The problem with denominations

Now we are not talking about money here. We are talking about one of the problems that come with human created religious denominations. We say human created because we can find no scriptural instruction or any other verse that supports the creation of individual church denominations. Jesus talked about building his church upon the rock but he did not split his church into varying amounts of theological beliefs.

There is only one truth and one church. Those who opt to create their denomination may not be outside of Jesus’ church but they can be vulnerable to certain dangers when they do so. One of those dangers is highlighted in the following article

The danger is that God and the Bible are ignored in favor of church rules. Here is one example:

“The Book of Discipline, which holds governing policies for The United Methodist Church (The UMC), maintains that clergy cannot be ‘self-avowed, practicing homosexuals,'” argued RMN in a blog post earlier this month. “This rule, however, is not applicable to members in leadership positions in The UMC who are not clergy. Leaders at Trinity UMC were falsely led to believe they had no other option but to dismiss Mould.”

The book of discipline, in this case, allows people to ignore the Bible and declare that practicing homosexuals can ignore biblical teaching and be part of the church leadership. The denomination leans on the book of discipline and not the Bible. This is not a smart move nor a correct one. Another example:

“… we are writing to urge you to acknowledge that Ryan’s firing is neither mandated nor supported by the Book of Discipline, to address this misrepresentation with the pastor involved, and to take action to ensure that no one else falls victim to misuse of the Book of Discipline in this manner,”

The church and its members appeal to the book of discipline and ignore God and his instructions for the church. This is a grave mistake to make. The book of discipline and every other church denomination’s rule books are not infallible words of God, given by God, or even approved by Him. They do not trump what God wants in his church.

Yet many church denominations have written rules that in effect rewrite the rules of God and open the door to sinful behavior taking place in the church. This is the danger faced when church denominations add their own ideas to what God has already written. People’s eyes are taken off God and his ways and placed upon human ideas instead. Human responses are replacing the responses God wants his followers to do. That is not right nor is it Christian.

We have not said that in and of itself that creating a church denomination is sin. BUT the dangers in doing so, do lead people to disobey God and sin. The denominational rules become the guiding force of the denomination and not the words of God. If you read that article you should have notied that GOD is not mentioned once in the story. What God wants for is church is left out and only the book of discipline matters.

If you are going to create or are a member of a church denomination, you need to keep your eyes open for these conflicts and lead people away from disobeying God. Denominational rules need to be corrected or rewritten- not the instructions of God. The church must follow God first.The Bible addresses every issue faced by humans in every era.

Do you really think that homsexuality was not faced by Jesus and the disciples? Do you really think God would leave gaps in his word and leave his church without instruction?

The Bible has the correct rules and direction for the church to follow. It must be placed above every denominational church rule. The church denominations need to edit their rule books, if they want to get back in God’s favor. God will still use them as they are, but there could be a better impact for him if the church stopped creating denominations and reunited under Jesus and his rules.


Turn the Other Cheek

This Christmas season amidst all the good things that are done, there are still those individuals or groups who seek to what is wrong. This post is merely a reminder of what God told us to do when those individuals cross any Chrstian’s path.

The owners of a doughnut shop in Maine have publicly apologized for asking The Salvation Army to help them find a family in need this Christmas after they were attacked online by activists who claim the Christian charity is anti-LGBT.

LGBTQ communities have a large chip on their shoulder. They feel that they alone get to decide who does what to whom.This attitude is seen even as so many LGBTQ members claim to love God and follow him.

One of the things that believers need to remember in situations like this is to turn the other cheek. It does not do any good to react or respond in kind. No matter what a believer does, or any person who wants to do good this year, there will always be someone who will attack their choice of agency, avenue of doing good, and the choice of recipient. No one will get 100% support for their good deeds.

The key for the believer, or other do-gooder, is to ignore these intolerant reactions and do not let those who sin dictate who receives help and how that help is distributed to others. Helping others is dictated by God not the lGBTQ communities. Let God guide your charitable work not those who think they are entitled to make your decisions for you.

