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We received a comment a few days ago which does bother us as it demonstrates a misunderstanding of what we do here. We will use that comment, NOT to discourage people from commenting or criticizing us, but to make sure people actually understand what we do on this website. In other words take the following as something that will help guide your comments in the future. We are not attacking the person who made the comment but want to clarify different points so that there is no misunderstanding.

It seems to me that between this post and your post about the Las Vegas shooting (which unfairly declares that “many youth leaders” are ill-equipped to handle such situations with their youth groups), your main issues seem to be personal disagreements with Perhaps you should discuss your opinions with the editor

We could do that but Christian Post has removed their comment section except for a few entries under their blog section. We are saying that from memory so we may be mistaken on which section they allow comments. Also we have in the past sent in letters to the editors but like everyone else, they get to decide what they will publish. Like everyone else they will choose whom they will take direction from, if they didn’t they would go crazy trying to please everyone. When we provide entries from Christian Post it is because there is something in the story we want to discuss here and provide better information to our readers. We are not attacking the reporters or Christian Post but simply want to address certain issues that arise with their information. We would love to use different Christian news sources but at the moment it is not feasible for us to do it at this time.

and devote your blog here to illustrating ways in which archaeology defends biblical claims – as the name of your blog suggests?

The name of our blog is theologyarchaeology and in no way does that name imply any purpose other than that we will discuss those topics that fall into those two categories. From time to time we may stray from that purpose only because we may want a break or there is something interesting to discuss. For the most part we limit ourselves to theology, archaeology and under those two categories comes different sub-groups like history, homosexuality, transgenderism, Bible, family and so much more. While we believe in Jesus Christ as God’s son and Savior, we will defend the Bible and its perspective but our name does not suggest that. WE reserve the right to discuss whatever we want, after all it is our blog. If you want things done differently, please go start your own blog and do it the way you want.

And rather than defending alien-theorists over archaeologists, understand that archaeology is an evolving science that seeks to present historical facts, regardless of religious affiliation, and that “experts” are actually highly educated in their field including theories, histories, techniques, and interpretations?

We have never defended any alien theory or theorist except possibly to say that they have a right to their opinion and get to publish on their websites whatever they want. We have never agreed with any alien theorist and only look to their work to see if there is any new evidence that we have not heard about. We do the same for secular archaeologists no matter if they are in the maximalist or minimalist schools of thought. We also have to read them if we are going to speak intelligently when we refute their ideas and theories.

The concept of ‘a developing science’ is misleading. It sends the wrong message including that archaeology is not qualified to speak about the past. Holding to such an idea only interferes and hinders ones archaeological work. It also tells others that the person holding to such ideas are not following the Holy Spirit to the truth; they are following the secular mindset and that is wrong for any Christian to do. Oh and please do not structure your comments in the manner that comes across like you do not think we know anything. We have been study archaeology, theology and other subjects for over 30 years now. Please keep that in mind when you write you responses to our work. We know that the ‘experts’ are highly educated in the field of archaeology and other topics but highly educated does not make them free from error or infallible; especially if they are unbelieving experts. The Bible tells us that the unbeliever does not have the Spirit of Truth in them so we must listen to the Bible over these unbelieving experts. We will add that those words also apply to many ‘Christian’ experts as well. They ma claim to be Christian but do not believe God, follow his instructions and so on.

Science does not try to present historical facts. Those in science strive for the best explanation not facts. That has been told to  me over and over by scientists and other people in scientific research fields. We (Theologyarchaeology) like facts and the truth but science does not. If scientists and others in scientific research fields went for the truth they would have to toss their life’s work out the window and accept the Bible. The Bible also does not instruct anyone to go for interpretation. It clearly tells us to go for the truth and there is a big difference between the two.

As an aspiring archaeoloist and Christian, I was greatly intrigued by the name of your blog, which is why I subscribed to it, but after about a week’s worth of disappointing posts, I think it’s time for me to move on. Best wishes for your future – may your blog genuinely be used for the glory of God.

We are glad that the commentator is a Christian and likes to pursue archaeology but the first lesson they need to learn is to follow the Bible first. You cannot serve two masters thus you will either follow God and his ways or you will follow evil and theirs. There is NO gray area with God.The Bible is very clear on that fact.

