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Received my 1st royalty payment today. It’s only $10 but it feels good. Thanks to God for the extra money. There will be an announcement about Sept. 1st so stay tuned

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President Trump’s Accomplishments

We have seen in different comment sections, different commentators who have placed annotated lists of Mr. Trump’s accomplishments. We have also seen far too many people hold his negative points over his and every Trump supporters’ head claiming those disqualify him from enjoying a second term in office.

That second part is neither fair nor honest. People are not perfect and it is not right to hold them to their failings depriving them of the opportunity to learn and grow from their mistakes.

If Jesus and God judged humans by the standards the anti-Trump groups use, then no one would make it to heaven. Not even those anti-Trump groups as those standards would be too high for even them to meet.

Holding people’s past sins over their heads continually is wrong and ignores the command to forgive and to help those who are not as strong as others when it comes to moral failings.

It would be nice to help the Democrats change their moral actions but they do not listen and enjoy living their lives by those moral failings. Abortion is one of those failings that they will not change their stance on.

At least President Trump has remained faithful to his wife throughout his term in office unlike a couple of, or more, Democrat Presidents the country has elected in the past.

As one person we know explained it, he saw Mr. Trump’s tweets as a way to get his point across to the people because the mainstream media was so biased against him and would not be honest in their appraisal of his work.

Holding his past against him is just one way to shield one’s eyes from the many accomplishments Mr. Trump has done in 3 short years. That action is unfair and anti-biblical.

We need to remind his critics that ‘he, or she, who is without sin, cast the first stone. Mr. Trump should not be condemned by anyone because their own sins are pointing an accusatory finger right back at them.

If any man was perfect, and the Democrats are far from perfection, then they can stand in judgment of the man. Not liking someone or what they have said is not permission to judge or condemn Mr. Trump. He is like everyone else, a sinner who Jesus died for.

Yet, being morally perfect is not criteria to hold the Presidential office. If it were no democrat could run for the office. Their support for abortion, harming innocent citizens and the violation of federal immigration laws or the support of any of those violations disqualifies any democrat under their own standard for being president.

As we mentioned earlier, Mr. Trump, despite the tremendous opposition against him, has achieved quite a bit. More in 3 years than democrats have done in 8 for presidents or 50 for senators and representatives.

Here are 3 links to see what the man has done with his time in the nation’s highest office. Those achievements certainly overshadow any wrong he may have done prior to becoming the President.

At least he is not a murderer like Moses or David was. Nor does he have over 700 wives and 300 concubines like Solomon had. The exaggeration of his misdeeds only shows that his accusers are a lot worse than Mr. Trump ever was accused of being.

#1. https://710wor.iheart.com/featured/mark-simone/content/2019-03-09-the-list-of-president-trumps-accomplishments-so-far/#:~:text=The%20List%20Of%20President%20Trump%27s%20Accomplishments%20So%20Far,no%20problem%20paying%20for%20DECADES.%20More%20items…%20

#2. https://www.whitehouse.gov/trump-administration-accomplishments

#3. https://frankreport.com/2020/04/18/one-hundred-twenty-five-amazing-accomplishments-of-president-donald-j-trump/

It is best to assess a man and his work when you have all the facts, not just the cherry-picked ones the opposition likes to use to distort what really has taken place

As I Read the News

I feel it is pertinent and vital that American Christians and other Christians start praying for their leaders, that the elections are not compromised and that God stops the democrats from regaining power.
It is not that Mr. Trump and Republicans are perfect or God-fearing but that they show better leadership, have better leadership skills, want to make America a strong country as well as support Israel, freedom of religion, and do not put their neighbors at risk.
Love thy neighbors does not mean- violate the law, let the law be violated, promote harming and killing of innocent people as well as other embracing of evil the democrats do.
Their constant usurpation of government authority has set a dangerous precedent and has allowed rebellious people to ignore the law as well as pick and choose which laws they will follow.
The looting of the Chicago area and other stores is not reparations as a BLM member said but outright theft and illegal activity.
The democrat example makes them the wrong people to put the country back to a law and order nation. But hypocrisy has never bothered that group of people.
Pray fervently that God will keep Mr. Trump and the Republicans in power with the needed majorities to block the sinful efforts of the democrat party
Even 10,000 miles away from what is going on, I do have my reasons why I care about the results of this election.

Has Linear A been deciphered?

The answer to that question seems to be answered in the positive according to the following video lecture and blog article:

YouTube video– Linear A

Blog post- Linguists Successfully Decipher Ancient Minoan Language “Linear A”– click here.

This may be old news although the people writing and speaking on this topic make it sound like this took place earlier this year. There is a book published in 2016 talking about this decipherment. Its title and author are: Linear A Decipherment: Translation of Minoan inscriptions in Linear A by Stuart L Harris (Author).

A little background, this blog post on the issue of deciphering Linear A hit a brick wall in 2013. The title of the article is–The Mysterious Linear A

It would be good news if the language is finally deciphered as we can get a look into the Minoan culture and maybe even clear up those minotaur myths that have floated around for millennia.