Christians Are Called To Be Holy NOT Perfect

Far too many people think that upon conversion Christians are bestowed with perfection. We see this attitude reflected in the expectations of non-believers and believers in the church. These two groups expect Christians to be perfect all the time and that is just impossible. No one can be perfect while they live in a corrupted body in a corrupted environment on a corrupted planet. This is why God said ‘do not judge’. Judging others implies that we think we have obtained perfection while others have not. We cannot judge because we can never be perfect.

God called us to be holy and that is a status we can obtain. God has not asked us to do anything we cannot do thus it is important for the believer to obtain wisdom and understanding so that they can discern the difference between perfection and holiness and then strive for the latter. Obtaining wisdom and understanding are vital to a healthy Christian life and will help remove the stress and pressure upon all believers– especially the pastoral staff


Archaeology Documentaries

Just some links to some recent documentaries. We do not necessarily agree with the points of views expressed in these documentaries.






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Jewish Ritual Discovery

We got the news through a newsletter we receive:


A stone container factory dated 2,000 years ago has been excavated by archaeologists in northern Israel. Says the Israel Antiquities Authority: “This discovery provides fascinating evidence of ritual purity in the daily lives of Galilean Jews during the time of Jesus.”

According to the Jerusalem Post newspaper, construction workers building a sports center in the northern Israeli city of Reina uncovered a cave whose purpose was to provide raw material for and to fashion chalkstone vessels used in ancient Jewish households.

Archeologists directed by the Israel Antiquities Authority then discovered thousands of stone cores extricated from vessels formed by lathe in this cave. Besides that, chisel marks on the walls of the cave indicated the stone used to produce these vessels was quarried at this very site.

 you can read more, hopefully, at the following link or go to patterns of evidence to find the story:
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Right and Wrong Not Rights 3


More food for thought–this time in a form of a question. Are Christians reaping what they have sown?


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Right and Wrong Not Rights 2

This is just more food for thought. As you see as you read the Bible, God gives laws, instructions and commands. He provides the standard for right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality. He did not give rights. He talked about obedience and he punished disobedience. If God gave rights, then there would be no need for laws, instructions, commands, law enforcement, the legal system or the judiciary. He knew that everyone would claim that they have a right to do something and when everyone has a right then there is no such thing as right and wrong and no ability to arrest, try and convict those who do wrong–nothing would be wrong because everyone would have the right to do what they want.

There may be such a thing as rights but they need to be handled correctly and in submission to the standards of right and wrong, good and evil as well as morality and immorality.


Right & Wrong Not Rights

This is something that is more food for thought.  If you read through the Bible you will see that rights are never mentioned. God does not say you have the right to freely practice your beliefs. God tells us that we will be persecuted.  This means that God expects us to obey his instructions and commands even if we do not have any rights to freely practice our faith. Christianity does not depend upon rights, it depends upon correctly obeying God and his word


Telling The Truth With Love

Of course it is very difficult to communicate love through binary communication so be careful not to read in your own ideas to these words. This post will address the following article: Nashville Statement Is Biblical But Lacks Pastoral Wisdom, Further Alienates LGBT Persons: Scholars found at

The response to the Nashville Statement continues with some scholars now saying it damages the church’s already negative reputation with homosexuals, and lacks pastoral wisdom even though they agree with the document theologically.

There is a problem with that quoted statement. Not the Nashville one which we are not really going to address here but the one that says it damages the church’s already negative reputation with homosexuals. If one sticks with the spiritual truth then reputation is not their chief concern. Telling the spiritual truth in love means that someone is going to be offended,upset or view the church negatively.  Jesus said he came not to bring peace but a sword and the church must remember that the truth is not going to unite everyone.  Someone will always decide not to accept the truth and then make derogatory comments about the truth teller. This is a given.

Believers also need to be aware that maintaining their reputation does not mean that they alter the truth just to get someone to like them, the church or sit in an empty pew seat. We cannot alter the truth just because some people will not accept it and want to continue to practice their sinful ways. The church cannot support such decisions nor say the truth is wrong in light of the supposed evidence. Just because supposed homosexual activity takes place in the animal kingdom does it mean that homosexuality is natural. All it means is that the corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin affects the animal world just like it does the human.

“I do believe that [the signers have] gone about this all wrong and it will tarnish the church’s already tarnished reputation with LGBT+ people,” Sprinkle wrote, saying that the statement came across as “one-sided” and that it “fails to own up to the many—MANY—mistakes that theologically orthodox believers have made in this conversation.”

Don’t care. The LGBTQ community already has a dim view of the church because they are reminded every day that their chosen preference is sinful and wrong. They are trying to bully the church in order to escape that reality. There is no reason to help them in that quest. Disobeying God in order to have sinners think well of you is not an intelligent thing to do.

[T]here are many original signers of the NS that have taken a very hard line against ever adopting the term ‘gay Christian’—even if the person believes in a traditional view of marriage,” Sprinkle said.

You have to be hard lined because there is no such thing as a ‘gay christian’. That label is a lie and contradicts scriptural truths talking about how the old man is changed into a new man. That label is telling the world that the people who use that label identify with their old self and not the redeemed person Christ turned them into. If the people who want to hod on to their old identity then it is they who have the spiritual problem and not those who disagree with them.

Documents like the Nashville Statement, which by their nature demand adherence, unnecessarily exclude these faithful Christians, he went on to say. He has spent many hours reading on sexuality-related topics and speaking with friends who identify as all sorts of things and concluded that “this specific conversation is ten times more complicated than most people realize

If they are faithful Christians then they need to adhere to the spiritual truths the Bible teaches. This conversation is not complicated; all it takes is discernment to make sure that we identify those who are only spiritually immature who hold such thoughts and properly correct their thinking. We teach them the truth and in this issue, homosexuals do not have to marry an opposite gender person to be a new person in Christ .They just cannot return to their old lifestyles.

“While we absolutely need to celebrate and promote Christianity’s historic view of marriage and sexual expression,” Sprinkle reiterated, he emphaized that “we need to do so much more thoughtfully and much more holistically—pounding the pulpit for truth and grace

When people say this you know that they do not celebrate or promote traditional Christian views on marriage, etc. If he wants truth then he needs to abide by God’s word and not seek exceptions or alterations.

“This statement reminds me of a married couple that constantly has arguments,” McKnight wrote on his Patheos blog Tuesday, noting that as a conservative evangelical pastor he had “no qualms with the individual tenets” of the statement but, like Sprinkle, objected to some of the language used in it. And, he continued, the Nashville Statement was crafted mostly by academics and scholars who are mostly sealed off from people who do not think like them and that the document ultimately impedes the Great Commission.

This is a sad trend. People place the Great Commission above learning and obeying the rest of God’s word. The Great Commission is not the only command or instruction God gave and it is not superior to any other command or instruction God gave. It is on the same level.  Yet people continue to place it above every other word God spoke in the Bible. You CANNOT evangelize if you are not truly obeying God’s word. If you alter God’s word and try to convert a non-believer then you are not converting them to Jesus but your own version of who you want him to be.

The people who do this will make many excuses to justify why they elevate the Great Commission over every other teaching and ignore the truths of what God said throughout the rest of the Bible. They also focus on relationships but how can you have a relationship with someone if you are always changing the words that they say?

We have not read the Nashville statement and it may have some problems but those problems do not justify making more problems by ignoring the truth of what God has said.

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