It is sad that person decided to only judge us on a mere week’s worth of posts without regard to the total content of this blog as well as what is gong on in our lives at the time we write. We are not perfect, we are not immune to problems, feelings and other influences so we do not guarantee that every post is going to be perfect. it is wrong to assume that we are and them expect us to perform to individual and personal expectations we know nothing about. Of course, even if we did know about them, we would not perform to them as that is not the Christian duty. We are to obey God and write what he wants not what our readers would like to see. It is unfair to make such judgments based upon such a limited view of what is involved in our lives. Why not pray for us instead of condemning us?

We have taken and received no outside support for this work so it is also unfair for anyone to try to tell us what to write. Even if someone did contribute, we would not change our purpose  and write what they demanded. They are not whom we serve. Their contribution would be an expression of obedience to God and support of our effort as fellow believers not as owners of this website who get to dictate what our content is. For future reference please eliminate such comments from your posts. If you are disappointed we can’t help that for the most part, how you view our work is up to you. Just quietly move on please if we are not your cup of tea.

We hope this helps.

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Unearthing Atlantis

And no, the title is not in response to the comment made in the In The News 24 entry of a few days ago. This title is exactly the same as the Charles Pellegrino book that discusses Thera and its relationship to Atlantis. Those people who place the destruction of Atlantis at 9000+ years ago are sadly misguided. Our theory coincides with others who think that Plato and the Egyptian priests were referring to the disappearance of the Minoan society in roughly the middle of the 1600s BC. The idea that Atlantis was some super race of humans who were so far advanced that it makes our modern civilizations look like hunter-gatherers is also far-fetched. Atlantis is just another name for the Minoans who existed for approx. 1500 years before God allowed them to be destroyed. We have to use the word allow because we do not know if God destroyed them for their sins or they were just unfortunate victims of a volcano and God acted to save a remnant of them, later called the Philistines. Archaeology and science cannot answer that question.

We are talking about the Minoans and Dr. Pellegrino’s book today because we came across it the other day as we were looking at used books in one of e of the very few used books stores in this country. It is a great book with a lot of great information and facts. We had it in our library for almost 20 years before we lost it in a move ad we are happy to have it again. The reason for that is as we are re-reading Dr. Pellegrino’s work we came across a very interesting piece of information that either we missed or forgot about. That tidbit is quite informative

The town that S. Marinatos discovered under all the ash dumped on it by the volcanic eruption, was actually built upon another, earlier town that was also buried by a volcanic eruption. There is not much information on that town because the work on Akrotiri is slow. Excavations have been on going for the one town for approx. 50 years. This information, of course, turns our minds to the pre-flood world and we wonder if that underlying buried town was not evidence for the pre-flood world and the flood. The Minoans are considered the ancestors or fellow Philistines due to this verse found in Amos

Amos 9:7“Are you not as the sons of Ethiopia to Me, O sons of Israel?” declares the Lord. “Have I not brought up Israel from the land of Egypt, And the Philistines from Caphtor and the Arameans from Kir?

Which may be a reason why no skeletons or bodies associated with Akrotiri have ever been found on Thera. It would be nice to learn more about the buried town that the current ancient city Akrotiri was built upon. In all the years we have been doing archaeology, Dr. Pellegrino’s book is the only source that mentions its existence.

For those who think that you cannot do archaeology with the Bible in one hand and a spade in the other are sadly misguided. The Bible contains far more ancient clues to ancient societies and civilizations than most ancient sources do. We would be hurting for information and discovering far less about our past if we relied upon archaeologists to dig up some ancient record that mentions the many societies that the Bible talks about. Don’t listen to the secular archaeologist (or even the supposed Christian ones) who say that the Bible cannot be used in archaeology. It can for it is a historical book and its pages are filled with actual history, peoples and civilizations.

The problem most believers have when they do archaeology (or any science) is that they listen to those unbelieving archaeologists (and scientists) who think they know more than God. When they do this they end up destroying their own faith and leaving salvation behind. That is a grave mistake. Archaeology has to be done by looking for the truth and following the spirit of truth or the person doing archaeology (or science in general) ends up thinking the Bible is in error. The Bible is never wrong.

God does not write errors to be corrected by sinful, fallible man who is so far removed from history that it is laughable that they think they know much about our past. God was there and saw it all thus it makes more sense to follow his instructions and take his word for it than any other alternative.



For Further reading:

There are far more source of information than these three. We just picked three to place here to get you started. We also like Dr. Pellegrino’s book Return to Sodom and Gomorrah as it is a great source on this island and buried city.


