LGBTQ & Their Tongues

One who walks with integrity, practices righteousness, And speaks truth in his heart. He does not slander with his tongue, Nor do evil to his neighbor, Nor bring shame on his friend; (Psalms15:2-3) These are very good words to guide one's speech. In searching for a passage to base the following content on, we came … Continue reading LGBTQ & Their Tongues

Another Denomination Making a wrong Decision

We got the story over at Protestia because no other news agency is carrying this story. It may not seem like news to them but to us, people who grew up in the Alliance, went to one of their undergraduate schools, and pastored (both as assistant and senior) a few of their churches, it is … Continue reading Another Denomination Making a wrong Decision

Ravi Zacharias & Other News Stories

It seems that the 'Christian' Post can't seem to get enough of bashing a dead man. That story will be the top one today and a few more will follow. #1. John Piper: Ravi Zacharias turned 'position of power' into 'neediness and woundedness' John Piper has weighed in on the misdeeds of late apologist Ravi … Continue reading Ravi Zacharias & Other News Stories

Do All to the Glory of God

Funerals and the loss of loved ones can be a difficult time. The sudden or even expected loss leaves a void that cannot be filled by a human. When they experience loss, most people cry, mourn, weep, and so on. At the age of 17, one of my best friends died due to a mountain … Continue reading Do All to the Glory of God