This New Year

Over the years we have been involved in numerous discussions with unbelievers. Most of the time in those discussions, the unbeliever turns to criticizing the Christian and stating how bad the Christian faith is and how terrible its rules. They go on to point out that the Christian faith is exclusive and discrimiates against others- mostly to the LGBTQ crowd. They do not finish with those accusations but continue on till they get to the point where they demand that the Christian faith needs to be removed from society so that the goals of the unbeliever, lower crime rates, less violence, less discrimination, better education and so on, can be reached.

This goes on until a believer points out that the reason for the lower educational levels, the hgh crime rates, the discrimination and do on are the result of the unbeliever turning their backs on God and ignoring his instructions. The unbeliever usually denies this truth. Then when the believer points out that the unbeliever has been in charge of government, in charge of the law enforcement agencies, in charge of education for over 200 years (In America and longer in other countries). Or that the high crime rate, lack of education in students etc., is the result of the policies of the unbeliever and have nothing to do with the Christian faith, they get really upset.

The unbeliever refuses to take responsibility for their failures and try to point the finger at other causes or demand that the Bible, God and biblical instruction be kept from all aspects of life. God, The unbeliever is trying to throw out the very thing that will bring them what they want and strive for. God wants his creation to be educated; he wants them to love one another and not be violent towards each other; God hates crime and has given instructions on how to curb it. God also hates sin and has given his instructions on how to avoid it. The word would be at peace, be properly educated, live in almost a paradise and so on if all people listened to God.

In other words, what we are saying is that those people who do not follow God, and this includes those who claim to be Christian, are responsible for the mess of the world. It is not God, it is not the Bible, it is not biblical instuction nor is it the Christian faith that has caused these problems. The most successful educational policy in recent decades has been the dumbing down of people. Hitler practiced it, Western nations practice it, as do so many others, but dumbing down is not a biblical instruction nor is it of God.

Allowing sin and evil to be called good and natural is not something that is from God either. Homosexuality, transgender practices, corruption, bad business practices and much more do not have their source in the Christian faith or the Bible. Their source is in evil, who has set out to deceive anyone who will listen to them.

Everything the unbeliever wants is found in scriptures and God yet they are too proud, too arrogant, to hate-filled to humble themselves and accept God’s alternative. They are also very deceived which is why they falsely accuse God, the bible and Christian faith.

It is because of this condition that we encourage believers to spend more time praying for their unsaved friends, relatives and neighbors. These people are not the enemy of the believer. They are unwitting tools used by the real enemy, evil, to inflict as much pain and suffering on the believer as possible. We cannot look upon  them as our enemy but people who are still trapped in the sin that we have been freed.

To make a better impact in this world for God before it is too late, we need to change our perspective a little. And pray that God will free the unbeliever from what blinds them to the truth. God and the Christian faith are not the cause of the world’s problems. It is the rejection of those two and the following of alternatives that ruin civilizations.

But before we do all of that, we need to pray and have the beams removed from our eyes so that we can see clearly how to address the problems that afflict the world. Change start with us.

Some Interesting Discoveries for 2017

It is a slideshow so we can’t reproduce anything here.

Don’t get over excited about the bones of Peter. It is practically impossible to identify bones of ancient people. The Apoc. of James is heretical and the home of Peter is pure speculation.

who said that “in the house of Tsaida the church is in honor of Peter and Andreas.”

this doe snot mean in the exact location but done in honor of. Peter’s house could have been anywhere.

Just take the theories with a grain of salt. The discoveries are good but the theories are mere reading into what the archaeologist wants to see in them.

A Wake Up Call

Jesus told us that we would do greater works than he yet when push  comes to shove people turn to Santa Claus and not Jesus for their requests. Read the story at the following link

A photo of a North Texas boy and Santa, each with their heads bowed in prayer, went viral after another mom overheard the boy ask Santa to help his sick dad.

The woman was in line with her own son to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shops in Garland on Tuesday evening when she overheard part of the boy’s conversation with his family in line. In his hands was his wish list, and all he wanted was good health for his dad and help with the family’s medical bills.

Maybe we need to rethink our strategy. The image should be a wake up call to the church.

Pray For Our Leaders

The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. God knew what he was talking about as our leaders influence a lotof people. They determine the direction of a country, a congegation, a bible school and so much more. The leader of a family and other groups are vulnerable to satanic attacks and they need lots of prayer– the right prayers.

We have a few examples of leaders who need a lot of prayerin this article. We will add a few comments as well


Spurning what he describes as a culture of “greed” in the American church and the inability of evangelical congregations to translate “black suffering,” Jomo Kenyatta Johnson, a young minister from Savannah, Georgia, says God has led him to create a new denomination called Church for Black Men that will not collect tithes and offerings — ever.