Let those groups look bad by their intolerant and bullying attitudes. Don’t take that image from them and place it upon yourself.

How do we respond to groups like these LGBTQ communities who think that they get a say in something that is none of their business? Besides turning the other cheek, believers are to pray for these groups and they are not to return evil for evil. Find the godly way to respond and let God work on their souls and attitudes. Do not sin in response to their ungodly behavior.

Have a better Christmas by responding to any bad situation, even from poorly behaved family members, with the attitude and actions God wants to see in his followers.


We will be travelling

for Christmas so our posts may not come as frequently.

Merry Christmas to our readers.

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Given a chance evil will corrupt any good thing

We used to go to different scholars’ websites and link back to their articles as we critiqued their words. Some scholars like James Tabor and Robert Cargill simply write very lengthy posts making critiquing a little difficult. But we did go visit Cargill’s site as we hadn’t been there for a while. One of his posts that caught our eye was the one on the Museum of the Bible.

Cargill’s site-

Museum site-

One of the reasons we are writing is because of what we read in Dr. Cargill’s article. He told of how the MOTB was originally going to follow Christian belief and present the actual history of the Bible. But as we read, he pointed out that the MOTB has changed course and has followed secular biblical scholars over the truth. The MOTB, if Cargill is correct, is now going to change the presentation of the Bible in exchange for false credibility granted by all the biblical scholars and archaeologists who do not believe God.

What surprised me were the many steps that the Museum of the Bible had recently taken to remedy the scholarly criticism regarding the portrayal of the Bible as actualhistory. In the past two years, the Museum of the Bible has begun consulting with a large number of highly reputable critical biblical scholars, asking them for input. And it appears that the Museum has not only listened to this input, but has acted upon it, and has abandoned its presentation of the early history of the Bible and of the biblical stories as history. Furthermore, the Museum has beefed up its History of the Bible exhibit on the 4th floor by adding many pre-biblical objects and replicas that place the origin of the Bible in its proper ancient Near Eastern context.

This is a tragedy. believers are not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly no matter how much education or expertise the latter has in their respective fields. Yet here we find a museum which would rather disobey God than disobey men.One the unbeliever was given an inch, they took a mile and corrupted a good thing. Believers cannot afford to let this corruption take place in their lives. Unbelieving experts are tools of evil, not bringers of the truth of God’s actions or words.

Evil seeks to ruin believers through these deceptive means. An unwary believer can have their faith destroyed because they fell victim to the ploy that secular education and expertise trump God and his word. Being given credibility by unbelieving scholars is not worth disobeying God.

But there is more than the topic mentioned in the title. Dr. Cargill makes some misleading and very untrue statements about archaeology disproving the Bible. Such an event has never happened. We will go through some or a couple of those statements to show you how dishonest secular scholars and archaeologists can be.

Whether confessional, agnostic, or atheistic, Bible scholars and archaeologists who take a critical approach (“critical” here meaning “analytical”, not “disparaging”) use a scientific approach to the textual and archaeological evidence. They employ reason, logic, evidence, and use replicable tests and experiments to arrive at their conclusions.

These unbelieving biblical scholars use any method that is not of God to do their analysis and draw their conclusions. God does not say to use science or scientific methods to grasp his words. He says to follow the Holy Spirit to the truth. You cannot get to the truth if you stop following the one who has the truth and knows where it is hidden.

It must also be remembered that the unbeliever’s logic, reason, perspective of the evidence and replicable tests are all under the same corruption as the human who employs those tactics. Those tactics cannot find the truth because they are not guided by the light. They are blind and stumbling around in the dark. The same goes for the supposed experiments.

Dr. Cargill fails to mention that scientists are not looking for the truth but the best explanation. That little tidbit of information exposes the real dishonesty behind the different scholars. It also demonstrates why God does not want his followers following the counsel of the ungodly. The latter does not want the truth.

