The Duggar Documentary

We have been reading different articles that have been written since the documentary aired. No, we did not watch it as we had no interest in watching people air out their grievances in public. We never watched the reality show when it was on either as we do not care for reality shows. However, judging … Continue reading The Duggar Documentary


Controversial Issues+

We put the + in there in case some people do not think what we are writing about are controversial topics. Some are borderline but here is one definition of the term controversial: Controversial is used to describe someone or something that causes people to get upset and argue. (source) Some of these topics will … Continue reading Controversial Issues+

Uganda Got It Right

If you haven't heard, the African country Uganda implemented some strict laws against LGBTQ preferences. Not only is it their right as an independent country to do so, but stopping LGBTQ perversions is one way to preserve a country. The Church of Uganda has released a statement regarding their country’s recent legislation banning homosexuality and … Continue reading Uganda Got It Right

The Weakness of the Black Collar Crime Series

As you know by now, the BG website publishes stories about preachers, youth pastors, and other church leaders who are caught committing a crime and convicted of those crimes. To the owner and others on that website, it is a big deal. In their minds, it helps provide evidence to justify their decision to leave … Continue reading The Weakness of the Black Collar Crime Series

Pointing a Finger

We have now entered our 12th year of blogging. Almost matches our teaching career in length. We will just make a few observations here. #1.Pointing Fingers Recently we bought Lee Strobel's book In Defense of Christ, a book that many believers should read. It is a good book from what we have read so far … Continue reading Pointing a Finger

Is the IBYC or IBLP a Cult?

Since the news broke that there would be a Duggar documentary, a new focus has been brought to these two organizations. One was the organization's original name and the other continues today without its founder. They are basically the same but most people talking about this organization actually refer to the time when Bill Gothard … Continue reading Is the IBYC or IBLP a Cult?

Is a Documentary Needed?

And other good questions. We were reading Protestia the other day and we saw their news article on the upcoming Duggar documentary. A new docuseries about the Duggar family and their ties to Bill Gothard and the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) is about to be released, and it features interviews with Jill Duggar, … Continue reading Is a Documentary Needed?

Perversion: There has to be a standard

When other people place misinformation on the internet for the world to see, we feel we need to speak out against that misleading information. Since there are millions of unbelieve=ing websites and blogs we have to narrow down our sources to get to this misleading material and counter it. To the chagrin of 2 blog … Continue reading Perversion: There has to be a standard