Archaeology Documentaries

This is a good documentary on ancient technology


The following video, if you can get past the alien and other weird thinking, provides evidence for our theory that the pre-flood world civilization constructed the mysterious ancient structures that scientist know nothing about. We also like the lecturer’s challenge of mainstream archaeological thinking


We hope you enjoy them and place your comments below. We would like to create a discussion on these videos and their content.


Science, Archaeology & The Believer

Believers may be swayed by the arguments made by different scientists and archaeologists. They may think that these people are experts in their field, or their experience and education has them knowing more than God but that i snot the case. For the most part, these are people who have left the truth outside the door of their lab or excavation site. Because they do not let God in to help them get to the truth we are often left with bad theories, bad ideas, and completely wrong scenarios. For example the following news story:

Asteroid that barely missed Earth this week could wreak havoc in the not-so-distant future

The asteroid that came “damn close” to slamming into the Earth this week could cause utter devastation several decades down the road, and scientists can’t rule out an eventual collision. The rock, known as 2012 TC4, came within a cosmic hair of our planet just a couple of days ago, slipping by at a distance of just over 27,000 miles, but future safe passes are anything but certain

The scientist just doesn’t know what they are talking about since they have rejected the God of truth and the truth itself from their work. these scenarios should not faze the believer because God has already told us how he will destroy the earth in the future. The secular scientist is only guessing and trying to stay relevant with their doomsday predictions but it doesn’t work. They are not working from the truth but from blinded eyes from the king of deception. The believer should not let themselves be blinded by the credentials these scientists carry but look to God who is above all credentials and see what he has said about what is going to happen to the earth in the end. It is best for the believer to keep their eyes on God so that their faith remains intact and ignore such science fiction stories.

Another problem is with archaeologists who have tried for over 100 years to paint their version of the past. Some have claimed that the Bible is wrong especially when it described Canaan as the land of milk and honey. Well the latest discovery in archaeology has once again upstaged the unbelieving archaeologist and shown the Bible to be correct

The ancient Israelites understood the nutritional, medicinal and religious qualities and uses of honey, according to these words which the Bible attributes to their third and wisest king, Solomon.

Until recently, scientists thought that the mention of honey in the Bible referred most often to a sweet extracted from dates or figs—not from managed hives. However, that view seems to be changing.

Hives uncovered during a dig at the ancient city of Rehov in northern Israel may well be the oldest evidence of honeybee husbandry in the Near East. Dated around 900 BC by archaeologist Amihai Mazar of Hebrew University, the hives could be the oldest in existence–anywhere.

Each of the cylindrical hives measured 2-1/2 feet long and one foot in diameter, and were constructed of unbaked clay and straw.

Each hive had a removable plug at one end, through which the beekeeper could extract the honeycomb, and a small hole for the bees on the other. Stacked in rows three high, the 30 hives discovered could have produced up to one half ton of honey per year, according to the archaeologist’s estimate. And the area in which these hives were discovered may have accommodated another 70 hives…


There is more to the story so you should read it. But remember just because the archaeologist has not uncovered it does not mean it did not take place or did not exist. Al lit means is that the archaeologist has not uncovered any evidence for the event yet or are looking in the wrong places for their information. Also remember that many archaeologists are not believers and have left the God of truth out of their work and some are believers who have done the same thing. But then we do not need evidence if we simply believe God and his word over the so-called experts.


Breastfeeding In Public

We are going to throw our hat into this debate. It seems that many women like to breastfeed wherever and when ever they want regardless of all the people around them and how they feel. The women claim they have the right, and many governments have allowed this point to become law, sadly at the expense of the rights of those who do not want to be part of this new spectator sport. Other women think that just because breastfeeding is normal they have the freedom and permission to force their activity on those who do not want to be a part of it.

This misguided thinking is not for the believer to follow. The Bible does not speak directly about breastfeeding in public but it does talk about being modest and not following the world.  These two indirect instructions should be guiding Christian women to schedule their breastfeeding times to be near some secluded or alternate spot where their activity will not bother other people. Oh and that is another indirect instruction concerning breastfeeding. The Bible talks about living peacefully with one’s neighbor and forcing your feeding habits on others is not living peacefully with others. it is thumbing your nose that their rights, and sensibilities.

Another teaching that indirectly provides guidance to the public breastfeeding issue are the passages that tell a woman to love her husband. In one perspective it is hard to think that a wife loves her husband by exposing herself to other men who are strangers and not family. Demanding one’s rights is not love either and the wife should be in submission to her husband’s wishes and if he wants her to be discrete and breastfeed in secluded locations, etc., then the wife should comply without complaint.