Such a confessional approach to teaching the Bible and biblical archaeology is not objective research—it is theological apologetics disguising as research, as the scholar’s employer has already predetermined the outcomes and conclusions of the so-called “research”.

Dr. Cargill should be well aware of the idea that objective research is impossible to do. Dr. Wm. Dever, and other more noted scholars than Dr. Cargill, have been writing and speaking about this fact for years. When God says you are on his side or his enemy’s side and there is no grey middle ground, then you know there is no such thing as objective research. Any research conducted by unbelievers will be tainted by their unbelief and refusal to open their minds to the truth.

You can’t be objective when the unbeliever goes into their research, their experiments, their archaeological excavations and so on disbelieving or excluding the biblical perspective. To be truly objective one must equally consider the biblical perspective as the correct answer as any other theory. To say the biblical perspective is not true and enter your work with that mindset, you have ceased to be objective.

The biblical view must be given equal weight, as well and not just mentioned to appease the believer. Also, it is pretty hard not to have predetermined outcomes when you are told by the God who was there what really took place. it is laughable that scholars like Dr. Cargill can even propose that they could determine what happened in the past better than God when they are working with less than 2% of the actual historical data (see KA Kitchen’s The Bible In Its World) and the latter (God) who is working with 100% of the information.

We believers already know what took place in the past. It is the unbelieving scholar that pretends the answers do not exist.

Archaeologists are continually uncovering evidence that is often contrary to at least some of the claims made in the Bible. These conflicts between the archaeological data and the biblical claims are valuable because they offer suggestions as to why the Bible preserves some of the claims that it does. Why does the Bible claim that Noah made an ark, or that God created all the world’s languages at once at the Tower of Babel, or that the first woman was made from the first man’s “rib”, or that Joshua sacked Jericho, if there is no evidence to support these claims and lots of evidence disproving them?

Actually, that first line is a complete falsehood. The only thing that disagrees with the biblical record is not the archaeological artifacts, buildings and other remains that are continuously dug up in the Middle East. What disagrees with the biblical record are the assumptions, conjecture, the leaps to conclusions, the hypothesis that the archaeologist makes from analyzing incomplete evidence. There has never been an archaeological discovery that has proven the bible wrong or disagreed with its record.

What the unbelieving scholar and archaeologist do is hide behind those words – no evidence. Yet that is an hypocritical stance and applying a double standard. They often tout that complete evidence cannot be found for any discovery because of time, natural disasters, erosion, and other calamities plus human endeavors. BUT they will demand perfect evidence for any biblical account before they will accept the biblical history. This double standard is a product of the dishonest mind possessed by the unbelieving scholar, etc.

There is no way to prove that Noah built an ark. There is no way to prove that God supernaturally changed the original language to a multitude of them. Nor is there any way that woman was made from Adam’s rib. The demands for such evidence are unrealistic and shows the great lengths that scholars will go to protect their unbelief. They know that no such evidence can be found and if there was any presented, they know how to refute such discoveries.

Why does the Bible say those things mentioned in the quote? God simply wants to see who believes him and who does not.

These answers give us insight into how the ancient Israelites viewed themselves and how they believed God was working through history on their behalf. But Steve Green’s claim that the Bible is a historically reliable document runs contrary to the archaeological record.

These words are also misleading. They infer that the archaeological record is superior to God’s word; is infallible and uncovers the truth even though the archaeologist does not know why an artifact was found where it was or why a building was built the way it was designed. The archaeological record is not the authority here and it cannot displace God and his knowledge. But the unbelieving scholar and archaeologist need to believe in something other than God. The Bible does not record how the Israelites viewed themselves or how they believed God was working. The Bible records what actually took place in history.

But the unbelieving scholar or archaeologist will not admit to that. They think that the records of their unbelieving ancestors trump God and his word. The records are incomplete and misused by modern scholars and archaeologists.

This is what many biblical scholars fear—that Steve Green will use his money, influence, and status as champion of the Evangelical right to promulgate a confessional Bible curriculum in public schools that is not in line with the archaeological evidence.

