We read this story this morning Juneteenth becomes 12th federal holiday and wondered if it was necessary. It is not that we are against freeing slaves it is just that slavery still exists and has not been wiped out. Should we be commemorating an action done by 1 nation 160 years ago when the world … Continue reading Juneteenth

Some Things to Think About

We do not pretend to have the answer for everything. Sometimes, other people make good points that deserve to be heard and considered. The first article is one such case #1.Organized religion 'decays' as political ideologies increasingly viewed in 'religious light' We are dealing not just with the decay of traditional religion, but far worse, … Continue reading Some Things to Think About

It Is Not Going to Get better

Almost 50 years ago famed psychologist Karl Menninger wrote his famous book Whatever Became of Sin. In that work, he wrote the following words: The very word, 'sin'. which seems to have disappeared, was once a proud word. It was a strong word, an aminous and serious word... But the Word went away. It has … Continue reading It Is Not Going to Get better

Inside the Mind of an Atheist

We all know what is going on inside the mind of an atheist. But it is nice to have them make confessions once in a while. B.G. (Bruce Gerencser) has written a little confession that clears up any confusion. His very first line tells us everything we need to know about atheists: Atheists of every … Continue reading Inside the Mind of an Atheist

Applying Scripture

We have done many articles recently using two non-Christian websites as a source for our topics. It is not wrong to do so and we may address more of the issues they raise n future articles. What is important though, is how to respond to these people. One of the keys to approaching those that … Continue reading Applying Scripture