Only the secular war makes this issue about rights, control of the woman’s body, discrimination and manipulation of the woman. They do not want to obey God or their husbands so they will make this issue about everything it isn’t. This issue is about obedience to God’s instructions and one’s husband. Being modest and following God is more important than breastfeeding in public. The secular world only wants to do things their way as they are under the mistaken impression that they know more than God does.

If you want to be a light to the dark world, you can achieve that objective through breast-feeding if you follow the Bible correctly and do not follow the secular world.


In The News 24


A North Korean defector opened up about the underground church he led and the secretive life he and other Christians had there. He also revealed that despite being offered freedom for renouncing their religion, believers in the notorious prison camps refuse to do so.

Don’t forget to pray for the North Korean people


Famed author Lee Strobel has revealed how Playboy founder Hugh Hefner reacted when Strobel — a well-known atheist-turned-Christian speaker and apologist — went to Hefner’s famous mansion just over a decade ago and shared the gospel with the magazine publisher.

Strobel sparked quite a bit of intrigue and speculation with a Sept. 27 tweet revealing that he once shared the gospel with Hefner and that Hefner “saw significance of the resurrection, but had never checked the evidence.”

Don’t read anything into these type of conversations. Unbelievers have them all the time and they know what to say to placate the believer. Sharing the gospel is not the only duty of the believer.


The daughter of a Focus on the Family executive, who is married to another woman, has released a book in which she states that she was rejected by her own family after coming out as gay.

Do unto others… applies to the LGBTQ issue and community. We can reject their sin without violating scripture and bringing abuse on those who do not accept Christ’s ways The church is not allowed to be a persecutor of others.


Leader of the second largest congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner has declared that Christianity is not the only way to heaven.

Kershner, 45, who leads the 5,500-member Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Illinois, expressed her belief in a podcast with the Chicago Sun-Times after she was asked the question “Is Christianity the only way to heaven?”

“No,” Kershner replied bluntly.

This is to be expected when you start disobeying God. When you ignore God’s instructions in one culturally difficult area then do not expect those who are finally permitted to do something God does not want them to do to follow God’s instructions.


A Georgia judge ruled Monday in favor of a man who in 2014 raised his middle finger at a pastor inside a church and shouted about Satan’s influence over public schools, arguing that the behavior counts as protected free speech under the First Amendment.

It may be free speech but WHERE it is said is not protected and not free. The church has the right to remove the person from their presence and property when that person is being disruptive.


Tens of thousands of Christians are expected to assemble on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. this weekend to pray and implore God for divine intervention and to rescue the next generation for a nation in crisis.

We would rather see them obey God and see them go into their prayer closets to accomplish this. There is no biblical instruction to do this in public places. Also we would rather see them pray how God could use them instead of passing the buck back to God. There are thousands there who could make an impact for God if they only would roll up their sleeves and ask God where he wants them to work for him


Las Vegas & God

When reading articles like this one

many thoughts rise and they are not just directed towards the tragedy but towards the author of the work as well. It is clear that many youth pastors are not equipped to handle these situations as we scan the verses quoted and see that many of them do not help in this case. What needs to be told in these and all scenarios is the truth. Young believers need to learn how to be spiritually educated and need to learn how to handle these situations correctly if they do not want to lose their faith in God or make an impact for him. We do not want to sound arrogant here as that is not our attitude when we write the following, but for those of us who have lived through Vietnam, Korea and WW2 these acts of violence are not hard to process. We are aware of the evil man can do. Just ask those people who were alive when Charles Manson and his cult killed their victims. These tragedies happen all the time and in every era and the believer should be the one who can process them the best as they know the source of these events. We know that evil exists and seeks to destroy God’s creation any way it can so these shootings should not come as a shock to any of them.

People may say ‘yea but what about God? He is supposed to be a loving God yet he lets these tragedies take place.’ Yes God does let these tragic events happen but for him to put a stop to all suffering, all crime then things would have to change. Dr. Craig Blomberg explained it best in his book from Pentecost to Patmos when it comes to the suffering in this world. He said, and we paraphrase, that ‘for God to end suffering he would have to bring an end to this world. To do that, God would then have to end the opportunity for all men to be saved.’ That act would mean that God would not get his desire that ll men be saved fulfilled and many more people would be sent to hell for eternity. That is not a good scenario and worse than what the gunman did in Las Vegas.

