This New Year

Over the years we have been involved in numerous discussions with unbelievers. Most of the time in those discussions, the unbeliever turns to criticizing the Christian and stating how bad the Christian faith is and how terrible its rules. They go on to point out that the Christian faith is exclusive and discrimiates against others- … Continue reading This New Year


Some Interesting Discoveries for 2017

It is a slideshow so we can't reproduce anything here. Don't get over excited about the bones of Peter. It is practically impossible to identify bones of ancient people. The Apoc. of James is heretical and the home of Peter is pure speculation. who said that "in the house of Tsaida the church is … Continue reading Some Interesting Discoveries for 2017

A Wake Up Call

Jesus told us that we would do greater works than he yet when push  comes to shove people turn to Santa Claus and not Jesus for their requests. Read the story at the following link A photo of a North Texas boy and Santa, each with their heads bowed in prayer, went viral after … Continue reading A Wake Up Call

Pray For Our Leaders

The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. God knew what he was talking about as our leaders influence a lotof people. They determine the direction of a country, a congegation, a bible school and so much more. The leader of a family and other groups are vulnerable to satanic attacks and they need … Continue reading Pray For Our Leaders

Underwater Archaeological Discovery

It seems that biblical Corinth has finally been uncovered.  This is only a Christian Post news release so We will try to get ore confirmation tomorrow or another day New archaeological excavations at the ancient port of the earthquake that struck the Biblical city of Corinth, which is now underwater, have uncovered Roman architecture. … Continue reading Underwater Archaeological Discovery

The problem with denominations

Now we are not talking about money here. We are talking about one of the problems that come with human created religious denominations. We say human created because we can find no scriptural instruction or any other verse that supports the creation of individual church denominations. Jesus talked about building his church upon the rock … Continue reading The problem with denominations

Turn the Other Cheek

This Christmas season amidst all the good things that are done, there are still those individuals or groups who seek to what is wrong. This post is merely a reminder of what God told us to do when those individuals cross any Chrstian's path. The owners of a doughnut shop in Maine have publicly … Continue reading Turn the Other Cheek

Given a chance evil will corrupt any good thing

We used to go to different scholars' websites and link back to their articles as we critiqued their words. Some scholars like James Tabor and Robert Cargill simply write very lengthy posts making critiquing a little difficult. But we did go visit Cargill's site as we hadn't been there for a while. One of his posts … Continue reading Given a chance evil will corrupt any good thing

Christianity is not easy

For those who say that religion is a crutch, we say that they have not tried to live the Christian life. Many unbelievers hold to the perspective that Christianity is just singing,  preaching, and praying. These unbelievers have not been to a Christian's home when the latter's child lays dying or when the Christian's other … Continue reading Christianity is not easy