Scholars and archaeologists dishonesty are seen in their constant appeal to the archaeological record. A record constructed by them without the aid of the truth. Of course, a view that the bible is historical is going to run contrary to the archaeological record but it is not because the view is wrong. It is because the current archaeological record is wrong.

In short, scholars do not oppose a museum dedicated to the history of the Bible; they are terrified of a museum that promotes the Bible as history.

And here is where we return to the topic that unbelieving scholars and archaeologists corrupt a good thing. They are terrified of the truth and seek to do anything they can to keep the truth hidden from the world. These men and women are not working for God or doing his work. They are working for evil. The MOTB is wrong to follow the counsel of the ungodly. If the owners and curators are Christian, they should be showing these scholars, etc., the door and saying thank you but no thanks.

The unbeliever will ruin the faith of believers whenever they get the chance. It has been done on more than one college campus and it is being done through the MOTB.


You can read the rest of Dr. Cargill’s article at the link above. It is filled with more of the unbeliever’s dishonesty and misleading point of view. Just so you know, we have already sent an email to the MOTB about this article and their disobedience to God. We will also send them the link to this article so they can respond. We have also talked to Dr. Cargill in the past informing him that atheists cannot understand the Bible or what it says. He disagreed with us. We haven’t posted on his website for a long time now so we are not sure if we can post the link there or not.

The Bible is true, it is accurate history and human scholars and archaeologists are the ones in error when they disagree with the Bible. God is the one with the facts and the truth, the secular scholars and archaeologists are the ones lacking the right information.


Christianity is not easy

For those who say that religion is a crutch, we say that they have not tried to live the Christian life. Many unbelievers hold to the perspective that Christianity is just singing,  preaching, and praying. These unbelievers have not been to a Christian’s home when the latter’s child lays dying or when the Christian’s other family members decide to walk away from the faith and live their own lives.

Holding on to one’s faith is not easy in these circumstances. Nor is it easy when there are bills to pay yet unemployment rules the household. Christianity is not easy. When we were attending our undergrad college, we knew three people who showed that Christianity is not easy. One was a very good friend; the second was two years ahead of us and eventually went to the mission field; and, the third was a beloved music professor.

While we were attending these schools there was no real sign as to their eventual preferences. But it wasn’t long after college that these three all took the same path in life.  We do not remember exactly when they made their declarations but it was news when they did. All three at one point in their lives declared that they were homosexual.

The missionary was a son of a prominent pastor in the denomination, the music professor a son of a popular district superintendent and our close friend was like us- a nobody. It was not easy news to take. We do not know all the details of their lives and the only updates we have had, have only talked about the one who became a missionary. He lost his partner some years ago to death. We tried to contact our friend but he never responded to our inquiries.

But what does one do when their friends and loved ones take these different paths yet still call themselves Christian. We know of many people who have changed their minds about God’s view of sin, particularly homosexual sins, because they love their children. It is an understandable reaction but it is not the right one. Many parents have listened to the arguments of their children and have changed sides in favor of their children. Again this is not the right reaction.

What is the right reaction? It is one that makes Christianity as difficult as losing a child, a home, a job and on it goes. The right reaction to seeing one’s friends, loved ones, professors veer off the straight and narrow and enter the area of questionable but sinful behavior, is not anger, it is not a rejection of God and his ways. The right reaction is that we must continue to side with God. He is not wrong when he made his declarations of what is or isn’t sin. We must accept that fact.

Compromising on our beliefs is not the correct response either. Once we compromise we lose. We also stop correctly representing God and his word. This cannot be done. Standing with God when our friends and loved ones stray is not easy. It also makes living the Christian life difficult. We must endure the pain that comes when people we care about, make the decision to practice sin.

