perfect or God-fearing but that they show better leadership, have better leadership … Continue reading As I Read the News

Has Linear A been deciphered?

The answer to that question seems to be answered in the positive according to the following video lecture and blog article: YouTube video-- Linear A Blog post- Linguists Successfully Decipher Ancient Minoan Language “Linear A"-- click here. This may be old news although the people writing and speaking on this topic make it sound like … Continue reading Has Linear A been deciphered?