I am a transgender woman

Not us but the title reflects the mentality of many people who think there was a mistake at birth. If you believe that a person can change their gender or that there is more than one, you would be in error. This is a deception that many people have fallen for and have come under … Continue reading I am a transgender woman

Do NOT Listen to Unbelievers

God cannot be more clear than that. it is said throughout the Bible that the unbeliever is lost, deceived, and blind. Jesus also told us that the unbelieving world does not have the Spirit of Truth guiding them to the truth. That means you cannot get to the truth through the unbelievers' words. Yet many … Continue reading Do NOT Listen to Unbelievers

Key Verses In the Abortion Issue

We all know that the Supreme Court is going to make a very difficult decision in Mississippi's abortion law. But no matter how they decide, Christians live under a different law created by the only Holy God there is. The status of the unborn child does not change because democrats, liberals, and leftists say it … Continue reading Key Verses In the Abortion Issue

A Ministry in Need

We get the ABR newsletter every month and over the years we have read many of their articles asking Christians to donate to keep their ministry afloat. While we do not like such letters or ministries that make you raise your own support, they do important work. Back when the people of ABR were our … Continue reading A Ministry in Need

Be Careful What You Say

Trying to be cool in the 20th century was easy. There were no recording devices on phones and only spies had miniature recorders. The people with larger recorders were journalists and you always knew where they were. In today's world, you can be recorded very easily as just about everyone has a mini recorder on … Continue reading Be Careful What You Say