We are tryong to figure out why God, who talked about his followers robbing him of tithes and offerings, would now reject tithes and offerings. Is this a new way to get aorund the tithe commandment? Clearly there is som emisguided ideas in that church though we like the fact that they will not be a 501c church.


The Canadian province of Quebec has become the latest to make sex education mandatory for children in all stages of school, starting in kindergarten.

As CBC News reported on Saturday, starting in September 2018 children as young as 5 “will get a brief explanation of the steps involved in making a baby.”

“They will be told that an egg and sperm unite to form a zygote that will grow into an embryo and then a fetus, and they will learn about the different types of families, including those involving same-sex couples,” the article added.

Governments can do just about anything they want. God has gven them the authority to rule. But there still is a right and wrong way to govern others. Power does a lot of strange things to people, even convincng them that a leader of nation and his aides know how to parent better than parents do. Sex education is up to the parents not the schools or the government. Schools and government have long lost their boundaries. They are no longer content with educating or governing properly; they want to control all of life and that is wrong.

Boundaries are a good thing. It allows people to mind their own business and take care of their problems before they go out to try and fix the world


Governor Wolf officially vetoed Senate Bill 3 on Monday, saying in a statement that he believed the bill would limit women’s healthcare decisions.

“This legislation is a disingenuous and bald-faced attempt to create the most extreme anti-choice legislation in the country,” stated Gov. Wolf.

“This legislation is an attempt to criminalize the decisions that women make about their own health care, and this legislation destroys health care options for victims of the horrors of rape and incest. For these reasons, I am vetoing this bill today.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was present for the official veto and noted his support for the governor’s decision.

“The state should not be telling women — particularly women who became pregnant by rape or incest — that they don’t have the right to decide what to do with their body,” stated Mayor Kenney.

There are two basic problems here. One, leaders should be encouraging their people to protect their unborn children, not making it easier to escape the responsibilities that come with their actions. Two, the leader should recognize the fact that the body in harm’s way does not  belong to the woman. it belongs to a defenseless child. Leaders need to watch out for those constiutents as well.


Traditional marriage advocates are speaking out against a “radical” proposal made by two academics in Australia calling for school sex education to be inclusive of transgender students by not using gender-specific terms such as “penis” and “vagina.”

“We have them advocating for the degendering of sex education of all students and confirming the concerns raised by parents about how radical LGBT sex and gender education would infiltrate their children’s education,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton, as reported by The Australian on Tuesday.

Shelton is objecting to a paper published in the Journal of Sex Education by Damien Riggs and Clare Bartholomaeus of Flinders University in South Australia, which is challenging schools to step out of the norm of describing “a male with a penis and female with a vagina.”

Leaders need to be wise, intellgent and make the hard decisions. They should not let the minute minority take over life and have the majority re-educated in lies. They should not let confusion reign but make sure the truth is taught to all incuding those whose minds have been warped by deception over their actual gender.


Two months after South Carolina Police began investigating Pastor Ralph Gordon Stair for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and touching the breast of a 12-year-old-girl in his church while the congregation watched, the controversial radio evangelist, also known as Brother R.G. Stair, has been arrested.

The 84-year-old leader of the Overcomer Ministry in Walterboro was arrested by Colleton County sheriff’s deputies Monday morning, The Post and Courier said. He was charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, one count of assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, one count of kidnapping, one count of burglary in the first degree, one count of second-degree assault, and one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Leaders are no perfect. They will make mistakes, they will make errors in judgment. This is why they need constant prayer. Then they need a helping hand up to restore them to God’s way.

Leadership is tricky, difficult and vulnerable to temptation and other enticements. That is why the believer needs to put their faith in Jesus and keep their eyes on him. He never failed.

Underwater Archaeological Discovery

It seems that biblical Corinth has finally been uncovered.  This is only a Christian Post news release so We will try to get ore confirmation tomorrow or another day

New archaeological excavations at the ancient port of the earthquake that struck the Biblical city of Corinth, which is now underwater, have uncovered Roman architecture. Jesus’ disciple Paul visited the ancient city while it was under Roman rule, according to the Bible.

Greek and Danish archaeologists investigating Lechaion’s harbour areas, as part of the Lechaion Harbour Project, have discovered traces of Roman engineering and ancient buildings.

“For almost two decades I have been hunting for the perfect archaeological context where all the organic material normally not found on land is preserved,” Sunday Express quoted Bjørn Lovén, the director of the project, as saying. “The potential for more unique discoveries is mind blowing.”