Jesus felt this pain. He spent 3 years training and living with Judas. He had followers who decided to depart from him when e said tough words.He knows how tough it is to live the life he has taught us to live. And it is not easy staying with God when all your friends decide to leave the faith and go their own way. Just about everyone we grew up with in church as a child and young adult left the church. They may have returned at some point in their adult lives but time has clouded that information. The point is, it is not easy to live the Christian life as you will lose friends, family members to sin.

You can’t force them to be Christian. The faith is voluntary, not mandatory. You are not allowed to judge or condemn them, that is God’s job. we can talk, plead and beg but that is demeaning after a while. Sometimes the only response is to pray for them, hoping God will get through their thick skulls and help them turn their lives around. That works.

But we can also implement Christ’s teaching in our interaction with them. We can feed them when they are hungry; help them find work when they lose a job; help them when they or their personal families have health problems and so much more. Doing unto them as we would like to be treated goes a long ways in helping turn their lives around and make the Christian life more meaningful. What a joyful occasion when a lost sheep returns to the fold. These events make living the Christian life a lot easier.

But again, we cannot leave our faith and join them. We cannot change our beliefs and make God say something he did not say. Jesus told us that he who loves father, mother, brother, son, daughter, etc. more than me is not worthy of me (paraphrased but we think you know the verse). When you alter your beliefs or change God’s declared views then you are loving your human family or friends more than Jesus.

Loving Jesus more than our family and friends does not mean we do not meet their physical needs or treat them like Jesus taught. It means that when they stray from the truth we do not follow them. We stand with God and his word. This makes living the Christian life very difficult. We have to make a choice between God, Jesus, and our human friends and family.

Christianity is not a crutch. It is a difficult life to live. But it is worth it if we stick with Jesus to the end and run the race as Paul taught. Evil uses our friends and family to destroy our faith. We cannot let him win that battle. We need to remain tough, strong and depend upon Jesus to carry us through those difficult times. We will be heartbroken but Jesus never said we would have it easy.

There are no surprises when it comes to the Christian faith. We cannot be shocked, traumatized or surprised when friends and family members opt out of living for Jesus. Jesus gave us a 2,000-year head start with his warnings about living the Christian life. Staying with Jesus over siding with friends and family is part of the cross Jesus told us to pick up when we decided to follow him.

We win if we stick with God. Only he has the keys to his home. Our straying friends and family members do not have the authority to get us eternal life. It is not an intelligent move to leave one’s faith for the unbelief of those you care about.

Be strong in God and do not let evil win.



Important Topics

That need a few words to draw your attention. These highlighted articles are placed here to give you some points to think about. some may require longer more detailed reports but we just do not have the time right now to do those articles justice.


Once again, abortion is being used to justify supporting a political candidate that deserves nothing but condemnation by Christians

Christians do not condemn others. We are not without sin. This fact tells us that we need to respond more humbly, more wisely, with more understanding and knowledge before addressing these issues. You may not like a candidate for politics but their actions do not grant permission to believers allowing them to ignore biblical teaching.

No one is perfect, so be careful when taking the higher moral ground. You may not like your sins exposed.


Intolerance grows. it seems that tolerance is supposed to be only a one-way street- the church towards the sinner. That is not the case. If the sinner wants to be tolerated then they need to tolerate others especially when the others disagree with the sinner.

Allow us to remind you that there is no fellowship between the righteous and the unrighteous. The believer will always be accused of hatred, prejudice and discrimination by the sinner if they stand with God and his rules. Correctly standing with God is bringing the light to the dark world not being intolerant, hate-filled or practicing discrimination.


“We should all remember that our understanding of God’s Word never carries the same authority as God’s Word itself does. Believers should always approach God’s Word with humility and never equate their understanding of God’s Word as being as comprehensive or as infallible as God’s Word itself is,” he stated. “[W]e believe that the question of the age of the earth is a question of what the Bible is saying not what the Bible is.”

These kind of comments are very vulnerable. They allow people to reject the truth simply because someone else believes God’s word correctly. it must be remembered that science is NOT an authority over God’s word. Science is not God nor on par with God. it is merely a tool to use to discover what God did at creation.

