Believers 4

I don’t think a lot of you guys think about that now when you are out there doing things whether it be having sex or doing drugs and stuff. You don’t think about how it may ruin your testimony or the fact that maybe one day you’re going to meet a wonderful guy or girl who is not going to want to be with you because of what you have done– pg. 224

While her warning is real and many young people do not think about their future or their future partner and their feelings, if the person is wonderful they will know you cannot change the past. They will accept you as you are and look past your sinful deeds (if you have truly repented from then) and start a good relationship with you. It may take some work to help them overcome what you have done but again, if they are truly from God then they will help build you up and overcome your past so that you can be their perfect partner.

Then keeping her warning in mind, think about what you are going to do. If it is sinful and against God’s word then you need to be strong and resist temptation for you are not living for yourself but for God’s kingdom and Jesus.The things of this world are fun, they are exciting but they are not of God and you must be careful.Sin destroys lives. There was a professor at Dallas Seminary many years ago who told a story about his son who wanted to hang out with his unsaved friends. The professor told his son it would be okay if he influenced them and they did not influence him for evil. Soon those friends all accepted Christ as their savior because the boy followed his father’s advice.

Remember that while Jesus ate with sinners, he did not participate in sinful activities, he did not approve of those people’s sins or sinful activities and he was not influenced by them. He influenced them.Jesus maintained his holiness in that situation and did not compromise. Young people need to learn how Jesus did this and copy his example, that way they will be ready and pure when they meet that wonderful special person and have less problems to bring to the relationship.


Believers 3

I am not a religious person, she said although I am very spiritual. I was raised Catholic and I do believe in God but I practice my own sort of faith… pg. 187

The bold words are our concern in this post.People want to think of themselves as being good, being a believer in God but for the latter thought, the demons also believe in God but they tremble for they know they are in trouble. Practicing one’s own faith does not necessarily mean one is following Christ or following his truth. A person who follows their own ideas about faith are basically cultic in nature and far from what both God and Jesus taught in the Bible. It is more like cherry picking what one will believe then calling themselves Christian. It cannot be done and one is not following the faith or words that Jesus and his disciples brought.

They did not teach that we follow our own brand of their faith for then we are replacing their teaching with our own and our own does not come from Jesus or God.They taught that we follow Jesus and their words found throughout the Bible even the uncomfortable instructions or the ones that go against our personal preferences.Too many women leave the church because they do not like the fact that they are barred from certain church leadership positions but if one follows Jesus they must accept that restriction or they are not following Jesus or what he taught.

The same for men. if they ignore certain passages telling them how to treat their wives then they too are not following Jesus or if they misuse their leadership positions then they are disobeying Christ and not following him.You cannot follow your own ideas about the faith and still expect to get to heaven.If you do not like a certain church teaching, then make sure you are following the Holy Spirit to the truth so you can make your calling and election sure. You cannot do that if your own religious faith leads you to alternative ideas from what Jesus and his disciples taught.

To make it to heaven, you must be following the Bible correctly and not alter it to fit your own ideas.


Believers 2

We continue to look at different ideas expressed in Jeffery Sheler’s book Believers

As popular as the giant seeker churches have become in the evangelical world fewer than 15 per cent of all evangelical church goers attend 122

What we will look at today is the term evangelical in comparison to other terms used to identify someone as a believer in Jesus. We feel that because there are so many terms dividing up the Christian world that confusion has set in and too many people consider themselves Christian simply because they hold to a certain label. We have too many denominations that use the word ‘confirmation’ to tell their members that they are now part of the family of God and we have other denominations that use the terms conservative, evangelical, fundamental and similar terms to say the same thing to their members.

Sadly for them, the Bible does not carve up the Christian pie in such detailed formats. The Bible merely speaks of those who are believers, false teachers or not. Jesus said to Nicodemus that one had to be born again or they would not see heaven. This means that processes like confirmation may be leading people to the wrong conclusion about their spiritual status. It also means that those who use the term evangelical could be lead to draw the same false conclusion. Same for the term Christian as that word is applied to so many who bring a different gospel than the one Jesus and his disciples brought.

Too many cults try to disguise themselves as true believers by adopting and using the term Christian, which then brings confusion not only upon unbelievers but the true church people as well.Getting the definition of who is a true believer of God or not is very important. The definition helps us to identify who is of God and who is not, it also helps us to see who is striving to be a true believer and in need of good instruction. We prefer the term believes God or believer as that term says so much about the person and where they stand in their faith. The term evangelical does not quite present the correct picture as the beliefs of many actual evangelicals are compromised with their adoption of secular ideology– PC, Woman pastors, etc

Nor do we really like the term Fundamental although that presents a better picture of the faith of the holder of that label than the term evangelical. But grabbing a label and presenting it to the world is not the best way to describe one’ faith. In the ancient world, the believers were first called Christian by OTHERS for the people who named them observed their living habit and other behavior and saw that they were like Christ and they labeled the members of the early church in that fashion. the early church did not name themselves that way.