We are going to look at a few quotes from that article to help that youth pastor enable his youth and all youth to process this event better.

An evil madman in Las Vegas ended the lives of 58 individuals and injured over 480. So here we are once again as a nation, as a culture and as individuals…trying to process an event that defies what most of us could even imagine in our darkest dreams

We disagree with the label ‘evil madman’ simply because he may not have been mad (crazy, insane) and he may not have been evil. W prefer to see him as a creation of God who was not under God’s protection but a victim of evil’s desire to hurt God through destroying his creation. This perspective helps us bring a little compassion to the tragedy for the victims, the offender and their families. All the people killed or injured were not believers, they may have been good people but still destined for hell, so compassion is needed as those concert goers were robbed of any opportunity to repent of their sins. We know by the verse ‘our battle is not against flesh and blood…’ that the shooter may have been under the influence of evil when he committed that act so he may not have been evil.

Then we understand why these events take place because the Bible tells us that ‘people love darkness rather than light’ thus evil has a great opportunity to manipulate humans in to doing these tragic acts. We need to place the blame where it lies and pray accordingly. This verse helps us to understand why people do these acts of violence. They have rejected God’s way thus they are under the domain of evil and act according to those rules not God’s.

First, when tragedy strikes, it’s crucial to remember that we can bring our fears and questions to God. Our faith is expansive enough to engulf every fear and question imaginable. In the Bible, the men and women who walked closest to God also carried some of the deepest doubt

The first question we would ask here is why would believers be afraid? They do not live for this world but for God’s kingdom so why would they be afraid at all? The Bible tells us that ‘perfect love casts out all fear’ thus if we have love for God and Jesus then these events should not make us fearful, even if we are victims of such people. Our hope lies in the next world not this one. Yes we will have questions but if we read the Bible those questions disappear very quickly as we see that people will do evil things because they are under the influence of evil. We believers know why people do things like this and we also know that our duty is to help unbelievers grasp the totality of the events. We need to be armed with the correct answers to meet their questions and bring them comfort as well as ease their fears.

But remind them that God is not Google…you can’t just input an inquiry and expect a nicely wrapped godopedia type answer.

But we do have the answers and they are nicely packaged. They are all found in the Bible. One just has to put down their interpreting method and follow the Holy Spirit to the true answers. We see in the Bible where men have committed evil acts throughout biblical history, we should not  be traumatized or surprised when they take place in our era. We have guidance and forewarning, we should be prepared to handle the aftermath no problem if we learn our spiritual lessons correctly.

Second, consider the fact that when great evil occurs, it should serve as a warning of the greatest calamity that will ever take place –spending an eternity in hell:

There is no need to turn a tragedy into an evangelistic event. That opportunity will come when God wants them to come. Our first priority should be to meet the needs of the victims, their families and help those who only observe these events through the t.v. etc., to grasp what took place and why. Meeting their physical and mental needs will open doors to meeting their spiritual needs. There is no need to do forced evangelism. Let God direct here. There is also no need to proclaim that this or some other natural treagic event was a judgment by God. There was no message from God saying that is so so stay away from such announcements and thinking.

This tragedy in Jesus’ day was a result of a sociopath named Pilate, who murdered innocent Galileans while they were worshipping God. Basically, this was the cultural equivalent of a public shooting. When this calamity occurred, the crowds wanted answers—and God Himself was on the scene.

Why this was mentioned we do not know but it is out of place. The next paragraph is also mishandled

What is amazing, though, is that Jesus doesn’t even try to explain the causes or solutions to the calamities. He purposely avoids going into a social discourse about the disintegration of society, or the effect that the violence in the coliseum has on people. Interestingly, He doesn’t even launch into a discussion about the tension between freewill and God’s sovereignty here.

Instead, Jesus speaks to this situation with a reminder of ultimate destiny: “…unless you repent, you too will all perish.”

Jesus was not setting an example on how and when to do evangelism, he was giving a warning to people. That author misreads the passage that he quotes and misapplies it to his stated purpose for the article. While evangelism is important, it is not th eonly duty of the believer. There are other more important duties that a believer must do as well yet that fact has been ignored by the church in its haste to please God in only one area of the Christian life.

May you and your students hold out the gospel like a beacon of hope in the darkness!

If you want to be a beacon in a dark world then you need to believe and follow all of the Bible correctly. You will stand out and if you learn your spiritual lessons correctly then you will be able to make an impact for God even i tragedies like this

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