That field cannot say what God did or how he did it.Creation is not within the boundaries of scientific examination. When we correctly .believe God and his word, we are not using our understanding but declaring that we believe the truth. The Bible cannot lie and if science says something different than nth eBible then it is science that is wrong.

Science and scientists are not holy, infallible, omniscient, and so on. They do not have the last word on origins or creation.


A new survey has found that less than half of Americans who identify as evangelicals actually “strongly agree” with the core evangelical beliefs, while almost one-third of Americans who hold evangelical beliefs don’t identify as “evangelical.”

We would suggest that people start worrying about what Peter said in his epistles- make your calling and election sure- than worrying about being labeled as an evangelical. Labels are a human invention, not a divine category to meet. God only places his creation into two categories- those who believe in him and his son and those who do not.

We also add the following as well– those who obey God and those who do not.At the final judgment, it won’t matter if you considered yourself an evangelical, a Methodist, a Lutheran or whatever. What matters is if you believed, accepted Christ as your savior and lived your life according to God’s word correctly.



Science Backs God Once Again

We  are going to link to an article we like in order to highlight an important finding that science has stumbled upon yet we do not hear scientists shout it from the rooftops. At least we haven’t heard them do it.

As reported in May by CBN News, “Professor Shmuel Pietrokovski and Dr. Moran Gershoni studied 20,000 genes, sorting them by sex, and searching for differences in expression in each tissue.

“They eventually found around ‘6,500 genes with activity that was biased toward one sex or the other in at least one tissue, adding to the already major biological differences between men and women.’

“Some of the biggest differences were in genes responsible for body hair, fat storage, muscle building, and milk production for breastfeeding.” (Go here for the PDF of the study.)

So, there really are difference between males and females after all.

Science has confirmed that there are genetic differences between males and females and ‘feeling like a girl’ or ‘feeling a mistake was made’ do not  hold up as reasons to mutilate your body or play dress-up.

Another point we want to make is to provide a reason why more liberal-minded people  are making transgender an issue. Most of them do not believe that evil exists or plays a role in human life. This is very important if one wants to pray and minister to these people accurately.

The more liberal-minded people need to realize that evil does exist and does influence their lives, including manipulating their thinking about their gender identity. Many transgenders and liberals will acknowledge God in some form. One way is for the former to say that God loves them and lets them do as they please. Others will blame God for the problems this world possesses.

But relatively few of them will put the blame where it truly lies. They would rather claim that there was a mistake made at birth. They do not explain how that mistake could take place. There is no magical genie standing in the birthing room and waving their wand or finger saying ‘you will be a boy’ or ‘you will be a girl’. Our gender is already determined when conception has taken place. There is no mistake at birth.

The mistake comes when people believe the lies of evil and then go on to claim they are not the right gender.

As for inter-sex people, their misfortune only demonstrates the scope and reach of the corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin. A lot of true spiritual guidance is needed in these cases. This is an issue that cannot be left up to the blind, lost and deceived unbeliever. Their education and experience do not overwhelm their lack of truth and clarity.

Christians need to be wise and they need proper education. These would enable the believer to correctly handle these issues and understand the true nature of the issue. believers cannot be distracted by peripheral issues. They need to direct their energy and wisdom to the heart of the issue. By education we do mean that they need to read books and articles outside of their denomination’s publications or acceptable reading material lists.

With God’s help you can learn what you need to know by reading secular textbooks, magazine articles and so on. The unbeliever does make discoveries in areas where the believer has not yet trod. We cannot throw out important information just because an unbeliever discovered it. The spirit of truth will guide believers to the truth. This doe snot legitimize the unbeliever’s theories or unbelief. It just means that the believer leaves the state of ignorance and learns something.

The transgender problem is not a mistake issue. It is a spiritual issue that needs prayer, intelligence, wisdom, understanding and God’s guidance. Condemnation is not a part of that equation. God condemns, believers do the will of God.

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