Believers today should be focused on getting scriptures correct and living like Christ, following his teachings correctly then be labeled by those who observe their lives They should not be labeling themselves  especially when their lives, words and other behavior contradict the evangelical, fundamental or Christian label they apply to themselves.It is the lives of the believer in Jesus that counts NOT the label they give to themselves. Labels mean nothing when the lives behind the label are opposite to the meaning of the term.

What this all means is that from the pastor on down to the lowest church member all those who claim to follow Christ as their Lord and Savior should actually be following Christ and following his commands and instructions We will insert the word ‘all’ there before commands and instructions as so many people who call themselves Christian only follow the Great Commission and ignore everything else Jesus said. In the past few weeks, we have attended several different Christian churches and not one gave solid teaching. They all spoke on doing the Great Commission. Something is missing in the church when they do not do all the things Jesus said to do and as they worry about numbers, their membership shrinks. Growth will come when the followers of Jesus do church correctly and live like Christ.

Forget the labels and go for the truth so you can be labeled by others correctly and have those labels correctly define your faith. We need to end the confusion and set ourselves apart from all those who falsely use the terms Christian, evangelical, or fundamental, etc..The world needs to see a difference in our lives not a difference in how we call ourselves.



The title of this new series comes from the book Believers by Jeffery L. Sheler. We are not critiquing the book back taking some select quotes from its pages and discussing the issues raised by those quotes. At no time are we attacking Mr. Sheler.

‘Look,’ he (Dobson) was visibly irritated and shifted n his seat, ‘Some people say , oh you want to turn this into a theocracy. Well no one I know is calling for that. we know that doesn’t work…” Pg. 81

This view is based upon the observations of certain countries who put their religious ideologies ahead of political thought. But that observation is not valid, for those theocracies, currently and throughout history, have not followed God and implemented his ways correctly. They have all applied and implemented their own ideas, some based incorrectly on what the Bible says and others on their own false religious views.if God is followed and invited in to help govern the nation then the theocracy is the only correct form of government.

That style of governing brings exactly what people want- less crime, peace, justice, employment quality of life, education and so much more. Any other form of government usually excludes God and allows for evil to reign which means that they will fail to bring about what people want to see in their nation and government.

For a theocracy or any form of government to succeed, evil has to be excluded from the realms of power and God brought in. Only God brings true justice, true fairness, understanding, knowledge and so much more.  Those Christians who say that a theocracy will not work sell God short and do not try to use that form of government correctly. They also do not believe God. Israel succeeded when they followed God correctly. They failed when they stopped following him and his ways.Theocracies do work but people have to let God guide them and not their own thinking.


A Few Words

That article is quite good and we agree with what that author is saying. There is something wrong when a government ignores self-confessed criminal activity on the part of a corporation which says it deals with families. Obviously the word ‘families’ is stretching things here. Christians should be concerned about the actions of governments which go to great lengths to protect criminals

Calling the “right to privacy” a “cornerstone of California’s Constitution,” the state’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, went on to state California “[will] not tolerate the criminal recording of confidential conversations.”

What the Golden State will tolerate, however, is Planned Parenthood not only selling the body parts its pulls from the babies it kills in abortion, but — by its own admission — illegally altering its abortion procedures to make sure it delivers a better, more intact “specimen” to its dealers

The question ‘why is California doing this’ should be one of the first asked.  Of course in any good investigation the command ‘follow the money’ would guide any investigator to the correct answer. It is possible that Planned Parenthood is buying politicians for protection against criminal charges. we cannot say as we do not have access to the right documents to provide any evidence to support that thought.
For the believer we need to get to the truth of the matter and investigate wisely and thoroughly before coming to any conclusion but one thing is for sure, the actions of California are not right when it indicts and charges those who uncover illegal activity

Wednesday morning, just hours after California announced its charges against Daleiden and Merritt, their organization, the Center for Medical Progress, released yet another video capturing Planned Parenthood officials engaging in unthinkable criminal activities.

The latest videos show Dr. DeShawn Taylor — a former medical director at Planned Parenthood of Arizona and long-time abortion provider at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles — admitting that when a baby is born alive during an abortion, she sometimes breaks state laws requiring an abortionist to transport the baby to a hospital.

Planned Parenthood make the Nazi doctors of the Hitler era seem mild and Hippocratic even though the latter’s experiments cannot be described with any other term than ‘atrocities’. Something is amiss when medical practitioners fail to live up to their Hippocratic oath when it comes to the unborn and why the state is not calling them on it is beyond description. The State is the last defense to keep ethics, justice, morality in any field of employment, especially the professions which require extensive education and training to practice in those fields.
When the State fails to uphold any moral obligation then where do the people turn? The people can’t take the law into their own hands for then they would be breaking the law and rendering their work moot. The criminal would be set free because amateurs did not get the job done correctly. Christians do have the right to cast the light of God on this problem demanding that the State keep to its governmental duties but will elected officials, who can easily be bought, listen and make the right changes?
Yes we said ‘easily bought’ for politicians like to be re-elected even when they are not doing a good job and should find some other type of employment in order to spare the people of their terrible governing.

