Do We Respect God?

This is more of a reflection question and does not need an answer in the comment section. its purpose is to help people reflect on their Christian faith and how they view God's word, his commands, and so on. We ask this question because of what we are reading in the different newspapers that document … Continue reading Do We Respect God?

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What was the influence of Mesopotamia on the Hebrews

This is a question from an assignment one of the clients at our writing website posted. The assignment in general is to compare the Gilgamesh Epic with the Biblical Flood story. We have discussed this topic extensively in our books Archaeology And the Unwary Believer as well as Noah's Flood Did Take Place If you … Continue reading What was the influence of Mesopotamia on the Hebrews

“Christian” Behavior

The word Christian is placed in quotes because these are acts done by people who claim to be Christian yet their behavior tends to make people think otherwise. Our actual title should read 'Christian' behavior that makes us sad as we know that many unbelievers will be turned off by these actions. We will use … Continue reading “Christian” Behavior

In Reading the News

We do read different newspapers and we do not limit that reading to just the Christian Post or Protestia. If all these news stories are correct, the church has a major problem on Its hands. It is not just us who recognize this problem and when individual churches see the need, they start to call … Continue reading In Reading the News

Believing the Essentials

When we were young, we were told that many different denominations were still Christian even though there were many differences among the many Christian organizations. We were told that all these Christian denominations were still Christian because they all 'believed in the essentials of the gospel, Christian doctrine, and the Bible'. For the time being … Continue reading Believing the Essentials