When a Houston, Texas, district attorney was entrusted with convening a grand jury to follow up on the revelations in 2016, she instead indicted Daleiden and Merritt and had them arrested on charges that — amazingly enough — included purchasing fetal organs.

The district attorney, Devon Anderson, later dropped the charges when it became clear that her department was colluding with Planned Parenthood at the time. Anderson, a Republican whose political career was underwritten by Planned Parenthood, then lost her 2016 re-election bid.


We see that there is some evidence to support our statements. We are sure there is a lot more if people look hard enough. Christians are not barred from searching for and legitimately producing said evidence.  They just have to follow the rules of God in order to make their work mean something. One has to be just, fair, honest not emotionally charged or biased in their work.

It seems that the unbeliever will not hold the State accountable for its illegal actions as well as its ignoring of the law. Christians should be setting the example on how this is to be done correctly so that all people get justice, even Planned Parenthood and State officials (though they may not deserve it). Justice has to be for all or no one has justice.

Oh and the Christian should not be surprised that Planned Parenthood is disobeying the law. Corporations have been doing it for millennia.This happens all the time. This is a problem which demands a spiritual, divine solution because sinners will sin more and more especially when they know they can get away with it.


Thoughts From Book Titles

we were able to get to a book store the other day for the first time in almost 6 months and a couple of titles caught our eye. These titles spurred some thoughts we will share here

#1. Be Rebellious by Megan Clinton

No we have not read the book but then we are not talking about the book here. We are just providing some thoughts that come from reading the book title an in this case the first thought that came to our minds was that statement is not biblical nor even Christian.There is no teaching from God or Jesus for their followers to be rebellious towards others or authority.

The Bible tells us to obey both God’s and Jesus’ instructions and commands. In their instructions we are to be truly just, fair, merciful as well as compassionate, wise, looking for the truth and so on.If we follow their instructions correctly we will appear rebellious because we are looking for the right solution and bring the correct answers to everyday problems at all levels– from our daily lives to our kids’ lives to government decisions and so on.

We are not really being rebellious for we are striving to preserve the correct rule of law, not overthrow governments or academic authority or do anything that would or could be deemed rebellious and label us rebels. We are merely casting a true light on the issues and problems of the day, even in court room activities, which most likely will go against accepted secular thought. That alone will make us seem like rebels but we are not. we are looking for the right godly answers to preserve our nations and families.

#2. Preventing genocide by David Hamburg

We are sure it is a good book but like the previous one, we have not read it. We can surmise what the author is saying in his work and come to the conclusion that he is looking for a solution to the problem of genocide in the wrong places.He is probably placing the blame on racism but when genocide happens to take place among the same color of skin or close to it then racism is not really the culprit.

Believers know that genocide, like any crime, comes from the sin nature in people and the fact that so many humans opt to follow evil over God. if we can get to the right source of a problem,not just genocide, then we can find the right solution. Hatred is one source for genocide and hatred is a sin which means we need a divine solution to solve this problem.

Sadly too many unbelievers reject the truth about sin and where it comes from saying that those things do not exist. They are just covering their eyes to the truth. Sin and evil exist as does the author of those activities. Until people admit and accept that the devil and his demons exist and are working hard to destroy them, they will never come to the right solution for the problem of genocide, or any other crime.

If you do not believe that evil spirits exist just ask any missionary who has spent their lives in Africa and many parts of Asia. They will certainly tell you differently. People need to open their eyes to the truth if they want to solve the world’s problems.


No One Wins

When you support one minority group over the majority or one group over another when it comes to rights, right and wrong, morality and immorality and good and evil.

Thursday, the North Carolina General Assembly repealed the controversial HB 2, commonly known as the “bathroom law.” Lawmakers had been under horrendous pressure from Left-leaning influences since its passage more than a year ago.

One question we have is why do sport leagues get to interfere with politics and force their will upon the people of any given state? Something is wrong here as this trend started many years ago when the NFL removed the Super Bowl from Arizona simply because the will of the people did not do what the NFL wanted. The crime? The people of Arizona did not approve of a new state holiday, Martin Luther King Day.  The bullying and intolerance need to stop. The left needs to realize and learn that other people have a say in what happens in a given state or country. They are not the sole residents of those places and they need to learn that the people who disagree with them have as many rights and freedoms as they do or as some minority group possesses.

God did not leave governing in the hands of the left.  Then the left needs to realize that they are far from God and his rules and that their ideas are merely subjective and not greater than those they oppose.The left needs to stop acting like spoiled little children and grow up.

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